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The Woman in Me - Louise Nurding

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3 Reviews

Artist: Louise Nurding / Release Date: 1997 / Genre: Pop & Rock

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    3 Reviews
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      17.04.2012 01:00
      Very helpful



      A brilliant albm by Louise

      I feel like I have to review this album based on another review that is really negative and also the tracklisting they have listed isn't the real tracklisting so it makes me wonder if they have actually really listened to this album.

      Woman In Me was Louise's second solo album since leaving Eternal. It was released in Autumn 1997 and consisted of three Top 15 singles. The album has 16 tracks and to me, I think this is a fantastic pop album. To me, this is all killer and no filler. There actually isn't one single track that I would rate lower than 7/10 which is some great going for a 16 track album. I'll give a brief review of each track but I this is Louise's highlight album and quite underrated. One of the problems though is that she only released 3 singles and there were plenty more to choose from. Also, two of the three singles that she released were in no way superior to anything else on the album and there more much better choices to pick from.

      'Arms Around The World' - Lead single, and the perfect choice to start off the album campaign. This song was very 'ahead of its time' in 1997 and although it may sound a little dated these days, it's still got that magical appeal. Reached number 4 in the charts but I feel gets underlooked during 90's countdowns and stuff. 10/10.

      'All That Matters' - This was the third (and sadly final) single from the album. I was suprised when this was chosen as a single, even though its the second song, it just seemed at the time a bit wishy-washy pop song. There's nothing bad about it but I though they could have gone for something a bit more stand out. They did however, release a slightly different version as the single, which I much prefer. 8/10.

      'I Pray' - A sweet pop ballad here. Not much else to say really. 7/10.

      'Let's Go Round Again' - The second single and a cover version of the Average White Band hit. I can sort of understand why this was a single, but feel dissapointed that she opted for a cover version when there are other 'funky' and 'dancy' type songs on the album that didn't get the attention that this track did. This song was also 'beefed up' a bit for the single version. 7/10.

      'Woman In Me' - It's a mid-tempo track. This is a hightlight for me. I just love it. The chorus of "couldn've been moonlight, could've been music, could've been a summer night, we could have used it, could've been a crazy love on a Paris street, but you're all I need, you touched the woman in me". I love this song and sound like a Louise Loon right about now 10/10.

      'Trust In You' - A slow ballad, and this is very much a wintery kind of song. I think she should have released this a Xmas single. The chorus is definatly the best part of the song. 10/10.

      'Reminds Me Of You' - Another mid-tempo track about love but this is very uplifting. It a 'fresh' feeling to it. 10/10.

      'Shut Up And Kiss Me' - Eight tracks in and this really is the first 'edgy/funky' song. It has attitude, and shows Louise is more than just a nice girl next door. It's the first real song with attitude and you'll either love it or hate it. I like it, it shows something different to the album. 8/10.

      'Healing Love' - Nice slow song, about heartache and stuff. What else is there to say? 8/10.

      'When Will My Heart Beat Again' - Another ballad, Louise and a Guitar by the sound of it. I love this track, it's simple yet enjoyable. 10/10.

      'New York Moon' - Upbeat and positive. Brilliant. 9/10.

      'Happy Love' - This songs is pop/dance and it's very 90's sounding. 8/10.

      'Who Do You Love' - Although I love every song on this album, if I had to pick my least favourite it would be this song. I like it, but compared to all the other songs, I don't listen to it as much. 7/10.

      'Don't Be Shy' - This is AMAZING. Proper dancey and club music. 10/10.

      'Running Back For More' - When I first got this album, this song remained my favourite song on the album for ages. It's a motown 60's feeling track. Used on the Mr Bean soundrack no less! Love it still this day 10/10.

      'Love Will Bring You Back To Me' - Louise closes the album with a massive beautiful ballad. This is something i'd expect the X-Factor winner to sing. It is actually really good and probably the best ballad on the album. 10/10.

      There you have it. My honest review of Louise's -Woman In Me. Even in 2012, I still enjoy songs from this album popping up on my iPod. I think if she had released 'better 'singles then the album might have been more successful (it was indeed a success anyway - but could've achieved more).

      I would have chosen these as the singles....

      1. Arms Around The World
      2. Running Back For More
      3. Reminds Me Of You / Woman In Me
      4. Don't Be Shy
      5. Love Will Bring You Back To Me

      But hey, that's just me ;) If you want to delve into some classic 90's pop. The check out those 5 songs first! I guarentee you'll like them.


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      07.08.2009 21:07
      Very helpful



      Poor lyrics, dull music, tiring voice

      The opening track "Arms Around The World" is probably about as good as the album gets, which pretty much tells you quite a lot! The song is a pretty typical pop tune but manages to throw in some sort of Asian sound to spice things up, after that it just goes a bit souly and the demise begins a few minutes in, it's bland pop going absolutely nowhere and I think the most interesting thing about it is the fact that one or two of tracks skip because who ever owned it either overplayed it (surely not?) or dropped it!

      Occasionally there's a slight funky part which made my ears perk up, there's a notably funky guitar solo in the background of "Reminds Me of You", unfortunately the lyrics are tedious and repetitive which unfortunately is pretty much the story for the rest of the album and by the end, she's lucky if you are still listening. With 19 songs, you'd think it was value for money but I'd certainly pay her to stop singing!

      This has to be one of the least interesting albums that I've had to endure, it was bought originally in a bulk package of CD's to resell, it's little wonder that I still have it on my hands! Best of giving this one a miss, even if you do like pop unlike me, you'd be best off buying the two singles instead.

      1. Arms Around The World
      2. All That Matters
      3. I Pray
      4. Let's Go Around Again (Pt 1)
      5. Woman In Me
      6. Trust In You
      7. Reminds Me Of You
      8. Shut Up And Kiss Me
      9. Whne Will My Heart Beat Again
      10. New York Moon
      11. Happy Love
      12. Who Do You Love
      13. How You Make Me Feel
      14. Love Will Bring You Back To Me
      15. Distraction
      16. Just When I Thought
      17. Intimate
      18. Don't Be Shy
      19. Running Back For More


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      13.06.2002 18:31
      Very helpful



      Louise has been in the music industry for nearly a decade now, not bad for a lass that gets not much credit. Here, I am going back to her sophomore album, from 1997. The album starts with the albums highest peaking single, “Arms Around The World”. The song is a summery, mid tempo pop tune. It sticks in your head for days, and is one of my favourite Louise songs of all time. This song is followed up, rather disappointly, with “All That Matters” and “I Pray”. “All That Matters” was a single. It is a nice ballad, but it isn’t strong enough really, although in saying that it isn’t her worst charting single so who can complain. But when there are so many single worthy tracks on the album, it’s a waste. “I Pray” is a rather uneventful, kind of boring track. Not a highlight at all. The fourth track is the albums second single, and biggest selling single from the album “Lets Go Round Again”. Personally I love it, and it really is a bit of a love or hate song. The single version though, is better. On this version it does sound like she is struggling to simply sing the words in places, plus when the chorus is repeated – which it is in every chorus, she doesn’t have any “oh-who-who” bits which help to keep the song afloat. Basically, it doesn’t flow quite as well as the single version – but it is still a brilliant tune. The title track, “Woman In Me” is up next. It’s a mid tempo kind of tune. Its not brilliance, but it’s a nice occasional track. Nothing much else to say about it. “Trust In You” is boring. I haven’t listened to it much, so maybe haven’t given it a fair chance, but it ain’t special or have much appeal after the first listen to make you want to listen to it again. It won’t make you reach for the repeat button. “Reminds Me Of You” is next. Thi
      s is one of my favourites on the album. Keeping in the album theme, it’s a mid temp number and its as catchy as! Probably not a single, but a brilliant album track, and yes you can use your repeat button on this one! “Shut Up And Kiss Me” is the albums highlight. Ranking with one of my favourites on the album, and its done in a style not repeated on the album. Its Britney-ish, but done in a mature, 25-year-old way. Its catchy, its fun and this was rumoured to be the fourth single but was cancelled. This should have been the third single. The next two songs I haven’t listened to much, and can’t really judge. I don’t like them much from my initial listens. Track 11 is “New York Moon”. I like this one – trumpets and all! Its kind of like a Broadway track, and its all about New York! Catchy and very, very happy! “Happy Love” is next. Its disco, but a bit boring and annoying lyrics! The next two aren’t bad, but not as good as the final two. “Running Back For More” and “Love Will Bring You Back To Me” are perfect. The first is a mid temp, but kinda upbeat. Its catchy and a highlight. The latter is a brilliant ballad with a catchy chorus. These two should have been singles. On the whole, it’s a good album from a good artist. The annoying bit is that the three tracks that stood out as being singles (Shut Up And Kiss Me, Running Back For More and Love Will Bring You Back To Me) weren’t released, and it didn’t reach its potential. Originally I wasn't going to buy it thinking it would be ballad heavy, but its not so check out!


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