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The Terror Wheel Ep - Insane Clown Posse

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Nu Metal / Artist: Insane Clown Posse / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2004-06-21 at Psychopathic

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2008 15:32
      Very helpful



      An excellent EP for ICP fans and people who like old school gangster rap

      The Terror Wheel is the 1994 EP by the Insane Clown Posse, and would be the second side show EP in the groups Dark Carnival story, released shortly after the second jokers card 'The Ringmaster'. If you haven't heard of ICP then they are a horror core rap duo from Detroit, if you need anymore information check out some of my past reviews on the group, but be warned ICP are not for the easily offended.

      Many of the tracks from this album would find their way onto other ICP releases or end up being remixed/covered by other members of Psychopathic Records (Twizted, Blaze, ABK etc), ICP's self-owned and self- ran record label.

      The albums cover is a distorted version of a Moby cover, then coloured mainly orange. The inside of the booklet has the usual thanks and info on the songs, the usual dedication to the butterfly, whilst also having a small section with a few facts about local Detroit such as a store address that serves alcohol to the under aged (in 1994). I'll not ruin the other ones and let anyone buying this EP read them for themselves.

      The description of the Terror Wheel on the inside cover reads -

      The Terror Wheel is a popular carnival attraction among the dead. Dead bodies come from across the world to strap in to this spinning, whipping wheel of agony. The wheel never stops, it just keeps spinning and spinning until your body's limbs tear off one by one, eventually separating your carcass from your seat. Dead people surly love this amusing ride, but as long as the line for the terror Wheel may be, and despite the many stiffs that would love a chance to ride the wheel, we always have saved a seat for you and your loved ones.

      Enjoy your life now while you can, for when you die, you belong to us... you belong to the Terror Wheel.


      The Album

      The Album is introduced and narrated all the way through by a high pitched voice calling himself Willa B. Rags (Shaggy 2Dope) basically introducing the album and each tracks as if they are the next circus show to come out the a audience.

      Track 1 - The Dead Body Man

      This track was a success on local radio in Detroit and Dallas and marked the first real commercial airplay the band would receive. A classic horror core rap song ,this track would later feature on 'The Riddle Box' at a slightly higher pitch and beat.

      The track is about a guy who collects dead bodies to hang out with like others would do with friends, but he also eats them. The news cast intro is pretty funny, while the beats are heavy and slow, and the verses are put together perfectly for this track. This song would also feature on the soundtrack to the Samuel L. Jackson and Jeff Goldblum movie 'The Great White Hype'. I do love this song, it's definitely a track that has aged well and still sounds fresh today.

      Choice lines

      Second I was born, doctor threw me 'gainst the wall
      Kicked open the door and he whipped me down the hall
      I'm sliding and I'm bouncing off sh*t like a hockey puck
      And my mother's like 'What the f**k?!'

      If you think I'm sick take a look at yourself
      You got dead deer heads up on your shelf
      On your key chain is a little baby rabbit's hand
      I'm just the dead body man


      Track 2 -Skitsofrantic

      This song is basically about both members of the ICP's mental health being pretty crazy, they are seeing things, going through extreme paranoia etc. It's a pretty funny song with a beat I'm having difficulty describing but its the kind you only hear with ICP. The subject matter seems to me to be ICP's take on the Geto Boy's gangster rap classic 'My minds playing tricks on me', which is quite possible as they name them as influences to their music.

      The music was originally used on the 1993 song 'If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em' which ICP didn't like so they re-used it for Skitsofrantic. If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em' was eventually released on 'Forgotten Freshness 4'.

      Choice lines

      Leave me alone, get the f**k on,
      Skitsofrantic to the bone, when I'm home,
      I hear people walking in the other room,
      Cooking up chicken, chilling in my kitchen,
      Try to drive home, someone's in the back,
      Whisperin words, breathin on my neck,
      Flickin my ear, I know they're right there,
      But I can't see em in my mirror, uh!

      Sittin in my room, everything's dark,
      I think I heard somebody fart,
      Now how can this be, ain't nobody home but me,
      And somebody's trying to turn the key, hello?
      I'm losing my mind, f**k all you hoes,
      Pulled out an axe and take off my clothes,
      Paint my face like a wicked clown,
      I'm down, straight skitsofrantic!


      Track 3 - The Smog

      This track is ICP's take on John Carpenters horror 'The Fog', rapping about a poisonous smog spreading over south-west Delray (Detroit). The music is dark, slow paced and quite creepy, although with this subject matter it had to be.

      Choice lines

      Lord, oh please, what's happenin' to me?
      It's the poisonous air from the smoke stacks, G,
      Seaping in my head, f**kin' up my brain,
      Driving me crazy, nuts, insane,

      Looking up into the sky helped me realize,
      About us, the clouds form a devil's face,
      It must be a mirror image of the human race.

      The song is followed by the unlisted track 'Thoughts in my head (of a clown)', which shows Violent J's serious side as he's rapping about things in society that are wrong, and listening to the lyrics its hard not to agree with his basic point.

      8/10 for both combined

      Track 4 - Out

      A funny track about J going out in Delray to get his little brother milk and bread, but outside in Delray is violence, criminals, toxic waste, and mutated animals, and all kinds of things happen to him. It's a funny track worth a listen just for a laugh and the story.

      Choice lines

      I ain't scared, but this is where it get's weird,
      Factories, toxic waste, and chemicals,
      They have strange effects on the animals,
      In my neighbourhood and some get a lot bigger,
      Like the giant rat that jumped on my back.


      Track 5 - I Stuck Her with my Wang

      This track feature Shaggy 2Dope's twisted version of a love song. It's one of my favourite tracks, probably my second favourite on the EP, the lyrics are extremely offensive at times, but this is the Insane Clown Posse expect nothing less. Violent J sings the chorus on this one, in another musically twisted track with carnival sounding, slow beats.

      I'm not going to put any of these lyrics in here lol.


      Track 6 - Amy's in the Attic

      This song is one of the more serious songs ICP have ever written, as Violent J tells a story about killing his childhood friend by accident, and then hiding her in the attic so no one can find out about it. The song slowly takes us along as he grows older and gradually becomes more haunted by this experience and goes insane. Everything about this song is dark, with J describing it as possibly their darkest song ever. I like this track, it's a excellent example of how a horror story can be portrayed into a song.

      Violent J's brother, Jumpsteady, would make a sequel to this song on his 2005 album 'Master Of The Flying Guillotine', called 'Amy's Ghost'.

      Choice lines

      Every day I suffer but eleven years have passed,
      How long will this keep and the nightmares last,
      Sitting in my living room, another strange feeling,
      I think I'm hearing tiny footsteps on the ceiling,
      Looking in my mirror, the image isn't clear,
      I feel as if a little girl is standing at my rear,
      Then I awake at the blink of an eye,
      Voices from the attic yelling, why?


      A chilling end to the album, which is followed by a funny game for you to work out numbers to make a phone number to call to find out the next jokers card name, but obviously this number will have long been disconnected. This was originally only on the cassette version of the EP to give the people who didn't have CD players a bonus for once, but was added to the CD n later release.

      Overall a solid EP with a deserving - 9/10

      Further reading



      Or check out some of my other ICP reviews.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Dead Body Man
      2 Skitsofrantic
      3 Smog
      4 Out
      5 I Stuck Her With My Wang
      6 Amys in the Attic

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