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This War Is Ours - Escape the Fate

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Genre: Hard rock & Metal - Hardcore / Artist: Escape the Fate / Release Date: 2008 / Music Label: Epitaph

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2012 15:20
      Very helpful



      Great riffs, great first album with Craig Mabbitt. Highly recommend.

      With the departure of Ronnie Radke after the explosive first album 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion', Escape the Fate had a lot to live up to, especially seeing as they now had a new lead singer, Craig Mabbitt (formerly the front man for blessthefall). Escape the Fate made their debut a big one, and gained many fans and followers because of it, so everyone was a bit sceptical whether Craig could step into Ronnie's shoes and keep leading Escape the Fate in a positive direction. This album proved that he was better than people imagined!

      The members present for this album were Craig Mabbitt (vocalist), Bryan 'Monte' Money (guitarist), Max Green (bassist) & Robert Ortiz (drummer).

      1) We Won't Back Down
      An impressive start to a new album with a new front man. Maybe a statement song? Showing that Escape the Fate are never going to give up, even with the original front man gone from the scene, even with all the abuse received by Max from angry fans at the replacement of Ronnie? Who knows, it makes a good song no matter what the meaning behind it, and it's certainly showing that the war is theirs.

      2) On to the Next One
      A dirty bass to start with, and it's phenomenal, it indicates that the song is going to be a good one, and keeps you listening. There is the 'Escape the Fate style' all over this song, the great guitar, bass and drums topped with the great generic yet unique style to the whole song with regards to the lyrics. It could be forgotten, but then at the same time, unforgettable, it's definitely a great song, granted, not the best song on the album, but still great at the same time.

      3) Ashley
      This song makes me happy, and makes me want to dance. It's so up-beat and so feel-good. Although this song sounds soppy, there are no guitar solos, there are no amazing riffs, it's still a great song, it's still Escape the Fate, it's still unique, it's still like no other song you've heard. So as generic as it sounds, it sounds like something you've never heard before. Escape the Fate are so good at doing this, and it astounds me every time.

      4) Something
      A nice, slow, sentimental song. The lyrics are meaningful and they touch you. It says what you want to say in certain situations. Ever felt like you fell for the wrong person & you wished you were with someone else!? This song says just that, and is a great feel-good sad song, if that makes sense? Even though you feel like the song is building up, it really isn't, but it doesn't mean its a bad song just because it doesn't 'drop' or build up to anything dramatic. The song is great as it is and doesn't need anything dramatic, I do think it would ruin the song if there was anything of the sort present.

      5) The Flood
      The first song released off their album...in a 'competition' format where 50,000 people had to be present on BuzzNet at any one time to unlock the album track...and not only unlock it but Escape the Fate were overly generous and let anyone download and listen to it for free, anyone, not just the 50,000 people who unlocked it! This probably worked so well due to the anticipation of hearing Craig with Escape the Fate. Fans were not disappointed, and it is such a show stopper of a first single off the album. Craig really proves himself in this song. The build up part way through the song is insane, you know the drop is going to happen, and it does, and when it does it really doesn't disappoint.

      6) Let it Go
      This song sounds to me a lot like a mixture of 'Ashley' & 'Something', but then soon changes my mind when the singing starts. It's very abrupt and to the point, but interesting, and fantastic. The chorus is catchy, yet not the catchiest on the album, and yet again not the best song off the album. I really do like the style of this song, it's hard to explain how it is, but give it a listen, it's a unique style, which I have never heard in another song before.

      7) You are so Beautiful
      The chorus is same-old, same-old. You've probably heard this kind of chorus in a thousand other songs before, but the verses are what makes the song. They're the uniqueness Escape the Fate do so well, it's just a shame that the chorus is generic, that's what really makes this song fall a bit flat.

      8) This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)
      My most favourite song off the entire album. Monte gets the riffs down to a t, and makes the song exciting, and new. The build up to the song starts straight away and doesn't back down at all, a great, promising start to the song! The screaming on Craig's behalf is great, as with his singing, they've got the balance perfect. A catchy chorus, in fact a catchy song all round, and may I say, a sensational song to see performed live! They are as great at this song in the studio as they are live...and Monte nails the riff perfect everytime I've seen them! This song proves that Craig really is doing the band good.

      9) 10 Miles Wide (feat. Josh Todd)
      An awesome riff to open the song with, and followed by Craig's equally awesome voice. The song is great...the whole layout of it, the way it rises and falls, the beat, the way in which the way the verses collaborate with Josh Todd from Buckcherry work so well, and his voice is so suited to Craig's for a split second you could believe it was Craig singing.

      10) Harder Than You Know
      A really slow song, a beautiful sung and planned out song. It's meaningful and you do feel every word that Craig sings, it's deep and lovely. You're not expecting a drop within this song, it's beautiful the way it is, it really doesn't build up that much...but why should it when they're trying to keep a simple, beautiful song? Escape the Fate isn't all about the riffs, and they prove it greatly with this song. The fact that this song gets heavier towards the end doesn't ruin it, it's a lovely surprise, and reminds me a lot of a Guns 'n' Roses song for some reason!

      11) It's Just Me
      A 'fun' start to a song, and almost acoustic from Craig, it makes you feel like Craig is 'creeping' away when singing this beginning. The song does pick up, and very well, it goes straight into the chorus after Craig's acoustic part...and the chorus, while short, is catchy and makes you sing along! A great toe-tapping song, that makes you watch the video in your head...even though there is no official music video you imagine your own up. It's a great ending to a great album, and finishes in a dramatic way. Bravo Escape the Fate! You've produced an amazing album all over again!

      A running total of 40minutes and 7seconds you would think is a short amount of time for an 11 track album, but in fact the songs are all great, no matter how short some are, or how long some are. Escape the Fate definitely made their comeback with Craig worthwhile and I can only imagine big things will happen with this band over the coming years.
      The riffs are awesome, Monte is a god of guitar. Craig's voice, although not Ronnie's is fantastic and definitely suits Escape the Fate's style. Listen to this album, don't do the whole "Oh I only like Ronnie so I won't like Escape the Fate", it's worth a listen, and even if you choose not to like it, that's fine, but Escape the Fate are still fantastic no matter who the lead singer is.


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