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The Silent Force - Within Temptation

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3 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Goth / Artist: Within Temptation / Audio CD released 2005-08-29 at Roadrunner

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2011 20:47
      Very helpful



      Within Temptation get 3rd time lucky.

      ~Within Temptation~

      Sharon den Adel - Vocals (Founding member)
      Robert Westerholt - Rhythm guitar (Founding member)
      Jeroen van Veen - Bass guitar (Founding Member)
      Ruud Adrianus Jolie - Lead guitar (Joined in 2001)
      Martijn Spierenburg - Keyboards (Joined in 2001)
      Stephen van Haestregt - Drums (Joined in 2002 and left in 2010)

      Within Temptation are a five-piece band from The Netherlands founded in 1996 that work in diverse genres. They started their career with Gothic metal material like Enter and The Dance EP. Their next album had much more celtic vibes to it whilst nowadays they like to add choirs, orchestras and sometimes rock and pop to their music. They like to work in a bit of everything when it comes to music, so I think labelling them would be a bit of an issue. The most common genres they are thrown into are symphonic metal/rock and gothic rock/metal. I'm quite surprised that not many people have labelled it as Celtic metal as the Celtic influences are quite strong in Mother Earth and The Silent Force.

      A lot of people like the peaceful, soft and powerfully sweet tone in Sharon's voice. It gives off a rather pleasant neo-classical tone. Some people might be annoyed because it may be a bit too high-pitched for their eyes. She also has quite a witchy side which I like as shown in Enter, Mother Earth and the Heart Of Everything. She doesn't show that witchy side on this album much and it mostly shows the calmer tone to her voice. Overall I really love Sharon's voice. I think the rest of the musicians are pretty good as well.

      ~The Silent Force~

      The Silent Force is the third album they offer. It was released originally in The Netherlands on November 15th 2004 and the following year in the UK on August 29th. It went gold in some countries within it's first week and number one in it's native country. I quite like the design content on this one. The use of sparkling orbs makes it look a bit mysterious and special. The CD leaflet contains lyrics, credits, thank you notes and it folds out and shows a nice mini poster. It's quite dark but the skin looks very tanned and it makes it look vibrant. What I quite like about this album is the uses of orchestras, choirs and chimes on this. I think the lyrics and vocals also assist the strong production.

      The atmosphere in the album is fantastic. It's very easy to listen to and some of the songs I think are quite easy to relate to. I think Memories, Stand My Ground, Angels, Pale and Aquarius are the stand out tracks because of the Celtic tranquillity added in the songs. Some of the songs have a powerful impact, while others have a rather peaceful vibe to them. I think there's quite a unique mixture. One of my concerns though is that they often use the choir and orchestra formula a bit too much, but I could tell that they were trying to create something unique, mysterious and epic. I would recommend it because I personally think it is a classic album.

      ~Intro~ (4/5)

      The album opens with a track called intro. It's often tagged as an instrumental, so there's no lyrics written. It's not exactly a pure instrumental track though. I heard a lot of choir chantings and Sharon's voice. To me it sounds like she's repeating the word adore, but since there's no instruments and is often called an instrumental, I'm left to assume that the lyrics are gibberish. The track flows very quickly to the next track. The gibberish added a nice mystery to it.

      ~See Who I Am~ (4/5)
      "See who I am, break through the surface."

      The track starts with very dramatic drumming over use of heavy orchestras and choir chanting. What I like about the track is how it sounds both brutal and gentle at the same time. I don't think Sharon sounds very strong on this track though and she sounds a little too raspy. It's still a nice track , but I think it could have been a lot better.

      ~Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)~ (4/5)
      "I'd give my heart, I'd give my soul. I'd turn it back, it's my fault. Your destiny is forlorn."

      Much more dramatic then the previous track. I really liked this track because Sharon portrayed the lyrics. A lot of classical influences in this song.

      ~Stand My Ground~ (5/5)
      "Though this might just be the ending of the life I held so dear, but I won't run, there's no turning back from here!"

      The pace is very mixed on this one. I think this is one of the best tracks of the album because everything it is equally on a good standard. I think it's a very uplifting track that shows a lot of courage and I can understand why it's one of the most popular tracks of the album.

      "The world seems not the same, though I know nothing has changed."

      The pace is much more slower compared to the previous tracks. It's quite emotional and has a very strong winter atmosphere and I quite like because I find it one of the more peaceful tracks on the album. I love the song.

      ~Forsaken~ (3/5)
      "We're the last of our kind!"

      The pace sounds very lost in this track, there's plenty of mood swings in this songs. I like how calm Sharon sounds, although it make the song dramatic as it easily could have been. Sharon sounds a bit too soft on this track.

      ~Angels~ (5/5)
      "Sparkling angel ... Couldn't see your dark intentions, your feelings for me."

      It was this song that introduced me to the band. I like the way it goes on about angels and deceit. It has a mixture of a lot of elements that they're most known for. It's very dramatic and leaves a very good impact.

      ~Memories~ (5/5)
      "All of my memories keep you near. The silent whispers, silent tears..."

      I think this track is meant to be a tear jerker, but it can also be a little bit happy as well. It's a very peaceful and slow paced track. I think the lyrics are very thoughtful and Sharon sounds very beautiful on this track. I think it's one of their best songs. I really like the use of violins at the start of the song.

      ~Aquarius~ (5/5)
      "I need you Aquarius! Enchanted I will have to stay."

      A very classic track for me. It starts off as a slow eerie track then kicks in with the powerful instrument. I think it's the first time I noticed the guitars here because the use of orchestras and choirs always stood out. I found the track really refreshing because I got to hear all the instruments playing.

      ~It's The Fear~ (4/5)
      "Hold down your head now. Just let me pass by. Don't feed my fear, if you don't want it out."

      I never really got to notice this track much because I spent a lot of time having Memories, Angels and Stand My Ground on repeat. I think this track is very pleasant. I think it's a very slow paced and has a traditional rock vibe to the song.Has the potential to be really catchy.

      ~Somewhere~ (5/5)
      "Almost hope you're in heaven, so no one can hurt your soul."

      A very calm and soothing ballad. Has a lot of the same elements of Memories, Pale and Forsaken. I really enjoyed this track and I think it's very beautiful and tranquil. My only problem with the track is that it lacks originality, but it has a lot of identity.

      ~Destroyed~ (5/5)
      "I did my best to please you, but my best was never good enough."

      A very decent bonus track. Sharon sounds very mature and the guitar riffs and loose keys from the keyboard sound very dominant on here which is quite refreshing. The sound starts with a very peaceful keyboard solo then kicks in with the rest and it turns dark. The piano sounds very vibrant. It's quite a strange track for me, I think it's one you have to listen to more than once to fully understand it. A lot of dutch fans on youtube claim they were very disappointed that it was not included on their version of the album.

      ~Jane Doe~ (5/5)
      "No matter how many stones you put inside, she always keeps on floating in your mind."

      The second bonus track that closes the album. I like how fast paced it is and how the mixture of instruments add to the energetic atmosphere. I think it's an underrated song from the band. I think the lyrics are very vivid and I think the track has been done with a lot of effort. The track also surprised me because I heard some growls in the background. The reason it surprised me because I saw an interview with the lead singer, saying that they didn't want to use those kind of vocals because they thought people used it as a gimmick. I still think it's a lovely track. I think some people might think it has a bit too much though.


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        07.10.2008 13:21
        Very helpful



        A good buy for Within Temptation fans!

        Only recently considering myself a hardcore Within Temptation fan, I set out to retrieve this CD which was missing from my collection. Having only previously heard two of the 13 songs on the album, I wasn't sure what to expect.

        First of all - I was much more impressed with 'The Heart of Everything', their 2007 album which delivered a constant high quality in its songs, along with a few outstanding gems such as 'The Cross' and 'Forgiven'. The Silent Force, out of the 13 tracks listed in my opinion only has five songs that would merit buying the album:

        Track 1/Intro - Truly epic, truly powerful, a haunting opening to the CD which pulls right at the heartstrings. A short but lovely piece of music!

        See Who I Am - Upbeat and slightly aggressive, sounds a little alien compared to the other tracks. However, there's a lot of power here, I imagine it's brilliant live!

        Forsaken - Melancholy and slow in points, this is a wonderful song which almost reaches 'Memories' in terms of quality.

        Angels - I've heard this track many times before, but I still love it. Caters well to escapism, it's given me much inspiration!

        Memories - My favourite track on the CD, can't get enough of it! A lot of care and emotion went into this song, and Sharon delivers it beautifully.

        I was very disappointed with the tracks 'Aquarius' and 'It's The Fear'. Though the other 8 tracks not listed in my top five were average-sounding and unimpressive, those two took the prize for being my least favourite. Of course some will disagree, but to me they lack charm and impact, things that 'The Heart of Everything' is brimming with!

        Overall, if you're a Within Temptation fan, I highly recommend this album - but if you have the choice between this one and 'The Heart of Everything', I'd say go for the latter, depending on what exactly you're looking for in this band.

        Thanks for reading~!


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          16.06.2008 17:10
          Very helpful



          One of the finest neo-classical metal bands today!!!

          Within Temptation- A review by Addy

          Within Temptation are a Neo-classical metal band hailing from the Netherlands. They formed in 1996 and currently have four albums to their repertoire. To describe them in a way that most can relate to is that their musical style is similar to bands like Evanescence, Nightwish and Lunatica but Within Temptation is much better.

          THE BAND

          Sharon den Adel - vocals
          Robert Westerholt - guitar
          Ruud Adrianus Jolie - guitar
          Jeroen van Veen - bass
          Martijn Spierenburg - keyboards
          Stephen van Haestregt - drums


          Mother Earth
          The Silent Force
          The Heart of Everything

          The DVD is from the Silent Force tour. The lead singers voice is beautifully, classically trained and is a real pleasure to listen to, man she can really sing. The music is impressive ranging from ballad types to heavier, grungier stuff, much of which is very melodic. Often during the concert there is a lot of visual spectacles with drummers coming on and people in weird and wondrous costumes, as well as guest singers for duets.
          Above is mentioned one of the concerts on DVD 1 but you will be pleased to know that for your cash you get more than one concert, from the concerts performed on the 2005 tour. The three concerts that you get on the DVD are as follows.
          Concert from Java Island in Amsterdam

          "Deceiver of Fools"
          "Stand My Ground"
          "Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)"
          "It's the Fear"
          "Towards The End"
          "See Who I Am"
          "Jane Doe"
          "Mother Earth"
          "The Other Half (Of Me)"
          "Ice Queen"

          Concert from Live 05, Helsinki, Finland, 2005

          "Stand My Ground"

          Concert from Werchter, Belgium, 2005

          "Ice Queen"
          "See Who I Am"
          "Stand My Ground"

          In addition to this the DVD has a feature where you can utilise subtitles with the song lyrics {very peachy} Great fun for singing along with the band. Not only that but you also get on DVD 1, you get an additional 3 music videos which are:

          Stand My Ground,
          and my personal favourite Angels.

          These are classy videos of three fantastic tracks. The music concerts alone give you a total of 165 minutes of footage. Have no fear the concerts are very well recorded and the quality is most excellent both visually and vocally. Both the Silent Force album and some of the tracks have won awards, such as the Edison award. Additional to this the song Stand My Ground was used in a recent film released, on Werewolves called Blood and Chocolates. This movie isd available to rent, at any decent rental store. The ablum also gained Within Temptation, The Dutch Export Prize.

          Then there is DVD 2. 182 minutes of special features, totally cram packed. This includes backstage to the concerts footage, A making of showing the making of the album, as well as the making of the three music videos on DVD 1. There is bloopers footage, photo gallery, a Java Island concert special, Interviews with the band.

          As far as music DVD's go I could not complain I have bought many music DVD's with far less material for my cash, you tend to feel you really get your moneys worth with this DVD. Within Temptation recently released the awesome brand new album, The Heart of Everything, and are still going very strong.

          Thanks for reading/rating, Addy

          © June 2008


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Intro
          2 See Who I Am
          3 Jillian
          4 Stand My Ground
          5 Pale
          6 Forsaken
          7 Angels
          8 Memories
          9 Aquarius
          10 It’s The Fear
          11 Somewhere
          12 Destroyed (UK Bonus Track)
          13 Jane Doe (UK Bonus Track)

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