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The Studio Albums 1968-1979 - Joni Mitchell

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Joni Mitchell / Box set / Audio CD released 2012-10-29 at Rhino

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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 I Had A King (Lp Version)
    2 Michael From Mountains (Lp Version)
    3 Night In The City (Lp Version)
    4 Marcie (Lp Version)
    5 Nathan La Franeer (Lp Version)
    6 Sisotowbell Lane (Lp Version)
    7 The Dawntreader (Lp Version)
    8 The Pirate Of Penance (Lp Version)
    9 Song To A Seagull (Lp Version)
    10 Cactus Tree (Lp Version)

    Disc #2 Tracklisting
    1 Tin Angel (Lp Version)
    2 Chelsea Morning (Lp Version)
    3 I Don't Know Where I Stand (Lp Version)
    4 That Song About The Midway (Lp Version)
    5 Roses Blue (Lp Version)
    6 The Gallery (Lp Version)
    7 I Think I Understand (Lp Version)
    8 Songs To Aging Children Come (Lp Version)
    9 The Fiddle And The Drum (Lp Version)
    10 Both Sides Now (Lp Version)

    Disc #3 Tracklisting
    1 Morning Morgantown (Lp Version)
    2 For Free (Lp Version)
    3 Conversation (Lp Version)
    4 Ladies Of The Canyon (Lp Version)
    5 Willy (Lp Version)
    6 The Arrangement (Lp Version)
    7 Rainy Night House (Lp Version)
    8 The Priest (Lp Version)
    9 Blue Boy (Lp Version)
    10 Big Yellow Taxi (Lp Version)
    11 Woodstock (Lp Version)
    12 The Circle Game (Lp Version)

    Disc #4 Tracklisting
    1 All I Want (Lp Version)
    2 My Old Man (Lp Version)
    3 Little Green (Lp Version)
    4 Carey (Lp Version)
    5 Blue (Lp Version)
    6 California (Lp Version)
    7 This Flight Tonight (Lp Version)
    8 River (Lp Version)
    9 A Case Of You (Lp Version)
    10 The Last Time I Saw Richard (Lp Version)

    Disc #5 Tracklisting
    1 Banquet (Lp Version)
    2 Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire (Lp Version)
    3 Barangrill (Lp Version)
    4 Lesson In Survival (Lp Version)
    5 Let The Wind Carry Me (Lp Version)
    6 For The Roses (Lp Version)
    7 See You Sometime (Lp Version)
    8 Electricity (Lp Version)
    9 You Turn Me On I'm A Radio (Lp Version)
    10 Blonde In The Bleachers (Lp Version)
    11 Woman Of Heart And Mind (Lp Version)
    12 Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune) (Lp Version)

    Disc #6 Tracklisting
    1 Court And Spark (Lp Version)
    2 Help Me (Lp Version)
    3 Free Man In Paris (Lp Version)
    4 People's Parties (Lp Version)
    5 The Same Situation (Lp Version)
    6 Car On A Hill (Lp Version)
    7 Down To You (Lp Version)
    8 Just Like This Train (Lp Version)
    9 Raised On Robbery (Lp Version)
    10 Trouble Child (Lp Version)
    11 Twisted (Lp Version)

    Disc #7 Tracklisting
    1 In France They Kiss On Main Street (Lp Version)
    2 The Jungle Line (Lp Version)
    3 Edith And The Kingpin (Lp Version)
    4 Don't Interrupt The Sorrow (Lp Version)
    5 Shades Of Scarlett Conquering (Lp Version)
    6 The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (Lp Version)
    7 The Boho Dance (Lp Version)
    8 Harry's House-Centerpiece (Lp Version)
    9 Sweet Bird (Lp Version)
    10 Shadows And Light (Lp Version)

    Disc #8 Tracklisting
    1 Coyote (Lp Version)
    2 Amelia (Lp Version)
    3 Furry Sings The Blues (Lp Version)
    4 A Strange Boy (Lp Version)
    5 Hejira (Lp Version)
    6 Song For Sharon (Lp Version)
    7 Black Crow (Lp Version)
    8 Blue Motel Room (Lp Version)
    9 Refuge Of The Roads (Lp Version)

    Disc #9 Tracklisting
    1 Overture-Cotton Avenue (Lp Version)
    2 Talk To Me (Lp Version)
    3 Jericho (Live Lp Version)
    4 Paprika Plains (Lp Version)
    5 Otis And Marlena (Lp Version)
    6 The Tenth World (Lp Version)
    7 Dreamland (Lp Version)
    8 Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (Lp Version)
    9 Off Night Backstreet (Lp Version)
    10 The Silky Veils Of Ardor (Lp Version)

    Disc #10 Tracklisting
    1 Happy Birthday 1975 (Lp Version)
    2 God Must Be A Boogie Man (Lp Version)
    3 Funeral (Lp Version)
    4 A Chair In The Sky (Lp Version)
    5 The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey (Lp Version)
    6 I's A Muggin' (Lp Version)
    7 Sweet Sucka Dance (Lp Version)
    8 Coin In The Pocket (Lp Version)
    9 The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines (Lp Version)
    10 Lucky (Lp Version)
    11 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Lp Version)

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