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The Twilight Saga - New Moon Soundtrack - Various

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6 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various Artists / Audio CD released 2009-10-19 at Atlantic

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    6 Reviews
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      31.07.2010 22:34
      Very helpful



      A full and eclectic compilation which is great regardless of your views of the film

      Even if you aren't a 'Twihard', it's fair to say that the New Moon OST is easily one of the best stand-alone soundtracks of the past few years as the songs blend and contrast well enough without the images of the film. The mix includes tracks from rising stars, old favourites and hidden talents. There are a few 'custon-written' tracks and some remixes which work well together to create a firecracker of a soundtrack.

      Track by track:
      1. Meet Me on the Equinox - Death Cab for Cutie
      This is a satisfying start to the album. I'd not heard too many Death Cab songs before hearing this (a couple of 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark' covers and a small clip of 'I Will Possess Your Heart'), and to be honest, after listening to this track I don't think I'll be running out to buy their albums. 'Meet Me on the Equinox' is a New Moon exclusive track (as it was apparently written just for the film, it isn't featured in any 'Death Cab' albums) and the lyrics tie in to the whole Twilight saga story quite well. The song begins with U2-reminiscent guitars ringing out in a welcoming fanfare but after the few bars everything that isn't the chorus fades to a repetitive, uninspiring noise. Don't get me wrong, this track's ok and the chorus should get you doing some air-drumming, but the best is definitely yet to come on this album.

      2. Friends - Band of Skulls
      I keep forgetting this song is on this album, if I'm honest. It's a great little track with a heavier, grungier guitar feel than other tracks featured on the soundtrack. This song was initially dropped from Band of Skulls' album 'Baby Darling Doll Face Honey' with had been released earlier in 2009, but after being used on this soundtrack has warranted the release of it's own self-titled EP (released in March 2010). The track has an edgy vibe and is enjoyable, but not my favourite track on the album.

      3. Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke
      This 'In Rainbows'-esque track Radiohead's front man Thom Yorke is not going to be everyone's cup of tea. If you're not a fan of Radiohead's most recent offerings, Yorke's solo work and indeed this dark, electronic piece, may not appeal to you. For me, however, Yorke's vocals, heavily laden with reverb though they are, provide a strange and different mood to this soundtrack. It's worth a listen and unquestionably stands out from the pack (if you pardon my wolf-based pun).

      4. Possibility - Lykke Li
      It is said that Lykke Li (known to her family as Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson) was asked quite early on if she would contribute to the soundtrack of 'The Twilight Sage: New Moon', but was by and large unenthusiastic about the offer. It was not until she saw an early cut of 'The Twilight Sage: New Moon' that Li was inspired by the story to create 'Possibility'... and how inspired she must have been! Having downloaded her song 'Little Bit' as a free iTune some time ago, when I saw Li's name on the track listing for this album, I was intrigued to see how her child-like vocals would react alongside the other artists on the mix but once again this Swedish songstress fails to disappoint with this ethereal and melancholic piece. With a perfect mix of breathy verses and strong choruses, this song provides an excellent highlight for this album. This is perfect listening for a bit of self-reflective down-time.

      5. A White Demon Love Song - The Killers
      If you have seen New Moon you can easily be forgiven for not remembering this track. It doesn't actually appear in the main film, but instead in the credits. This track has a spooky feeling for the first minute and a half especially and it is probably because of this uneasy sound that I tend to skip it. This song is yet to feature on a 'Killers' album and, to be honest, I'm not sure that it will. 'White Demon Love Song' is a far cry from the upbeat rock-pop of 'Hot Fuss' but suits the eerie edge of this film about blood-thirsty vampires. Fits in well with the soundtrack, but not exactly typical Killers...

      6. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
      This is a slow and serene track in which Marina's vocals create a lullaby feel. To me this song sounds like a sleepy and love sick version of Macy Gray - but I by no means mean that as a bad thing. It's a very likable part of the soundtrack and I eagerly await the arrival of more material by this very talented lady. This track gets better with every listen.

      7. I Belong To You [New Moon Remix] - Muse
      Ah... the inevitable Muse track. Due to Meyer's love of this Devon-born band and her accreditation of their music in each of her books as her *ehem* muse, it is quickly becoming somewhat of a tradition to include a track of theirs on Twilight films' soundtracks. In this case, the track comes in the form of a remixed version of 'I Belong To You' (see track 8 of their album 'The Resistance' for the original). This track isn't your typical all-guns-blazing, electric-storm-type Muse extravaganza, but instead provides a heavy, pulsing beat to which Bellamy's signature vocals provide a melody so coloured with chromatics that it creates an almost eastern feel. This is a great tune from a great band.

      8. Rosyln - Bon Iver & St. Vincent
      This song has a definite folk edge which conjures comparisons to bands such as Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. Spectacularly haunting in both vocals and guitar.

      9. Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      'Done All Wrong' is very much along the same folk lines of Rosyln, although this song has a more typically American feel buried somewhere in the harmonica and heavily accented voices.

      10. Monsters - Hurricane Bells
      This, for me, is a standout track. Distorted guitar riffs accompanied by a bouncing melodic line create a joyous rock-pop anthem. Certainly not bad for a song discarded by Steve Schiltz's (AKA 'Hurricane Bells') band 'Longwave' and posted to a myspace.com page as a last resort.
      (FYI, he has now recorded a 10-track album under 'Hurricane Bells' entitled 'Tonight Is The Ghost', but this song will not feature on that album.)

      11. The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf
      Anyone who has seen the film will recognize this track from Bella's birthday party, but this song appears on the soundtrack with a happy, uplifting, incredibly bouncing vibe. This is easily my favourite song on the album. Five stars!

      12. Shooting the Moon - OK Go
      OK Go's contribution is a kitschy, acoustic guitar driven number featuring a refrain with a space-y twist. Definitely worth a listen.

      13. Slow Life - Grizzly Bear feat. Victoria Legrand
      'Slow Life' slows (*duh*) the tempo down again with a fascinating and unusual sound. The eerie, echoing voice of Legrand floats alongside electronic twinkles and plinky-plonky plucked guitar to produce this charming track. It appears in the film as Bella begins to drown and, to me, even without the visual aid of the film, this atmospheric piece takes the mystical, unknown feel of the alien world that lies in the ocean and plants it delicately in the listener's mind. This track is, to quote Aqualung, 'Strange & Beautiful'.

      14. No Sound but the Wind - Editors
      Previously unreleased, 'No Sound but the Wind' offers dirge-like piano chords under strong, echoing vocals. I can see how this song could be called inspirational by some people, but for me it is lacking melody-wise and I tend to skip it more often than not. There is very little joy hidden in this track.

      15. New Moon [The Meadow] - Alexandre Desplat
      The soundtrack is bought to a close by a piece from the score of the film. It is a haunting, piano driven piece which flows beautifully between major and minor keys to create an outstanding theme. Think Yann Tiersen's 'Amelie' score for this piece. A simply stunning composition.

      Price, Value for Money and Avaliability:
      The New Moon Soundtrack is available from most music stores for little more than the cost of a Large Big Mac Meal (amazon.co.uk and hmv.com are now selling it for £4.99), and it is definitely the healthier, and as far as I'm concerned, smarter option. It is a beautiful composition which works out at about 33p per track. Great value.


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        13.06.2010 21:54
        Very helpful



        A beautifully put together collection of songs for a beautiful movie.

        Where to start? I absoloutely LOVED this album, I like nearly every song on it and think it fits the theme of the film perfectly as well as where each song is placed couldn't be better in my eyes. I don't think the film would be as good without it and really helps bring the story to life echoing all those feelings of finding love and then losing it.

        Track order:
        1) Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab For Cutie
        2) Friends - Band of Skulls
        3) Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke
        4) Possibility - Lykke Li
        5) A White Demon Love Song - The Killers
        6) Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
        7) I Belong To You - Muse
        8) Rosyln - Bon Iver & St. Vincent
        9) Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
        10) Monsters - Hurricane Bells
        11) The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf
        12) Shooting The Moon - Ok Go
        13) Slow Life - Grizzly Bear
        14) No Sound But The Wind - Editors
        15) New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat

        My favourite tracks of the album, without a doubt are Lykke Li's 'Possibility' Thom Yorke's 'hearing Damage' and 'Rosyln' by Bon Iver & St. Vincent.

        Now I'm no musician, but the way the music drops in Lykke Li's Possibility puts a lump in your throat and really captures the heartbreak of the whole film in my opinion.
        Another hauntingly beautiful song that fit perfectly with the scene in the movie was Thom Yorke's hearing damage, specifically written for the film. It's put in with a chase scene and coincides with Bella jumping off the cliff and works very well at stringing these different events that are happening at the same time, together.

        Bon Iver & St. Vincent's Rosyln movingly shows the slow and depressing passing of time when you're no longer with someone. In my opinion, Anya Marina's Satellite Heart did not get enough time in the film, which is a shame because it is a stunning song that deserves to be placed in a more prominent part of the film.

        A lot of people however don't like this soundtrack because the artists aren't current or popular, but I couldn't disagree more. I think using indie and somewhat unknown bands with the use of the soft vocals and lingering tones is what makes this soundtrack what it is and what makes it fit so well with the theme of the movie. The music was one thing that stuck in mind after coming away from seeing this movie and if you loved the film I highly recommend it or even if you just love the idea of a mix tape of heartbreak then this cds perfect for you.


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          07.06.2010 11:15
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Overall one brilliant band after another, ranging from hard rock'n'roll to soft, sweet ballads.

          No matter what you think of the Twilight Saga, the new moon soundtrack is packeds with busting tracks!

          If you like Indie/Rock you will love this CD. Whether you love or hate the teen-vampire-infatuation flick,personally I love it! Brilliant bands -- some of it well-known (Muse, Thom Yorke) and some obscure (Grizzly Bear, Lykke Li). Possibility by Lykke Li tears your heart out, good for those self obsessed days we all have them!

          Songs of unknown lovers are evocative and other worldly("A window/An open tomb/The sun crawls across your bedroom/A halo/A waning moon/Your last breath moving through you").

          Death Cab For Cutie -- Band of Skulls, Hurricane Bells, Sea Wolf's "The Violet Hour" is a top notch guitar track at its best.the Editors add a dramatic, hauntingly sad sound with "No Sound But The Wind" ("Help me to carry the fire/it will light our way forever..."

          Radiohead's Thom Yorke, "Hearing Damage" is a thumping track which you need to listen to full pelt. Muse, Stephenie Meyer's inspirational accompaniment to her novels, with "I Belong To You (New Moon Remix) all serve to create a delectable soundtrack which you'll never have off your Ipod.

          My highlights of the album: Bon Iver otherworldly, hymnlike "Roslyn," and The Editors"No Sound but the Wind" are haunting and well suited to the genre.This soundtrack sets a wonderful mood -- think a mingling of bittersweet romanticism and outright melancholy,


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            15.05.2010 14:01
            Very helpful



            Probably worth it for a fan...

            ***Hey, It's All About Vampires, Isn't It?***

            I stayed off the whole Twilight band wagon for the longest time. My friend kept trying to convince me, saying there was more to it, than teenage angst and vampires. In the end, she wore me down and I'm ashamed to say, it became my guilty pleasure. I mean, I don't smoke, do drugs or...... watch soaps (eek), so I console myself that it isn't such a bad thing to admit to lol! I know, I know it sends all the wrong signals to young girls; obsessive behaviour, controlling boyfriend blah, blah, blah.....(I await the barrage of disapproving comments!) .Yet, get past all that and there is one reason that girls and women go ga ga over Edward. He loves Bella (who is ordinary) unconditonally and when he looks at her *sigh* it is as if no one else exists.....and that is the secret of its success. If you can make someone feel like this. (even some of the time).....well..... they will leap tall buildings for you, sucumb to your every desire, even take a bullet for you .....well, maybe not that lol......Over a billion dollars for the saga so far, should give some indication of the drug that is love.....Anyways, I thought it was important to understand why I would pick up this soundtrack in the first place.

            ***The Sales, Reception and All That Stuff...***

            All of the songs for the film were brought together by music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who also did the work for the original film Twilight. It was released just prior to the film New Moon on October 16, 2009, by Atlantic Records. It is 57.40 in duration. All the songs were original and exclusive to the soundtrack. Many fans were disappointed by the omission of Paramore, who featured twice on the first soundtrack. I have the i-tunes version, but with the hard copy there is a pull out poster. I'm a fan, but not so big I need that......In its first week of release it sold 153 000 copies, which made history as it is the first time an original film soundtrack AND its sequel have reached the number one spot (in the US and UK) The album has since gone in the US exceeding a million in sales. Two of the tracks 'Meet Me On The Equinox' and 'Possibility' have also been released as singles.

            ***The Tracks***

            1. Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie 3.44

            "Let me give my love to you. Let me take your hand. And as we walk in the dimming light. Oh darling understand. That everything, everything ends.

            Death Cab for a Cutie is an indie pop band from the US and was formed in 1997. This song is the signature tune of the film and is perhaps one of my favourites. It starts out with guitar and is sung by lead singer Ben Gibbard whose voice I love. The song compliments the film, but in no way tells the actual story. The song is about meeting someone halfway and that life is short so you had better make the most of that time to really connect with someone. It is a love song I suppose, but because of the 'everything ends' focus I suppose some might find it depressing. The presence of the guitar is strong, as is the beat. I like how the song builds to a great bridge when it makes you feel kind of hopeful. Based on this song, I would like to listen to more of their work.

            2. Friends by Band of Skulls 3.09

            "I need love 'cause only love is true. I need every waking hour with you. And my friends 'cause they're so beautiful. Yes, my friends they are so beautiful. They're my friends."

            Band of Skulls is a British rock band, which I found surprising as this is sung with a heavy American accent. The band had no knowledge or affinity to Twilight, but nevertheless offered this song, which wasn't used for their album - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey. This starts out with a really heavy bass guitar and a distinctive drum beat accompanied by tambourine. I find the lyrics a bit repetitive to be honest and the heavy beat is a bit annoying - this isn't easy listening, it almost has a shouty feel to it.

            3. Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke 5.04

            "A drunken salesman. Your hearing damage. Your mind is restless. They say you're getting better..But you don't feel any better"

            This song is really unique, it has a heavy vibrating techno, synthesised beat all the way through. It is kind of moody and eerie at the same time. At first I absolutely hated it, but now I like it, it is especially good to run to or to have on in the car. It is a very hypnotising song. The lyrics, NO IDEA, help me out ....is this about schizophrenia - anyone?

            4.Possibility by Lykke Li 5.06

            "So tell me when you hear my heart stop. You're the only one that knows. Tell me when you hear my silence. There's a possibility I wouldn't know."

            First thing to point out - this song should come with a health warning. If you have a packed medicine cabinet or are standing on a balcony, then switch off, because this song must rank 10/10 on a scale of depressing. Yes, it's original and yes the singer has a beautiful harmonious voice; it even has some nice piano chords running throughout. However, the overall feel is that of depression. It is a VERY slow song and trails on, moving up and down an octave every now and again. There is also a very annoying dragging sound throughout and at the end you hear the singer get up off her chair in the studio. I just can't listen to this song without feeling very sad. Lykke Li is a Swedish singer and I am sure she will go on to have success, as I said, it is very original - just not for me...

            5. A White Demon Love Song by The Killers 3.34

            "White demon, where's your selfish kiss? White demon sorrow will arrange. Let's not forget about the fear."

            Who doesn't love The Killers? They are an American rock band from Las Vegas USA. It isn't anywhere near their best song of course, this is no Mr.Brightside, Human or Spaceman, but a great inclusion on this soundtrack all the same. The band comprises of Brandon Flowers , Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. This band is big in the US and the UK. The lyrics fit in perfectly - 'White Demon' of course referring to vampires. It has a kind of slow lazy beat, with great vocals, both main and backing. The guitar features heavily with a bit of piano thrown in. The bridge is upbeat, reminding me of The Beatles and the pace picks up. I particularly like the heavy guitar towards the end.

            6. Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina 3.33

            "So pretty. So smart. Such a waste of a young heart. What a pity? What a sham? What's the matter with you man?"

            Anya Marina is a singer songwriter based in California, USA. This is by far the best track on the soundtrack, I LOVE IT. It is a romantic ballad, sung in a husky lazy voice. It is accompanied by accoustic guitar, using just a few chords throughout. The lyrics are gorgeous and really make you think. I think it about someone who is apart from their lover and they are lost without them, but just trying their best to get by. (which obviously fits in with the story,) Towards the end, the backing vocals take a bigger part and there is a crescendo, when a string section is added. A great finish. A song to relax and fall asleep to.

            7. I Belong To You by Muse 3.12

            "How much pain has cracked your soul? How much love would make you whole? You're my guiding lightening strike."

            Starting out with electric guitar for a few bars, before the vocals come in, then the piano plays a part. It has a kind of angsty feel, as the singer talks about travelling half the world to tell his love his feelings. There is a groovy kind of bridge I think with sax, which I liked. It is the kind of song you pick up the lyrics to fast and can sing along to. One of the better tracks on the album.

            8. Rosyln"by Bon Iver and St. Vincent 4.49

            "Wings wouldn't help you. Wings wouldn't help you down. Down's sitting round. Folds in the gown"

            This begins with a really slow beat, a heartbeat almost and accoustic guitar. It has a haunting feel to it, with soft harmonious vocals. It makes you feel you are drifting away......close your eyes and and it makes you feel really relaxed. A slow song, but not a depressing one I think.

            9. Done All Wrong by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2.49

            "Done me wrong. Done all wrong. All the wrong I've done. I'm sure I'll quite long".

            This is up there in the depressing stakes. It is mainly accoustic guitar with a very folksy feel. The lyrics are repetitive and boring to be honest. I like a song to have meaning in the lyrics and this just plain bores me. In fact the lyrics grate and you kind of think, yeah, I could have written something that simple. Simple can be good - but on this it is just plain awful.

            10. Monsters by Hurricane Bells 3.16

            "Deep in the darkness where I hide. The monsters all dig down deep inside. You never know when they're satisfied."

            This song starts with electric guitar, and the singer comes in after a few bars. It is quite guitar heavy with a solo piece in the middle. It has a nice easy going beat and reminds me a bit of Bryan Adams. This is one of the better songs on the album, a bit more upbeat perhaps, but I think means more to fans of the film, as it is played for Edward's slow motion entrance and this is what I picture in my mind as I listen to it.

            11. The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf 3.32

            "Your lips are nettles. Your tongue is wine. Your laughters liquid. But your body's pine. You love all sailors. But hate the beach. You say "come touch me". But you're always out of reach."

            This is another indie rock band, based in the US. This starts out with a folksy feel with guitar. The lyrics are really unusual, but I take it to mean that as attractive as someone is, they are always just out of reach. There is a good beat throughout and I like the guitar sound too. The singer Alex Church has that 'Iron and Wine' thing going on in his delivery, which I liked. Again it was one of the more upbeat numbers on the album, which has me tapping my foot.

            12. Shooting The Moon by Ok Go 3.18

            "All of the astronauts, champagne in plastic cups. Waiting for the big hero to show. Outside the door he stands. His head in his hand and his heart in his throat."

            I had never heard of OK Go, but their lead singer is Damian Kulash and they are a rock band initially from Chicago. The song starts out with a heavy bass drum beat (which runs throughout and imprints on your brain) and acoustic guitar. The singer has a nice voice and the backing vocals add to it. Towards the end of the song it changes pace and there is a heavy electric guitar section, which really works as a contrast to the rest of the song and has you tapping your feet. Didn't like it so much at first but now I do.

            13 "Slow Life" by Grizzly Bear 4.12

            "I think I know what's on your mind. A couple of words a great divide. Waiting in the wings. A small respite".

            Ok, this has to be the second most depressing track on the album. It begins with an acoustic guitar and it has a slow, slow beat and drags and grates. It is a very dark song and at times the sound I hear is like when an old fashioned tape is played and it gets stuck and the words slur lol. Again annoyingly you hear the musician pick up the music in the studio at the start of the piece. Not my favourite at all.

            14. No Sound But the Wind" by Editors 3.48

            "We can never go home. We no longer have one. I'll help you carry the load. I''ll carry you on my back."

            The Editors are an indie rock band and have had two platinum albums so far. It is quite a slow song (I think there is a faster version out there somewhere). This song is piano dominant (which I love) and the singer has a really deep voice and sings with feeling. It is quite a thoughtful song and kind of hopeful I think. It is played towards the end of the film during a car journey and fits in really well there.

            15. New Moon (The Meadow)" by Alexandre Desplat 4.09

            This is the main theme of the musical score. It is a piano piece, which I am happy about as I adore the piano and love to find new music to play also. I have the musical score to this, but that is a whole other review. It is very different to Bella's Lullaby, (perhaps not as original) which also fitted the first film perfectly. It is haunting and is filled with a sense of foreboding, which of course sums up the whole film perfectly. Alot of the notes are really high and if you are feeling melancholy I guess it could bring a tear to your eye. It starts of very slowly, very gently and gradually builds to a crescendo and then a slow ending emphasising just a few chords. It is recognisable as the theme tune, which I think is important and the mark of a good composition. This track is on my playlist to fall asleep to.


            It is available to buy from Amazon for £8.68 (hard copy) or £7.99 (MP3). It is £8.98 on i-tunes.


            I suppose the most noticable thing about this soundtrack is just how much it differs in style and tone in comparison to the first film. The first couple of times I listened to it, I hated it. Then..it grew on me and I could at least understand the different choices that had been made. On the whole I find the feel a bit depressing, you certainly won't find it uplifting. This being said, there is enough on there that I think makes it worth buying - but only if you are into the films. Otherwise I would just try to get hold of 'Satellite Heart' , 'Monsters' and the 'Meet Me On The Equinox'. If you like piano pieces of course 'New Moon' is one to get too. The tracks that I love, I added to a playlist (great invention) and I generally use that to fall asleep to, when I have trouble sleeping; it works, because I wake up entangled in wires, lying on my ipod, so all in all for me it was worth buying....


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              21.03.2010 15:38
              Very helpful




              As you have probably seen I reviewed Twilight:New Moon the film quite a while ago but I figured that I would review the soundtrack which I recently brought. Unlike the film I actually like the soundtrack but there are a few points I would like to point out;

              1) Unlike Twilight the soundtrack to New Moon seems somewhat not suited to particular parts of the film and so when it coems to links between the osundtrack and film I am only giving it 3/5 but it gets better don't worry.

              2) The music itself is great, each song is different and the eclectic mix of sounds encorporated on the album gives at least one song that everyone can listen to.

              *** The Album ***

              The album was released on October 16th 2009 to accompany the release of Twilight:New Moon in the cinemas. The music supervisor picked for Twilight , Alexander Patsavas was also chosen for New Moon. I am a little confused how the same music supervisor managed to pick perfect songs for one film and unusual songs for the sequel but its his job not mine and I don't think I could have done it any better. Every song on the album is an original and an exclusive for the album and brings together a vast array of artists and music types to make this eclectic soundtrack. The title song from the album is Death Cab for a Cutie's song Meet Me At The Equinox. The band stated that it was specially written to reflect the celestial themes and motifs that run through the film.

              *** Songs ***

              Meet Me At The Equinox - Death Cab For A Cutie 3.44

              This song is the title song for the whole movie and what a song it is. The song is quite dark with a rockish undertone. The lead singers voice is amazing its husky yet soft at the same time. The song can be found in the credits of the film. the most prominent feature of thie song is the drums and the pretty kick ass guitar 'jam' at the chorus. I do love this song and I liked it even before I realised it was from the Twilight saga, although its pretty hard not to tell that its from the film from the video which features snippets from the movie.

              Friends - Band of Skulls

              Friends is another of the songs off the album which is very much based around the drum line and guitar. The singers voice is not unlike that of the previous song but its slightly more high pitched. The song has quite a quick tempo and is one of my favourites on the album if not my favourite.
              The song can be found on the film where Bella Swan rides on a motorbike with a stranger to see Edward's image again.

              Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke

              This song is much more like the songs from the original Twilight film than any of the others on this album. The song relies on sythesisers I believe and has an almost trance element to it. The song is actually very good and I have listened to it numerously even when I haven't been listenign to the album, its one I always find myself looking for on youtube. The song can be found in the film where Victoria escapes the wolf pack.

              4) Lykke Li - Possibility

              This is probably the most rmemebered sogn from the album and the film for one reason. It annoying!!! I did like the song to start off with before I watched the film but the section of the film that this song is used in has just ruined the song for me. This is the song that plays when Bella is just sitting in her room staring out of the window pining for Edward. The song itself is quite good and has native american roots so the singer has a fantastic voice. The song is slow and mellow and the only good thing is the singer voice but somehow it works.

              5) A White Demon Love Song - The Killers

              One of my favourite bands with one of my favourite songs. The song used bells or somethign of the sort to create an eerie mood which works well with Brandon from the Killers voice. This song is most deffinately about the vampires and I think it suits them perfectly with lines like 'White Demon where's your selfish kiss?'. This song can be found in the credits on the film (why do they put the best songs in the credits so noone listens to them ?!?). A brilliant song and my favourite on the album.

              6) Satellite Heart - Anya Marina

              Another song of the album which could easily have been in the previous film and I think it suits the saga brilliantly. The song is simple and compromises of a guitar and the singer for a vast majority. Although this is a slow love song the guitar is quite up tempo and its not the type of song that will make you upset although it could cause you to be quite contemplative. The singers voice is pure perfection and sounds like a husky country singer but with elegance. This song can be found in the Scene where Edward drive Bella home After her birthday party, A brilliant positioning by the music supervisor here! one of the only times I thought the music matched the mood of the film.

              7) I Belong To You (New Moon Remix) - Muse

              Because of their usage in the original Twilight film, muse are one of the bands most associated with the films so it seems only right that they should have a song in New Moon Too. The song is more uptempo that most of the other songs on the album but still with holds the rocky genre held by the saga's music. Matt Bellamy again has a perfect voice for the saga and so this song is one of the best. This song can be found in the movie when Bella and Jessica go to the movies.

              8) Roslyn - Bon Iver & St Vincent

              Beautiful song. Works so well with the whole imagery of the vampires and their beauty and elegance. The song is haunting with a simple guitar strum and piano playing while the two singers sing with quite high pitched voices but beautifully so. I can't think of any other way to describe this song other than beautiful. This song can be found when Edward breaks up with Bella.

              9)Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

              I thought the name of the band was actually pretty perfect for the film considering the problems riding motor cycles bring the rebellious Bella and I have had a few little chuckles at the fact. The song is of a slow tempo but and involved guitar and bass with the occasional drum beat to give it a slight edge. You can imagine the singer dressed in heavy motor bike leathers with a long beard singing into a mic on stage with everyone looking at him. It is a truly great song. This song can be found when the memebrs of the wolf pack take Bella to Emily's house.

              10) Monsters - Hurrican Bells

              Another song that would work well in the original film and I consider it to be kind of like 'Tremble for My Beloved' which featured in the original. Thus song accompanies one of the best scenes in the film the 'Robert Pattison Slow-mo walk into school' (not my opinion as im team Jacob but the opinion of many of my peers). The song is quite quick and has a good guitar and drum beat going, you could actually dance to this song which is difficult to say for the song from the Saga. Good Song with a great set of lyrics to accompany the film 'come deep into the darkness where I hide'.

              11) The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf

              This was a band I had never heard of before the film was released but I love the song. The song features in my favourite scene of the film, Bella's birthday party. The song is again of quite a quick tempo and arocky edge. The singer voice is quite normal, deep but melodic. I do however love this song and the chorus is beautiful.

              12) Shooting The Moon - Ok Go

              Ok Go are one of the biggest internet sensations with their song Here It Goes Again where the video compromises of the band walking and dancing on treadmills, however, this song is nothing like that at all. The song is slow and focuses on a heavy bass drum with a good strumming on a guitar. The song is amazing, but I don't really think it suits the scene that it was used for in the film. The song can be found where Bella and Jacob are in his garage but the song is too slow paced for this 'fun atmosphere' and would have been better suited to the fight between Edward and Jacob for Bella for instance.

              13) Slow Life - Grizzly Bear

              Quite a slow start to this song with just the use of guitar and the male vocals being added much later, however, this is another beautiful song. This song has made me cry before when I have been upset so it's one to avoid if your already a bit weepy. The singers voice just haunts you and the chorus reminds me of a waterfall for some reason as its just magical. The song is perfectly suited to its scene as it features when Bella is underwater after jumping from the Cliff. Great song!

              14) No Sound But The Wind - Editors

              I have always been a fan of the Editors and I love the lead singer voice. The song is a typical Editors song with a slow tempo and very deep meaningful lyrics along with a beautiful backing track. This song features in the film where Edward drives Bella home from the cullens after the vote over her humanity. This song is a great choice for this scene as it encapsulates Bellas feeling for Edward perfectly in its lyrics ' We are here and we're alone, but i'm alone with you'.

              15) New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat

              This is purly instrumental and features in the Opening Credits of the film. The song is iconic to the film but I do not believe it can ever live up to Bella's Lullaby from Twilight. The song Is actually quite somber and is again a piece of contemplative music. i tend to listen to this when I've got some work to do as it helps me focus.

              Overall A great Album even if some songs don't suit they're position in the film. On a soundtrack all thats important is the music afterall.

              *** Boring Bit ***
              The album can be found on Amazon for £8.86. I paid £10 from HMV when It first came out so I'd say the price on Amzon is about right. Howver I'd recommend going on Youtube on the official NEWMOONSOUNDTRACK channel and listening to the songs before you buy the album.


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                10.02.2010 20:40
                Very helpful
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                Great CD For rocking out!

                A wide range of different music from the film 'New moon' in the twilight saga.
                The music can vary from classic to rock, in my opinion 'Monsters' is the best song. You get a great vibe from the riff. There is another song which is slow and soft which is 'Possibility'. This song is completely different ( as I said it varies a lot).

                The songs picked fit in really well with the film and the music is great just to listen to.
                Here are the list of songs:
                1. Death Cab For Cutie - Meet Me On The Equinox

                2. Band Of Skulls - Friends
                3. Thom Yorke- Hering Damage
                4. Lykke Li - Possibility
                5. The Killers - A White Demon Love Song
                6. Anya Marina - Satellite Heart
                7. Muse - I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)
                8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent - Rosyln
                9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Done All Wrong
                10. Hurricane Bells - Monsters
                11. Sea Wolf - The Violet Hour
                12. Ok Go- Shooting The Moon
                13. Grizzly Bear - Slow Life
                14. Editors - No Sound But The Wind
                15. Alexandre Desplat - New Moon (The Meadow)

                The remix of 'I belong to you' from Muse is also a great song. Instead of having a soft sound it has been topped with guitar. I absaloutely love the beginning of the song!
                'No sound but the wind' is a mysterious song, a lot of effects which makes it magical.
                To be honest, I am not to keen on the rest of the songs but I guess once I listen to them a couple of times, they'll be just as great.

                Here are some prices I have researched and compared to this price to give you how much you are saving or losing.

                HMV = £8.99 ( Saving £1.01 if buying from Amazon )
                Nordstorm = £7.93 ( Losing £0.05 if buying from Amazon )
                Tower.com = £10.20 ( Saving £2.22 if buying from Amazon )
                Barnes&Noble = £7.68 ( Losing £0.30 if buying from Amazon )

                Hope this helps.


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab For Cutie
                2 Friends - Various Artists
                3 Hearing Damage - Yorke, Thom
                4 Possibility - Various Artists
                5 White Demon Love Song, A - Killers
                6 Satellite Heart - Marina, Anya
                7 I Belong To You - Muse
                8 Rosyln - Bon Iver & St. Vincent
                9 Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
                10 Monsters - Various Artists
                11 Violet Hour, The - Various Artists
                12 Shooting The Moon - OK Go
                13 Slow Life - Grizzly Bear & Victoria Legrand
                14 No Sound But The Wind - Editors
                15 New Moon (The Meadow) - Various Artists

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