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Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 - The Prodigy

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    3 Reviews
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      16.05.2009 23:18



      Great showcase of the bands talent that would appeal to fans or general genre followers

      What more can i say about this CD, i highly reccomend anyone buying it. This CD is great for people who are avid fans of the prodigy and dance, techno, electronic fans in general.
      The CD showcases the talent of the prodigy at the height of their popularity and although when you look at the tracklisting on the back of the CD you may not notice the names of all the tracks, when you start listening all the memories of certain parts of the nineties in particular will come flooding back to you.
      This CD really charts the development of the band over the years and has a really uplifting vibe to it. Whatever you are doing listening to this CD will make you do it faster and with more enthusiasm as you can't help but feel invigorated and refreshed when listening.
      Overal this is definately one of those Albums that you will listen to from the first track to the last and not just skip any songs that are fillers for the better songs like you seem to get on a lot of albums these days.


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      07.12.2008 00:45
      Very helpful



      Download the tracks you like best rather than buying the whole album- you might find this better!

      Prodigy- Their Law: The singles is basically a greatest hits package of all The Prodigy's best known songs that have been released over the last few years. As an occasional fan of the band, I had never bought one of their albums before and decided this was as good a time as any as I recognised the majority of the songs. I went the whole hog and bought the special edition which includes a bonus C.D of remixed tracks and live material also but, to be honest, I didn't think the second C.D was up to much as can sometimes be the case.

      The album begins with perhaps one of their most controversial singles that they have become best known for; Firestarter. As soon as those heavy beats begin pumping, most people will instantly recognise what is coming and with Keith's brash and violent vocals, the track is a true Prodigy classic!! It's not overly complicated, it is exactly what it says it is and this is one of the finest examples you can get of what The Prodigy are truly about. Subversion, anarchy and proper violent block-rocking beats...this is followed by the title track of the album, Their Law, which is just as definitive but more techno/dance inspired coming as it does from a much different era of the band's success.

      Track 3 is Breathe; another song featuring the scary vocals of lead singer, Keith. Once again, this is a Prodigy track everyone knows and loves and something you can really mosh too- though I don't recommend you do this whilst listening to the album in the car as you can get funny looks at traffic lights. This, for me, along with the equally awesome Smack My Bitch Up, which is track 5 on the album, sums up everything that is good about The Prodigy. They like to throw their music right in your face, right out there, and, if you don't like what they are saying, you get the impression that they really couldn't give a frack what you think. Maybe it's all an act but every time any of their critics begins to think they can fit The Prodigy into one particular pigeon-hole genre, they seem to come out with something completely different and even more subversive and tracks 1,3 and 5 are about as punk as you can get without actually being punk. This is the most aggressive dance music you are probably ever going to hear...

      Track 4 is the freaky number, Out Of Space- another song everyone has heard of and another firm favourite of mine. Taking an obscure sample and totally remixing it for another generation, The Prodigy have come up with something stirring whilst at the same time unique. Though in style nothing like anything that featured on the later Fat Of The Land album, this again is a good indication of everything that the band is about, and ultimately you get the real sense that, at their heart, The Prodigy really just like having fun and messing with your brain!

      After the highly controversial Smack My Bitch Up, which I have already mentioned and which is perhaps one of their most notorious tracks along with Firestarter, the album becomes much more dance/trance orientated. Some of it to be fair is not to my taste but stand-out tracks from here on out include for me Charley, taking a sample from that old public safety commercial that only adults of a certain age will be able to remember (ahem...*cough*); No Good (Start The Dance) and Everybody In The Place. All as aggressive as they are pumping and guaranteed to get hard-core ravers jumping to their feet and bouncing around each and every time!!!

      For me, the tracks that I have mentioned are the highlights, everything else on the album is just....okay. The Prodigy are one of those bands who, like I have mentioned, like to mix styles and keep their biggest critics on their toes. This, in my opinion, doesn't always work and though there will no doubt be some, if not many, who think this whole album is ace- for myself, it often just feels a bit like a car crash. Truly exhilarating and a real buzz for a while before ending in a mess of torn and broken limbs and all just going a bit Pete Tong. I almost wish I hadn't gone out and bought the album and, instead, just downloaded the tracks I wanted off Itunes. But for some reason, my anticipation of this album was greater than the actual results and once I'd heard the familiar tracks I clubbed to in my heady, happy hardcore youth, what was left really didn't inspire me at all. For an album that starts off so well. For me it just kind of disintegrates towards the climax just when it should be reaching its peak.

      The album is available fairly cheap on Ebay or Amazon and is about a year or so old now. Normally I would recommend buying a greatest hits package if you had not bought any albums by a band you liked before, but this is just as equally bad in parts as it is awe-inspiring in others. My advice- do what I didn't do and just find the album online and download the tracks you like the best rather than the whole thing. Because frankly this is just a bit too much for me like a mixed bag of sweets with only a few of your favourites left in there for you......four stars and only because I soooo love tracks like Breathe and No Good!!!


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        13.01.2006 17:47
        Very helpful



        The greatest singles released by The Prodigy

        “Charly says always tell your mummy before you run off somewhere" are the lyrics that will probably haunt my parents forever! Back in August 1991 a band known as 'The Prodigy' released an infamous song called Charly and it was constantly played at a very loud volume for weeks.... Almost fourteen years later, that song is still played at a loud volume on my Ipod.

        Charly was one of the most controversial songs of it time when it was released because the video played a clip of a government warning to always tell your parents where you were going and the cartoon figure used was a young child called Charley who had a cat and Charley Says was a short series of informational cartoons produced for children back in the 1970’s dealing with everyday issues such as not playing with matches, not taking sweets from strangers etc…

        Born and Bread in Essex The Prodigy emerged on the rave scene in the very early 1990's with their first single being called Evil Lurks and was put together by Liam Howlett and it became a massive hit with the rave scene and they followed on this success with the release of Charly in 1991 and then well-known hits such as Everybody in their place, Trip to Trumpton, Smack ma Bitch up and more recently Firestarter and Breathe were released.

        The Prodigy current consists of Liam Howlett on the keyboards and it was rumoured that due to Liam’s first keyboard purchase that the name Prodigy came about because it was called a Moog Prodigy, Keith Flint as the vocalist/dancer or the one with Green Hair in the firestarter video looking a bit like Vivian from The Young One’s with the piercing’s and finally Maxim Reality another vocalist and live MC. Previous members of the band include Leeroy Thornill a dancer who left the band in 2000 and female vocalist Sharkey who left in the early 1990’s.

        Musically The Prodigy have been described as pioneers to the rave scene with songs like Charly and Out of Space, but they have over time evolved and changed with the mood of music have released songs which could be classified as techno, hip-hop, punk and hard dance, whatever the music style of the moment, The Prodigy have adapted and drawn on a number of musical influences but one thing for sure is the fact that they have always courted controversy and believed in free speech.

        Since the 1990’s The Prodigy have released four other albums, well five if you include The Dirtchamber sessions from 1999 which was put together by Liam Howlett but isn’t classed as being The Prodigy, despite using the logo and name of the band.

        Their first album The Prodigy Experience was released back in 1992 and features hits such as Charly, Jericho and Out of Space and was the first ever album that I bought and is currently sat in my parents attic, this followed on with The Jilted Generation in 1994 featuring Voodoo people and Poison, The Fat of the Land in 1997 which for me is still the greatest album ever released by the Prodigy and it is here you will hear the sounds of Firestarter, Breathe and the very controversial Smack Ma Bitch Up. Finally Always outnumbered, Never Outgunned was released in 2004 and was the long-awaited follow-up album to The Fat of the land, and featuring the Gallagher brothers from Oasis on the song Shoot Down.

        Finally we have the greatest hits CD titled ‘Their Law’ is a complication of hits released between the years 1990 and 2005 spanning The Prodigy’s entire history. With over 16 songs to listen to, you will be hard pushed not to find yourself singing along to a majority of the tunes.

        So what do we have on this album, a mix of absolutely everything if I am totally honest because as I have said before it contains most of The Prodigy’s hits, which is exactly what a greatest hits album should do, include hits that every fan should have heard of. From the opening track on the album ‘Firestarter’ which also happens to be their biggest ever single, you can really feel the bands style and genre of music very clearly. The title track opens the album and really sets the scene for the whole album. Although each and every single track six different to the previous one, something unknown with most artists in the dance world, there is a good mix of fast and slower paced tracks, however as The Prodigy are in essence a dance act, they are not that slow pace, but there is still an opportunity to listen to The Prodigy through various stages of the techno, hip-hop and rave stage.

        For me The Prodigy will always be a reminder of my youth and the introduction to the rave scene and this CD is a must have for all those Prodigy fans. There is also a Limited Edition version available which features a lot of remixed and live songs and I can recommend this highly enough to anyone who remember The Prodigy back in the 1990’s and who may have followed them throughout their career.

        This CD is available from every online retailer, high street music stores and supermarkets, however prices do vary, so shop around before buying.

        On that note I am off to find my rave dummy and glow sticks to wave my arms aimlessly into the air as I jump around to this CD.

        **Extra Information**

        The Official Prodigy website can be found at www.theprodigy.com

        Tracks on the CD:
        1. Firestarter
        2. Their Law
        3. Breathe
        4. Out Of Space
        5. Smack My Bitch Up
        6. Poison
        7. Girls
        8. Voodoo People
        9. Charly
        10. No Good (start the dance)
        11. Spitfire
        12. Jericho
        13. Everybody In the Place
        14. One Love
        15. Hot Ride
        16. Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix) (Bonus track)


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