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The Truth About Love - P!nk

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6 Reviews

Genre: Rock / Artist: P!nk / Double CD / Audio CD released 2012-09-17 at RCA

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    6 Reviews
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      04.03.2014 12:27
      Very helpful



      Great Album

      Dear Viewers,

      Be caution as I am going to come out of the closet now: I am a huge P!nk fan ever since her very first album. Of course, every now and then there had been songs which I did not particularly like and others that I could not get enough of. In my opinion, P!nk is one of the few singers who successfully manage to walk along the thin line of being able to deliver heart-melting, slow, and honest songs whilst still being able to simply rock the crowd with smashing party hits. That is exactly why I just had to get the 'Truth about love' album which P!nk released as the first album after the birth of her daughter. And all there is to say is: P!nk is back! That this time around it is love and all its beautiful and crazy sides which served as the inspiration for the song.
      This review concerns the deluxe version which features a couple of more songs than the normal album.

      Overview of the review:
      1. General Information
      2. Tracks & My opinion
      3. General Observations
      4. Conclusion

      ++++ General Information++++
      Title: The truth about love (Deluxe Version)
      Singer: P!nk
      Year of release: 2012
      Amount of titles: 17

      ++++ Tracks ++++
      1. Are we all we are
      'I know you think it's not your problem, I know you think that God will solve this, But if your sh*t is not together, It'll never be you and me, plant the seed, Open up and let it be. We are the people that you'll never get the best of, Not forget the rest of, rest of (Ooohhh). We've had our fill, we've had enough, we've had it up here, Are we all we are'

      The first titles kicks off the longplayer with heavy drums, lots of tempo, and a deep, saturated bass. Yet, it is Pink's voice which owns this uptempo song. Her voice is set in the lower register and sounds strong and pushy; in a positive way. It encourages you to move and to dance without any hesitation. It is a perfect start to the LP.
      Rating: 4 out of 5

      2. Blow me (one last kiss)
      'I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much, I think this might be it for us (blow me one last kiss), You think I'm just too serious, I think you're full of sh*t, My head is spinning so (blow me one last kiss)'

      This song is about that very particular point in a relationship where one knows that it is the end and one simply has enough of the other one. This song also keeps up the pace of the first song and does not slow down a bit. It was, as far as I remember, the first single released from the album. In my opinion, the verses and the first part of the refrain is where Pink really glows. The second part of the refrain is sung in a very high and pitchy way that I personally not like. I prefer her lower register which certainly has more power and depth to it than the higher tunes. Thus, the mixed refrain kind of spoils this song for me.
      Rating: 3 out of 5

      3. Try
      'Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame, Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned, But just because it burns, doesn't mean you're gonna die, You gotta get up and try, and try, and try, You gotta get up and try, and try, and try, You gotta get up and try, and try, and try.'

      'Try' is one of my absolute favorites of the album. I was very happy when Pink decided to release 'Try' as the second single of the album. For Pink, this is a relatively slow song that picks up power and strength towards the end. Pink's voice sounds blue and the even rhythm coupled with the chimes give this song a deep and rich meaning and melody. This song is purely addictive and the topic is very relatable. Pink is singing about the times when one needs to continue fighting as all good things come with a second, a dark side.
      Rating: 5 out of 5

      4. Just give me a reason
      ' Just give me a reason, Just a little bit's enough, Just a second we're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again, It's in the stars, It's been written in the scars on our hearts, We're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again.'

      After three strong songs, 'Just give me a reason' is a duet that is quiet and slow as it addresses the deepest fear within a relationship. Pink is joined by Nate Ruess and the melody is accentuated by a piano and a very even bass. The duet itself shows two sides of the story: whereas Pink is singing from the perspective of insecurity and a sense of helplessness; Nate is singing from the other side that doesn't see those problems. It might just represent the typical scenario of any relationship in which the female part is questioning everything more than the male. Yes, us women, we do have a tendency to overthink things but there is no reason to overthink this song as it is simply beautiful.

      Rating: 5 out of 5

      5. True Love
      'At the same time, I wanna hug you, I wanna wrap my hands around your neck, You're an asshole but I love you, And you make me so mad I ask myself, Why I'm still here, or where could I go, You're the only love I've ever known, But I hate you, I really hate you,, So much, I think it must be True love, true love, It must be true love, Nothing else can break my heart like, True love, true love,It must be true love, No one else can break my heart like you'

      After such a sound duet and the calm mood it delivered it is a bit difficult to get into the mood for this simple and uptempo song. 'True Love', sung with Lilly Ann Cooper, is a typical pop-song that is about the paradoxical feelings we can towards the person we love. In my opinion, this is not the more powerful song of the album although it has all the right features but the way how Lilly Ann's part is changing the melody doesn't sit right with me. I guess, I would have enjoyed the song more without her.
      Rating: 3 out of 5

      6. How come you are not here
      'Are you hiding in the closet? Are you underneath the bed? Did you go for a long walk off a short pier? How come you're not here? Should I worry you've been bitten? Or somebody got you high? Quick come back, or I might just die, How come you're not here?'

      This song is pure rock in and out. Pink's voice in the verses reminds me of military and it sounds as if it comes over speakers. The song is very structured and features a lot of e-guitars. Only the refrain provides a melodic change to the otherwise very monotone style of the song. However, this songs encourages you to some headbanging but not to dance, really. For me, this song is a rather average song without any highlights to remember.
      Rating: 3 out of 5

      7. Slut like you
      'I got a little piece of you-hoo, And it's just like woo-hoo, Wham Bam thank you Ma'am. Boo-hoo, I'm a slut like you, You say you're looking for a foo-ool, And I'm just like "me too". I'm gonna let ya know the truth, I'm a slut like you'

      You shouldn't take that song too serious although it touches a topic which is still heavily discussed nowadays (men are playboys and women are sluts) but Pink is singing about it with such an irony and easiness that you cannot help but like the song. The song is a mix of a pop and rock song that easily and quickly becomes a catchy tune. Despite the fact that I enjoy Pink's deeper voice more than the high one, I did not mind the pitches in that song as they served to accentuate the easy-going attitude of the song.
      Rating: 4 out of 5

      8. The truth about love
      'To find the truth about love, Is it comes and it goes, A strange fascination it is lips on toes, Morning breath, bedroom eyes on a smiling face, Sheet marks, rug burn and a sugar glaze, The shock and the awe that can eat you raw, Is this the truth about love (The truth about love) I think you just may be perfect, You're the person of my dreams, I've never ever ever ever been this happy, But now something has changed, And the truth about love is it's all a lie; I thought you were the one and I hate goodbyes'

      Did I just say that I was not bothered by Pink's high voice? I revise that because in 'The truth about love' her pitchy, high voice sounds terrible in the refrain. The verses of the song are interesting and kind of hypnotizing but the refrain is simply out of this world. It reminds of the old songs of the 60s and not a good kind of sense. Somehow the elements don't fit together as lots of different styles are being blended into one awful mix and the high voice of Pink which sounds weak and squeezed isn't help such either to elevate the quality of this song. It is supposed to be a funny and easy-going song that everyone enjoys but for me it is a song to skip.
      Rating: 2 out of 5

      9. Beam Me Up
      'Could you beam me up, Give me a minute, I don't know what I'd say in it, I'd probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face, Beam me up, Let me be lighter, I'm tired of being a fighter, I think, a minute's enough, Just beam me up.'

      After a song that really hurt my ears, Pink is turning back the volume and the speed and approaches 'Beam me up' from a very personal and intimate place. You could say that Beam me up is nearly acoustic as Pink's voice is only joined by a guitar which gives me goose-spots. The song is obviously dedicated to a beloved yet lost person. The intimacy of Pink's voice and the lyric reveal a vulnerability that captivates you. After having read that Pink lost a baby during her first pregnancy I cannot help but thinking that this song is dedicated to her baby. In my opinion, this is one of Pink's most personal and best songs of her career.
      Rating: 5 out of 5

      10. Walk of Shame
      'I'm wearing last night's dress and I look like a hot ass mess, I know my hair looks good cause I haven't slept yet! Make the elevator come a little faster, I'm pushing on the buttons, but nothing's happening Please God don't let anybody see me, Please God I'll do anything you ask of me, I promise, no more walks of shame'

      After such a heavy ballad Pink is turning the table and throws in a typical Pink party song that reminds me of 'Blow me one last kiss'. It features a lot of bass and tempo. Her powerhorse voice is leading the verses and the refrain strongly and with a sense of self-irony. The situation described is a familiar one to a lot of people including me. After all, who has not been in the situation of being unable to remember what happened last night whilst having the feeling that one should be ashamed of oneself and it might be the very best of ideas to quickly get out of the situation. I fairly enjoy this song. It makes me want to dance and sing under the shower. It also quickly turns any mood I am in into a positive and cheerful one.
      Rating: 4 out of 5

      11. Here comes the weekend
      'Here comes, comes the weekend, Hear it calling like a siren, ohhhh, We don't look for trouble, Just enough to, see in double, Here comes the weekend, Set off your sirens, ohhhh, Here comes the weekend, Set off your sirens, ohhhh'

      If you know and like 'Cuz I can' from Pink's album 'I am not dead' then you will certainly like this song immediately as the underlying principle is very similar. The beginning is marked with powerful drums and Pink's monotone voice that intones the 'here comes the weekend' like a military slogan. It is kind of captivating. The song remains this pace and is another party song on the album. Despite the fact that I do not favor the song (I am more into song featuring great lyrics), it is simply difficult to get the melody out of your head. In the second part of the song Eminem is joining in and loosens up (in a good sense) the tension of the military style right before the drums kick back in.

      Rating: 3 out of 5

      12. Where did the beat go
      'Uh oh does he know, Lying in the afterglow, That I'm lying but I can't go, can't say no; Make him think he's crazy, While his paranoia grows, But what he should be asking; Is where did our love go, Then I wouldn't be basking in another man's afterglow'

      At first I expected a ballad when reading the title. But 'where did the beat go' is an uptempo song which reminds me of the beginnings of Pink. It features R'n'B elements and a very powerful refrain that really delivers. I actually missed the *old* Pink a bit that is why I fairly enjoy this song and can simply listen to it over and over again. It certainly came as a surprise given that the album features mainly rock and pop.
      Rating: 5 out of 5

      13. The great Escape
      'But, I won't let you make the great escape, I'm never gonna watch you checkin' out of this place, I'm not gonna lose you cause the passion and the pain. Are gonna keep you alive someday,Gonna keep you alive someday.'

      Here is the ballad that I expected one song back. But somehow I am not feeling it despite the fact that everything is there: Pink's voice sounds serious and intimate, piano tunes, and a beautiful melody. Still the song sounds shallow. There are no goose-sports for me and the tension of the songs fails to build up. Hence, it is a rather average song without any real special moment for me.
      Rating: 3 out of 5

      14. My Signature Move
      'Stop , No more fall, not at all, I can't help you what you want, Get in line take a number; Get you when my song is over, If you leave it up to me , I'll make alot of tune it's true, And then I'll break it up, Make it bleed, Tell you about it you know me, Make a scene out of show; Just because the wind blows, Shoot myself in the foot , To make a point I can't prove; To get back to you, That's just my signature move'

      Again, a typical Pink song that showcases the strength and weaknesses of a person and I simply love, love, love, this song. Right from the very first moment it is captivating. The lyrics are provocative and yet hold a lot of meaning and are above all relatable. The verses compared to the refrain are rather slow and building up on tension which is then released in an uptempo refrain. But this song is truly a girls song to be sung by. I do not see men shouting but these lyrics *gg*. However, it is a lot of fun to dance to that song and to enjoy being imperfect.
      Rating: 5 out of 5

      15. Is this thing on
      'Tell me, is this thing on ? How do I keep it true? How do I keep you into me, Into me without faking it too , What do we have to try, When everything is too loose? Cause it always is just me and you , But it's the hardest thing, The hardest thing to do!'

      Slowly we are approaching the end of the album. And 'is this thing on; reminds me of 'who know' and 'runaway' from the album 'I am not dead' despite the fact that this song has a stronger melody. The song features a pop approach at the beginning but the lyrics are deep and thoughtful. They center around the question how to keep a relationship alive and looking at different option whilst still being in love with each and knowing that one might not be the perfect fit. Love against all odds. If you dedicate yourself to the melody and the lyric you will quickly get goose-spots all over. Pink is building up on the lower register and the tension of the song is incredible once she is extending the notes. Despite being at the end of the album it is one of my favorite songs.

      Rating: 5 out of 5

      16. Run
      'Run, run, run, Back to my arms, back to my arms; Run, run, run Back to my arms, they won't hold you down; Oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho They won't hold you down; Oho, oho, oho, oho, oho, oho'

      Truth be told, I did not like the song a lot until I had a baby on my own. But once you have somebody you care about you cannot help but love this song. It is raking an R'n'B approach and showcases Pink back at her roots. The ballad is sung slightly higher than Pink's normal voice but comes across beautifully. The refrain is reminding me of a powerful anthem that you cannot escape. It is captivating and hypnotizing at the same time. Clearly, another favorite of mine.

      Rating: 5 out of 5

      17. Good Old Days
      'But these are the good old days, These are the good old days, These are the good old days; And I think I'd like to stay, I'd like to stay, I'd like to stay'

      The album ends on a light pop song that features an easy melody and an easy rhythm. It is simply fun and shows how things change by time and how some other things do not change at all, despite how many years pass by. It is a tribute to years passed and a welcome to the following. The message of the song is very positive and infectious. It makes you want to dance and to simply enjoy life. A very worthy end to a great album.

      ++++ Conclusion +++
      As one can see there is only one song which I rated with a 2 all other songs are rated 3 and above. The album features as excellent mix of slow and fast tunes. Song to be sung to have fun and songs to be sung to shed tears. It truly showcases the different sides of love. Personally, I enjoy the fast and the slow songs but in general I mostly like the songs which feature Pink's deeper voice. I do not prefer the high-pitches tones as they have less power and are at times pitchy to me.
      Overall, I can only recommend buying this album. Even if one hasn't liked or heard Pink's music yet, I think that the album features a wide variety that nearly everyone can find a song or two that he likes and enjoys listening to. Therefore, I give this album 4 out of 5 point. I deduct one point for songs rated 3 and rated 2.


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        10.05.2013 20:27
        Very helpful



        Would recommend a listen!

        It was about time we had a new album from this girl and I am so happy she is back. "The Truth About Love" is P!nks 6th studio album and after 4 years since her previous sensation "Funhouse" I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The album showcases P!nks variety of styles and her amazing vocals. There are songs which show emotion and others that dancey and light hearted.

        I will now do a track by track review.

        1."Are we all we are" - I don't think there is anything special about this song. It gets the rhythm going but it is a pleasing start.

        2. "Blow me (One Last Kiss)" - P!nk's first single release from this album. The comeback everyone was waiting for and it packed one heck of a punch. It really shows off her vocal range and the power she has. It is a typical standard p!nk song with foul-mouthed lyrics and it is a light hearted break up song. It had huge success and it is easy to see why.

        3. "Try" - Not one of my favourites on the album for me personally but this was the second single to be released off the album. With heartfelt lyrics it is very touching and motivating for the listener. This reminds me greatly of Adam Lamberts - Whatdya want from me which I know the billboard review echos. Probably a song I tend to skip but a good song all the same.

        4. "Just Give Me A Reason" feat. Nate Ruess - I absolutely love this song and I am very glad that this was the 3rd single to be released. The duet is beautiful and it is really emotional and touching. The two voices work perfectly with each other and it is a wonderful collaboration.

        5. "True Love" feat. Lily Rose Cooper - I do believe this is the 4th single which is yet to be released. It is happy and upbeat and very lighthearted/lovey dovey. This is illustrated from the lyrics such as 'You're an asshole but I love you' which is typically P!nks style. Lily's vocals are a cute little addition mid way through the song but I can't say this is one of my favourites. However it is a lighthearted addition to the album.

        6. "How Come You're Not Here" - A temper tantrum in a song is the only way to describe this song. I can imagine her stamping her foot screaming 'How come you're not here'. The lyrics are quite childlike and immature in terms of her attitude which gives the song again a light hearted feel.

        7."Slut like you" - okay, i'm not gonna deny, this is probably one of my favourites on the album. It is so fun and cheeky. 'I got a little piece of yooohhooo' is so playful and catchy and I find myself accidently singing it to myself in the most inappropriate of situations. It challenges the stereotype, if a guy can sleep around, why can't a girl?

        8. "The Truth About Love" - This is very much like "True Love" in terms of its theme (obviously from the title). Again melodically this isn't the catchiest song ever and there is not much of a backing track which is what i'd prefer. However it is happy, upbeat and pop-py

        9. "Beam Me Up" is a tug-on-the-heartstrings acoustic ballad where p!nks vocals are really shown off in the album. This is a unique addition to the album and is a quiet and chilled out moment to behold. Gorgeous song.

        10. "Walk of Shame" - This is almost like the part II of "Slut Like You". It is fantastically fun and full of life. A great contrast from the slow acoustic song heard previously. Another song I constantly have on repeat because it's so catchy. The quirky lyrics will make you smile and will brighten your day. Another one of those you catch yourself singing along to.

        11. "Here Comes The Weekend" feat. Eminem - When I heard these two were collaborating I was super super excited as I adore both artists. This is a very alternative punk-pop sound which is quite different to the rest of the album. The bridge is quite catchy but the tune is definitely not a rememberable as some of the other classic anthems from P!nk so I was quite disappointed really. Eminem just does a little rap in the middle as you probably expected but that's it really. Not a favourite

        12. "Where Did The Beat Go?" - funnily named that for a slightly slower song and after a song with a punchy beat in the background. P!nk asks where did her love go and therefore 'where did the beat go'. I find this song drags and I do tend to skip it. The chorus is good but the main verse really does go on a bit and isn't catchy.

        13. "The Great Escape" - This is the end of the main album tracks and it a way rounds it off nicely with a slow anthem that is hopeful yet sad at the same time.

        Moving into the bonus tracks! I honestly would have replaced all of these bonus tracks in place of some of the slow monotonous tracks.

        14. My Signature Move - The chorus in itself is a winner. It has a great lively tempo and it completely forgets the slowness of the previous track. This is p!nk at her finest. I really wish it made the main album.

        15. "Is this thing on?" - With a intro that begins to sound rather like "Who Knew" it definitely has that sort of feel to the track. Not that this is just a copy. It builds up to a dancey belter. Probably the most club-worthy tracks on the album. If it was remixed it would be such a favourite in the clubs I believe.

        16. "Run" - I absolutely adore this track! A truely heart warming track which brings hope in times of dispair. The key change just builds on the general feeling and it is a very moving track. Again, should have made the main album

        17. "Good Old Days" - Bouncy. Lively. Love it. Very catchy and you are guaranteed to have the classic in your head all day. I can't help but sing along to this one. Again, another one that should be on the album!!

        Basically these bonus tracks are altogether heart filled and warm.

        But there's more!

        18. "Chaos & Piss" - this is quite a slow one and not one of my favourites and again the chorus is probably the only highlight of the song which is a shame.

        19. "Timebomb" - There is a techno/disco feel to this song which I absolutely love. Perfect end to the bonus album. Probably saved the best until last. Catchy lyrics and a funky beat concludes this epically long album.

        Overall, it is worth a listen and there are some classics that you will have on repeat. It is not my favourite album from her, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I will continue to do so for some time. I would recommend buying it even though there are some tracks that aren't that great, that comes with most albums. The messages she gets across and her vocals I will forever be in awe of. It is very inspirational and I continue to be a big fan. I think this deserves more stars than it currently has at the moment on dooyoo!!
        Well done P!nk!!


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        13.03.2013 04:02
        Very helpful



        A must for any Pink fan - not a brilliant album but a few songs are unreal!


        Before I start reviewing the album I thought that I would make you aware that over the next reviews I will be reviewing a lot of music this is because I work on the Radio and music is my life!

        So Pink - the American singer ever since her early stuff such as Trouble, God is a DJ and get this party started I have loved her work I think that she has made some belting party tunes such as So What, Get this party started but also some classics with powerful lyrics which really stay with you a couple of early songs which spring to mine is Just like a pill and Family Portrait. I'm not 100% sure what number album this is which she is on but it has been a few here is the track listing of the new album.

        1 - Are We All We Are
        2 - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
        3 - Try
        4 - Just Give Me A Reason
        5 - True Love
        6 - How Come You're Not Here
        7 - Slut Like You
        8 - Truth About Love
        9 - Beam Me Up
        10 - Walk Of Shame
        11 - Here Comes The Weekend
        12 - Where Did The Beat Go
        13 - The Great Escape

        I will be honest I listened to this on the way home from work a few weeks ago and a lot of the tracks are mediocre nothing particularly special such as beam me up, great escape and are we all we are. However that said there are some belters on this album the first of which I will mention is Blow me (sounds a bit rude!) this is a tune which I have been playing in commercial bars a nice catchy riff and a beat which people can dance to although I am more a fan of her slower stuff this is very mainstream and a lot of people would like it and it is a nice track.

        However there are two tracks on the album which I would love to point out and they are both slower ones the first of which is Try this is a rocky ballad about picking your self up and trying give it a go and I LOVE this track a great bridge and the chorus is phenomenal. However if you think I liked that track 4 is called just give me a reason and it is her latest single to be brought from the album at time of writing and this is a duet with Nate Russ from Fun. who I think has a brilliant voice anyway this song is just beautiful when they sing it together, the lyrics are so powerful and I know this might sound a little silly but you can hear the emotion in Pinks voice when she sings and I have to say that this is my new favourite song.. ever??

        Of course though this is Pink and there is going to be some controversy in whatever she releases and this is no different with track 7 'Slut like you' and from the title I assume you can guess what this is about, she speaks about what she is feeling and in all honestly fair play to pink!

        Price wise I think I picked this up for about £8 in HMV and I am a massive fan of pink - it is not a oh my god i'm going to listen to this for the rest of my life album however it is a great album with some superb songs on there. I think it is worth a buy!

        Thanks for reading!


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        06.02.2013 01:54
        Very helpful



        Great album.

        P!nk returned in 2012 with her 6th album 'The Truth About Love'. It was her first album since giving birth to her daughter Willow the previous year and with a title like that you may have thought she had bought out an album full of 'love songs' about being a mother.

        Luckily, if you thought that then you would be mistaken. The thing with P!nk is that she knows what she's good at and she tends to stick with it. Aside from her first R&B album 'Can't Take Me Home', her follow-up albums have all tended to stick with the pop-rock type of songs. Some people may think that she needs to change her style and that all her songs are starting to sound the same. I totally disagree. 'The Truth About Love' isn't anything new from P!nk, but it is still full of brilliant songs.

        Are We All We Are - A great opener for the album. Rocky and angry with a strong chorus. (8/10)

        Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - You'll have heard this, considering Capital FM must play it about 100 times a day. Great pop track, that is P!nk all over. Follows the same vibe as her other 'lead' singles (Stupid Girls, So What, Raise Your Glass) (8/10).

        Try - At the time of writing this review, this was the second single. It's a slower paced track with a beautiful powerful chorus. An instant album highlight. (10/10)

        Just Give Me A Reason - This features Nate Reuss from fun. It has that fun. feel to it. It's a ballad where they both share an equal amount of vocals. Brilliant. (10/10).

        Truelove - Another feature, this time Lily Allen takes a turn on it. It's a nice love song, but has that P!nk lyrical twist in it ("I hate every single stupid word you say", "You're an assh*** but I love you") (9/10).

        How Come You're Not Here - Loud and shouty. Great song to turn up loudly too. The only problem I have with this song is that awful lyric about "storing nuts like a squirrel" (8/10).

        Slut Like You - A lot of people love this song. It's edgy and I could defintly see this doing well but would radio play it with a title like that? (8/10).

        The Truth About Love - This has a very 60's feel to it. Kind of motown but not quite. P!nk is venting and listing all the things that are true about love ("The truth about love comes at 3am, you wake up f*cked up and you grab a pen...") I really love this song and it's one of the standouts (10/10).

        Beam Me Up - The first real ballad on the album and this one is a little heartbreaker. Any P!nk fan knows the subject behind the song and you can really feel the emotion she's putting into singing this song (8/10).

        Walk Of Shame - This is FUN!!! It's about the 'morning after the night before'. It's kind of a throwaway pop song but it works so well. I would love this to be a single, radio would lap this song up (10/10).

        Here Comes The Weekend - Could be a bit of an anthem this one. Has a monster of a chorus and features a rap from Eminem so I wouldn't be surprised if this was a future single (8/10).

        Where Did The Beat Go - This song has a very light R&B sound to it, something you may have heard on 'Can't Take Me Home'. It's nice she's gone back to doing something like this (7/10).

        The Great Escape - Another real ballad to close of the album. If you like your P!nk ballads then you'll love this (6/10).


        This is a great pop album from P!nk, probably my favourite of her actually. There's not a bad song on here whatsoever. Definitly buy it!

        Top 5 Tracks to Download:

        1. Walk Of Shame
        2. The Truth About Love
        3. Try
        4. Just Give Me A Reason
        5. Truelove


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        04.01.2013 02:38



        i would not recommend this to a friend

        Her latest, "The Truth About Love," is exactly what I have come to expect -- a clever blend of brutal honesty, biting wit and unhindered emotions spread between powerful guitar riffs, taunting background vocals and slow and reflective piano strokes.

        The ballads, stripped of sarcasm and double entendres, prove to be the most-powerful songs on the album, beautifully capturing the rawest of emotions and showcasing Pink's undeniable songwriting prowess.

        Of the upbeat tracks, "Walk of Shame" shines as a short, uncomplicated ode to a night gone right and a morning after gone embarrassingly wrong. "True Love," meanwhile, taps perhaps the most fundamental truth of relationships -- you can't love someone without at times hating them -- but the addition of Lily Rose Cooper (aka, Lily Allen) on the bridge feels out of place. Unlike "Just Give Me a Reason," featuring Nate Ruess from fun., "True Love" isn't a conversation but rather a monologue directed toward a significant other. It would be great if Pink and Cooper teamed up for a true duet sometime down the road, but here the effort is lost.

        Artists occasionally reach the point when their work becomes too predictable, and Pink is dangling her foot perilously over that line. Acoustic song: check. Song telling the guys to go screw themselves: check. No track on "The Truth About Love" is terrible, but a bit more variety would make this good record an unforgettable one.

        If I was you I would stream it first before you decide to buy, personally I am dissapointed.


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        03.11.2012 19:44
        Very helpful



        Not for me!

        The Truth About Love is the sixth album from American singer Pink. The album was released in the United Kingdom in September 2012 and so it is very recent. The length of the album is: 51 minutes and 23 seconds. The album is currently available from Amazon for a price of £7.49 which I think is great value for money considering that the album is very recent.

        ~ * Track Listing * ~

        1) Are We All We Are 2) Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 3) Try 4) Just Give Me A Reason 5) True Love 6) How Come You're Not Here 7) Slut Like you 8) The Truth About Love 9) Beam Me Up 10) Walk of Shame 11) Here Comes The Weekend 12) Where Did The Beat Go 13) The Great Escape

        What Are The Songs Like? I will now give a brief review of each song on the album.

        ~ * Are We All We Are * ~

        Great start to the album. I thought I was going to like this song as soon as it started. This is a typical Pink song which is full of attitude. I love the repeats of 'oh-oh-oh'. There is something a bit 'children's playground' about this song - I think it's 'are we all we are' repeats that makes me think this. This song is definitely grower. Although after a while, I found that that this song does get a bit repetitive as it just seems to go and on and so in that respect I do think that the song is a bit too long even though it's only between 3 and 4 minutes long.

        ~ * Blow Me (One Last Kiss) * ~

        This song is really upbeat and consists of a mix between dance pop and electro-pop. I do think that the music is a bit too loud as it is louder than Pink's voice and so we can't hear her properly which is a shame. This song contains a 'bad' word (s**t). This song reminds me a bit of Kelly Clarkson's style of songs, so I would say if you like Kelly Clarkson's songs then you will probably like this song. This song is full of attitude.

        ~ * Try * ~

        I do think that this songs takes a little bit to get going, but once the chorus kicks in I love it. This song is more easy listening than the previous too songs; it's not so loud and 'shouting'. I think that this is a nice song. A piano features on the song, along with a heavy beat. I would like to hear the song without the beat and just with the piano. I can hear Pink clearly and as I can hear the words (unlike some of her songs where the music is too loud do identify the lyrics), I find the song interesting to listen to. I think that this song is quite inspiring and motivating as it tells you how you have to 'get up and try' which I think is a good message to send out to teenagers (and other people).
        I just can't help singing along to this song!

        ~ * Just Give Me A Reason * ~

        A simple yet effective little song with a pretty melody. I like the chorus. This song really shows off Pink's voice. I like this song as it has a nice little story. This is a duet; it's nice to hear Pink sing with someone else for a change and their melodies are great. I really like this song; one of my favourites on the album. One thing I found a bit 'embarrassing' about this song is that this is a duet with a male, and Pink has a deep voice and the male has a high voice, and so it just seemed a bit cringe-y to listen to.

        ~ * True Love * ~

        This song is ok. I don't really like the song itself although I like the lyrics as they are very comical and easy to relate to. It's quite an irritating little song really, but I love the lyrics!

        ~ * How Come You're Not Here * ~

        Love the funky beginning of this. I'm not really a fan of this song. To be honest it sounds like all the other 'bursting with attitude' songs on here. This song is very feisty; Pink seems to be in a real panic with her repeats of 'has anyone seen?'. I got fed up of this song after a while, I felt like saying 'shut up and just go and look for whoever you're looking for'.

        ~ * Slut Like You * ~

        Hate this song! It's got a lot of unnecessary swearing and just too bitchy for my liking! I tend to skip this song as I just find it to be plain annoying. It is a very 'childish' song and reminds me of a teenager 'moaning' about another girl.

        ~ * The Truth About Love * ~

        A sugary sweet kind of song. It's easy to relate to. Her voice isn't very clear and so you have to struggle to hear the words. This song seems to go and on. You except it to go somewhere and it doesn't really. It's quite a weak song really. I didn't learn what the 'truth about love' is either lol.

        ~ * Beam Me Up * ~

        This song proves that Pink can really sing as the song really shows off her voice. Pink puts all her emotions into this song and it comes across as being really heartfelt. You can tell that she really cares about what she is singing about. There are also some lovely harmonies on here. I wish all of the songs were like this; nice and simple.

        ~ * Walk of Shame * ~

        I expected this song to go further and be better than it was. This song has so much potential and could be so much better than it is. I think it does have single potential though as it is 'typical' Pink and full of attitude and has a catchy chorus.

        ~ * Here Comes The Weekend * ~

        I like this song as it is very catchy and 'cheeky'. it's a really fun song and I cannot resist singing on. It's definitely a great song to get you in the party mood when you are getting ready to go out. This song features Eminem; wasn't sure how that would work, but it did.

        ~ * Where Did The Beat Go * ~

        I quite like this song. It really shows off Pink's voice too. Again, Pink sings of her personal experience. It's a nice easy-listening kind of song with a good beat that makes you want to stamp your feet.. This song has single potential.

        ~ * The Great Escape * ~

        This is a nice song, consisting of Pink singing alongside a piano. Again, she sings about what she is thinking. It has a nice melody. I wouldn't say 'oh my god, put that song on again', although it is quite nice compared to the other songs on here. Why couldn't the other songs on this album be like this; simple songs with nice melodies which really shows off Pink's fabulous voice. I like the harmonies; they're fab. I also like how the song gets more and more dramatic as the song goes on.

        ~ * What Do I Think? * ~

        One thing I would say is that this is kind of album which you have to be in the 'right mood' to listen to it. It is quite noisy and so whilst sometimes (e.g. when I am getting ready to go out, or at a house party), I think that this album is great and I just want to play it really loudly. Although there are other times when I cannot be doing with 'all the noise'. It's not the kind of CD I would play in the car as it is quite noisy and would probably be quite distracting.

        The album consists of pop rock, dance pop and dance rock music. To me, a lot of the songs sound the same. The songs are not amazing, I can't say that this album makes me 'wow' because in all honesty, it doesn't. I certainly wouldn't call it the album of the year, and I definitely wouldn't call it Pink's best album as there have been better ones ('I'm Not Dead' is her best album in my eyes). The songs I like are ok, although even they get boring after a little while.

        This album comes with a 'parental advisory' which is a shame really because the only reason this is is due to the amount of swearing on the album. There is quite a lot of swearing, and for me, I cannot stand swearing in songs as I just think its pointless and makes the song unsuitable for children, whereas if the song didn't have a swear word it would be suitable for children. One thing which bugs me about this kind of thing is that...they always change the swear word to a non-swear word when they perform it on the television or radio. What I am trying to say is; a classic example for me is James Blunt's song 'Beautiful'. On the 'parental advisory' version he says 'I was f*****g high' whereas on the single version it's; 'I was flying high', which just makes me think 'why didn't they just use the non-swear one in the beginning' as it makes it easier and more friendlier for everyone.

        Pink has a good voice and so I would have preferred had there been songs where she could show it off more; Beam Me Up shows off her voice beautifully as does 'The Great Escape'. Whereas the majority of the songs are so 'loud' and 'noisy' musically that you just cannot hear Pink's voice which is a shame as she is a really good singer. She has a really powerful voice, and whilst she sings low, she even has a go at hitting some higher notes on this album.

        The album like the rest of Pink's music is very feisty and fearless. I think it's great that she is all for 'girl power' and 'I don't care', although sometimes I am fed up of hearing all about it all the time. I don't like the swearing either...it's not big and it's not clever...just annoying. I think its great that Pink talks about her personal experiences in her music. She's quite a 'private' person (I read a lot of celebrity gossip magazines and I hardly ever see her in them) so I think that this album is a great way for the fans to get to know Pink; through her music. A lot of the things she sings about are the kind of things which everyone can relate to. Another thing I noticed is that considering that Pink is in her early thirties, a lot of her songs on here seem to be about something a teenager would talk about 'here comes the weekend' and about someone trying to steal your boyfriend.

        It's not really my cup of tea, although if you like Pink, then you will probably like this album. I have to say though; it isn't as good as her previous albums,

        Thanks for reading!
        November 2012
        Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Are We All We Are
        2 Blow Me (one last kiss)
        3 Try
        4 Just Give Me A Reason
        5 True Love
        6 How Come You?re Not Here
        7 Slut Like You
        8 The Truth About Love
        9 Beam Me Up
        10 Walk of Shame
        11 Here Comes The Weekend
        12 Where Did The Beat Go
        13 The Great Escape
        14 My Signature Move
        15 Is This Thing On
        16 Run
        17 Good Old Days

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