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Tims House - Kate Walsh

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2 Reviews

Genre: Folk / Artist: Kate Walsh / Audio CD released 2007-06-25 at Mercury

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2009 20:02
      Very helpful



      Kate Walsh.

      Tims House, Kate Walsh, 2007.

      This is an interesting album. I downloaded this from iTunes after getting one of her tracks as the weekly freebie and was quite taken with her voice which is a strange mixture of sweet, yet powerful in a controlled but soft and very, very sophisticated way.

      Apparently she started out with a myspace page (as many good artistes now do) and hails from Essex.

      This is not her first album, it is her third.

      She is listed as 'folk' and it is easy to make comparisons with Kate Rusby or the like but she has something a little different for me. It is hard to describe her appeal other than to say her voice does make me melt and relax. She is like a young woman born into the wrong decade, she shold have been born in the 70's, apparently she spends a lot of time just walking along the beach composing songs in her head.....maybe I shouldn't say this but this album is my current 'sleep album', I have great dificulty in sleeping, always have and music helps.

      ~~~The tracks~~~

      1. Your Song
      No not the Elton John version. A soft, acoustic (well almost) piece of guitar and folk ballad that reminds me of some of those quirky advertisement songs for mobile phones and the like. Just lovely and calming, but, unfortunately, that is all, it does not really 'go anywhere'. 5/10.

      2. Talk Of The Town
      This was the iTunes freebie and is really, really good. the guitar and her voice just marry perfectly and she has this ability to end one phrase halfway through a sung word and then just pick it up again on another note. Very unlike iTunes to give aaway a gem, and this is. Very catchy tune in a pop/folk way and very contemporary. 9/10.

      3. Is This It?
      More 'folky' in arrangement and definitely a throw back to the 70's, though the lyrics seem a little more modern, almost R & B like, very hard to describe...just a bit too slow and sweet for me. 5/10.

      4. Don't Break My Heart
      This is really nice, has a touch of country/Mid west about it, and some lovely use of strings that somehow her vocal seesm to keep pitch with. This song will absoluetly divide listeners as it it is almost cliche sweet, but you know what? it never pretends to be anything else. 7/10.

      5. Betty
      Another 'nice' song. Very calming, the guitarist (is it her, I don't know) is fabulous, nice story in the lyrics too. 6/10.

      6. Bury My Head
      This is a different track. Still slow, still acoustic (harp?), still folky but also quite hypnotic. probably one of the most relaxing tracks I have ever heard, effortless vocals. 8/10.

      7. French Song
      A change of pace here, slightly faster, slightly more jazzy in a French Jazz cafe kind of way, really very pleasant. One has to strain to hear teh accordian at times but that's okay, it is an undertone that fits well. 7/10.

      8. Tonight
      I hav ejust realised that she reminds me a bit of 'Everything but the Girl' but a lot smoother. I am not a great fan of smooth music of any kind and yet this album, and this track is very smooth and I like it. This song has vocals that are like the ebb and flow of waves against a shore, lovely. 7/10.

      9. Goldfish
      Not too sure about this track. For the first time she struggles to be heard above the backing which is a shame as she sings a bit deeper here and this could have been better than it is. Weakest track on the album at 4/10.

      10. Fireworks
      Distinct Joni Mtchell like vocals here, very high and then they just fade with the end of each musical phrase. Quite accomplished singing altogether and nice guitar work again. 6/10.


      This album will not be everyone's cup of tea, of that there is no doubt. Some will even call it boring. Let me tell you though, it is a grower with each listen. If there is a more relaxing record out there I haven't heard it. That being said I do not own many relaxing records, lol.

      Seriously this woman has a beautiful voice, crystal clear, controlled and calm. This is a very good album that is perfect for chilling to. I have also found it helps me concentrate when i have written work to do. Very feel good.


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        07.05.2008 23:27
        Very helpful



        Thought provoking!

        This is a beautiful, sensual, sensitive and delicate album. Before I purchased this album, I had never heard of Kate Walsh. I came accross her randomly on itunes when she was "hit single" and I am utterly in love with her music now. The first song I heard was "Talk of the Town" from this album and I literally dropped everything when I heard it. It gets me everytime. Her voice is so unbelievably pure and theres a simplicity there that is just so raw and mystical. This album hypnotizes me! I paid £7.99 for this album from Itunes, but I have also seen it there at £5.99 recently.
        Kate Walsh is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Brighton, England. She is a classically trained pianist who turned to guitar when she began songwriting - this girl understands knows how to touch your heart with music. She recorded her album in a friend's bedroom and named it "Tim's House" in his honour. Ignored by mainstream media, "Tim's House" is the utterly deserving example of an artist - finding success by word of mouth on the internet. The album is composed of Kate's whisper, delicate melodies, soft strums and strokes of sheer genius. But it's such a quiet album, it needs nothing else because theres so much intensity within the textures of the sweetness.
        I'm not really sure what age range I'd reccomend this album to - I've yet to find someone old or young who doesn't love this album.

        She has been influenced by many including Longpigs, Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Rufus Wainwright, The Shins, Talk Talk, The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Red House Painters, Magnet, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Sufjan Stevens, Debussy. Her style of music is acoustic/folk/alternative. She has a really unique voice and I think so many singers just rely on their voices but Kate's delivery and the strength of melodies bring so much more depth to the songs. She writes all of her own material and some of the lyrics are incredibly poetic.
        "So I make whirlpools
        And watch him sparkle
        And we'll make love make magic"

        from "Your song" - It just haunts you.

        "Tip-toeing where you shine your light,
        Stealing my heart into the night,
        And springing it on me just when the time is right.
        You told me about her and all the plans you're making,
        Lost in the woods with two crumbs for taking."
        from "Bury My Head Head" - Really intelligent and potent lyrics.

        The Album
        1. Your Song (4:07) - This song reminds me of my boyfriend, it's so soothing and a song thats fantastic to listen to at anytime of the day/night. It's a really vulnerable and honest song and so incredibly sweet.
        2. Talk Of The Town (5:10) - Straight from the heart. The first one I heard. It has a lovely chorus, it's one of my top 5.
        3. Is This It? (3:55) - I like this one, but it's not one of my top faves.
        4. Don't Break My Heart (3:22) - The tittle says a lot about the sentiments of this song. It's really simple and honest.
        5. Betty (5:09) This is my favourite and makes me cry. The introduction with the strings just touches your heart and the guitar chords continue to reach out to you. It reminds me of a particularly tough time in my life and this song comforts me as it makes me feel glad it's over. It's nice to be reminded of memories that you sometimes put "in a box" for so long.
        6. Bury My Head (3:52) - Amazing love song, even through it's dripping with saddness. Love it love it love it. This song is a fuller sound and I think until this song the album begins quite slowly like a burning candle.
        7. French Song (3:18) - This one plays around musically with European ideas. So pretty. Great vocals.
        8. Tonight (3:43) Again another one of my top favourites. It is another one that gets stuck in my head.
        9. Goldfish (3:54) - This one is the one I always listen to if I've had an argument with someone. It makes me feel whole again and sorts my head out. Incredibly tender.
        10. Fireworks (3:30) - My second favourite. Enchanting and inspiring. So tender and delicately beautiful. It's always the one I get stuck in my head.
        If you don't buy this album for yourself buy it for a friend - they'll love you for it. She whispered her way to my heart and I whisper to you to tell people about this talented singer and this album.

        Thanks for reading. Also posted on ciao.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Your Song
        2 Talk Of The Town
        3 Is This It?
        4 Don't Break My Heart
        5 Betty
        6 Bury My Head
        7 French Song
        8 Tonight
        9 Goldfish
        10 Fireworks

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