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The Script - The Script

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35 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Script / Audio CD released 2008-08-11 at RCA

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    35 Reviews
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      26.01.2014 11:58



      A great versatile album

      Following the release of their second album, it could be that the original album and the tunes which brought these Irish men to fame could be forgotten, but with this on my Ipod it has songs which I turn to time after time. The variety from the uptempo and energetic Rusty Halo to the sombre and reflective mood encapsulated in the Man Who Can't be Moved and If you See Kay show depth of emotion in the band's writing which is so often missing in modern cheesy pop music that looks for simple lyrics and catchy tunes. Some people say that Danny (lead singer) in places forces complex lyrics into his songs, but the emotion and passion in his voice carries off the often high notes that would otherwise fall flat with a lesser band.

      If you have yet to discover the band which I have fallen in love with and now seen twice, then this is a brilliant place to start and for the prices that it's now available for, there's no better place to start than their first album. The Man Who Can't be Moved is a particular favourite and will be soon the song you always put on repeat.


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      21.12.2012 09:46
      Very helpful
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      A brilliant debut album

      I absolutely adore The Script. If I could listen to only one artist for the rest of my days I would pick them (followed by Ed Sheeran). This album was the first release from the band and it was released back in 2008.

      ==Who are The Script?==
      The Script are an Irish trio. Frontman Danny O'Donnaghue has recently been in the spotlight after being a mentor on the BBC1 show The Voice. He is accompanied by Mark Sheehan and Glen Power who play guitar and drums respectfully. They have released 3 studio albums to date - The Script, Science and Faith and most recently #3. Science and Faith is perhaps the album that shunned them into the public eye and this is also the album that helped them to crack America.

      ==The Album==
      Track 1 - We Cry
      This was the first release from the band and this is when I first discovered The Script. The song is a good, solid introduction to the band in my opinion and I do believe that it represents the band and gives a good idea of what to expect from both the rest of this album and also the albums that follow.

      The track begins with the crackling of a radio and the music is then accompanied by vocals that reflect singing along to the radio, the lyrics here are quiet and are a background sound to accompany the radio. I find that the 'oooooh, oooooh, ooooooh, oooooh' is quite catchy and it seems as though from the very first opening lyric you are singing along. It is also the type of lyric that everyone can sing along to which, for me makes me feel as though I am familiar with the album already.

      The songs music is performed with drums and the occasional input of the guitar. It has a solid beat and the lyrics fit just perfectly in my opinion. The lyrics are sang by Danny and he is accompanied by the others on some sections providing a harmony. The lyrics refer to dreams and hopes that people have but how, more often than not things don't pan out the way they hope. It has a real sense of togetherness and community and it is quite a reassuring song because although things sometimes go wrong, there are people around us to support us.
      Favourite lyric: "There comes a time when every bird has to fly, there comes a point when every rose has to die"

      Track 2 - Before the Worst
      This song begins with a very beautiful intro from the piano which I believe is played by Danny. This is then accompanied by a solid drum beat which provides the tempo and rhythm for the rest of the song. From the beginning it seems as though the song has quite a kick to it and it has attitude.

      It has such an upbeat tempo but it is one of those songs that you can really sing along to and enjoy but at the same time let off a bit of steam! The lyrics talk about a relationship that has taken a turn for the worst and I think that most people can relate to this. It is as though although it is entirely acceptable to be upset about it, a little bit of attitude can make you feel an awful lot better!

      The song is definitely one you can sing along to and so many of the lyrics are brilliant in my opinion. It is a driving song or a cleaning song and it really helps to energise me.
      Favourite lyric: "It was Grafton Street on a rainy night, I was down on one knee and you were mine for life"

      Track 3 - Talk You Down
      This track really continues with the attitude from the previous song. The song opens with slow, dramatic piano chords which are then accompanied by Danny's voice. His lyrics are crisp and clear and his accent really helps to set the scene for the song. The song begins at a slower tempo but then it really speeds up.

      The lyrics refer to a break up and how he doesn't want the girl to leave. He says he will go after her to make her come back and the song has a real feel of urgency to it like time is running out. The increase in tempo as the chorus begins really helps to highlight this and it is definitely a track that you will find yourself singing along to. Recently, this has become one of my favourite songs on the album and the band did a fantastic version of it at one of their Dublin shows. The live version is on the deluxe version of their most recent album #3 and hearing the song performed on home ground really helps you appreciate how much energy the live performances give but this studio version is just as fabulous and I love the energy the song gives me.
      Favourite lyrics: "Grabbed your suitcase called a taxi, It's 3am now where you gonna go? Gonna stay with friends in London, And that's all I get to know"
      "Just a cigarette gone, No you couldn't be that far"

      Track 4 - The Man Who Cant be Moved
      This is perhaps one of the bands most famous songs and in my opinion it has definitely made a lot of people more aware of the band. The song is so beautiful. It talks of the aftermath of a break up and how desperate he is to see her once more - so much so that he waits where they first met every day, just incase she turns up. It is such a lovely song and the lyrics are superb. Danny's vocal talents really come to life in this song and I feel as though I am actually there listening to his story.

      The music is predominantly the guitar and it has an acoustic feel to it which makes it feel as though it isn't overly edited. The drums accompany the guitar just to provide a steady background beat. The vocals fit in perfectly with the tune of the music and it is clear to see why this song really propelled the trio into the spotlight.
      Favourite lyric: "Got some words on cardboard, got your picture in my hand
      saying, "if you see this girl can you tell her where I am"

      Track 5 - Breakeven
      This song helps to pick the beat of the album back up and it definitely has a more rocky tone to it than the previous song. The lyrics talk about how when a break up happens it is never even heartache on both sides. It talks about how he is suffering whilst it seems that she is calm and carrying on with life.

      The drums are prominent in this song and it helps to give what could be a very mellow, sad song a real kick and it makes it have an attitude. I do think it tackles an upsetting subject well and gives anyone who is experiencing something similar the opportunity to look at things in a bit more of an upbeat way.

      Currently this is one of my favourite songs on the album and I really like listening to it when doing cleaning or tidying as it helps give me a burst of energy.
      Favourite lyric: "What am I suppose to do when the best part of me was always you?
      What am I suppose to say when I'm all choked up and your ok?"

      Track 6 - Rusty Halo
      This is one of the more rock orientated songs on the album and it really continues on with the previous songs upbeat tone. The music provided by both the guitar and drums fits perfectly with Danny's vocals.

      The lyrics refer to the way in which we can all appreciate that we could have done things differently. Of course, some people more so than others and there are also people who wouldn't change a thing.

      The song has a real upbeat feel to it and it sounds more like three friends have decided to have a jamming session rather than hitting the recording studio. A very strong song but probably my least favourite on the album.
      Favourite lyric: "Now I'm looking up the bible tryna find a loophole, Ye Im living for revival, dying for a new soul"

      Track 7 - The End Where I Begin
      This song begins with a solo piece by the electric guitar and this is then accompanied by the chilling tones of Danny's voice. The song is a slower one and is definitely one of the more ballad types on the album.

      It is definitely one to sing along to and it really is a beautiful song. The beat really picks up at the chorus and I do like this transition but for me, the beginning of it is what makes this song so special.

      I think the lyrics are absolutely first class and I am contemplating getting a tattoo with one particular lyric (but I don't think I'm brave enough!)
      Favourite lyrics: "Sometimes tears say all there is to say, Sometimes your first scars wont ever fade, away"
      "Now I'm alive, and my ghosts are gone, I've shed all the pain, I've been holding on"

      Track 8 - Fall for Anything
      This song begins with a lovely piano introduction and then this is accompanied by a repetitive vocal introduction which is then really picked up in pace. The song definitely has a kick to it and I always find myself singing along. The chorus seems more relaxed than the verses but I find that the song flows really well and it doesn't seem jumpy.

      I like the verses a little more than the chorus simply because I like to listen to this album loud and I like nothing more than a little bit of a rant and this really helps to relieve stress and tension which have often built up before me putting this album.
      Favourite lyric: "Please don't be so naive, don't wait till your heart bleeds, Love wasn't built for speed, listen to me girl, He keeps f*ckin' with your head, tryna get you into bed, And in the morning you'll just hate yourself"

      Track 9 - If You See Kay
      This is a slower song and it really helps to begin to wind the album down. I don't know if the title and the chorus line of the song ('If you see Kay') is supposed to sound like they are spelling out a particular swear word but either way the lyrics are very strong and well thought out.

      The song refers to a man whose friend has left but he has now realised his true feelings for her. He misses her and wants her back. The song has a slower tempo than most of the album but it has a good beat and remains a strong offering from the trio.
      Favourite lyric: "Make sure you say. I'm sweet FA without her"

      Track 10 - I'm Yours
      This is a beautiful ballad. Danny's grave and husky sounding vocals are accompanied by an acoustic guitar and this provides us with a chillingly beautiful song. It is fairly different from the other songs on the album but I think it fits perfectly and its position in the album helps to wind the album down a bit ready to conclude.

      The lyrics are beautiful and this really is your classic love song. It talks about how he may not always say it or show it but he really does love her and he will always be hers. A heart-melting song which really highlights Danny's wonderful vocals.
      Favourite lyric: "And though my edges may be rough, And never feel I'm quite enough, It may not seem like very much, But I'm yours"

      Track 11 - Anybody There
      This continues with a more mellow tone but it is spiced up a little by the accompaniment of the acoustic guitar. Again, Danny's husky tones are really appreciated here. The drums do accompany the vocals in the chorus which helps give the song a solid beat.

      I think that this is a perfect end to the album as it carries the mellow tone over from the previous song but it does give a slightly more upbeat tempo with the drums which helps to highlight the bands main musical interests. It wraps up the album well and I think that it sort of provides me with a content feeling when the album comes to a close.
      Favourite lyric: "Well if this is the face of a sinner and heaven is only for winners, then I don't care cos I wont know anybody there"

      ==The Album==
      I think this album is absolutely wonderful. The songs are all of an exceptionally high standard and there are no weak links in it. It is one of those albums that I will happily listen to the whole thing without skipping tracks and I think that the track order has been well thought out and it really works.

      Of course, the band wouldn't be complete without the beautiful Danny O'Donnaghue. I loved Danny's voice from the first moment I heard it and seeing his face made my love grow a little more! I think he has a huge talent and in addition to his wonderful gritty, husky vocals he is a wonderful piano player and also a brilliant writer. I think each member brings something special to the band and they all put in equal effort and help to write the songs but because Danny is the frontman so to speak he does seem to be the only one ever mentioned but it is important to remember that he is part of a trio and the band work well with one another to ensure they can produce the best music.

      I think that all of the songs on the album are focused around things that most people can relate to. There is a lot of mention of break ups on the album which could easily be assumed as being a bit of a miserable album but it really isn't. It has a real kick-ass feel to it and it has the rocky tones that allow you to really sing along.

      I return to this album time and time again. The Script play a huge role in my life and it is fair to say I listen to an album of theirs most days. I think that this is a brilliant introduction to The Script and it really allows listeners to gauge what The Script are about and what their music is like.

      I adore this album. It is a beautiful album that combines wonderful music, vocals and lyrics. The album doesn't have a weak point and I find that the more I listen to it the more I love it. It is an album that will never become outdated and I wouldn't be surprised if I was still listening to it in 10 or 20 years.

      To find out more and to listen to samples of the tracks from this album and their more recent releases please visit http://www.thescriptmusic.com/gb/music


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        25.10.2011 19:46
        Very helpful



        Great album showcasing The Script's potential

        The Script are able to produce music that's simply easy listening. It's the kind of music you can easily relax into, whether it be a rainy afternoon or the drive home from work. The tracks are loaded with messages that are very relatable to us as listeners. Being an alternative rock band, they produce music similar to some favourites; Coldplay, Snow Patrol and One Republic - to name a few.

        This first installation from The Script goes from strength to strength right from the onset, with some huge hits, like "The Man Who Can't be Moved" and "Breakeven." The first track "We Cry" is the perfect opening that I find instantly hooking. Lead singer, Danny O'Donoghue's vocal ability is impressive, and nicely put together with a rapping section in this one .

        "Before The Worst" has a strong powerful chorus and a great bridge section, and, again, nearer the end of the song O'Donoghue's vocals are exceptional. By the time "Talk You Down" came on, I was thinking how I could hear a bit of David Grey coming through in their overall sound. I'm even reminded of Paolo Nutini listening to The Script. "Breakeven" is a real treat, and "Rusty Halo," following this track, is surprising upbeat and dark. I love "I'm Yours" ( a sweet and gentle emotional song) and the final track "Anybody There."

        The album remains strong all throughout, expressing the hardships, pain and beauty of love.


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        16.10.2011 07:32
        Very helpful




        Who Are The Script?
        The Script are a three-piece band from Dublin, Ireland. The band have a very distinctive, almost instantly recognisable sound, i'd definetly say that they produce music that doesn't match any specific genre (although they are classed as an alternative rock band) - most of their songs usually have a hint of something or other mixed in with the overall sound. There's definetly a mix of indie, rock, pop, r&b and soul in their albums and overall sound. The band sound great together, I really love how the instrumentals and vocals all merge in together to create gorgeous ballads, upbeat rock songs and heartbreakingly beautiful love songs, and I especially like the lead singer, Danny's voice as he is so talented, has such a wide range of talents such as rapping, singing and playing instruments. At times he has a very soft voice with a pure Irish twang to it and his voice is so versatile, even when he's singing slowly and quietly he oozes emotion with each word sounding like it's aimed at the person listening, if that makes sense. He is not the best rapper but it works, because each rap has meaningful, heart-spoken lyrics which make up for the lack of rapping talent. I'm not saying his rapping is awful or anything but it is definetly no match for Eminem or Lil Wayne, lol. The Script formed in 2001 and were signed to a record label in 2005. The band currently have two Studio albums - The Script, their self titled debut album which was released in 2008 and Science & Faith, which was released in 2010. Both albums were pretty successful with both producing a number of singles. The band have four awards, including Best Irish Band and Best Live Performance.

        The Band Members
        Danny O'Donoghue - Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Rhythm Guitar, Piano
        Mark Sheehan - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Song Writer
        Glen Power - Drums, Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

        The Script
        The Script is the band's self titled debut album. It was released in the summer of 2008 and by March 2010 it rested at number 64 on the US Billboard 200. The album produced five Singles, which came considerably high in a number of charts - the second single, The Man Who Can't Be Moved became The Script's highest charting single after peaking at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Breakeven, the album's third single was certified platinum in America and Australia. The album was greeted with a generally positive reception, but received mixed reviews from music critics, although a majority of these reviews were positive and full of praise, with a BBC spokesman stating that the album "reveals a band that is fresh, vital and ferociously good", going on to say that the band were "the next big thing". I first came across the album after getting one of the singles stuck in my head after hearing it on the radio. I loved it straight away but had no idea who sang it so decided to google it which is when I came across the band. I decided to download the album via iTunes as I had a voucher anyway and i'm really glad that I did as the album has, without sounding cheesy, really helped me through some difficult times. I would say that this album mainly revolves around relationship breakups, and the feeling of desperation and heartache when the person that you love leaves you. There are some lovely ballads (mainly about regret and heart break1) but the album also includes some more slightly upbeat songs making it have a good variety of sounds and feelings - this is the type of album that suits almost any occasion, whether it be having a quiet night in with a glass of wine or an album to stick on when having a get together to have a dance and sing-a-long to - it's also quite a nice song to listen to with your partner. Me and my boyfriend, Jack sometimes lay on his bed and just listen to it, I think it kind of makes us appreciate each other more and fall in love all over again. It's not really the type of romantic album that's great to have on in the background and have sex to as it has more of a relaxing, slow moving type of sound (apart from the couple of slightly more upbeat songs), but overall it's a versatile album with something for everyone.

        Album Artwork
        The album art work is something I wasn't much looking forward to reviewing as it's not a very 'basic' picture. It obviously has an underlying meaning but I can't quite work it out! At the bottom of the picture basically shows the rooftops of what looks like a city, their is smoke pouring out of the factories and chimneys and it basically looks very, very depressing and full of poverty - the colours are grey and dark and generally grotty looking. Then as you start looking up towards the top of the picture the colours become prettier - the sky is a gorgeous, bright blue colour - no clouds although a thick cloud of smoke can be seen. Reaching out from the houses their is a large, grey arm, with the hand facing the sky palm-upwards. On the palm of the hand there stands a woman and a man, embracing each other as in mid-dance, although she seems to be desperately clinging onto him. The man wears a white suit and has no head. A rainbow is shooting out of his neck hole (sorry if that sounds gross!) and into the sky. The rainbow is very pretty with lots of different colours such as orange, blue, red, etc. Just above the picture of the man and woman it reads "The Script" in capital, bold letters which are white in colour so stick out against the blue sky. The shadow of the writing can be seen behind it giving a 3D effect. Anyway, what is the meaning of the picture? Hope, prehaps? Needing to move on? Transforming into something better? Leaving a loved one behind for better things? I have no idea, your guess is as good as mine! Despite not knowing exactly what it means though it does still have quite a powerful, meaningful feel to it - it's defiantly not a boring, samey album cover, it's really pretty and different to alot of the album covers that are around. I have included a picture of the album cover in case none of you have the slightest idea what I have just said - I find it hard to describe this specific album cover.

        Price and Availablity

        I bought my copy of the album on iTunes in late 2009. I paid around £9.99 which I don't think is a bad price considering that the album has 10 full length, good quality tracks. It is also available from shops such as HMV, Play, supermarkets etc and can also be picked up on eBay and Amazon for as little as £1 excluding postage charges. Prices in-store seem to vary from around £3-£8 which is a total bargain. Considering the age of this album i'd also reccomend having a quick look in your local charity shop or perhaps a carboot sale if you're interested in getting this album as i'm sure you'll get it even cheaper than the above prices, not that it isn't worth full price!

        The Songs

        Track 1 We Cry
        This is probably one of The Script's most popular songs and it's a great start to album as it is so catchy and sounds really unique. The song is very thought provoking and will mean more to some people than others. It is a song about people's ambitions in life and failed accomplishments, the song talks about three individual people who are struggling, such as a young teenage mother who wants a better life for her baby daughter, a drug addict who dreams of becoming a famous singer and a woman who's family life got in the way of her career plans. It's basically saying, in my opinion, that no matter your background everyone still has feelings and accomplishments in life that they would like to achieve, and when these don't work out it's okay to cry and you should help someone in need basically and comfort each other because it (life not going as planned) could happen to you. That's just my opinion, anyway. I love the sound of this song, especially the beginning. It has a very soul feel to it with upbeat drums and backing vocals that sound beautiful, it also has an urban sound to it due to the sirens at the very beginning which makes me picture a busy city. Then Danny's vocals kick in, with the guitar twangs and steady drums consistently playing gently in the background. The first character we're introduced to is Jenny, who's 14 and pregnant. She's trying to get her life together before the baby arrives. I presume that she's homeless from the lyrics - "Jenny was a poor girl, living in a rich world, named her baby Hope when she was just 14, she was hoping for a better world for this little girl but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Then he moves on to the drug addict who is incredibly talented and "could of gone the whole way" but when his chance comes to become well known he is too high on drugs to perform - "When he gets that call he's too far gone, can't get it together to sing one song." Then it moves onto Mary, who's ambition in life was to become a successful lawyer and women's acitivist but her life - two kids and a husband got in the way of this and she's now struggling for money and generally isn't happy with the way her life has turned out. I love Danny's vocals in this song and the verse of rapping from Mark (well, I think it's Mark!) is brilliant, it's very fast paced but audible and it speaks words of advice and truth. The song overall is good, it's one of their best although it's not a song that I can listen to on repeat - it's easy to skip it as once you've heard it there's not much more to it.

        Track 2 Before The Worst
        I really love this song, i'd definetly class it as one of my favourite The Script songs. The lyrics are so true and meaningful/relatable and Danny's voice is beautiful, very fast paced, emotional and you can definetly hear a slight Irish twang in his voice which I find quite sexy lol. It's the sort of song that's self explanatory, it's about a failed relationship, in my opinion. Danny is reminising about a past relationship - falling in love and spending way too much time together, then splitting up and then basically been so heartbroken and distraught that you wish you'd never met that person and wishing you could go back in time and do things differently.. I think that the song is so thought provoking and meaningful, it reminds me alot of my ex, we thought we were in love because we got on so well but we drove eachother nuts in the end because we moved the relationship along far too fast - that is excactly what's happening in this song - Danny proposes to the girl within a short period of time after meeting her and it drives her away. This song popped into my head the other day when I saw the ex-boyfriend in question, no he didn't see me, but it brought back some feelings I have for him and the feeling of confusion and love and wanting to go back and do things differently, which isn't great as I have a new boyfriend who i've been with for over a year and a half lol but what i'm saying is, it's a relatable and meaningful song that sticks with you. The instrumentls are also good - i'd say flawless, actually, with an upbeat guitar, drums, the piano and a variety of other instruments. They all merge into eachother and Danny's gorgeous voice just flows along, with him pouring out his heart and soul. Anyway, I could ramble about this song all day and how beautiful danny's vocals are but i'm sure you all get the idea that this is a song well worth listening to. I know it sounds quite depressing but because the beat moves at such pace and the instrumentals are so powerful I (personally) think it actually, ironically, has quite a feel-good feeling to it.

        Track 3 Talk You Down
        This is a good song but not one of my favourites. I like the piano and Danny's vocals but their seems to be something missing that I can't quite put my finger on. The song talks about the exact moment when a relationship ends - in the song his girlfriend is walking out - "Grabbed your suitcase called a taxi, it's 3am now where you gonna go?" He makes the split decision to go after her, ignoring all logical thought and refusing to accept that she is leaving him as he isn't ready for the relationship to be over, which the video illustrates. In the video the cab that his girlfriend is in and his car end up crashing, which matches with the song - throughout this song Danny is using suicide as a metaphor for the girl leaving him, and the line "maybe I can talk you down" is referring to attempting to persuade her to get back with him and not kill off the relationship. This song is quite powerful, it has the sort of vocals and lyrics that tell a story, making you feel like you're experiencing everything that he is going through and you side with him, hoping he gets back together with his girlfriend. I really like the chrous, it's a bit repetitive but catchy and really sweet. I love how the song progresses and i'm sure that most people will skip this after about 10 seconds because of the 'samey' kind of lyrics and vocals but trust me it gets better and Danny really shows off how talented he is in this song with a range of high notes and an upbeat tempo.

        Track 4 The Man Who Can't Be Moved
        This song is another of my favourites. It's so sweet! Danny's voice sounds really american in this.. kind of manufactured, but despite this I still love the song. The lyrics are brilliant and tell the story of a man who longs to get back with his ex girlfriend but he has no idea where she is or how to find her as she has left him, so he returns to the place where they first met as that way she'll know where he is if she ever wants him back/wants to make amend - "if she changes her mind, this is the first place she will go" He camps out in the specific place that he met her, with people thinking that he is homeless so offering him money which he refuses - "I'm not broke i'm just, a broken hearted man" but he doesn't care what people think as he has is mind set on her, nothig else. He explains that "there are no holes in his shoes, but a big hole in his world." (he been himself) He refuses to move even when a policeman tells him that he can't stay there and hopes that a news crew will be called, making him well known as "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" and his ex will see him on the tv and he hopes it will prove his determination to see her again, even if it is the last time. Basically I think he is madly in love with his ex and can't move on until they've either gotten back together or settled things so he is prepared to do anything to win her attention to prove his love for her. Either this or he wants to apologise and get things settled so he can move on with his life and not be stuck in a rut thinking of her constantly. Despite how depressing it sounds it is a really uplifting song as he has such hope and determanation in his voice - it's quite inspiring and definetly full of emotion and truth. It makes me feel sorry for him because he is so set on getting her back when it is obvious from the lyrics that her going back to him will be very unlikely as she has obviously made alot of effort to get away from him (without sounding harsh!), I suppose it reflects the denial that we all feel to a certain extent after a break up. This is a really good song to dance to or alternatively relax to - it's good for any occasion and it's very catchy with a good beat, so I often find myself putting it on my iPod and having it play while I clean or do my Uni essays to keep me entertained and relaxed. It is definetly more of a pop than a rock song and quite americanised however I do really like it and would put money on it that this is their most popular and widely recognised songs.

        Track 5 Breakeven
        This is another brilliant song. It's probably my number one favourite track on this album because their is such a range of emotion and a range in vocals - their are some really high notes that Danny pulls off amazingly well. I do honestly think that it is a beautiful and meaningful song which is quite thought provoking. I percieve the song to be about a couple who break up because the girl (the singers girlfriend) doesn't want to be with him anymore, so she doesn't feel as hurt and heartbroken as he does, and he finds it unfair that he's got more than his fair share of heartbreak. It's basically about a relationship ending and still being in love with the person but not being able to do anything about it as you know they don't want you anymore and it hurts. Danny feels lost without his girlfriend, he's falling to pieces and doesn't know who to turn to - "What am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you?", or if he should chase after her or just let her get on with her new life and accept that she has gone despite how hard it is to accept.. he feels like a prisoner because of her leaving him and feels like he's being punished - "Cause I got time while she got freedom" It is a very, very relatable song, you can tell Danny didn't write this off the top of his head to score brownie points, it is so real and quite raw, his voice is husky and breaks at points too and it is a song I would highly reccomend.. it is definetly a bit depressing but the chorus is catchy and quite upbeat and the instrumental and beat keep it from being too dreary. This song helped me get over a break up as it reminded me other people go through it too - what I was feeling was normal, and things do get better.

        Track 6 Rusty Halo
        Hmm.. one minute I love this song and the next I can't stand it, I guess it's one of those songs that you have to be in the right mood to listen to. It has a very heavy rock sound to it and bizzarely enough Danny raps in this song, he isn't the best rapper as I said before but it kind of works, lol. It has quite an eerie feel to it and when you listen to the lyrics it's not about the most cheerful of subjects, I think the song is talking about how everyone is afraid of death and how everyone wants to go to heaven when they die despite the lifestyle they live - "now i'm looking in the bible for a loophole" This is definetly a very fast paced, rock song compared to the other songs on this album and it works for them, but it's not my cup of tea - I prefer the gentle, emotional songs. Yes their is emotion in this but it's more anger than anything.

        Track 7 The End Where I Begin
        This is another nice song, it's got a very gentle ballad type sound with a piano in the background playing, giving Danny's voice a bit of a fragile sound in my opinion and it really works well. It's a hard song to describe, it's basically about a man who suffered a painful breakup and hit rock bottom but he's slowly building himself back up again - "Now i'm alive and the ghosts are gone, shed all the pain ive been holding on" I think this is a sort of follow-on song to Break Even (track 5).

        Track 8 Fall For Anything
        I love this song, it puts me in such a good mood. It's their most pop sounding song in my opinion with hints of rock and soul, it's quite a fast moving track which keeps you occupied throughout, it's not the sort you get bored of however it is a bit repetitive but the way it is put across makes up for this with Danny's vocals spot on. The song is upbeat and it's putting the message out their to stand up for yourself because people love seeing people down - "you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." It's a good message and a relatable one at that, basically don't let the bullies win, stand up and fight.

        Track 9 If You See Kay
        Say the name of the song really fast. Rude right? But clever, lol. Anyway this song is about a guy who's broken up with his girlfriend and he's looking for her because without her he's (in his own words) sweet F.A and he wants to talk to her/make up with her so he's asking anyone in sight if they've seen her - same concept as "the man who can't be moved." A good song - very lively, fast moving with flawless vocals and instrumentals. This song has meaning to me as it was played at a family funeral so it reminds me of that person. There are some very good lyrics in here too that are spot-on when it comes to how people feel when they're fresh from a break-up/missing an important person.

        Track 10 I'm Yours
        This is not the best exit song in my opinion, it's sweet yes but dull and a disappointment. It's an ok song to relax to and makes a change from the more fast paced songs - this is more of a melody -but it's one I find quite repetitive and generally boring lol. The line "say i'm still the soldier in your eyes" sticks out to me, his girlfriend's seen him cry which he sees as weak and wants reassurance that he is a real man I suppose. It's a song about a guy who has very low confidence - "i never feel like i'm quite enough" and he keeps saying how he feels small and weak, like a child.. it's an okay song but not really anywhere near being my favourite.

        This is a good album. It has a unique sound to it with a pretty wide range of songs. I would definetly say that the album mainly revolves around break ups, love and heart ache, but their are also some songs in there which are slightly more upbeat and feel-good type songs. I personally love the album, it's catchy and easy to sing along to, and the vocals, instrumentals and lyrics are almost flawless, but the couple of weak tracks with repetitive and dreary lyrics do slightly let it down - 4/5 stars from me :-)


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          23.10.2010 15:25
          Very helpful



          A fantastic album.

          The Script are an Irish, three-piece alternative rock band, previously known as MyTown, that was formed in 1996. The band members are Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power and their debut album, The Script was released in 2008. Their second album Science and Faith was released in October 2010!

          Track Listing for 'The Script':
          01. We Cry
          02. Before The Worst
          03. Talk You Down
          04. The Man Who Can't Be Moved
          05. Breakeven
          06. Rusty Halo
          07. The End Where I Begin
          08. Fall For Anything
          09. If You See Kay
          10. I'm Yours
          11.Anybody There

          The opening track on the album is also their first single and is called "We Cry". It's a kind of hybrid between singing/rapping but unlike Eminem, 50 Cent et al, the rapping isn't earsplitting! It's a kind of funky track - that's the best description for it and I really love singing along although I fail miserably at keeping up with the fast tempo. The second single is "Before The Worst" and was the fifth single released from the album. It's a fast-paced track about everything that went on Before The Worst happened in a relationship. It's another track I really love.

          "Talk You Down" is the next song on the album and was the fourth single released from the album. The song title refers to the fact that the relationship is breaking down and rather than have the relationship suffer suicide, they're singing about trying to talk them down from ending the relationship. Again, another stellar track from the lads. The song that single-handedly launched The Script is up next and is "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" which was the second single released from the album. I would be surprised to find somebody who hasn't heard the song because, for a while, it was absolutely everywhere. Every radio station played it, all of the music stations played it and it's just a fantastic song. It's a hugely romantic song and Danny sings it perfectly.

          The third song released from the album was "Breakeven" and is another favourite of mine. It's actually a very clever song and undoubtedly rings true with a lot of people who have been dumped in their lives as when a heart breaks it *doesn't* break even. I love the song and I constantly sing along whenever I listen to it. The next track is "Rusty Halo", a favourite of mine as it's immensely catchy. I can't say I'm 100% sure about what exactly the song's about - except for the whole rusty halo thing - but I love it anyway.

          "The End Where I Begin" is up next and is another great song. When I first downloaded the album I totally didn't expect so many fab songs so it's great to be able to listen to the album and love 90% of the songs! The End Where I Begin starts fairly slowly before bursting into a faster beat toward the end. It brings back the singing/rapping element from We Cry and again, it works, without sounding ear-splitting. The last song I usually listen to on the album is "Fall For Anything". Usually after Fall For Anything I switch the album because I don't really know the last three songs. Fall For Anything is, as the title suggests, about someone so gullible they literally fall for anything. Again, it's another catchy song and one I (inevitably) love!

          The last three tracks - "If You See Kay", "I'm Yours" and "Anybody There" - aren't songs I listen to often so I've only listened to them once or twice however I can still review them, obviously. The first of the three "If You See Kay" has a relatively controversial title (similar to Britney's If You See/k Amy) although with both songs it did take me a while to figure out why it was controversial. It's not a bad song but I don't think it's as good as the previous tracks. Most albums end up with at least one song that feels like filler and for me, If You See Kay, is one of them. "I'm Yours" is up next and is probably the slowest song on the album. Again, I'm not a huge fan of the song. Without the funky backing beats, it seems slow and relatively dull and boring. The final song on the album is "Anybody There" and is slow, too, like the previous track. I don't really like the song and it feels like filler yet again.

          The Script is a solid album by The Script and I absolutely love the first 8 tracks. It's only the final 3 tracks on the album that appear to let the album down and feel like filler. But, hey, with some albums you don't even get 8 good ones. It's a hugely promising debut album and I eagerly await whatever it is The Script release next. I'm rather pleased I took the leap and got myself the album as I really enjoy listening to it. I hugely recommend The Script and I hugely recommend you go onto Youtube and search for The Man Who Can't Be Moved as it's a fantastic song!


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            21.03.2010 20:25
            Very helpful



            A brilliant album that thoroughly deserved to get to Number 1 in the UK charts.

            The Script are a three piece band from Ireland, consisting of Danny O'Donoghue (Vocals), Mark Sheehan (Backing vocals and saxophone) and Glen Powers (Backing vocals and drums). This is their debut album, with some cracking tracks on it.

            ***** MY FAVOURITES FROM THE ALBUM *****

            ***** We Cry *****
            The opening track of the album starts with an opening ten seconds that, after listening to a couple of times, you'll recognise instantly. It tells the tale of some of the people they knew when they were younger, and how they had big dreams but ultimately failed.

            ***** Before The Worst *****
            A bit more of pop in this single than the opener (They do a brilliant D&B version of this on Radio 1s Live Lounge), and this one is about regrets about relationships and the things they once did.

            ***** The Man Who Can't Be Moved *****
            The first of a couple of slow tracks from the band, which really show off Danny's' vocals. Not quite your typical ballad but something different from the rest of the album. I suppose there are not a lot of songs too similar on the album, actually.

            ***** Rusty Halo *****
            The dance track of the album; personally I much prefer tracks like 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved', but I suppose this is a track you can rave to. I've saw The Script live in Birmingham and this was actually the song was the whole room was jumping.

            ***** I'm Yours *****
            Awww a love song to close the album with. Lyrics that include "And though I may not look like much, I'm yours." A brilliant example of your stripped back love song, but I'm not quite sure if it was the track to end the album. Personally I would have preferred 'The End Where I Begin'.

            Overall, the album is suitable for anyone. It gives such a variety of songs, stuff you can dance to, songs you can sing to and those slow ones that mean something. Definetly one of the best albums from that year and I can't wait to hear some of their new material.


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            19.03.2010 19:57
            Very helpful



            On balance, a memorable début.


            As I approach my forties, I am fast becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, getting more and more set in my musical tastes. These days I much prefer to revel in the comfortable nostalgia of the bands and musicians of my youth, while eschewing new acts with the passion of someone convinced that the best days of music are firmly in the past. In other words, I am beginning to act like my Dad.

            Fortunately, every now and again I hear a snippet of something new that inspires me enough to cut through my self-induced inertia. My introduction to The Script came through their excellent smash hit single "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", which impressed me enough that I went to my MP3 site of choice to download it to my iPod.

            The great advantage of buying music these days is that you can usually listen to thirty second snippets of the whole album before committing to buy. The advent of music downloads has fortunately made buying music much more risk-free. Gone are the days where your CD-rack at home was cluttered with one hit wonders whose one glittering contribution was unfortunately tarnished by nine or ten other tracks of utter crap.

            In any event, emboldened by the success of the single, I listened to a few more tracks, and when I saw that I could get the whole album in CD form for not much more than the download price of the four songs that I really liked, I decided buy the whole album.

            ABOUT THE BAND

            The Script are a three piece ensemble, often erroneously described as a Celtic pop rock band. That suggests that their music is influenced by their Irish roots, rather like the Corrs, but nothing could be further from reality. In fact, their sound has more of an R&B feel to it, and it's actually quite a challenge to discern any Irish accent or influence in the vocals or instrumentation. The band readily acknowledges the American black music scene as an important influence in their early days.

            The Script consists of singer-songwriter Danny O'Donoghue who also takes the lead on keyboards, Mark Sheehan on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Glen Power on percussion, backing vocals and rhythm guitar. If you are looking for musical comparables, think Maroon 5 with a touch of David Gray. Those into the likes of Paolo Nutini and James Blunt would probably find some similarities in sound as well.


            The Script released their debut album of the same name in August 2008. The album release was preceded by two singles "We Cry" in April 2008 and "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" in July, with the latter peaking at No. 2 in the UK Singles Chart and providing the momentum for their album release. Three further singles have followed - "Breakeven" in November 2008, "Talk You Down" in March 2009 and "Before The Worst" in July 2009. The album proved to be both a popular and commercial success, earning the band the opportunity to support concerts by Irish legends U2 (at Dublin's Croke Park) and Sir Paul McCartney (at New York's Citi Field).

            The album is readily available in both CD (£4.99 from Amazon) and download formats (unusually dearer at £5.99 from Amazon). The CD version, when inserted into your PC, provides access to an exclusive mini album web-site with a welcome message from the band, video versions of some of the singles, in depth interviews about the songs, and one or two live audio recordings from recent concerts. Given there is little difference in price between the two formats, the extra content makes the relatively longer wait for the CD well worth it.


            > We Cry

            The first single from the album is a good introduction to "The Script" sound. If you knew about the band's "Celtic" origins, on first listen, you'd be forgiven for doing a double take. The song is very much a hip hop inspired paen to the clash between youthful dreams and harsh reality told intelligently through a number of short vignettes - a struggling single mother, a wasted musical talent, and a career woman whose ambitions are derailed by marriage and kids. O'Donoghue has a distinct voice with a slightly raw, gravely quality to it and he delivers the song with a maturity and confidence that seems like it belongs more to the streets of New York than Dublin. Despite this incongruity, it's easy to see why the music world sat up and took notice at this fine debut.

            "Jenny was a poor girl, living in a rich world, named her baby Hope when she was just fourteen. She was hoping for a better world for this little girl, but the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. When she gets that call, Hope's too far gone, her baby's on the way, with nothing left inside. Together we cry."

            > Before The Worst

            The second song on the album starts off with something of a mellow piano overture before the percussion kicks in to give the song drive. The instrumentation sets the stage for and complements O'Donoghue's rapid fire vocals, giving the song a soaring quality that seems totally at odds with its subject matter. The album has several recurring themes, featuring a number of songs which address the pain, regret and loss of broken relationships. This track, a reflection on a lost future together ("let's try to take it back to before it all went wrong") is full of earnestness and raw energy.

            "There was a time that we'd stay up all night, best friends talking till the daylight. Took the joys alongside the pain, with not much to lose, but so much to gain..."

            > The Man Who Can't Be Moved

            This is simply a beautiful and brilliant song, simple in composition, uncomplicated in instrumentation, but delivered with a depth of passion that succeeds in putting you in the shoes of the narrator. By rights, the song should be depressingly heart-breaking, but O'Donoghue imparts a hopeless optimism into his vocals and lyrics that demands empathy.

            With its unassuming intro of plucked guitars, we are introduced to the story about a man who cannot move on and come to terms with the end of a relationship with a woman he was obviously deeply in love with. So he decides he is going to go back to the corner where they first met, and wait - however long it takes - for her to turn up, hoping against hope that she realises what she is missing and returns to find him.

            The song works so well because it is an astute observation of human nature, a reflection of how the listener has probably felt at one time or another in a similar situation. The story the song tells may be an extreme example, but who hasn't taken a particular route home, frequented a particular haunt, or gone out of their way to do something to try and find what they have lost?

            "Cause if one day you wake up and find you're missing me, and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be, (I'm) thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet, and you'll see me waiting for you on our corner of the street..."

            > Breakeven

            This is probably my second favourite song on the album, and another of the band's successful singles. The song is a brilliantly observed piece about breaking up, this time reflecting on when a relationship ends, someone always ends up with the bigger portion of hurt. It's a simple concept, but one I had never thought through until I listened to this song.

            Some comedians have a way of getting laughs out of simple, observational comedy based on things we can easily relate to. The Script have a similar talent for connecting with their audience, by telling simple stories which the listener can relate to and empathise with.

            "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you? What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're OK. I'm falling to pieces (one still in love while the other ones leaving, 'cos when a heart breaks it don't breakeven)..."

            > If You See Kay

            Another hip-hop inspired song which I have only really included because of the cheeky title and chorus. Say it quickly and you'll see what I mean. The song itself is not really a stand-out, with little to distinguish it from other tracks on the album. It almost feels like it started as a joke which then became the idea for a song, but at three minutes long it gets old way before it finishes.

            "If you see Kay, will you tell her that I love her? And if you see Kay, let her know I want her back. If she listens, say that I'm missing everything about her. Make sure you say, I'm sweet FA without her..."

            > I'm Yours

            Fortunately, the next song is an outstanding ballad with little but O'Donoghue's stand-out vocals and acoustic guitar to carry it - but carry it he does. It reminds me a little bit of 80's band Extreme's "More Than Words" in its tenor and delivery (but not the lyrics). It's a touching song about a guy who recognises he has shortcomings and is far from perfect, but even with his rough edges and feelings of inadequacy, his love for his girl cannot be matched by anyone else.

            "You touch these tired eyes of mine and map my face out line by line, and somehow growing old feels fine. I listen close, for I'm not smart, you wrap your thoughts in works of art and they're hanging on the walls of my heart..."

            FINAL THOUGHTS

            Unfortunately, the album suffers from something of a lack of consistency. There are some outstanding tracks that offer something new and fresh, both in terms of style and lyrics, but there is also some very average material that doesn't reach nearly the same standard. In fact, the released singles aside, only "I'm Yours" smacks of any real quality, with some of the other tracks - especially "If You See Kay" and "Fall For Anything" sounding like they have been done before - on the same album.

            O'Donoghue's voice is the kind that tends to polarise listeners - some will love it, whole others will be irritated by it. Indeed, some may find the incongruity of a Dublin-born Irish kid imitating the style of an East Coast hip-hop artist too much of a stretch of credibility, but in my view, that would be short-sighted. On balance, The Script have delivered a very solid debut with some intelligently constructed songs. The fact that the cost of cherry-picking the six best tracks as stand-alone MP3's is the same as buying the album makes it excellent value, despite the few that let the side down.



            1. We Cry
            2. Before The Worst
            3. Talk You Down
            4. Man Who Can't Be Moved
            5. Breakeven
            6. Rusty Halo
            7. End Where I Begin
            8. Fall For Anything
            9. If You See Kay
            10. I'm Yours
            11. Anybody There

            © Hishyeness 2010


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              20.10.2009 17:02
              Very helpful



              Good album

              The script are a pop-rock band coming out of Dublin, Ireland. They formed back in 2005 and finally released their debut album, which was self-entitled, in 2008 after the massive success of their debut single, we cry.

              The album
              The album contains 11 tracks which last over a period of about 40 minutes. I find that the songs all have a good variety about them which is nice, it makes a change from a lot of generic albums which have come out lately, such as Konk, by the Kooks.

              Track Listing
              1. Before the worst
              This is quite a depressing song in terms of lyrics and meaning and i really find it great listening if you have had a long day or something similar.

              2. The end where i begin
              This is another track which is fairly slow meaning that its great to chill out and relax too. Again, the lyrics are fairly depressing and are about the loss of a girl, which is a general theme across the album.

              3.Fall for anything
              I do not particularly like this track. It is repetive and goes on a bit after a while. Probably the worst on the album in my opinion.

              4. The man who cant be moved
              An absolute tune! The second and most popular single to be released by the band. Again, depressing, about the loss of a girl but a really great slow tune.

              5. We cry
              The first single released. Inevitably got slightly overplayed just like other songs that announced the arrival of new bands, such as 'Somebody told me' by the Killers.

              6. Talk you down
              Talk you down is all about talking a girl out of splitting up from their relationship. Its a good song, with meaningful lyrics and was the third single to be released by the band.

              7. Breakeven
              My favourite song on the album. Again, released as a single, and talks about the different stresses after the end of a relationship.

              8. Rusty Halo
              Another sing i do not particularly like. Lyrics do not flow well and its very difficult to enjoy after a while of listening.

              9. If you see Kay
              I like this tune. It came in for a lot of criticism at the time of the release of the album because it is fairly repetive in terms of tune and lyrics, but a good song nonetheless.

              10. Im your's
              Hate this song! Awful!

              Thus, if you enjoy a few of the songs that have been released by the script and you fancy listening to a few more, get the album.


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              16.09.2009 19:53



              amazing album, amazing band, superb!

              the scripy, by the script is by far one of the best albums i have listened in a long time. Each track has its own unique sound and the lyrics are very compelling. It's one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again and still not get bored of it. With some feel good tracks and some that make you think a little about life it has something for everyone. It really is an outstanding album. You cant fail to recognise some tracks as the Script, but their style is similar to other bands around at the moment. This has been out for a while now, but its one of those albums that never grows old, you will keep coming back to it again and again. Like Radiohead I think the Script will be around for a long time to come. Fantastic band, excellent album, I would recommend this to any music fan


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              15.09.2009 01:03



              Essental for any CD collection

              This is the debut album from the Irish based Indie/Pop band who are causing abit of a stir across the industry at the moment. They have already been compared to their fellow irish counterparts U2, which is a massive compliment. The big question is does their debut album live up to all the hype?

              It sure does, from the amazing catchy lyrics to the sheer emotion in all their songs leaving you wanting more. Featuring the singles "We Cry", "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" & "Breakeven" which we all know & love but the rest of the album contains alot of other gems too & virtually no fillers.

              As well as the comparisons to U2, in my opinion I would say their sound is very much like The Police & Maroon 5. There is a distinctively chilled out vibe to this album which is what The Script tend to do really well & it shows as they are loved by the radio gaining huge airplay on stations across the country.

              I recently saw them live & they were just as amazing. This album is available for under a fiver at HMV online so if you don't already have it, grab it as it's a must for any music collection.


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              08.09.2009 20:35
              Very helpful



              An excellent pop album

              The Script are an Irish band who same into the public eye with their self titled debut album in 2008. The CD contains 11 tracks and four were released as singles.

              The singer Danny O'Donoghue is a talented keyboard player and nearly every song on the album features this. In some ways it overshadows the guitar and I'd like to see a few songs without it. The drumming is very forgettable and its easy to see upon the first listen to the album that Danny O'Donoghue is the real star in the band.

              Highlights of the album is their second single, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved". Its a touching song without being too much of a tearjerker and the piano line is excellent. The Script are at their best when they fuse hip-hop into their music like with "Before The Worst". One of the best songs on the album is "I'm Yours" and Danny's lyrics are catchy without being too stupid like most music in the charts today.

              One of my gripes with this album is that a lot of the songs are very similar and get repetitve when you listen to the album a few times. It is a minor blip though on an excellent pop album.


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              28.08.2009 21:33



              Buy it - you will not regret it!

              Having been to watch Take That in concert in Hampden Park in June the support band was The Script. I have to say that I did not know much of their music when I first saw them but WOW they were good!

              Finally got round to buying the CD for myself last week and cannot stop playing it. There is a good mix of upbeat and melodic songs on this CD.

              My personal favourite has to be track 4, The Man who can't be moved. If you really spend time listening to the words it is such a beautiful song, the poignant tale f a man whose love for his girl is strong he will spend his whole life waiting for her to return to him.

              There are also some other stand out tracks, and for me, these would have to be track 2 - Before the Worst, track 5 - Breakeven and track 10 - I'm yours.

              All in all a really good listen, if you haven't bought it yet I would recommend you try it.


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              14.08.2009 23:19
              Very helpful



              Well worth a purchase, give it a go

              The Script were a very new band when they burst into the music industry in 2008 and they wasted no time in getting to the album number one spot. The Dublin based boy band released their first album on 11th August 2008 named after themselves - The Script. This album contains 11 songs of which all of them have their own positives and are a joy to listen to. The songs and my ratings are as follows:

              1 - We Cry - Not the best track on the album by any stretch of the imagination but a great way to start the album. We Cry was one of The Scripts first singles and the fact it got into the top 40 nicely speaks for itself. It's a song that has grown more and more on me each time of listened to it and it's well worthy of a place on the album. 7.5/10

              2 - Before The Worst - Perhaps an overlooked track in terms of quality but I personally really rate this song. The lyrics combined with the great voice of the band form together to create a rock type of song but it keeps your mind calm. Great song. 9/10

              3 - Talk You Down - A quite popular song by The Script and the song is perfect for the album. The lyrics are great as is the music and everything about the song just seems right. 8/10

              4 - The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The best song on the album. Truly amazing lyrics combined with great vocal from the band. The lyrics are really moving and is one of my all time favorite songs. 10/10

              5 - Breakeven - Probably the 2nd best song on the album. Once again - brilliant lyrics and vocals, a great unique and individual tune thats so simple but has a lot of thought behind it. 9.5/10

              6 - Rusty Halo - One of those songs that seems to be pretty popular with music listeners but I sometimes struggle to see why. The song doesn't relax me like the others, it keeps me tense and nervous and I don't really think it's right for this type of album. It is listenable by any means though. 6.5/10

              7 - End Where I begin - Another song that seems to have been overlooked in terms of quality. Had this song been on any other album it would be plaudit for it's greatness, but because of the quality of some of the other songs, it doesn't seem to have been recognized that much. A great soft song, terrific lyrics and one of my album favorite's. 8.5/10

              8 - Fall For Anything - A song you feel that has been created to pad out the album but it's still listenable and it slots into the album quite well. Give it a go. 7/10

              9 - If You See Kay - The title alone and what it does deserves credit by itself. The song isn't too spectacular but the title alone takes the song to the next level. 7/10

              10 - I'm Yours - A great slow song with some nice lyrics that brings the album nearer the end nicely. Just right for the album. 7/10

              11 - Anybody There - A good way to finish the album. I find it quite similar to the previous song but in no way is that bad. Deserves its place on the album. 7/10


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              20.07.2009 02:51
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              An good, easy to listen to debut album from a promising band.

              I first encountered The Script in one of my regular laze around in the common room moments during a free period. The song was called 'Man Who Can't Be Moved' and I instantly found it very catchy and began singing it in my head, and out loud... It is a song that is easy to understand and doesn't take many listens to decipher, so I decided to keep a look out for them. I then heard 'Breakeven' and 'We Cry' so decided I would take the plunge and listen to the album, The Script. Original I know.

              The Script is the debut album from the Irish band and features eleven tracks including five singles. It was the twelfth best selling album of last year and peaked at number one in the UK album chart. The album was given a great reception in the press as shown by the amount of people who bought the album.

              The album shows off the vocals from The Script exceptionally well coupled with the obvious mainstream elements of Sony BMG. I do not mind this though as there are some cracking songs. I would describe this album as a mix of many genres to create The Script's fairly unique sound. It has elements of hip hop mixed with elements of pop, rock and very Irish vocals which may seem like an odd mix. But the way I see it is it leads to a nice sound which has been accepted by a wide audience as shown in their chart positions. I listen to a lot of music from a wide variety of genres and I think The Script is something that slots nicely into my music collection.

              On the album itself, my favourite song would be 'We Cry' which has a nice blend of the soulful vocals and hip hop. I also really like 'Talk You Down' which is another one of the singles. To get a full flavour of The Script you do not have to listen to all of their songs, but you certainly would enjoy listening to them if you like the first ones you hear.

              Here is the track listing for the album.

              We Cry - 3:43
              Before The Worst - 3:23
              Talk You Down - 3:50
              The Man Who Can't Be Moved - 4:01
              Breakeven - 4:21
              Rusty Halo - 3:34
              The End Where I Begin - 3:34
              Fall For Anything - 4:32
              If You See Kay - 3:12
              I'm Yours - 4:13
              Anybody There (Bonus Track)

              The songs are of average length for a Sony BMG album and work fairly well in my opinion.

              On the whole I would say The Script's self titled album is an easy album to listen to with nothing unexpected, following the script if you will. It is a fairly different sound to anyone else and I look forward to hearing their second installment.


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                16.07.2009 10:17
                Very helpful



                An album fit for the phrase 'hit or miss'

                The Script are an Irish based band who shot to fame in 2008 thanks largely to their very radio friendly single 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved'. They became one of 2008's biggest new acts with their debut album selling more than half a million copies and producing three top 20 singles for the group.

                I borrowed the record from a friend recently as I love their song 'Breakeven', and was interested to see if the album had any more hidden gems to offer. I discovered that The Script do have genuine talent and there are some sparkling tracks here but mostly they tend to stick to a generic formula that has been heard a million times before and will please casual radio listeners no end.

                But before I get too harsh, The Script consists of three members: Danny O'Donoghue
                Mark Sheehan and Glen Power, the former providing all the vocals for the group and in an odd way he is quite attractive hmmm.

                The album gets off to a great start with first single 'We Cry'. According to their Wikipedia page before making it big the band spent a lot of time in Los Angeles with Dallas Austin, the hit record producer amongst others and some of the American music scene has clearly rubbed off on them in certain areas of this album. 'We Cry' adopts a very slick and RnB orientated melody though at its core it's still a band playing their instruments. The song is moody and dark and O'Donoghue's vocals fit perfectly with the blunt and almost foreboding nature of the lyrics.

                'Before The Worst' is like many of the songs on the album and indeed when listening to the album back to back, I often get this track confused with its follow up 'Talk You Down'. Both adopt a very anthemic chorus that soars around your head and really pulls you into the music, however, both seem to lack any direction and the verses are rather bland. It seems to be a style that the band are most comfortable with and though there's nothing wrong with it, it does wear thin on you after a few songs that all seem to sound the same.

                Next, we come to 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved'. This track became the band's breakthrough track reaching No.2 in the UK charts and becoming a massive radio success. Personally I'd call it 2008's version of 'How To Save A Life' or 'Hey There Delilah'. It's not a bad song at all, it's just predictable and generic and the lyrics are a tad cheesy to say the least. Those flaws aside and it has a very summery feel and widespread appeal that definitely make it one of the album's stand out songs.

                'Breakeven' on the other hand is deep both musically and lyrically. The vocals are just breathtaking and you can really get inside the emotion and passion that oozes from the song. It does sound like the track before it in parts especially the middle 8 section but then the instruments come in and this is a much darker and moodier offering. It took me a while to get what the hell they meant with the whole 'when a heart breaks, no it don't breakeven' business, but this is just a simple, yet effective piece of music, that is the best song on 'The Script'.

                'Rusty Halo' is just fantastic from start to finish. The uninspiring and flat melodies that have dominated the album's first half are gone and in their place is a fast paced, energetic stormer that has a much harder edge and forces O'Donoghue's vocals to take on a new walk of life. There's more bitterness and grit etched into his voice and 'Rusty Halo' ends up being one of the top tracks, not because it's anything to write home about but because it's the most experimentive and interesting track on the album.

                Sadly the final four tracks sees the band fall into that all too familiar territory of 'filling up rest of the record with boring ballads'. 'The End Where I Begin' is a solid track that is drenched in emotion and was actually very relaxing and beautiful to listen to but from then on, the last three tracks just all seem to blur together into one big mess. O'Donoghue's vocals sound tired and the band also seem drained of their musical creativity as the melodies all sound identical. It's a poor ending to what has been a very interesting album to listen to.

                After listening to the album I can easily go back and pick out my favourites for an encore and I actually enjoyed the record a lot more than I thought I would. That aside, it has its bad moments and the dull songs do seem to crop up a lot more than any musical masterpieces.

                The Script are a very promising band that can move between a whole variety of genres and are not afraid to experiment. It would be nice if the album showcased more of their interesting song choices like 'We Cry' or 'Rusty Halo' as a lot of the tracks seem to stick to the same formula and as a result are just bland. With only ten tracks on offer, it's not really enough to get a true picture of the direction this band is taking, so I await their follow up record with great interest.


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 We Cry
                2 Before The Worst
                3 Talk You Down
                4 Man Who Can't Be Moved
                5 Breakeven
                6 Rusty Halo
                7 End Where I Begin
                8 Fall For Anything
                9 If You See Kay
                10 I'm Yours
                11 Anybody There

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