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Too Fast For Love - Motley Crue

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Motley Crue / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2003-06-02 at Commercial Marketing

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2012 18:06
      Very helpful



      The album that started the glam revolution.

      "Too Fast For Love" is the debut studio album by American glam metal band, Mötley Crüe. It was released in 1982 on Elektra Records and produced by Michael Wagener. The line-up for the album was Vince Neil (vocals), Mick Mars (guitar), Nikki Sixx (bass) and Tommy Lee (drums).

      This is the album widely considered to have sparked the whole glam metal genre. For a first effort, especially given how young they all were, it is well written and shows why they have staying power in the music industry. With the exception of Mick Mars, they were all right around 20 years old when the album was being recorded and released.

      With a bit of punk influence, this is high energy, fast paced rock with brilliant guitar grooves and thundering drums, pumping bass lines and vocals that are pure Vince Neil. The songs are varied and interesting with changing riffs that keep an insane pace. There are an impressive amount of inspired solos to satisfy even the most diehard air guitarist. Drums pump life and energy into each track, and the vocals contain a charisma that can only come from believing in your band, and singing for the love of singing.

      The sound is grittier and rougher than their later albums, but that is what is needed for their style of music. With "Too Fast For Love", you can tell it was done by four guys out to play their music, and not influenced by record company executives. Although their later albums are incredible, they sound more polished and cleaned up than this one. None of the songs on this album sound dated or as if they fit into one category of metal, which is amazing considering it is the album that started a glam and most songs from that category stand out as what they are.

      "Live Wire" is a fast and furious start to the album. The sound is heavy and raw, as metal should be. With sheer attitude and aggression, it is almost speed metal. Lee's talent really shines on this one, with the way his drumming really stands out.

      "Come on and Dance" features riffs that could have extended into a stellar solo. As it is, they are still amazing to listen to over and over again. Lyrics are raunchy, slightly sleazy glam lyrics at their best, simple and to the point.

      "Public Enemy #1" has a punk feel to it. While the whole album has a punk influence to it, you can really tell it on this track. The song has a great melody, and riff work that runs wild. With a sing along chorus and dark, powerful verses, it is the epitome of youth rebellion set to music.

      "Merry Go Round" is probably the most underrated track on the album. The haunting melody and melancholy vibe of the song make it misunderstood by those who are looking for all out rockers. With great lyrics, and heavy chorus, the song is full of surprises. There is a crazy great solo that seems to come out of nowhere, and because it is unexpected, it is even better.

      "Take Me to the Top" is a mid paced rocker. The rhythmic vocals seem to draw you in and keep you mesmerised. The riffs are amazing, and make you want the song to go on and on. The bass line really makes the song.

      "Piece of Your Action" is the heaviest song on the album. With a fast pace and high energy, this one has a lot of attitude. The sharp riffs and explosive solo are stunning, and it is easy to see why this album sparked a new genre, because everyone wanted to be in on the action.

      "Starry Eyes" is slower, but not a power ballad. Although it is not as heavy as their other songs, the bass line and riffs keep it from feeling soft. There is a depth of emotion in the vocals that is heartfelt and conveys what he is meaning by the song.

      "Too Fast For Love" is easily one of the highlights of the album. Female backing singers lend a cabaret feeling to the song, and the gang shout chorus gives the song attitude. There are sleazy, groovy riffs everywhere that showcase Mick Mars' talent.

      "On With the Show" starts with a slower intro, but the music soon kicks up a notch, although the tempo of the vocals remains a bit slower, causing a bit of an interesting contrast that works. While it isn't as heavy as some tracks on the album, it is still a good song with passionate vocals. Guitar work and drumming really stand out on this one.

      In summary, if an album is good enough to spark a whole new sub category of metal, it must be worth buying. Although it may lack the slick polish of later glam albums, it stands out for being grittier and raw, as metal is meant to be. This is one I can easily recommend to all metal fans, because it is heavy enough to satisfy, even if it is thought of as not as heavy as some bands. While the innuendo may be too much for some of the younger listeners, it is just raunchy enough to make it glam without being over the top.

      1. Live Wire
      2. Come on and Dance
      3. Public Enemy #1
      4. Merry-Go-Round
      5. Take Me to the Top
      6. Piece of Your Action
      7. Starry Eyes
      8. Too Fast For Love
      9. On With the Show

      My rating: 8/10


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      17.11.2008 12:21
      Very helpful



      Surprisingly very punk poppy

      Too Fast For Love was Motley Crue's debut album, originally released in 1981, it was re-mastered and re-released in 1982, ensuring that the original 900 pressings are now very valuable collector's pieces.

      The vocals are really very youthful if Curly Watts had got himself caught up in the rock n roll scene, this is how it would sound! Vocals are pretty cheesy "Come on baby, come and play with me - I'm your live wire" but the band really blast out some catchy riffs and even the cheesy vocals are easy to sing along to in an anthem style.

      Whilst the instrumental parts of the songs suggest that this album is quite heavy, the vocals are more similar to The Beatles than Napalm Death! This first Motley Crue album is very poppy indeed, but it is raw punky pop with a glam style that wouldn't be out of place with The New York Dolls, the production is quite basic and it sounds like a band really trying hard to achieve success.

      This is probably my favourite Motley Crue album, considering I'm not a big fan of the over produced later work of the band, this really isn't bad at all and is definitely one that I listen to from time to time.

      1. "Live Wire" - 3:16
      2. "Public Enemy #1" (Sixx, Lizzie Grey) - 4:23
      3. "Take Me to the Top" - 3:46
      4. "Merry-Go-Round" - 3:27
      5. "Piece of Your Action" (Vince Neil, Sixx) - 4:40
      6. "Starry Eyes" - 4:30
      7. "Stick to Your Guns" - 4:20
      8. "Come On and Dance" - 3:11
      9. "Too Fast for Love" - 4:11
      10. "On With the Show" (Neil, Sixx) - 4:08


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Live Wire
      2 Come On And Dance
      3 Public Enemy #1
      4 Merry-Go-Round
      5 Take Me To The Top
      6 Piece Of Your Action
      7 Starry Eyes
      8 Too Fast For Love
      9 On With The Show
      10 Toast Of The Town
      11 Tonight
      12 Too Fast For Love
      13 Stick To Your Guns
      14 Merry-Go-Round
      15 Live Wire

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