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This Left Feels Right - Bon Jovi

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    7 Reviews
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      03.04.2010 13:41
      Very helpful
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      Brilliant musical statement from a band with nothing to prove

      Why on earth is this only averaging 3 DooYoo stars?!? For me, this is one of bravest and best things Bon Jovi have ever done. Everyone knows their big hits like Livin' On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, It's my Life etc, so to have the confidence to take such well known songs to pieces and give them a complete reworking and new sound, takes guts, self belief and no shortage of musical skill.... Bon Jovi have all of those by the bucketload. Things kick off with Wanted Dead Or Alive - this is given a semi-accoutsic workover with JBJ's vocals deliberately made to sound crackley. It works wells & really evokes images of the wild west. Livin' On A Prayer is up next - this is more a rework of rework to be honest. Bon Jovi have had a different version of this song for years - gone is the staium anthem, this is slowed right down and the addition of a soulful female vocal by Olivia d'Abo work brialliantly. Next up is Bad Medicine, is also stripped of 80's rock sound and slowed down... again, it just works! It's My Life was another big stadium rocker - not here - it is now a ballad, complete with piano and string section :-) You Give Love A Bad Name is great fun, semi-accoustic again, but with a real laid back vibe to it - sounds like the band were having real fun. The next track is my favourite on the album - Born To Be My Baby is slowed down again from the oringal rocker - I just love it - the 'hummed' backing vocals just send a tingle down my spine - how often does any song do that? Its just a brilliant piece of musical arrangement. Keep The Faith also gets a fine reworking. The only slightly weaker songs are those where the original was a ballad - namely Always, I'll Be There For You & Bed of Roses. All fine songs, but in the company of such radically different versions of the other songs, these don't sound different enough from the originals compared to everything else on offer here. Bon Jovi purists may sneer at this album... ignore them. A previous reviewer has described this album as "a terrible dent in their reputation" - wrong - its precisely the opposite. This is musicianship at its finest from a band with nothing to prove.


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        21.01.2010 06:48
        Very helpful



        Bon Jovi reworked.


        Bon Jovi are one of the biggest selling Rock bands of all time. Their brand of Hard Rock was first heard in the 80's hair rock days and they are still going strong today with a different sound. In a career spanning 26 years they have sold over 120 million albums worldwide and have won many major awards in that time including being honored with the Award of Merit at the American Music Awards in 2004. They have released eleven studio albums and two compilations.

        **This Left, Feels Right**

        In 2003 Bon Jovi decided to re record some of their biggest hits in a new style, the concept came about after a Japanese TV Show where they performed some songs acoustically. The album was both a "trip down memory lane" and a kind of update to the kind of music they have done in the past few years. The album features a collaboration with Olivia D'Abo on "Livin on a Prayer". The album takes us all the way from 1983 to 2003, Marking their 20th Anniversary as a Band.

        1 Wanted Dead Or Alive
        2 Livin' On A Prayer ft Olivia D'Abo
        3 Bad Medicine
        4 It's My Life
        5 Lay Your Hands On Me
        6 You Give Love A Bad Name
        7 Bed Of Roses
        8 Everyday
        9 Born To Be My Baby
        10 Keep The Faith
        11 I'll Be There For You
        12 Always
        13 The Distance
        14 Joey

        **My Review**

        "Wanted Dead or Alive"

        The original "Wanted Dead or alive" was a track that started slow and burst into life, It typified their early Rock ballads and was one of the most fierce sounding tracks once it was in full flow. After nearly three minutes the song came to life with the fantastic guitar work from Richie Sambora.

        On the 2003 version the old sound is still somewhere in play with the hard edged guitar riff. Jon's vocals are through put through a vocal effect which sounds rather good and the backing vocals from Richie, Hugh and David add a nice effect, This is a good start and a track that has enough about it to be a good track on it's own.

        "Livin on A Prayer"

        The original is still played today I have even heard it in clubs, It had a great sound to it that built very well and had a memorable chorus and some typically excellent guitar work from Richie Sambora. Roll on seventeen years and we have the 2003 version which features Olivia D'Abo so what do I make of that version?.

        This is certainly a very different style, whereas the original was fast paced and very catchy. this is a much more laid back affair, Olivia D'Abo does a decent job on guest vocals with her airy emotive voice she adds another dimension to the lyrics. It may take a bit of time to get used to this one but you should enjoy it once you have got used to the difference.

        "Bad Medicine"

        The original was another very lively track which was one of the biggest hits for them in the 80's. It had the piano of David Bryan and the fine guitar of Richie Sambora which were both a constant feature of the track. This was another track with a great chorus which was sung very loudly by fans at their concerts.

        Whereas the original was bursting out of the speakers from the get go this is a much more laid back track which has a Country feel to open with and then moves into a darker stage which it should being a song about comparing love with drug addiction. Sambora's gentle guitar part has an Eric Clapton quality about it.

        "It's My Life"

        This was one of the most recent reworkings, the original was released three years before and was a fast paced opening to the album "Crush". It featured the return of the talk box from Richie Sambora and had some great drum parts and was a very catchy track indeed with another great chorus.

        Roll on three years and this is a lovely reworking of the track which has a great emotive feel with Jon's sombre vocals. This may be a lot slower but it still has that sing out loud chorus which is so key to this song. This is now A completely different track and it's done very well indeed. Fine reworking.

        "Lay Your Hands on me"

        This was another one of the Heavy Rock tracks which helped make them a huge international band. The original was six minutes long and had some great guitar work from Sambora and keyboard tones from David Bryan. It featured a long build up thanks to the great drum intro from Tico Torres. It built well and then you had that great chorus.

        The 2003 version has a much different intro to the original but it still has a similar drum part despite the accompanying acoustic guitar instead of electric. This is a good reworking which builds well and has a nice feel. Not as good as the original but a very decent mix all the same.

        "You give love a bad name"

        The original was a fast paced Heavy track which had an unforgettable riff and a great rhythm, The bass guitar was also a great feature of this track as it moved along with the Guitar from Sambora to create a dynamic duo. It was rated the 20th greatest Hard Rock track of all time on VH1.

        The 2003 version has a very interesting Blues feel tinged with Country, Jon's vocals are on the edge and this is a very different track which has a nice flow. This version features some nice guitar licks from Sambora and is a very decent reworking overall despite a few iffy moments vocally at the start. Just the style I think.

        "Bed of Roses"

        Although they were known for their big heavy rock tracks, It would be wrong to say they couldn't produce a great ballad and the original was a fabulous track which showed the tender side to the band. It still featured a fine solo and some heavier moments which led to the solo. This track was from "Keep the Faith".

        This track probably has the most similar style to the original, gone are the big moments leading up to the fine guitar solo and the solo itself but this is a very good reworking of the great track which substitutes the guitar solo for a lovely string section which adds a great touch to the feel of the song. I love both versions.


        The original was on the previous years album "Bounce" and was the lead single from that album. It had an old style opening and was very rhythmic. It was a return to their late 80's style and was one of the more up tempo tracks in recent years for Bon Jovi.

        The reworking is actually a little longer than the original which is possibly the only track which is longer than the original. It has a nice flow and Bon Jovi's vocal performance is emotive as usual. This is a good reworking and even though there's only a year between the two it's still a worthwhile reworking.

        "Born to be my baby"

        This is one of the lesser known hits from the band, It featured on their "New Jersey" album from 1988. The original was a very catchy fast paced track which sounded like a 90's track even though it was two years too early. As I said not one of the most well known tracks but still decent.

        The reworking has a similar feel to the reworking of Bed of Roses in the way Jon sings it. This is a very pleasant track but you may need to listen to both versions one after the other to get a sense of the reworking. A decent version in my opinion though.

        "Keep the Faith"

        This is one of their biggest hits and is another track which has great crowd participation when performed in concert. The original track had a superb bass guitar hook which opened the track, this was a very flowing track which was great all round musically. This was the title track from their 1992 album.

        The reworking is much more laid back and Jon's vocals are again very emotive, The string backing is lovely and adds another dimension to the overall feel of the track, Towards the end there is a guitar break which sounds a lot like something Bruce Springsteen would do. This is a very good reworking of the original.

        "I'll Be There for you"

        The original was a lovely ballad which had a great emotive bass guitar hook and the track built beautifully and was really emotively performed. It was one of their greatest ballads and was from the album "New Jersey" which was mostly filled with up tempo heavy rock tracks.

        This is a good reworking which keeps the emotion of the chorus and verses and the major differences musically are the different styles bass and then a kind of Beatles sound when the track is building up to the original guitar solo which is replaced with a very gentle strum. An interesting reworking.


        This is undoubtedly their biggest hit, sold an incredible 3 million copies worldwide. This is one of my favourite Bon Jovi tracks and probably favourite tracks of all time. The original showcases one of Jon's greatest vocal performances and one of Sambora's best ballad guitar solos too.
        The track was released in 1994.

        I love the original and this is a very very good reworking. It keeps the emotive quality of the original and the difference musically adds for an interesting feel. This is one of only two tracks on the album that was solely written by Jon Bon Jovi. "Bed of Roses" is the other.

        Bonus Tracks.

        "The Distance" from the album "Bounce"

        The original was a fusion between their older style and the new more laid back rock. It has elements of both where each one comes to the fore in turns. It's a decent track which is not one of their most well known recent tracks but still decent enough.

        This is a live version and is a flowing ballad which has some nice piano and backing vocals. It reminds me a little of recent Hanson mixed with The Goo Goo Dolls. A decent track but not one of the most captivating Live tracks. Still Decent though.

        "Joey" also from "Bounce"

        This is a very good piano led ballad which shows off the backing vocals from the other members except Tico who does not feature on backing vocals on the album. This is a good original version which is more the style that they have been doing recently.

        This is a really good live version of this song and I think it improves on the original, Jon's vocals are very strong and the song has a nice flow. It may not have that Heavy Rock spark of their older material but it's still a decent live track that sounds like a crowd pleaser if the cheers are anything to go by.


        There we have it, fourteen tracks on this album spanning nearly twenty years in the history of the Band. This Left, Feels Right is a worthwhile album in my opinion and has plenty on offer for long time Bon Jovi fans as well as casual fans and newcomers. In most places they may not be quite as good as the originals but there are close enough that it turns out to be a worthwhile experiment and I support the idea of more bands doing an album in this kind of format as I am sure they could come up with something as they no doubt experiment with different setups in the studio and in rehearsals and of course in live performances. This Left, Feels Right.


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          21.07.2009 23:48
          Very helpful



          One for the Bon Jovi fans

          Bon Jovi released 'This Left Feels Right' in 2003. I would describe it as an acoustic version of some of their greatest hits.
          Being a fan of Bon Jovi, I bought this album without hesitation, and was quite excited about listening to it.

          The album came about as the band thought about doing something different for the fans. They played an acoustic gig in Japan, lasting nearly four hours!
          The gig was recorded and was going to be released, but Jon Bon Jovi wasn't entirely happy with it.
          Still keen on making an acoustic record, the band brought in Pat Leonard who had worked on the 'Unplugged' albums with Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart, and as Jon said "it suddenly became a much bigger and much more interesting project".
          The album, from its inception in August, came together in just 23 days.
          The title 'This Left Feels Right' came from the band taking some of their best-known tracks and taking them..."as far left as possible without jumping off the cliff!"

          My thoughts were mixed on first listening to it. A few good tracks, and a few not so good. After a few plays, some of the not so good tracks began to grow on me, but there remains one or two which I don't really care for.

          The tracks :

          1. Wanted Dead Or Alive - the original version of this song is one of my favourite Bon Jovi songs, so this version had a lot to live up to, and I'm afraid it comes nowhere near! Jon's voice sounds distorted, and the music seems 'jumpy' with the odd blast of guitar thrown in. It is like some kind of weird remix and it just doesn't work for me.

          2. Livin On A Prayer - I was pleasantly surprised with this one as I couldn't imagine an acoustic, slowed down version of this. But it works! It is so different to the original and also features Olivia d'Abo on vocals with Jon. It is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

          3. Bad Medicine - I have never been keen on this track to start with, and this slowed down version does nothing for me either.

          4. It's My Life - This is without a doubt the best track on the album in my opinion. Jon does a great vocal on this and it works so well as a slow ballad. The original version of this is one of their biggest hits, and a massive crowd pleaser at concerts. Here it has been slowed right down, and you realise this song works as both a thumping crowd pleaser and slow acoustic track.

          5. Lay Your Hands On Me - This is one of the tracks I was not that keen on when I first listened to it, as this was another big number, slowed down and I didn't think it would work, but it has grown on me after a few listens. Jon and Richie harmonise well on the vocal.

          6. You Give Love A Bad Name - Whilst I like the original of this, I'm afraid this version just doesn't work for me at all, despite numerous listens. It is done here in a jazz-type style and just doesn't feel right at all. They went too far to the left with this one!

          7. Bed Of Roses - They couldn't really go wrong with this one as it is a slow track to begin with. This is the song Jon describes as his 'confessional', it is one of my favourite Bon Jovi tracks anyway, and one of the best songs on this album. The chorus has been changed slightly, but other than that it is just an acoustic version of the original song.

          8. Everyday - I was surprised to find this here. A single from the 'Bounce' album, it was in its original form, a catchy rock track. This slow, acoustic version has a totally different arrangement from the original, and whilst it is not one of the best tracks on the album, I do like it.

          9. Born To Be My Baby - This is another one of those tracks that has grown on me. I do like the original, which is catchy and up-tempo, but I found myself liking this slower version more and more each time I listened to it.

          10. Keep The Faith - One of the biggest and best Bon Jovi songs stripped down to the bare bones, and it works! It is totally different from the original, but is another of my favourites on here.

          11. I'll Be There For You - This is a song I really like, but having seen Bon Jovi perform this live on three occasions, with Richie Sambora always taking the lead vocal ( and doing a fantastic job!) this just doesn't work for me here with Jon singing it. There is nothing wrong with Jon's vocal but I have came to think of this as Richie's song now, and nothing else will do!
          This version is ok but does have a strange Beatles- ish feel to it in the middle, which I think seems out of place.

          12. Always - Brilliant! After It's My Life, this is the next best track on the album for me. It is worth buying the album for these two tracks alone in my opinion! This of course is a slow track anyway, but here is an excellent acoustic version.

          13. The Distance - This is the first of two bonus tracks included. I really like this, as it is one of my favourite tracks from the 'Bounce' album.

          14. Joey - Another bonus track, and again it is a track taken from the 'Bounce' album. Both the bonus tracks were slow tracks in their original form, so not changed too much. They are both good acoustic versions and finish the album off nicely.

          Overall I do like this album, but I think it would be fans of the band that own this album or are most likely to buy it.

          The only gripe I have is that on their 'Crush' Tour a few years back they performed an excellent, slowed down acoustic version of 'Runaway' which was absolutely fantastic, and I would have loved for it to have been included on this album.
          That said, it is still a good album and worth buying for the 3 or 4 stand out tracks alone.

          My CD also came with a bonus DVD including concert footage and extras.

          This Left Feels Right is available to buy from Amazon priced at £9.98


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            09.02.2009 11:54
            Very helpful



            I really do not recommend this album to anyone.

            I have been a big fan of Bon Jovi for many years and in particular, Jon Bon Jovi himself. I do think he is a bit of a cad but that does not stop me from liking him a lot! I appreciate that Bon Jovi are not the greatest musicians to ever walk the earth, but I think they have produced a large number of very enjoyable songs over the years. They are probably best known for songs like "Livin' on a Prayer" and "Always", both of which appear on this album.

            This is not exactly a greatest hits album in the conventional sense. Bon Jovi decided to go one further and make this an accoustic style greatest hits album. I cannot help but feel that only a limited amount of thought went into this and that they largely just rehashed a series of old songs in a slightly new way for the sake of increasing their sales.

            "Livin' on a Prayer" is one of my favourite songs. I used to love going to see Bon Jovi in concert when I was a little bit younger and this was always my favourite track performed live. However on this album, it has been reworked beyond recognition! It is slow, drawn out and the lyrics are just drawled in a manner that does not suit the point of the song.

            There is little to say about the other tracks on this album as they are all rather much the same. They are sung with minimal musical backing and they are nearly all slowed right down to a lullabye. It does not suit the rock lyrics in pretty much every song on the album.

            I think Bon Jovi were pulling our legs with this one. It is like they have done a really bad cover album of their own greatest hits. I would not recommend this to anyone.


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              09.02.2009 04:46
              Very helpful



              I don't like this album. I'm the great fan of Bon Jovi. But with this album, I was very disappointed

              _Bon Jovi This Left feel is Right_

              ==Dead or Alive==

              This version is similar to the club remix version of Dead or Alive. Firstly, it seems certain that the bad song choice, and secondly (and worse) that also in this context obviously not good. In other words, even if he had to do the song * A / remix kind of form, would do much more than the cold. Sounds like old guys trying to hip, with planned and asked blade exceeded remix effects. The song is very linearly, with very few new ideas are furnished with. This will definitely set the tone for the rest of the album.

              ==Livin On A Prayer==

              I think it works better than most. The main feature of this is the use of Olivia d'Abo. Initially, I was puzzled why we have an actress, a little to sing. Then, with a little track, I discovered that the woman is the producer. Ah-ha. It is not a bad job and has a voice, but it would have been a better choice in my opinion. It is also quite a trip, if for the first time - we are so accustomed to hear Richie sings this part, then this woman's voice into the game .. Sounds like the beginning of helium-rich. But after a little better to hear. Once again, the song is fairly linear. Only law. And how many other songs of the album, Jon has to change the melody, and ends sounded like the singing of the harmony, as the initiative.

              ==Bad Medicine==

              I never liked the song, with this version is locked and blues, not much. For most of the songs sounds like the song Jon respect and low, even in the choir. They want their torsos, and at all, unless for a few laps in verse track.

              ==It's My Life==

              - Yes, this is one of the reasons for buying the CD. Me, this version of its recent success embodies what should * have been. It is completely different than the original, but exactly the same song melodically and chordally. It is an unforgettable ballad piano and strings and Jon, it seems unbelievable. You find what the best song is when you hear in this context

              ==Lay Your hands on me==

              Bon Jovi composed it well. Acoustic version is very matching with this song. I'd prefer to hear this one than the previous version.

              ==you give love a bad name==

              Bad.. bad.. bad version of it.. I don't like. I'm the big fans of Bon Jovi but it's very disappointing. Don't hear this song.

              ==Bed of Roses==

              I like it so much. The percussion, strings, acoustic guitar riffs. Perfect. I just don't like playing solo from Richie. It's hanging and meaningless. If they omit that parts, that'd be better.

              ==Everyday ==

              Very disappointing. They couldn't make it. It just like some weird versions of "Everyday".

              ==Born to be my baby==

              This song is great. But, in some particulars ways, there are some lack of senses. I can't let my mind flows with this song. The upbeat tempo is good. The arrangement also great. However, it's still worse song than everyday.

              ==Keep the faith==

              The original version is very rock. Then they made it with the acoustic one. Well, not bad., I like it. But it's still ordinary.

              ==Ill be there for you ==

              that's almost great. It is a beautiful song that is always very good. However, changing the arrangements on the song and the melody has focused on the chorus, it is much more boring. And once again, emphasizes Jon singing an octave below the point where you want him to sing. The song is not really go - the last chorus the same passion as the first chorus (or its absence).


              I'm disappointed with Jovi's voice. His angelic voice seems gone. This is a bad re-arrange version.


              I don't like this album. I'm the great fan of Bon Jovi. But with this album, I was very disappointed. I like his ballad. I want my old Jovi back! Just buy this album if you are the big fan of Jovi.

              This review also published in ciao.com


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                12.01.2004 20:47
                Very helpful



                Following three successful tours in the last four years, with the most recent being the Bounce tour, Bon Jovi have finally decided to release their "acoustic" album. After teasing many fans during the last tour by announcing that certain concerts would be acoustic, and the disappointment that some British fans felt at not being the lucky ones to have an acoustic gig played on their home turf, I thought that this album would make up for missing out on the acoustic concerts. Bon Jovi have been my favourite band since I was 10, and I have always loved hearing their songs done in acoustic style, prior to this album we had to make do with snippets that were downloaded from the net, as there was very few Bon Jovi acoustic songs available to buy. This Left Feels Right, is described as "greatest hits, with a twist" and that is certainly what it is. Fans were treated to sections of the songs days before the album was released - I managed to avoid them, wanted to hear the songs in their entirety before deciding if I liked them or not. I suppose I was expecting a different type of album from the one we got. I was expecting a stereotypical acoustic - unplugged type of album, instead we got a version where the songs were totally broken down, right back down to the basics and then built up again, slowed down and put to a different beat. It is strange for a die hard fan to hear the songs that you have known and loved for years changed in this way- If I am honest, some of them I love, and some I absolutely hate. I think it's best described in this way - Easy Listening Bon Jovi. To me, Bon Jovi should never be easy listening. Let me tell you a little more about the actual album: The version that I have is the Limited edition one that came with a bonus DVD. On the front cover there is a man sitting on a suitcase with Bon Jovi written on it in all styles that have been used on Bon Jovi albums over the years. The b
                ack shows a picture of t he band sitting in a grassy area at Sanctuary II (Jon Bon Jovi's recording studio). Track 1: Wanted Dead or Alive. Usually this song is a real show stopper at concerts, a real cowboy song. This version of dead or alive has the same basic backing beat as the original, but has Jon's voice sounding somewhat synthesized. You can hear the whole band singing in the chorus, again sounding synthesized - it just sounds like they stuck all their voices onto a computer and fiddled around a bit and came up with this. It is not up there with the best. Track 2: Livin' On A Prayer featuring Olivia d'Abo. Even if you're not a Bon Jovi fan, you know this song. The story of the song is about a couple called Tommy and Gina, who are just getting by in life - livin' on a prayer. The original is very upbeat and positive. This version contains Olivia d'Abo's vocals, which give the song a whole different feel. D'Abo's voice gives the song a vulnerable sound to it - as if Gina is actually singing the words. The track sounds totally different from the original, and I really quite like it! Track 3: Bad Medicine. This is yet another Bon Jovi song that should never have been slowed down. Quite frankly it bores me. I do have a giggle at the changes of the lyrics that have been made to make it fit with the new backing music. Again, the music sounds nothing like the original. Obviously Richie Sambora has played a huge part in this track; there is a lot of guitar involvement. Track 4: It's my Life. I thought I would hate it, but I love it. Its My Life is probably the best known Bon Jovi song that has been released over the last few years. Usually an extremely upbeat song, this is slowed way down and it is a brilliant piece. It's My life is turned into a beautiful ballad. Track 5: Lay Your Hands on Me. This track sounds good. It hasn't been slowed dow
                n as much as the others have, and that is probably what makes it stand out from some of the others. Track 6: You Give Love A Bad Name. This track has got a whole different sound , I suppose it could be described as a bit of rhythm and blues. This is usually a massive anthem type song, but it is somewhat unremarkable in this form. Track 7: Bed of Roses Bed of Roses was always a beautiful ballad, and it remains so on this track. It is not changed too much, in that Jon sings it in a very similar style as the original. I really like this. In recent concerts it has been felt that Jon has had difficulty in reaching the high notes, well this version does away with the higher notes that were always contained within this song. Track 8: Everyday This is an interesting version of Everyday. I was never all that keen on the original, but this song has maintained a real Bon Jovi feel to it. Track 9: Born to be my Baby Born to be my baby has to be one of my all time favourite Bon Jovi songs. I love the upbeat nature of the entire song in its original form. After hearing all of the previous songs, I was convinced that I would hate this version. I was very very pleasantly surprised. They have transformed this into a beautiful ballad, and I would have to say that this is my favourite of all the re-working. Track 10: Keep the Faith This is a really listenable track, especially if you want to relax. Its totally different from the original. Track 11: I'll be there for you I'll be there for you has turned into a very relaxing song, when I listen to it, I could very easily fall asleep - Bon Jovi have turned into music to fall asleep to! Track 12: Always How could someone change the popular ballad, Always and get away with it? It's actually ok. What it lacks though, is the feeling that made the original so good. I think that's it, I've put my finger on it. This entire album lack
                s the passion that all Bon Jovi songs have that make them such popular songs. BONUS TRACKS: The Distance Joey The Bonus tracks were exactly what I had expected of the entire album, pure acoustic, unplugged Bon Jovi. They are brilliant pieces. The bonus DVD contains footage taken from the AOL sessions that were recorded on 3rd Dec. 2002. It includes: Love for Sale Someday I'll be Saturday Night Joey Misunderstood Diamond Ring Blood on Blood Again, these tracks are exactly what I had expected from the album, so it made buying the album worth while. There are no menus on the DVD, it plays the whole way through from start to finish and then restarts from the beginning again. It was obviously an afterthought - an afterthought that makes the entire album worth buying. While I am one of the biggest Bon Jovi Fan?s out (OK- don't laugh too hard), I will admit when they do not come up to scratch, and this is one of those occasions. The only thing that saves this CD is the DVD and the bonus tracks. Without them it wouldn't be worth buying. This album will be embraced by fans, but it is not one that someone who is not a fan will go out of their way to buy. The music from this album was played live Borgatta (USA) just before Christmas on 2 nights for a DVD recording. The band have said that it will be the only time that these tracks are played live. Thank Goodness. I love Bon Jovi, but I love them the way they are, the way their songs were originally wrote. *I've given this an overall rating of 4 stars - mainly due to the excellence of the DVD*


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                  21.11.2003 01:06
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                  "This Left Feels Right" is probably best described as Bon Jovi's acoustic set of their greatest hits. As well as being acoustic every song in the set is reduced in pace whether it be lyrically or musically. It is definitely a different sound and does take a bit of getting used to. At its worst it approaches bad karaoke but at its best it is an enjoyable reworking of some classic material. The track list as follows (the version I have is the international version which contains "The Distance" as a bonus track) this can be bought at www.play.com the British version is identical minus this track (link to cd is http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title&r=CD&title=141624&p=34&c=&g=48) 1. Wanted Dead Or Alive This is one of the weaker tracks on the album. It has a lively opening, which is probably why it was chosen to be the opening track on the album. It sounds like Jon's voice has been altered and the chorus is little better sounding than a few drunken guys in the pub! Definitely one that will be skipped a lot on subsequent playing. (4/10) 2. Livin' On A Prayer Featuring Olivia D'Abo This is a far more interesting track. The tune is almost unrecognisable and its not 'til the lyrics start that it sounds familiar. The additional lyrics of Olivia D'Abo bring a fresh sound to the track. Having played it to death in every concert I imagine this is one of the songs they were keenest to apply a new approach to. The original is probably an easier track to convert to an acoustic and as a result this is one of the standout tracks. (8/10) 3. Bad Medicine Another song which lends itself to heavy guitars but produces an interesting acoustic track. The main part of this song was always the chorus and this is maintained albeit in an understated way. It is strangely appealing and definitely one of the more listenable tracks.(7/10) 4.
                  It's My Li fe This was a real surprise; the original is ok but nothing outstanding. However, it converts brilliantly, a slight echo has been added to Jon?s voice and as a ballad it is an excellent song. Certainly one of the few that may be commercially viable as a single, although even this track would struggle in the charts. (9/10) 5. Lay Your Hands On Me Another that is famous for the guitars and a loud chorus. This time it has been slowed a little but not as much as the others. It is a decent track without being a stand out. (6/10) 6. You Give Love A Bad Name This is a strange sound. Almost like a jazz song. Jon tries to put on a jazz voice and although it?s admirable to try a different sound it simply does not work. It is probably the track that has the most karaoke sound about it on the whole album. A major disappointment. (3/10) 7. Bed Of Roses Probably the song that was most suited to this style. The problem here was making it sound different from the previous version of the song. In truth it just sounds slightly different, there is probably more emphasis on the vocals than before, which is not a bad thing. (8/10) 8. Everyday I loved the original of this track but felt a bit let down by this version. The opening doesn?t really go anywhere, it does pick up after a minute or so and probably merits its place on the album, just. (5/10) 9. Born To Be My Baby This is the opposite, a track which starts promisingly enough. The verses are well suited to this type of music but the chorus causes real problems and as a result it is a song which seems rushed through at points. It is very enjoyable the chorus apart. (7/10) 10. Keep The Faith Another that needed a fresh sound. I had previously heard this unplugged where they played it with as much energy as possible and it was excellent. Here they have gone for the very s
                  low version again. Although this is one of my favourite every Bon Jovi tracks this version does nothing for me. A decent enough effort but not one fitting such a great song. (6/10) 11. I'll Be There For You I had real hopes for this song. It is one that relies on Jon?s voice more than the others. If anything this is a quicker version which takes a bit of getting used to. On the plus side it is easier to sing along with! I do like this version and can see it being one of the ones I listen to most. (8/10) 12. Always I have to admit that this is the song I was looking forward to the most. I imagine most people will be the same and that is why it?s kept ?til the end of the album. It is a magnificent version of the song and is full of feeling and emotion. Worth buying the album for alone. (10/10) 13. The Distance (International Bonus Track) More of an audience participation on this one which helps the build up. It is a great closing track and finishes the album on a real high. Why it is only on the international release is beyond me. (9/10) Overall (90/130) To be honest this is not an album that will attract any new fans to Bon Jovi. Their following seemed to grow massively with the release of the actual greatest hits (Crossroads) but this won?t happen here. It is a worthwhile addition to any fans collection but offers little to anyone else. There are too many weak moments, some bordering on self-indulgent. This album could only have been made with existing material that fans were familiar with, had it been new material I am sure it would have bombed. However, I am glad I bought it and anticipate listening to it a fair bit. If nothing else they deserve praise for trying something a bit different. Although more cynical people will see it as an easy option to cash in on the Christmas sales. Finally, I have recommended the album below as it is most likely fans that will
                  be reading this.


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