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Tonight: Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: Franz Ferdinand / Audio CD released 2009-01-26 at Domino

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    8 Reviews
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      12.05.2012 10:02
      Very helpful



      Third album from Franz Ferdinand

      Tonight was the third album released by Glaswegian group Franz Ferdinand in 2009. Released four years after the band's second album, it shows signs that great care has been taken over it. Much more synth-dance focused than its predecessors, singer Alex Kapranos sounds more menacing on the tracks here. Altogether, the album is more accomplished and polished than its predecessors, but still recognisably by Franz Ferdinand.

      Opening single Ulysses is in the same vein as Take Me Out and Do You Want To, a catchy indie-disco hit. Twilight Omens has a unique intro, and tracks like Turn It On and No You Girls sound like they belong in a smoky late-night club. Bite Hard, What She Came For and Live Alone are more of the same, uptempo indie disco songs. Can't Stop Feeling is very 80s with the synths and disco feel. Dream Again has a spaced-out, disco sound, while closing track Katherine Kiss Me uses a stripped down guitar backing to create a relaxed, country summer effect which belies the lyrics, referring to cigarettes and cider and black.

      Track Listing
      1. Ulysses
      2. Turn It On
      3. No You Girls
      4. Send Him Away
      5. Twilight Omens
      6. Bite Hard
      7. What She Came For
      8. Live Alone
      9. Can't Stop Feeling
      10. Lucid Dreams
      11. Dream Again
      12. Katherine Kiss Me

      Overall, this is a decent album with a good mix of uptempo and slower songs. It's less immediately catchy than You Could Have It So Much Better, with fewer hits than Franz Ferdinand, but it's polished and a bit different and definitely worth owning if you like the other two albums. I would recommend buying the special edition, which includes the dance CD of new and remixed tracks, Blood. It is possible to buy Blood separately, but cheaper to buy them together.


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      27.07.2009 02:40



      Franz Ferdinand are back after a dodgy second album.

      Franz Ferdinand's debut album was brilliant, but then, in my opinion, they took a step in the wrong direction for the awkward second album, throwaway songs and an album that felt like tt didnt have a clear direction and it was a bit of a jumbled mess. However for Franz Ferdinand's third album "Tonight" they have made yet another brilliant album. The focus of the production seems to be mostly on the ever so funky bass and drums, and it sounds great. What would Franz Ferdinand sound like replacing their guitars with synths? Just as you think they would - and it sounds fantastic. I can't really pick out highlights on this album, it flows so well and each song has a fantastic and catchy melody, there is nothing to skip on this album. Franz Ferdinand are back on track watch out! Oh yeah and they are also awesome live too! This band will become unstoppable!


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      25.06.2009 15:36
      Very helpful



      Like a toaster plugged into the bath - rough, electronic beauty

      The first I heard of Franz Ferdinand's admittedly spectacular masterpiece 'Tonight' was on the Steve Wright In The Afternoon show, where said host duly bent the ear of lead singer Alex Kapranos and screamed, "Ere son, I'm loving the new style!" Because that's how Wrighty talks, you know. Annoyingly so, at 4pm.

      Though I did chuckle slightly, under the illusion it was completely untrue - and rather just the usual sycophantic, hoity toity drivel we've come to expect from DJs and presenters. Everything's hip, new and happening these days. And blimey, it sounds like the kind of thing Lorraine Kelly would say to Marti Pellow on LK Today. Despite being a great fan of the Franz sound, there was nothing which led me to believe single track 'Ulysses' was anything more than what we'd already heard from them at all.

      And there's the punch - pow! Right in the kisser... Was it really no good? He played a few more tracks and yet still I wasn't convinced. It was just the same Glaswegian four-piece I had always known and loved. Plus, I was at work, and I didn't really have the chance to listen in.

      It took the overhearing of this in my friend Lucy's flat, to be cajoled into buying the CD for myself. I put the disc in my computer to spur me through my work at home... and I didn't get a thing done, because it was SO different; so fresh, powerful and such a beautiful rock/synth blend. I was wrong.

      The rawness of the first album, the accomplishment of the second, had made me smile. This was making me jump for joy, swing round on my office swivel chair and thrash imaginary drums so hard I feared for the life of my furniture. Buy it now! I couldn't say it any louder - it's one of my favourite albums this year. Besides being exciting and undoubtedly their best yet, it's such a step forward from the brilliant stuff they were doing before.

      Second single 'No You Girls' was much more to my taste, and after hearing the staggering originality that is using a human skeleton as a percussion instrument on the backing, my macabre love for them was greater fuelled. Even if it is used on an advert for my nemesis, Apple Mac's iPods. Other strong numbers include 'Turn It On', 'Can't Stop Feeling' and the bittersweet 'Live Alone.'

      Though these tracks are power-packed, and particularly 'Twilight Omens' with its haunting organ melodies, let the ballads not be forgotten, as 'Katherine Kiss Me' and 'Send Him Away' especially, when thinking of my boyfriend, brings me to bed-time tears.

      Am I 'What She Came For'? Or will I 'Dream Again' and simply have to "Bite Hard' until I wait for Franz' next record to come out? I shall wait and see. But until then, I'll certainly enjoy listening to this one. 10/10 from me.


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      11.06.2009 21:44
      Very helpful



      Franz Ferdinand at their best.

      Franz Ferdinand: Where to start?

      How about in 2002, in glasgow, scotland?

      The band takes its name from the famous Archduke of Austria, just incase you spotted the relationship between a post-punk 21st century band and the Archduke.

      This is the third studio album from the band, entitled 'tonight'. It was released on the 27th of Janurary 2009.

      Ok, to the music. I am a massive fan of franz ferdinand and this album does not dissapoint once again. With its quirky, almost sexual lyrics, cool rhythmic guitars and backing vocals this band couldnt ever dissapoint, right?

      This album has a great progressive feeling to it, it seems to have moved on from the previous two albums, in a different direction while still maintaining their original sound. That is a hard thing to conquer, believe me. Trying to gain new fans and keep the old ones is a difficult task indeed.

      This album has everything, An opening song, 'Ulysses' which has the listener wanting more of the steady bassline and whispering vocals. This song doesnt just open the album, it sets the tone and sends out a message- FRANZ FERDINAND ARE BACK!

      The leading single from the ablum 'no you girls' has infectious lyrics to rival the previously released 'take me out'. This song really makes you want to dive deeper into the realm of franz ferdinand, it really has a great feeling to it. So catchy.

      This isnt the best song on the album though?
      I think 'Lucid Dreams', all of 7 minutes 56 seconds long is the song which stands out for me. It starts off in a pretty ordinary (franz ferdinand ordinary is NOT ordinary at all!) way and then becomes almost a different genre of music alltogether. After the main melody of the song finishes, you begin to realise the song has taken a completely different tangent alltogether- an almost drum and bass take on their usual stuff.

      I recommend this to every franz ferdinand lover and anyone who just wants something cool to listen to.

      1. "Ulysses"
      2. "Turn It On"
      3. "No You Girls"
      4. "Send Him Away"
      5. "Twilight Omens"
      6. "Bite Hard"
      7. "What She Came For"
      8. "Live Alone"
      9. "Can't Stop Feeling"
      10. "Lucid Dreams"
      11. "Dream Again"
      12. "Katherine Kiss Me"


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      27.05.2009 18:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a poor album

      Tonight was the third album from the franz Ferdinand indie boys from Scotland.
      I enjoyed their other albums so when this one came out I just couldn't not buy it.

      The first track off the album Ulysses is the best by far. It starts off with a really nice drum beat and then the lyrics kick in, its similar in this way to a lot of their older stuff however it sounds like a totally different franz Ferdinand, their style of singing seemed to change ot a somewhat creepy style, but fortunately this is only at the beginning of the song. They have gotten a lot more electro and I think this is sadly for the worse as I think the old style suited the boys more.

      No you girls is the third song off the album and I also another one that I quite like. Its very catchy and is a bit faster then Ulysses, however I just think that the song doesn't contain enough different parts, it is in all very repetitive and I don't like this in songs.

      Track listings.
      Turn It On
      No You Girls
      Send Him Away
      Twilight Omens
      Bite Hard
      What She Came For
      Live Alone
      Can't Stop Feeling
      Lucid Dreams
      Dream Again
      Katherine Kiss Me

      If anything I think this album from the boys was a step back from their earlier releases, the first song Ulysses was fairly good, and the no you girls one way okay but apart from that the album offered quite basic songs which just failed to impress me, and that's why I only give this album a two out of five.


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        14.04.2009 13:13
        Very helpful




        I have always been a fan of Franz Ferdinand yet so far I have been unable sadly to watch them play live. The albums they release will be as close as I get to them. Thankfully they have once again produced a kicking third album!
        Tonight was released late January and I have been unable to stop playing it. Lead singer Alex Kapranos stated that "The last record was...like a teenager having sex. This one's a bit more assured and a bit friendlier for the dance floor." And to be honest in an odd kind of way I agree. Not that I didn't like their last album but their most recent wipes it under the carpet.

        The songs on this album still have the thumping guitar and drums backing but they've been added with slightly electro style sounds. Making it stand out more so in difference to the others. I get the feeling that they were told they needed to do something a bit more different, to step away from the music that they're most recognised for.
        It has taken them about 2 years to complete and it was most definetly worth the wait. It contains 12 cracking songs which I fail to find one at fault.

        Ulysess:~ The opening track. Starting off with a slow drumming thud and Kapranos singing quite softly before it kicks off. Lots of electro sounds in the background. Does actually have a few traces from tracks off their first album
        Turn it on:~ A more upbeat tempo with the recognisable voice singing from the start. In a rare occassion you can hear the other members of the bands voices! This has a steady rhythm going throughout its 2 minutes 22 seconds and is mainly guitar based.

        No You Girls:~ I first heard this song on Jonathon Ross and it is my most definet favourite! It starts off with an electric guitar running through the song, with once again the steady beat until you get to the chorus where you can't help but sing along to they simple lyrics.
        Send him Away:~ Slightly mellow tune and quiet singing and base line. This is a steady song and doesn't change at all till about half way and even then it's only a tiny bit.

        Twilight Omens:~ Electro sounding mini introduction with guitar over the top. In true Ferdinand fashion the music stops for a few secongs whilst Alex sings. This one has used quite a bit o electro sounding keyboard tunes.
        Bite Hard:~Very quiet start where you might feel the need to turn it up to hear it. It takes about 40 seconds for the drums and guitar get the song started.

        What she came for:~ Drum and keyboard starting. Another quietish entry and it doesn't stop the same kind of rhythm throughout.
        Live Alone:~ This has some kind of old fashioned computer game sound to it! It's not particularly fast till the chorus where it speeds up a bit. The first couple of lines are also very easy to sing along to. This one is a lot more keyboard sounding based.

        Can't Stop Feeling:~ This has got a cracking introduction. Thumping drums and guitars before the lyrics start in. The baseline features continually and in places they've put an echo on the singing. A song you can't stop tapping your feet to or humming along to the background music.
        Lucid Dreams:~ This is a mellow song compared to the others, but the drums do speed up towards the chorus but not by much. Although I do like all the songs on this album, this one I find a tad bit, dare I say it, boring!

        Dream Again:~ Quite an eerie start to a song. Voices sound as though they are on echo and you have the keyboard tinkling along but not blasting out too much tunes. It is a slow song but in an interesting way. Not like a ballad, which I find it hard to believe that the Franz would do.
        Katherine Kiss Me:~ Another slow one and it is the only song which distinctively reminds me of songs from their last two albums. Trouble is I can't work out which song it is. It doesn't have any keyboard/electro sound to it. Has stuck to the piano. Nice way to finish off the album!

        Overall I have appreciated this songs. It is good when bands do something a little bit different, if not much. Like I said I have enjoyed all the of Franz Ferdinands albums, but for the time being this is my favourite. Although maybe it could be because it's still quite new.
        Stand out Track = No You Girls

        One You Might Want to skip = Lucid dreams
        You can get it for just under £7 on Amazon.


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        04.03.2009 12:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not bad, not great

        I cannot quite work out the reason why I do not love Franz Ferdinand. Their music is the sort of music I love listening to, but oddly enough, I cannot completely warm to them. Perhaps it is the vocals, Alex Kapronas' voice is not quite exactly what I had in mind. It is odd, as Franz Ferdinand are responsible for some cracking singles recently and three of the best albums this century. But still, I only give this a 4 out of 5. Is it becuase now, with three albums that are extremely similar, that we are left feeling that this is all that they've got?

        Don't get me wrong, the album is incredibly catchy and some of these songs really do make me just want to break out and dance. It's much more dancey than their previous efforts, but it's still same catchy, post-punk influenced rock that we've come to expect from the band. But I guess in a way, that's all we can expect from them. They still seem like just some band with uber-catchy riffs and hooks, but nothing beyond that. Are they limited?

        The band say they have changed and yes, there are sprinklings of African influences, but they still sound very much like Franz Ferdinand.

        "Twilight Omens" features a keyboard-heavy loop straight out of the 80s, but the thick guitars keep it grounded and fairly rocking. Meanwhile, "What She Came For" begins as pure disco, synthesizers on full blast but builds to a big rocky finish.

        The only problem is that there are too many fillers on this album. Even Ulysses is a bit of a rip off - of their own stuff. Sounds very similar to Take me Out.

        The one stand out for me is Katherine Kiss Me, an acoustic solo that is totally different from the rest of the album. It leaves me with some hope for the fututre.


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          30.01.2009 13:32
          Very helpful



          Classic FF with a twist.

          This new album, long awaited after a long absence from actively pursuing the music scene by Franz Ferdinand. It's more mature and experimental, and although it has been slated by some people, I feel that this is because these people had typecast FF as jaunty-whimsical one trick ponies, capable only of releasing music along the lines of their first two albums, and because this is different, it shocked and disappointed these people, who perhaps did not give it a fair listen for this reason. I listened to it objectively, although with anticipation, as a fan of FF since the beginning. I have gone into a few stand-out tracks below in further detail. There are no songs I would skip over on this album though, and I recommend it, although I'd recommend you get the 2 disc special edition; I wish I had!!

          Ulysses opens the album with a very different sound compared to what we're used to from Franz Ferdinand. It's got elements of classic FF with the chorus, but the overall instrumental sounds like something you'd hear in a chic bar; slow with a steady, defined beat.

          Twilight Omens is another slow track, but with more instrumentals to pad out the steady overall rhythm than we had heard on Ulysses. Much as before, it's classic FF with a more mature twist. There are some silly and amusing lyrics here, which reminds us it IS definitely FF; the references to puerile activities involving a calculator certainly made me smile.

          No You Girls is a very cool and a livelier track than the first two and sounds more like FF of old than what we've heard from this album so far. The guitar mid-section really, really went right back to early FF and I loved it.

          Live Alone is the most catchy track so far, very remeniscent of early FF with a funky bassline and easy to sing-along-to vocals with a very commercially viable sound (possible future single release?) and an electronic addition. Certainly a personal favourite track.

          Lucid Dreams is the most out-there, different from the usual FF track on this album, with some warping and distortion on certain parts of the instrumentals but still sounding coherent, accessible and appealing to fans of the band.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Ulysses
          2 Turn It On
          3 No You Girls
          4 Send Him Away
          5 Twilight Omens
          6 Bite Hard
          7 What She Came For
          8 Live Alone
          9 Can't Stop Feeling
          10 Lucid Dreams
          11 Dream Again
          12 Katherine Kiss Me

          Disc #2 Tracklisting
          1 Feel The Pressure
          2 Die On The Floor
          3 The Vaguest Of Feeling
          4 If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can
          5 Katherine Hit Me
          6 Backwards On My Face
          7 Feeling Kind Of Anxious
          8 Feel The Envy

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