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The Tunnel Of Love - Insane Clown Posse

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Nu Metal / Artist: Insane Clown Posse / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 1998-02-16 at Psychopathic

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    1 Review
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      23.09.2008 15:04
      Very helpful



      A great EP from ICP

      The Tunnel of Love is the 1996 EP that would be the third side show entry from the Insane Clown Posse in their Dark Carnival story, produced by long term friend and unofficial 3rd member of the group Mike E Clark, with a theme of basically the whole album being Juggalo love songs (a Juggalo is the term for hardcore ICP fans).

      This album was released on June 11th 1996, the day after ICP's contract with Jive records finished, and the day before their contract with Hollywood record started (which caused a whole other lot of controversy covered in my 'Great Milenko' review). They released this EP as they wanted to give their fans more music but both Jive and Hollywood records had no interest in any EP's from them, so they delayed their signing with HR so they could release this on Psychopathic Records.

      The cover is a man feeding a women a strawberry, showing only their faces and the man's hand, while the inside cover has many pictures of Shaggy 2Dope in a dressing gown with a bottle of Faygo, and Violent J dressed up in a suit with a box of chocolates, an advert for Legz Diamonds album 'Crime Family' which was never released for some reason, a advert for Jumpsteady's (Violent J's brother) 'Chaos Theory' album he originally pulled the plug on and didnt release until 2002, a advert for Forgotten Freshness vol 2, plus the usual thanks etc and a funny story from 2Dope about him sleeping with someone. There is also a x-rated version of the album available where the cover is a real cover from a porn film with 2Dopes face photo shopped on top of, with the guys genitals hanging out. This version is almost impossible to find, with the only place you can get it usually ebay. That version also had a bonus track, called 'Mental Warp', I would have reviewed it below but its also on the 'Forgotten Freshness vol 1&2' double CD so I'll wait till then.

      If you want to see either cover check out, although one is x-rated, I warned you - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunnel_of_Love_(EP)

      The Album

      Track 1 - Intro

      Just a normal intro, nothing special here.

      Track 2 - Cotton Candy

      This is one of the very first songs I ever heard from ICP, on a 4 track single which also had 'Hall's of Illusions', 'Southwest Voodoo' and 'The Smog' on, a great selection of tracks to introduce anyone to ICP.

      The subject of this track is basically ICP and their boys chasing girls, talking about female felatio, and describes how J and Shaggy like their women, Shaggy is a touch more refined and doesn't believe in oral pleasure, J on the other hand doesn't care and is up for anything and everything. The song starts with a man and a women hilariously talking to each other when they are about to get down to business ('Whats your name handsome?', 'Why Miss Virginia a pleasure to meet you, oh my your all naked too!'...), then kicks straight in to 2Dope's verse, followed by J singing the chorus, then J's verse. The music is a funky rap tune with some wicked effects added in there and a slowed down sample from 'Carnival of Carnage' in there for good measure. The lyrics are some of the most offensive (too some, not me) ICP have written and are very funny IMO.

      I do love this track, being a rap fan since I was 11 I've heard loads of tracks with this type of subject so hearing ICP's take on the subject and their usual hilarity is just brilliant.

      Choice lines

      And when I f*ck b*tches ask what I'm trying to do
      My nuts is people so I try and stuff em in there too

      My name is J ,
      The kids call me Jiggy pants ,
      'cause I can play the flute ,
      And make my dick start to dance.


      Track 3 - Super Balls

      The premise of this song is ICP are super heroes, they aren't superman but they'll gladly help any women who can't get any. The secret of tracks like this is not to take it to seriously and just sit back and laugh. The beats are a laid back rap tune with some keyboard work in there, the raps are just plain funny and delivered with ICP's usual hilarity, while the chorus sounds like several women with high pitched voices singing. This song became a favourite among ICP fans and spawned the 'Super Balls' T-shirt which is still available today, although I've lost mine.

      Choice lines

      So, who's next, the b*tch with the rubber eye
      It won't shut, and now she can't find a guy
      It scared everybody off, so I guess my duty calls
      B*TCH!!!!!!!!!! Call me Super Balls

      Granny walked in, puffing on a jay
      'Pfft, my p*ssy's turning grey'
      She asked if I would mind dipping in the sugar walls
      I said it ain't no thing for Super Balls!


      Track 4 - Ninja

      A track with super laid back music and pretty violent lyrics about ICP wishing they were Ninja's and punishing all the people who have treated them bad through their lives, something I think a lot of us have thought about, well I have anyway. The lyrics are decent and I love the paradox between the laid back track and the violent premise of the song. The song is often credited with the common Juggalo phrase 'what up Ninja', although personally I believe this came from much earlier ICP work as they have always talked about Ninjas and called each other it, I also believe most people who think this track is where the phrase came from aren't people who have listened to earlier ICP stuff. The track is also a good example of ICP's obsession with secret martial arts.

      Choice lines

      I'd walk in tha house, and see my momma cry
      I's ask why, she'd point to my drunkin' pops
      he tried to hit her again, but that shit STOPS
      I kick him in his throat, you hear his neck break
      I throw a roundhouse and knock his beard off his face
      I tell him, 'Dad, now look at all your broken glass,
      why don'tcha pick it all-up n' stick it in yer ass.'
      I watch him do it, 'Now hurry up ya take fo'eva'.
      when he was done I'd squeeze his butt-cheeks together'
      'Now get tha f*ck out my house, neva' come back!'
      I throw a chinese star, stick him in his ass-crack(Ahhhh)
      I turn to my mudda, 'I'm sorry that he hit'cha!'
      DAMN I wish I could be a ninja


      Track 5 - Stomp

      This track is a pretty short song that really reminds me of 'In the Haughhh!' from the Beverly Kills 50187 EP. This track is just Shaggy 2dope rapping basically about being able to do whatever he wants to do and then beating people up, very much along the wicked clown theme. The beats are interesting because to a certain degree its what most people expect to hear from ICP, but its different at the same time too especially when the beat switches up, I'm really struggling to describe it except for the fact its not laid back at all and quite an aggressive sound.

      Choice lines

      Take a look around tell me what'cha see
      You see flames and smoke then there's me
      I'm burning house's and jumping telephone poles
      They call me fireface, I'm sucking hot coals ,
      Give me a quarter I'll buy a quarter worth of gas ,
      Sneek in your house and slowly pour it in your ass,
      Blaze it up you're running around screechin scorn ,
      Your ass is burning, your nuts pop like popcorn ,
      And when I see you, I stomp all the flames out ,
      Stomp your face and your ass, stomp your titties ,
      I'll stomp your balls, we stomp in my wicked town ,
      Forks up and forks down, a wicked clown.


      Track 6 - Prom Queen

      One of my favourite on the CD Prom Queen goes back to what ICP do best, telling a horror story in their lyrics. The song is about Violent J at school, it's almost prom time and he needs a date after threats of violence from his father. He decides to ask the most popular girl in school, Christine, who tell's him she 'would rather die' in front of everyone, so he follows her to the gym and suffocates her, takes the dead body back to his home, then down into the basement where he set's up his own prom (complete with Faygo of course) for him and Christine the dead body. Make no mistake this is not a song meant to make you laugh (although there are some funny parts), this is a pure horror core track from start to finish. The music is very fitting with the lyrics and adds to the darkness of the track.

      Choice lines

      There was a time when I could except a no,
      That was before, Christine is gonna have to go,
      My parents will be proud of me when I bring her home,
      So now I sit and watch her practice in the gym dome,
      Christine is famous, she has so many different friends,
      Will they miss her when she's dead or will they just pretend,
      Nobody talks to me, I only talk to I,
      And I been telling myself all day, she's gotta die.


      Track 7 - My Kind of Bitch

      Probably the weakest track on the CD, the beats are very distinctive and sound more like something you'd hear in a crazy cartoon for adults, listen to it and you'll know what I mean. The lyrics are basically J and 2dope rapping about what their ideal women are, with some short clips of them talking on those date hotlines talking about what type of women they want. I'm not keen on the music but the lyrics are pretty funny, this is a track I would have put on one of the 'Forgotten Freshness' albums instead of on here, and I would have replaced it with something like 'Southwest Strangla' or 'Fat Sweaty Betty'.

      Choice lines

      My kind of bitch has a hole in her neck
      And has to talk like this "I love you"
      She can drink through it, ya get used to it
      It whistle every time we kiss

      My kind of bitch has a wooden eye
      With a nail sticking half way out
      It once caught a fire and we all had to spit
      In her face just to put it out


      Track 8 - When I get Out

      A great track to end the CD, basically ICP rapping about what they plan to do when they get out of jail. The beats are laid back but bouncy, some of the best on the album IMO. The lyrics... well the lyrics are hilarious. At the end of the track there is a game show much like the one on the Terror Wheel EP, which when completed gives you a phone number to call to find out the name of the next Jokers Card (The Great Milenko in case you were wondering, check out my review of the album).

      Choice lines

      When I get out, I'm going to the festivals
      Cussing, rude, and scratching my testicles
      Like we did before we got locked down
      I'm coming back around, the wicked clown

      When I get out, I'm a throw a party
      And guess who shows up, nobody!
      I just sit alone and play solitaire
      I don't care, at least I won't be here

      When I get out, I'm coming back to Del Ray
      So I can breathe the smog but that's okay
      'cause I'd much rather whiff that sh*t
      Then my cellmate Rico's funky armpits


      Overall I give the album 8/10 although it would have been 9/10 if it wasn't for 'My Kind of B*tch'. I recommend this to all ICP fans, and people who like their rap music a little different.

      Buy the EP

      You can get it New for £5.48 + £1.24 shipping from one of the sellers on Amazon, a bargain if you ask me!

      http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B000001UNN /ref=dp_olp_2/026-6504485-4704432

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      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Intro
      2 Cotton Candy
      3 Super Balls
      4 Ninja
      5 Stomp
      6 Prom Queen
      7 My Kind of Bitch
      8 When I Get Out

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