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Tiger Suit - K.T. Tunstall

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2 Reviews

Genre: Folk - Scottish Folk / Artist: K.T. Tunstall / Audio CD released 2010-09-27 at Relentless

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2011 18:26
      Very helpful



      If you like music from 'real' artists, then you will like this!

      Tiger Suit is the second album from British singer-songwriter K.T Tunstall. The album was released in the United Kingdom in September 2010 and so is quite recent. The CD is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £4.99

      ~* Songlist *~
      1)Unmannaq Song 2)Glamour Puss 3)Push The Knot Away 4)Difficulty 5) Fade 6) Lost 7)Golden Frames 8)Come On Get In 9) Still A Weirdo 10) Madame Trudeaux 11) The Entertainer

      I was a bit unsure of this CD at first. I enjoyed her other two albums, and so I was a bit surprised to discover that this album is very different compared to the first two. However, after a few listens I can say that I now really like this album, and so would therefore say that it is a grower.

      One thing which I found about the music on this CD is that it sounds quite electronic, which is something I am not really a fan of ( I don't mind the music so much, but if the voices are electronic it really annoys me, however, I do think that the electronic sound on this album works really well.

      I like KT Tunstall's sound; she is really unique. There really is no on quite like her, and I like the fact that she is very different and in a league of her own, rather than being a copy-cat of others which makes a nice change. I like this artist because she is a real musician, and not a fake like the likes of Cheryl Cole.
      Whilst this album isn't really set out to be a party album, it does have some great up-beat songs on here. Whilst they are not the type of songs that you would hear in a club on a Saturday night out, I could imagine having a bit of a boogie to some of them.

      One thing which I really like about the songs on here is that they have meaning. I like that the lyrics are really meaningful, and I like the fact that the songs have meaning, because it gives the listeners something to relate to and makes the more songs more interesting.

      I like that each song is quite different, and brings something individual to the album. My favourite songs on the album are 'Lost'- because it has such a beautiful melody, and 'Glamour Puss' because I like its rocky sound.

      I would definitely recommend this album. It's nice to listen to real music from a real artist for a change. I don't think that it would make a number one album like Rihanna's because it's more about being real music, than whether she is a popular artist or not.

      Thanks for reading!
      March 8th 2011
      Xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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      25.10.2010 16:22
      Very helpful



      KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit

      I've been listening to the new KT Tunstall album this week and I have to say I'm impressed. I think KT is one of those inoffensive artists, she's good, don't get me wrong and can actually sing and play instruments which is rare in most of the pop acts these days but she, in my opinion is very sort of middle of the road. She has quite an interesting sound but I think there are a few female artists out there that are putting out the similar type of music, that sort of singer songwriter, folk music type of sound. I would add too that I think she is quite middle of the road and there is really nothing to dislike about her or her music. She really hit the scene with her breakthrough hit Black Horse and the Cherry Tree and followed it up with the very catchy song Other Side of the World.

      Her new album is entitled Tiger Suit and was released on September 27th 2010. The first track is called Uummannaq song and I may not know how to pronounce it but I find it quite a haunting song with African style beats and voices singing out at regular intervals during the song. The second track, Glamour puss has quite a rock, pop sound to the track and is leaning more on her familiar non offensive rocky sound. The third track is quite slower and has a more country sound, blue grass type of song. The fourth track, Difficulty is also a bit of a slower song, more of a love song and is quite thoughtful in its words and meaning. Track six, Lost is my favourite track on the album and to me has quite a Fleetwood Mac sound to it with lots of bells. I think this is why I like it, in that it sounds like Fleetwood Mac.

      The rest of the tracks are as follows:

      "Uummannaq Song" - 3:37
      "Glamour Puss" - 3:19
      "Push That Knot Away" - 3:46
      "Difficulty" - 4:59
      "Fade Like a Shadow" - 3:28
      "Lost" - 4:41
      "Golden Frames" - 3:46
      "Come On, Get In" - 3:40
      "(Still a) Weirdo" - 3:40
      "Madame Trudeaux" - 3:18
      "The Entertainer" - 4:50


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Unmmannaq Song
      2 Glamour Puss
      3 Push That Knot Away
      4 Difficulty
      5 Fade Like A Shadow
      6 Lost
      7 Golden Frames
      8 Come On Get In
      9 Still A Weirdo
      10 Madame Trudeaux
      11 Entertainer, The

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