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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge: Parental Advisory - My Chemical Romance

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15 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: My Chemical Romance / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2004-09-06 at Reprise

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    15 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 22:28
      Very helpful



      My Chemical Romance at their best

      I've been a fan of My Chemical Romance for many years, and quite obsessivly listened to all of their albums. This was the first of their albums I purchased after a friend introduced me to them. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge has and will always be my absolute favourite of MCR's. I think this album is by far, their best album ever released to be perfectly honest. Everything about this album is amazing, it's title, the cover art, the lyrics, just everything.

      Released in 2004, My Chemical Romance's second album contains thirteen tracks, all ranging from two minutes to near enough four, excluding Interlude which is only fifty seven seconds. The tracks are as followed:

      1. Helena
      2. Give 'Em Hell, Kid
      3. To The End
      4. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
      5. I'm Not Okay (I promise)
      6. The Ghost Of You
      7. The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
      8. Interlude
      9. Thank You For Your Venum
      10. Hang 'Em High
      11. It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's a F**king Deathwish
      12. Cemetery Drive
      13. I Never Told You What I Do For a Living

      Most of the songs from this album are very meaningful, not like the ridiculous mainstream songs that are on the charts today. For example, 'Helena' was written about the lead singer, Gerard Way and bass player, Mikey Way's late grandmother Elena. With the way Gerard sings the lyrics of each song, you can really feel his emotions, his pain. This album produced three singles, 'Helena', 'The Ghost Of You' and 'I'm Not Okay (I promise)', all have their own amazing video, my favourite being 'Helena', with 'The Ghost of You' coming in at second. My absolute favourite song from this album, and the first My Chemical Romance song I heard is the fast paced, energetic 'It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish'.

      I don't think you will ever come across a band that sound even similar to My Chemical Romance, if there is ever a My Chemical Romance album you buy, make it this one, it is their very best work, nothing could EVER compare. I could praise this album forever, but could never think of enough words to describe how brilliant it actually is. I would recommend this album, and even the band (who sadly are no longer together) to absolutely anybody, although I wouldn't suggest this particular album for younger ears.


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      24.02.2011 20:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An amazing album by an amazing band!

      Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is the second studio album released by the band My Chemical Romance. It was released in 2004 so it isn't a particularly new album but in my opinion it is better than their newer records. The tracks included on this album are as follows:

      1. "Helena"
      2. "Give 'Em Hell, Kid"
      3. "To the End"
      4. "You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison"
      5. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
      6. "The Ghost of You"
      7. "The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You"
      8. "Interlude"
      9. "Thank You for the Venom"
      10. "Hang 'Em High"
      11. "It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish"
      12. "Cemetery Drive"
      13. "I Never Told You What I Do for a Living"

      In my opinion, there are some really great tracks on this album and I would say some of the songs on this album (Thanks For The Venom in particular) are the best songs they've ever produced in their entire time as a band.

      "Helena" - This song starts slow and quiet for the first few seconds and then it gets into the main part of the song with the tempo greatly increasing as the drums and backing singer comes into action more. After a while the track slows down again for the chorus before speeding up again for the verse and this pattern is repeated throughout the song. I like this song because it has lyrics which I can associate with, although I would have to say that the lyrics aren't really recommended for children and young teenagers given the subject matter. This is fairly typical of a My Chemical Romance track though because they tend to sing about fairly touchy subjects like this.

      "Give 'Em Hell Kid" - This song has quite an unusual beginning. It doesn't sound much like My Chemical Romance to begin with but then the typical sound comes back and you realise it is My Chemical Romance. The subject matter again is a little touchy in places and includes words which are unsuitable for a younger audience. In this track I particularly like the part at the start which is different to the general My Chemical Romance sound because it shows that the band doesnt just have a generic sound. I like the way there is some talking in the background in places as well.

      "To The End" - This song has a good start, getting straight into the main subject matter which I think is a good thing, although it may not be the best of things for younger audiences again because of the subject matter. I think the way the lyrics have been written is certainly very clever though. I like the way the song appears to have some sort of storyline to it which adds to the general appeal of the song. If you didn't understand the effects of certain drugs and things like that though, some of the song wouldn't make much sense to the audience. However I think My Chemical Romance were assuming their target audience would have some generic understanding of the drugs mentioned. Due to the mention of drugs, this song could be classed as needing parental guidance I feel.

      "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" - This song starts with a quieter sound but then leads up to more of a loud and full on noise which I feel works well because the subject sounds like it could be about protests and rebellion to some degree. However I still feel that this track is also not suitable for children to listen to because of several mentions of suicide, murder and general death. The general sound of the song is certainly good though. I like the way the music remains fairly constant throughout and only really alters to incorporate he change in the voice of Gerard Way, the main singer of My Chemical Romance. I think the half-screamo sort of sound at the end of the track should be louder though because otherwise it is hard to hear what he is saying.

      "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" - This song has a much longer introduction than any of the previous songs. The song sounds more like a pop song than the other ones on the album. I think that this isn't necesarily a bad thing though given that it probably is one of their most well known songs from this album. It has to therefore be aimed at a wider range of people than the other tracks perhaps are. The subject of this song is less likely to be offensive to children as well. I think the general song is more tame than many of the others they wrote in their earlier days. I like the way there are almost two voices in this song, one portraying the "I'm okay" side of things and the other repeating "I'm Not Okay" as well.

      "The Ghost of You" - The first time I heard this song I actually hated it. It doesn't have the usual liveliness of My Chemical Romance and therefore I thought it seemed pretty much like a waste of time. However, I do now quite like it since listening to the lyrics a bit more and watching the music video for it. Now it all seems to make a lot more sense. The subject of the song (I think) is about a loved one dying at war and never coming home, although their presence is still there. This is what is portrayed by the music video anyway and I think it works well with this track. Of course it can be interpreted in many different ways though so it is up to the listener how they wish to interpret it. This song is generally quieter and slower than the other tracks on this album which can be a good thing because it shows the versatility of the band. The ending on this track leads very well into the next song on the album;

      "The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You" - This song is much more lively when compared to the previous one. It almost makes up for the slowness of the other one with hiow lively it is, in fact. The lyrics mention suicide in the second verse however so again, not really the sort of track that should be played around children. This song is quite catchy but it is also quite repetitive at times which is something I don't particularly like in a song. However after a lot of repetition it does go on to something completely different before going back to the repetitive part which I think works in this case. The way Gerard Way sings makes you want to sympathise with him in this song which I also think is good.

      "Interlude" - After the liveliness of the previous track, this one seems almost pointless it's so quiet and still. It makes a nice change from their usual style again I suppose but to be honest, this isn't a track I like much at all. I generally skip over it because it almost makes me feel depressed with how slow and sad it seems.

      "Thank You For The Venom" - This is my favourite track on this album. I love how lively it sounds and how Gerard Way's voice sounds in it. I love the lyrics and I love the general sound of it. I love the anger and passion in the voice of the singer and the way that it has been done and in general, well I love this song. It always makes me feel motivated. Again though, I wouldnt recommend it for children because of the subject of the song. It is essentially about murder and suicide again. While the subject matter is fairly gruesome in reality, the way it has been tackled here is interesting because it has been done in such a happy and lively manner. It truly is quite an interesting track actually.

      "Hang 'Em High" - As I'm sure you can tell from the title, again it's not suitable for children. This is another track that I like on this album though. It has a western feel to it, like some sort of wild west track. And then in comes the screaming and shouting and it suddenly goes back to the typical My Chemical Romance track. I love the line "Would I die for you? Well here's your answer in spades!" because of the fact that he said it in such an amusing way rather than just saying "of course" like would be the typical response to a western love story in the wild west style films everyone has seen hundreds of. This is probably the most liveliest song on the entire album and it certainly makes me want to move but then at the end it does get extremely repetitive which as I said earlier does annoy me somewhat. It almost ruins the song but then it redeems itself when the chorus comes in again at the end because I pretty much forget about the repeating from before. All in all, a great song if you want to be livened up a bit.

      "It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish" - This song sounds a but like the start of an old nineties' tv show but I can't remember what one it was. But anyway, this is another of those lively tracks but it's not quite as lively as the previous one. It has several drum rolls in it which I think keeps the pace going well and introduces the next bit well. I like the speed of the song in this case as it keeps it moving along nicely without being too fast. This song seems to tell a story as well, having quite a detailed description of the song. However as usual with My Chemical Romance, I think this wouldn't be suitable for children with the fact that it mentions writing on the walls in blood and things like that.

      "Cemetery Drive" - This song sounds like people marching throughout with the way the drum beat is in this song. This is because it is meant to be about the walking dead and the fact that it is set in a cemetery (hence the title). It suggests however that the "walking dead" are actually living people with severe depression who therefore don't feel anything and feel they belong in the cemetery. There is also a hint of the idea that they are perhaps there because they are with a friend who is dead. Again as I'm sure you guessed by now, not really the sort of song that is suitable for children to be listening to.

      "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living" - As usual, this song is not suitable for children in my opinion given the subject matter being several things which are not suitable for children to hear, although admittedly it is said in a manner that children may not understand anyway. I feel it should still not be heard by them though. Towards the end, admittedly, it does become more explicit though. I think this song is another of those which is very catchy and you're likely to pick it up very quickly having only heard it a few times. It's the sort of thing that gets stuck in you head as well which can get a bit annoying but you'll never get tired of hearing it.

      Overall, I love this band and this album is probably one of the best albums they've ever produced. I love the songs (minus one which I don't overly like) and I love their general sound as a band. Brilliant album but parental guidance advisory.


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        17.12.2010 23:51



        A great album which, if you like, will leave you hungry for more.

        Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is definitely My Chemical Romance's breakthrough with many 'hits' from the emotional Ghost of You to the inspirational I'm Not Okay.

        As a band, MCR produce fantastic music every time they try, however, do be warned, just because you liked one of their other songs or a song you heard on the radio, does not mean you will like this album in it's entirety. If you listen to the album all the way through, the songs do sound like they were written by the same band, but if you listen to one of their singles from this album, along side one of the more unpopular tracks, you might question it as some of these songs have a more 'grungey', 'screamo' feel to them which others don't.

        This sums up MCR as a whole that they are not a band to be concluded by one song, however this is a great album in my opinion and I strongly advice any potential fan to give it a chance as I did at the tender age of 11 and I'm still in love with it.


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        21.07.2009 20:53
        Very helpful



        The legendary album that's loved by all

        In 2004, My Chemical Romance released an album which left the world gobsmacked. Five talented men from New Jersey had their wildest dreams come true when their uplifting album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, was released, following their debut album I brought you my bullets, You brought me your love in 2001. I have personally been extremely impressed by the quality of the songs and music in that particular album. They do differentiate from the previous album, mainly in the sense that their lyrics hold a deeper, more intense aspect to them. The singers and musicians of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge include:

        * Gerard Way: Front man and singer
        * Ray Toro: Guitar
        * Frank Iero: Guitar
        * Mikey Way: Bass
        * Bob Bryar: Drums

        The fast, pounding melodies basically describe the story of two lovers who are tragically separated when the man dies in a gunfight, in the middle of a desert. In order to regain his life and see his lover once more, the man makes a pact with the devil, offering the souls of a thousand evil man in return for his life. The album's greatest songs are the singles Helena, I'm Not Okay (i promise) and The Ghost of You. Helena, my personal favorite, is the first song on the album. This emotional song is a tribute to Gerard's grandmother who had always believed in his musical potential. What is really interesting about this song is that it clearly shows the different stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Thus Helena is about the fear and pain of losing someone. The reason why I have particularly been impressed by Helena is because the music is haunting and intense, and it matches the lyrics to such an extent that I personally believe that it may provide great comfort to anyone who's just suffered a loss.

        Throughout the album, Gerard Way's angelic voice changes from serene to blisteringly loud. This is shown mostly in the song "You Know What They do to Guys like us in Prison", where he will whisper calmly or frantically scream to brighten the mood or change it to a darker shade. On the other hand, I'm Not Okay (i promise) is the oddball track of the album as it is more of a pop-rock song and contains a rather unusual but effective classic-rock guitar solo. In fact, the song delineates the difficulties of being a teenager, based on Gerard's personal experiences.

        Ultimately, the last song of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a blazing ending to the album and the story of the man who had desperately tried to reunite with his lover. As the story of the album is unfinished it leaves the ending of the story down to guesswork and some people believe that the man regains his life but dies shortly afterwards as his is the last soul of the evil men. I would describe the music of this song as being particularly loud (but nice to listen to!), fast and punk. I think it is a great end to an album with so, so many thematic features.

        As we all know, the purpose of My Chemical Romance is to give hope, solace and comfort to their fans through their music and astoundingly, this album has saved the lives of millions around the globe. It is no surprise that the band had sold over 11,000 copies of this mesmerizing album in the first week of its release. In addition, I must add that the album cover art is incredible. Gerard Way shows that he is a man of multiple talents by not only mesmerizing the world with his astonishing voice, but he also personally worked wonders with graphic art in order to create the cover album.

        Overall, this is most definitely an album I would recommend for anyone who is in need of some solace and escapism. The variety of music (both hauntingly slow and fast) is certain to please various tastes. The album is available on Amazon UK from £5 to £1.13 (used copies).

        Thanks for reading!


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          26.02.2009 01:18
          Very helpful



          Great CD

          Out of their 3 CD's, this would be the one that i would recommend above the others. I find some of the songs on i brought you my bullets just too much like heavy metal, that could come from any band out there, and although The Black Parade is a good CD, some of the songs are strongly lacking, such as Mama and Blood.

          So i'm going to do a quick funky break down of the songs on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, and give out my hopefully desirable views.

          1. Helena. This is just beautiful, with one of the catchiest choruses around. Brings you right back to cheap teenage parties when spin the bottle and vomiting was cool.

          2. Give 'Em Hell Kid. The pace of this song is epic, with such a rapid start, and it doesn't let down through the whole tune. Great for listening to when your getting drunk and prepping to head out.

          3. To The End. Gerard's vocal talents and and the lyrics are what is best here. as the tune is a little less catchy, but if you listen to the words, you do find yourself smiling.

          4. You know what they do to guys like us in prison. This one isn't so great, with the start being it's strongest point, but you might find yourself skipping the track as its chorus lets it down.

          5. I'm Not Okay. This is right up there with Helena at the top. Catchy as hell, fast paced, and funny. Great for listening to if you've just came out of a relationship and you're feeling a little spiteful.

          6. The Ghost of You. This is a really beautiful song. Along with Demolition Lovers, this is the only good slow song the MCR had before The Black Parade. The lyrics are perfect and the tune is so melodic and flowing. Never gets old.

          7. The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You. I love the way that this song breaks from the intro to the chorus. Has a good steady pace, and at 2:08 it is just amazing! Lyrics rock the shizzle out of most songs.

          8. Interlude. It kinda sucks, but you can't ever really expect more from an interlude to be honest.

          9. Thankyou for The Venom. The best thing about the interlude is that it suddenly bursts into this catchy cheeky little number. Great to scream along to as it has a really pulsing base feel behind it and is sung with such strength, bolstering what would otherwise be a regular song.

          10. Hang Em High. Probably my least favourite song on the CD (if you don't count the interlude) Is a little catchy, but it goes on for too long as just uncatchy singing untill it changes a little after a minute into acceptable music, then delves back into fairly sucky screaming.

          11. It's Not a Fashion statement it's a deathwish. Pretty good for a song at the back end of a CD. The main strength here is a constantly changing tune, with occasional bursts into fast paced heavy shouting, which just make it a good thrashing tune.

          12. Cemetery Drive. A slightly slower song that relies more on catchy lyrics than anything else. The kind of song for a teen emo to love, as it mentions death analogies quite a bit. But still gives you a chuckle if you're above that.

          13. I Never Told You What I Do For A living. Good CD finisher. Rapid beginning. which becomes almost beautiful at 1:59 when it calms down and becomes more melodic.


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          23.02.2009 12:43
          Very helpful



          MCR's second album

          **THE BAND**
          My Chemical Romance are an American Rock turned emo/pop five piece from New Jersey, USA who formed back in 2001. Unfortunately for hardcore MCR fans, the band have hit the mainstream in recent years and become hugely successful, which whilst very good for the band, it definitely disappointed quite a few people. Following the release of 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' the band became well known for their highly emotional, angsty releases including 'Helena', 'Thank You For The Venom', and 'I'm Not Okay'. They have quite a large following of dedicated fans. My Chemical Romance have won several awards including: a Grammy, Kerrang! Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards to name a few. After the release of this album the band were still not very well known on the mainstream scene but then came the release of 'The Black Parade' which made the band explode into the charts, much to the disappointment of most fans. The current members of the band are: Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Bob Bryar. So far the band has released three studio albums:
          I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002)
          Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
          The Black Parade (2006)
          As well as two live albums:
          Life On The Murder Scene (2006)
          The Black Parade Is Dead! (2008)
          And also several DVD's

          1. Helena (3:22)
          2. Give 'Em Hell Kid (2:18)
          3. To The End (3:01)
          4. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (2:53)
          5. I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (3:08)
          6. The Ghost Of You (3:23)
          7. The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You (3:37)
          8. Interlude (0:57)
          9. Thank You For The Venom (3:41)
          10. Hang 'Em High (2:47)
          11. It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A F*****g Deathwish (3:30)
          12.Cemetery Drive (3:08)
          13. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living (3:51)

          Play.com: £5.99 (free delivery!)
          Amazon.co.uk: £5.98 (free Super Saver delivery!)


          **01. Helena**
          This song was a brilliant choice for the start of the album. It starts off quite quiet for the first couple of seconds, it's quite eerie, but then the verse kicks in. It is very faced paced with lots of guitars, the chorus is amazing because it is so dramatic, and Gerard's voice just screams emotion and pain on this track, much like the rest of the album. Apparently this 'Helena' was written as a tribute to Mikey and Gerard's late grandmother Elena, the boys come from a very tight knit family and this song is definitely full of emotion. I also think that people can take many different meanings from this song too. My favourite lyrics from this track are: "Came a time, when every star fall brought you to tears again, we are the very hurt you sold, and what's the worst you take from every heart you break, and like the blade you stain, well I've been holding on tonight". I would rate this song 10/10 I think it is a brilliant start to the album, definitely attention grabbing.

          **6. Ghost of You**
          The first time that I heard this song I instantly became my favourite, it sent shivers down my spine. The verses are quite slow and soft compared to most of the songs on this album, but again, the chorus is heavy, dramatic and jam packed with emotion. I love the sound of Gerard's voice on every track on this album but this song in particular is just something completely different to most bands at this time. To me, this song is about someone dying unexpectedly and Gerard wishing he'd said and done all these things, he loves her and wishes she was still here but she can never come back and he is haunted by her smile knowing that he won't see it again. That's just how I see it, there's probably a different meaning though! My favourite lyrics from this track are: "I never said I'd lie in wait forever, if I died we'd be together, I can't always just forget her, but she could try..at the end of the world, or the last thing I see you are never coming home, never coming home, and all the things that you never ever told me and all the smiles that are ever ever". Again, I would rate this song 10/10.

          **12. Cemetery Drive**
          This song, much like Ghost Of You, really caught my attention. It starts off with almost a marching beat that gradually gets louder, overlapped with a quiet guitar, the as it builds up to the climax it explodes into one hell of a chorus!!! As with the rest of the album, emotional lyrics and vocals from Gerard, very appealing to hard rock fans. Apparently, this song has something to do with suicide and self harm which in this day ad age seems to be a very controversial and touchy subject. Despite critics claiming that this band and genre of music promote such things, 'Cemetery Drive' proves quite the opposite. It is telling people not to do it, how bad this can affect people and that it isn't the only way to escape. There is even a hidden message in the lyrics that is whispered so you have to listen very carefully but a bit of the way into the second verse you can hear "don't do it" in-between the words. My favourite lyrics from this track are: "Well, well I miss you, well, well I miss you so far, and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard". This is a very powerful song and despite the dark feel I think it is actually a very clever track, 10/10.

          **MY OVERALL OPINION**
          I personally think that this is My Chemical Romances' best release yet. Each song is a dramatic, emotional anthem in its own right. I love the fact that every song on this album means something to someone and they haven't just written about complete nonsense. I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys emo/rock music or good lyrics and heavy riffs. Overall I would rate this album 10/10.

          Thanks for reading!!


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            02.02.2009 22:29
            Very helpful



            The best My Chemical Romance album to date.

            This album contains the song that got me listening to My Chemical Romance and in time turned me into a fan. So far I believe this is the best album from this band. It's My Chemical Romance's second album and i feel it's much more polished and grounded than the debut album. In this album they have found their sound and their appealing vision.

            As with the debut album, this album has a dark undertone running throughout it. It deals with more horror and dark imagery and subject matter. The songs almost throw you into many stories. I think thats something i really like about this album, the lead singer narrates and the album is almost a collection of short stories.

            The lead singer, Gerard Way sings fully charged with emotion and screams some of the lyrics to really push this whirlwind of anger, frustration and pain. The songs are full of meaning and are easy to relate to. They are songs to vent your emotions through. It's a great album to blast out of your stereo and scream along to.

            The album holds My Chemical Romance's first big hit 'I'm Not Okay'. I remember when i first heard this song, it clicked with me straight away. It became a teenage anthem for me and i found it valuable to me. I don't think overall it's the best song on the album. Its more about the lyrics it throws at the listener and what those lyrics represent.

            There are so many songs i would recommend to pay attention to. The likes of 'Helena' a sad and highly emotional song where the death of Gerard and Mikey Way's Grandma provided the inspiration. It is truly a beautiful song. 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' is a personal favourite track on the album as I find it such addictive listening. It has a brilliant tune running through that grabs you from the start and takes you through the song. Gerard's singing at the intro of the song is divine and shows what an appealing singing voice he has. There are many songs I could pick on here, as the album is full of brilliant and very accomplished songs.

            Overall, this is the best My Chemical Romance album yet. It is a perfect follow up to their debut album. It has good quality songs throughout and is well worth the money. It's an album i have listened to over and over again and i have yet to find myself bored of it. I don't think I ever will.


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            02.09.2008 11:56
            Very helpful



            My Chemical Romance prove that they are not just depressing, their songs mean something.

            My Chemical Romance consist of Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero and Bob Bryer. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is their second album. It was released in June 2004. It was a concept album. The back of the book says, "The story of a man, a woman, and the corpses of a thousand evil men." As is usual with My Chemical Romance, this album could be interpreted in many ways. Although this is the main plot to the album, there are many songs which do not fit in.

            Helena - A real emo song. The video for this song was amazing and gothic, as is the song itself. This song was dedicated to Gerard Way's Grandma. This explains the line, "can you hear me, are you near me" and "so long and goodnight". I found this song to be about a lost love, who maybe died in a car crash, hence the line "we'll meet again when both our cars collide". I love this song.

            Give 'em Hell Kid - Apparently this song is about teenage pregnancy. I never interpreted it as such. It does seem to mean a child who has gone far from their parents, for example the line, "So go on live your life but I miss you more than I did yesterday". This sounds like a mother or father talking to their son/daughter. It could be about teenage pregnancy or something else. Music-wise this is a great song to mosh to. It is quite fast but you can still tell what is being said which I think is important.

            To The End - This song is about a trapped rich man, "he calls the mansion not a house but a tomb". He is recently married but maybe homosexual, "he's not around he's always looking at men". The wife seems to be a gold digger and only wants him for his money, "got nasty blisters from the money she spends". I think she poisons his friends as he is always looking at them and she thinks he may be gay, "down by the pool he doesn't have many friends as they are all face down and bloated". She then poisons him with cyanide. This is one of my favourite songs on the album. It tells a great story and has great music.

            You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison - This song, as you may guess from the title, is about going to prison. The person doesn't think he will ever get caught, "well they're never gonna get me, like a bullet through a flock of doves". The song then goes into what it is like in prison. The title suggests that the people the song is about pretty men. Gerard has also said this himself. These men are obviously treated worse than the butch men, "they make me do push-ups in drag". They are also scared about what will happen to them, "will they give me the chair?".

            I'm Not OK - This is about a high school romance gone wrong. The girlfriend refuses to split up with her other boyfriend to be with this one. It tells of their sneaking around, "remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor" and her other boyfriend becoming suspicious, "For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took". The boyfriend in the song decides he's had enough and breaks it off, "I held you close as we both shook, for the last time take a good hard look". Then at the end he says "now i'm ok". This is one of My Chemical Romances most favourite songs and the first one most people heard. The video for this song is absolutely hilarious.

            The Ghost Of You - This song is about the loss of someone special, "If I died we'd be together". It shows how some people deal with grief, "You're never coming home". Many people interpret this as a love song but it could be about the loss of anyone. The album was dedicated to Gerard Way's Grandma so it could be about the loss of her.

            The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You - This song is about a girl with a drug addiction, "lost in the prescription". The person singing the song could be her boyfriend or just a friend. He says, "Check into the Hotel Bella Muerte". This means the hotel of beautiful death. The guy culd be scared that she is going to kill herself with all these drugs. He also mentions the cops, suggesting that the drugs are not of the legal variety.

            Thank You For The Venom - Many people say this is about being annoyed with preachers. I think this song is about depression, "give me all your poison and give me all your pills". This person is too depressed to believe in God. He believes that God has not helped him, "give me a reason to believe". I think someone is trying to help him by trying to get him to believe in God, "A pretty face but you do so carry on."

            Hang 'em High - this song is supposed to be about a man and woman who are separated by death. The man is in hell and the woman is in heaven. This would make sense but I can only find this meaning in the song when somebody told me that's what it meant. The man certainly dies for the woman. He seems to shoot himself, "grab your six-gun from your back, throttle the ignition, would I die for you? Well here's your answer in spades." I always thought this line was about proving himself to his girlfriend. The man thinks the woman is in heaven as he says, "she's got nothing to say, the angels just cut out her tongue." This song could be about a man dealing with grief and either thinking of or actually killing himself. This song has so many possible meanings.

            It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A F**king Deathwish - This song is about a man whose girlfriend/wife has cheated on him. He says she took his life and he's gonna come back from the dead. I think this is emotionally rather than physically, "i'm taking back the life you stole". He talks about revenging his death and by the end of the song I think he has decided to kill himself and her. He says, "if living was the hardest part, well then one day we'll be together".

            Cemetary Drive - This song is about a woman who cheated on her husband. The guy she cheated with is singing the song. She kills herself, "they found you on the bathroom floor". The guy is now thinking of suicide himself, "singing songs that make you slit your wrists it isn't htat much fun, staring down the barrel of a gun". We don't really find out if he goes through with it. The last line is "I miss you".

            I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - The album is supposed to be about a man and a woman who both die. The man goes to hell and the woman goes to heaven. The man then strikes a deal with the devil that if he gets 1000 souls he can see his wife again. This is the last song in the album and tells how he failed at collecting the souls. He feels guilty for killing all those people, "another knife in my hands, a stain that never comes of the sheets". At the end he says, "They gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now".


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              20.07.2008 11:40
              Very helpful



              My Chemical romance's 2nd album

              Three cheers for sweet revenge is my chemical romance's most successful album. It was released in 2004 and from it was created three hit singles, "Helena", "I'm not okay (I promise)" and "ghost of you". If you are a fan of their previous album "I brought you my bullets you brought me your love" or the most recent album "the black parade", then this is the album for you. By far their greatest creation yet, this album has a strong concept of death and revenge that anyone can relate to.


              One of the most beautifully written songs of the album. This song was written after the death of the lead singer Gerard Way and the base guitarist Mikey Way's grandmother. This hit single has one of the most creative and outstanding videos I have seen from this band. It can be found on their DVD "life on the murder scene", which is a recording of all of their videos and live performances, as well as including a video diary.

              Give 'Em Hell, Kid

              This song is more to the style of their previous album ""I brought you my bullets you brought me your love". With some inspirational lyrics such as "we are young and we don't care", this song starts to create the concept of revenge that the rest of the album follows.

              To the end

              Not one of the strongest songs on the album, but still a good listen. To me it just doesn't seem to be up to the same outstanding standard of the previous two songs. However it still has catchy lyrics that will leave you singing along to them for days. It also has a good guitar solo half way through.

              You know that they do to guys like us in prison

              This is one of my favourite songs on the whole album. Its theme is prison, hence the title, and contains one of my favourite lyrics "my cell mates a killer, he made me do push ups in drag." This really is a good song, with the creepiest laugh by Bert McCracken (lead singer of the used) at the end.

              I'm not okay (I promise)

              This song is another hit single from the album. The lyrics go back to when the band members were in high school and how they remember being treated. Truly a song that every teenager who has every felt "different" can relate to. This song always cheers me up what ever mood I'm in. It has the catchiest instrumental part of the whole album.

              Ghost of you

              The last hit single from the album, but this song is something new. The concept is war and this is shown through some truly outstanding lyrics such as "And all the moons that are ever gonna scar me, for all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me". The instrumental part of this song in the second half is simply amazing. This song always remind me of the song "sleep" from the "black parade", so if you're a fan of that song, then you are going to find this one incredible.

              The Jetset life is gonna kill you

              One of the darkest sounding songs of the album, "the jetset life is gonna kill you" with amazing lyrics such as "pull the plug I'd like to learn your name, but holding on, well I hope you do the same".


              Short and simple, "interlude" created a slow setting for their fast paced next song.

              Thank you for the venom

              This song has a catchy chorus and will have you singing along to it from the first few listen. The lyrics "if this is what you want then fire at will" seemed to stand out from the rest of the song for me.

              Hang 'em high

              This song contains some of the most creative lyrics of the album. The vocals are sung and screamed at some points and match the fast pace of the instrumental part. It might take you several listens to keep up with it and catch all the lyrics but it's worth it.

              It's not a fashion statement, its death wish

              One of my favourite songs of the album, the album's revenge concept is completely exposed by this song in lyrics such as "promise me that when I'm gone you'll kill me enemies" and "I'm taking back a life you stole". The instrumental part is just as outstanding as the lyrics, creating a truly amazing song. I have to applaud "my chemical romance" for the lyrics "I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take".

              Cemetery drive

              This song is slower than the rest of the album and is incredibly catchy to say the least. At first listen is doesn't seem to be that good, but once you get to the chorus you will be completely obsessed with this song. The vocals are soft and mainly sung, which makes a change from the other songs on this album.

              I never told you what I do for a living

              Not one of my favourite songs from the album, but the lyrics has slightly more depth to them than in the other songs. It takes a few listens to really get in to this song, but I really love the ending as it seems to go back to their old screaming style, creating an outstanding ending for a truly incredible album.


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              07.05.2008 20:16
              1 Comment



              mindblowingly-awesome. check it out.

              My Chemical Romance! Wow, How can I sum up this album enough to tell you what I think, and not bore you to death! aha.

              Well to start off, me myself being a huge MCR fan, I will try my best not to be bias, but to be honest I cant help it. I LOVE them.

              This album starts off with the mind blowing song : Helena, writen by front man Gerard Way about his grandma (elena), when she died. This song,Personally, is one of thier best, the lyrics "so long and good night" Just sum up perfectly how he must have been feeling at the time, with the brilliantly performed riff tuning in undernieth.

              I recomend this album also because not only does it contain some of thier best, most exspresive work, it also telles a story. On the inside cover, it states a briefe story line in wich this album has been written to; which I think is truly brilliant.

              All I can say now is that if you like them, check it out, if you hate them, deal with it or get to like them.


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                18.04.2008 00:55



                Wow, this band does amazing songs

                This album is filled with exciting pop/rock/emo songs, fuelled by the pure talent of Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro and Bob Bryar. These 5 men have done what no men have done before - created songs so amazing that they've saved people from suicide. The catchy tunes aid the inspirational lyrics, and fused together they create a euphoric album. Maybe even better than the black parade, a little more comical and more the 'old' My Chemical Romance, I love them. Thankyou For The Venom has an incredible guitar intro to rival Jimi Hendrix's playing (thank you Ray Toro) and perhaps the most catchy songs are 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' and 'I'm Not Okay'. Great songs, don't diss them until you've heard them. Just because they are liked by emos doesn't mean you won't like them too, even if you don't like emos yourself. My Chemical Romance - the most amazing and pioneering band of the 21st Century, they deserve a lot more credit. They should lose the Black Parade outfits and return to the old My Chemical Romance we all know and love from this album! A truly amazing album, a must buy.


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                16.03.2008 12:58
                Very helpful



                Great Album!!

                ==My Chemical Romance-Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge==

                Ok so I have been going through all my CD's and listening to them and I came across this one...Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance...I don't know why but I suddenly felt guilty...I love My Chemical Romance...but I haven't listened to them in ages, so I popped in the CD and realised how much I missed listening to them.

                My Chemical Romance formed in 2001, they are all from New Jersey and the band consists of five members.

                After releasing their Debut album I Bought You My Bullets, You Bought Me Your Love they were signed by Eyeball Records in 2002 a year later but a year later they moved onto Reprise records and then in 2004, they unleashed this awesomeness on us.

                ===Band Members===

                Gerard Way- Vocals
                Mikey Way- Bass
                Ray Toro- Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
                Frank Iero- Rhythm guitar and Backing Vocals
                Bob Bryar-Drums

                Former Members
                Matt Pelissier - drums


                Helena 5/5

                This is a brilliant track which nearly everyone has heard of. I heard that there was a dance version of this now...nice way to ruin it. Anyway, the way brothers wrote this track in memory of their Grandmother 'Elena Lee Rush' I personally love this track, it really gives you the idea of what the band is like.

                Give 'Em Hell, Kid 5/5

                This track is extremely catchy, and I seem to really like the lyrics
                This is how we do it in the murder scene
                The track has an immense rhythm and some great beat to it. It is one of those song that you are unsure about when you first hear it but when you listen to it a second time you finally decide. I wouldn't say that Gerard Way is screaming In this track more of singing with an edge to his voice.

                To The End 5/5

                One of my favourite tracks, its got a great little riff/rhythm at the beginning and the bass line really fills it in. I was highly amused at the line
                Lost in coma and covered in cake
                And I have no idea why...I went on a laughing fit for about 20 minuets...don't ask.
                I love the beat I find it really keeps the track sturdy. When the riff comes I half way through it just instantly grabs your attention and you just have to love it. I find it hard not to.

                You Know What They Do To Guys like Us In Prison 5/5

                A great track, some catchy lyrics I can say that, I listened to this track like 17 times in a row the other day when I found the CD out, it began to get on my mom's nerves though so I ended up letting it play through the rest of the CD again...before listening to it again. And Gerards giggle at the end is just hilariously cute.

                I'm Not Okay (I Promise) 5/5

                Everybody loves this song. I first heard this track on Kerrang! And I instantly fell in love with it. It is one of those that you find yourself singing to with out realising it. It is just a loveable song, when it comes on the TV you have to listen to it...or else. It has a great beat and the vocals are amazing, The rhythm bass and lead guitar are friggin awesome too!

                The Ghost Of You 5/5

                This track tends to make me cry, I always think of my Grandads when I hear the line
                You are never coming Home
                Its just makes me a little emotional and Gerard Way's voice is better than ever in this track.

                The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You 5/5

                I got so addicted to this track at one point. They use French in this track which I find impessive. The rhythm is really catchy and the beat fits in just nicely. Prime example of the awesomeness of this band.

                Interlude 4/5

                This is just a little filler as some call it, there is no vocals and I don't really listen to it often but it's a nice little instrumental piece.#

                Thank You For The Venom 5/5

                This track is immense, one of the best off the album in my opinion, some great lyrics and superb vocals. A track I can sit and listen to all day if I ha the chance...and trust me I would!

                Hang 'Em High 5/5

                This track starts off with a slight country feel to it but when the vocals an guitar come into it, you just know that its not going to be a lovely smooth track...no this track is wayyy better than that, it has an excellent rhythm and beat to it and I adore the bass line, I find it great to play.

                It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish 5/5

                Another perfect track, I enjoy listening to this track, I sat and listened to it with my cousin Samantha when I was last at hers, and we couldn't help but sing it, its just one of those things you do. If you wanna know what it is like then I recommend you youtube this track, honestly it doesn't disappoint.

                Cemetery Drive 5/5

                Loving this track totally, The beat is amazing with a soft rhythm that sounds like it is done on the Spanish guitar at the beginning but heres the truth it's a bass rhythm =] I was stoked when I found that out.

                I Never Told You What I Do For A Living 5/5

                This is an immense track, I like the rhythm and the way it mixes with the beat, its just really amazing...Its got catchy vocals/lyrics which you find you will remember after listening to it a couple of times. Frank Iero does the screaming in the background, I think he does that amazingly.

                And never again and never again they gave us two shots to the back of the head and were all dead now.

                I love that line =]

                A great album if you ask me and I thoroughly recommend it to anybody =]

                Also posted on Ciao.uk under
                Rockchick2k7 ©


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                  31.01.2008 14:22
                  Very helpful



                  Some tracks are good to listen to, however there is a lot here that fails to impress.

                  Released in 2004, 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' is the second studio album from the Rock quintet that is My Chemical Romance. The band have been going since 2001 and are an extremely popular worldwide phenomenon having had great success with this album and with their latest 'The Black Parade' release also. 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' was the bands major label and has sold in excess of a million copies thanks largely to the success of the singles 'Helena', 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' and 'The Ghost of You'.

                  The 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' begins with the single 'Helena', an explosive start to the album which sets up nicely the listener expectations for the rest of the release. While this is by no means my favourite track of the album, it is admittedly still a decent offering which shows My Chemical Romance to be extremely strong at what they do, and that is creating catchy Rock music. I think the problem with this one lies in the fact that it is a little on the long side and by the time it comes to an end I find myself a little bored. Not the best opening in the world, but a competent one nonetheless - the band progress from this point with great style and flair. 'Give 'em Hell Kid' follows straight on from here, a track with great energy and excitement. In my opinion however it is when the band get to fourth track 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' that the album really begins to get going. This one is by far my favourite of the album, right from the very first time I heard it the track had me hooked in fact. Everything about this one just seems to work and with some fantastic guitar work, excellent vocals and volatile drum beats - each and every element of the music seems to fit and make for a masterpiece of a Rock track.

                  When My Chemical Romance released their hit single 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)', I was not at all a fan of the track. The video was cheesy as too was the music, I just didn't see what the appeal was about this one. I felt that My Chemical Romance were an over hyped and over played Rock band that simply didn't deserve the success that they had mustered. One thing I will say about it however is that it is extremely catchy and you can see why it appealed to so many. It is cheesy, this is true - however the catchiness of this track is what makes it what it is, not the poorly chosen lyrics, but the fact that it has the uncanny ability to get stuck in your head at a time when you least want it to be there. I would still not consider myself to be a fan of the tune, however I shan't deny the infectious nature of this track.

                  'The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You' is another of my favourites from this album. For me, the highlights of this album are a little too few and far between to make for a great album but when they do come they are certainly well worth waiting for. There is a great chorus in this one, and the guitars are utilised well in order to make the track as powerful and hard hitting as humanly possible. Whilst at times my mind tends to wander when listening to this album, 'The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You' is always one that perks me up and pleases me greatly with each and every listen.

                  The album ends on a high with both the penultimate and ultimate tracks proving pleasing to listen to. 'Cemetery Drive' starts off as a bog standard and somewhat disappointing offering from the band however it gets going about thirty seconds in and actually turns out to be quite an interesting offering. Closing track 'I Never Told You What I Do For A Living' is where the real energy is at however, with the album definitely finishing on a high and My Chemical Romance sounding at their best for one final time. That said, looking at this one objectively rather than comparatively to the rest of the release, it is really nothing that special and is by no means a great closing track. There is definitely something lacklustre about the music of My Chemical Romance, and whilst 'The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You' and 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' are good tracks by any bands standards, as a general rule the album is largely disappointing and even at times when the band sound quite good, compared to other bands of the sort they are really quite bland.

                  My Chemical Romance often get tagged in the genre of 'Emo', however to suggest that this is so is really rather ridiculous. Sure, there are emotive qualities which the lyrics possess, however without emotion then music would be lifeless and very, very dull. It would be lazy journalism to label My Chemical Romance as 'Emo', and to me their album 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' does not fit into this debatable 'genre' whatsoever and is purely a Rock album. The album is a bit hit and miss for me, there are some tracks that impressed me greatly whilst others failed to grab me whatsoever. My Chemical Romance are by no means a great Rock band, but their 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' album is certainly in possession of a decent track or two and most definitely contains a large number of highly catchy tracks which you will find difficult to forget in a hurry. Definitely a release for fans of the softer side of Rock, however probably not one that will be enjoyed by all.


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                    19.03.2007 22:41
                    Not Helpful



                    good solid rock for its time

                    This is pretty sickly emo stylie pretty pop/rock heavyness. Recieved lots of airplay to appeal to the 16 -21 age bracket. This band is pretty melodic with some good guitar interplay. Most of the songs are midpaced.

                    It should appeal to the likes of the fall out boy crowd-generally. Although this music stgands above there image as its a good comercial rock release and noisy enough to cheese off your grandmother or parents as well.


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                    01.12.2005 20:09
                    Very helpful



                    Energetic, Dramatic, ever so cheesy - but a damn fine listen all the same!

                    Let me get this straight. I'm neither an emo-kid (my right to use the term "kid" has passed these days I'm afraid) nor a goth. My background is more UK metal from the late 70s and early 80's - but I'm not so blinkered as to disregard the "alternative" styles of the MTV generation.

                    If you like emo, you'll like this. My Chemical Romance have blended in just enough emo and "deep messages" and all the rest of that kind of thing to catch on, to give each listener who feels that the lyrics "really speak to them" their own, special favourite track.

                    As for me, it's just about the music.

                    The album kicks off in style with "Helena" - the natural choice for an intro track. A few seconds of soft intro before launching straight into a repetitive and therefore catchy track that does have you reaching for the volume control to crank it up a little.

                    "Give em Hell Kid" then keeps the listeners who like the raw edge to the music. Amp feedback and all, albeit slickly produced-in gives the feel of the touring band that MCR are (though I have never seen them live or before this album made them as known)

                    The album carries this tempo on with "To the end". Pretty much more of the same, but crescendoing verses to break up the tempo a little.

                    "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" is more of the emo-driven lyrics but a change in pace from the formula of the previous tracks. With some decent guitar work thrown in - a little more raucus and less "sing-alongy" than previous tracks, this is personal opinion but probably the best track on the album,

                    But for those of us who are actually older than we feel listening to this album who like to have a good-old sing-along driving down the motorway but don't quite feel old enough for Tony Christie's Amarillo yet - "I'm not OK - I Promise" soon gets the hand banging on the dashboard and dubious vocal talents in full swing again. I'm listening to this as I write the review and the old right leg is twitching along marvellously. "I'm not O-ka-ay" - ah more emo influence there then!

                    The deeply tragic appeal comes out next to grip the heart strings of those in search of sorrowful lyrics.
                    "I never said I'd lie in wait forever
                    If I died we'd be together
                    I can't always just forget her
                    But she could try"

                    The romance of tragedy eh?

                    "Could I?......
                    Should I?......

                    If I fall......"

                    Not really all that deep really, but enough to guarantee this will be loved by those with a fashion taste for blackclothes and serious faces, who aren't old enough to have ever been into Bauhaus or The Mission

                    "The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill Us". The type of track that's guaranteed to have spilt beer and bruises from the mosh pit in those clubs where lighting is frowned upon and an enterance that descends into a basement. With just enough slow bits to allow the old farts like me chance to catch our breath before the next bit of jumping around liker a crazed loon. In fact it makes me want to go to just this type of club this weekend - though I know I'll stick out like a sore thumb amongst the young'uns who, as I did at that age, wonder what on earth a 31-year old is doing there making a fool of himself trying to be cool

                    "Interlude". Does every album these days have to have one of thee short snippets in the middle. Perhaps it gives a theatrical feel to the album, I don't know. Disappointing in that it sounds like tha start of a track by Muse, and I do like muse. never mind. soon back to the high volume energetic style with "Thank you for the Venom";

                    "A pretty face but you do so carry on and on and on" - sounds like someone I know! :-)

                    "preach all you want, but who's gonna save me?
                    I keep a gun on the book you gave me,
                    Hallelujah, lock and load
                    black is the kiss, the touch of the serpent son,
                    it aint the mark or the scar that makes you one and,
                    and one"

                    ah, black kisses, serpents and guns. Along with love, red roses and "what's life like bleeding on the floor?" How dark eh? OK, I sound like I'm taking the mickey out of the lyrics and I'm sure I'll upset someone who takes it all to heart like the deepest poem you ever read - but it really is pretty good. Loud and energetic. My neighbours will be banging on the wall soon if I don't get this review done soon and turn the album down

                    "Hang em High" comes next with a very nicely done few seconds of a spaghetti western feel that conjures up John Wayne imagery aplenty. Which is probably the best bit of the track for me as this feels a little of a filler track to me - but as I mentioned, everyone will have their personal favourite so listen for yourself and make up your mind is about all I can say on this one.

                    "It's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish". Hmm. I imagine this slogan being scrawled in dark red biro across the arms of teenagers all over. So, more heart-rending stuff with razors and rosaries, and avenging ghosts and all that kind of thing thrown in, then. But Ozzy's "Suicide Solution" this is not. Which is possibly a good thing, we don't need a media hype about music and teen suicide (even if the hype of those days gave us the excellent performances by Christian Slater and Winona Ryder in "Heathers"). OK, I digress somewhat but I'll wager that if you liked "Heathers" you'll like this album.

                    More morturies, cemetary gates, solitude and the like come with "Cemetary Drive" - with ever-so dramatic and empassioned "collision of your kiss"es. Theatrical, MCR definately are. The old cynics like me find it ever so slightly ironic and dare I say "cheesy" - but I think I'd have played this song over and over in my locked bedroom with the lights out as I struggled my way through the immediate post-puberty years, if this album had been made then, so I can't be too judgemental.

                    "I Never Told You What I Do For a Living" finishes off this slightly OTT but definately playable album from My Chemical Romance. More of the same here with touched by angels and falling from grace. "And we're all dead now..." - those last words finish off this performance-on-a-CD.

                    Unless you have the CD on repeat that is. Which I do.

                    Yes, bitter and cynical, I've laughed and poked fun at the theatrics and the emotive drama of it all, but I have to admit MCR do it well. But without the lyrics, each and every track is well put together, and just not quite raw enough to be marginalised, whilst still being energetic, damn catchy and - preferably - LOUD!

                    It certainly won't be for everyone (music never is) but if you still have a bit of a rebel in you hiding somewhere, or feel like being a teenager again, maybe try to sample a track or two before buying - but you could just be the sort of person who will love this album more than you thought you would. I didn't think I would, but it lives in my car's CD player almost permanantly for the last month and it still hasn't worn off.

                    If you have kids though, buy it in secret or copy theirs when they're not looking - you'll only embarrass them otherwise!


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Helena
                    2 Give 'Em Hell Kid
                    3 To The End
                    4 You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
                    5 I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
                    6 Ghost Of You
                    7 Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
                    8 Interlude
                    9 Thank You For The Venom
                    10 Hang 'Em High
                    11 It's Not A Fashion Statement It's A Deathwish
                    12 Cemetery Drive
                    13 I Never Told You What I Do For A Living