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Tourist History - Two Door Cinema Club

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4 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: Two Door Cinema Club / Audio CD released 2010-03-01 at Kitsune - V2 Coop

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    4 Reviews
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      16.05.2013 23:33
      Very helpful
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      A brilliantly talented electro indie band

      Tourist History - Two Door Cinema Club

      I came across the band Two Door Cinema Club whilst listening to the radio not long after they released Tourist History. I immediately liked their style, lyrics and sounds and so purchased the Tourist History album.

      The band are from Bangor in Northern Ireland and are made up of three guys Alex Trimble on vocals, guitar, synthesiser, beats; Sam Halliday on lead guitar, backing vocals and Kevin Baird - bass guitar, backing vocals. Their debut album was released in March 2010 and reached 24th in the UK Album Charts which isn't bad for an indie/alternative band.

      Tourist History has ten tracks on it and they are all pretty amazing and I can easily listen to the whole album without skipping any tracks which for me is very good going. The Album cover has a very cute cat looking through the 'O's' in the artists name, again anything with cats and I'm sold. The album was recorded in London at Eastcote Studios in July 2009.

      1. Cigarettes in the Theatre

      A great opening track with a quiet and subtle guitar intro that soon breaks into a loud, fast and upbeat tune. The strumming is fast and the lyrics are catchy, definitely a catchy and dance tune. I like the way the song is upbeat and then quietens down on the verses. You can see their talent immediately.

      2. Come Back Home

      Again a soft and subtle intro to the song, this is more about his voice that the big sounds, until the chorus that is. I'd say this reminds me of a bit of an anthem where you're in a club or bar and everyone sings to one another. There's a really catchy clapping sound throughout the track and Alex's voice is very intoxicating. Again guitars ad synth's are present throughout an there's some very good instrument playing

      3. Do You Want it All?

      One of Two Door's well known tracks. This has beautiful soulful versus and a very, very catchy chorus consisting of one line - Do you want it all? This is a very good track and one of my favourite, particularly the last minute where the music and guitars get nice and loud and they get a bit wild on their instruments.

      4. This is the Life

      High pitched guitar sounds and a very funky sounding bass. This reminds me of a great summer tune from both the sounds and the lyrics. This is slightly lighter than the rest of the tracks and a bit more mainstream in my opinion. It's good but not heavy enough for my liking.

      5. Something Good Can Work

      A more folky/summery sounding tune with very fast lyrics! I have no idea what he is saying but it sounds musically pleasing. Again the chorus is upbeat and catchy, but the track has softer sounding instruments throughout. His voice sounds a bit more soulful than rocky on this.

      6. I Can Talk

      Great intro with the' ah oh ah ah oh' sounds at the start. The chorus is great with fast and furious guitar and bass strumming which goes quiet for the versus making the lyrics seem very extreme. Again there are solo guitar parts and more random backing vocals throughout. Catchy and fun!

      7. Undercover Martyn

      Released as a single in 2010 this is another popular track, the lyrics are lovely, his voice is lovely. A great catchy chorus, maracas, clicky percussion instruments, what more could you ask for in a song. Again full of energy, fast lyrics and lots of guitar.

      8. What You Know
      My favourite, amazing high guitar solo to start, very electro, this is such a good dancing tune with great beats that you can swivel to on the dance floor. This was released as a single in February 2011 and is a very popular track for good reason. I again really like the lyrics and can play this over and over again.

      9. Eat That Up, Its Good For You

      This is not quite as light and poppy as some of the other tracks, still catchy but not quite as good in my opinion. Defineately a bit of a come down after What You Know, However the last minute is pretty epic with fast strumming and passionate vocals.

      10. You're not Stubborn
      This sounds a bit like a closing track, which of course it is. Just the three guys having fun playing their instruments and jumping around. The chorus is really funky and lively and a good closing track I think, throwing all they have into the tune.

      I have been lucky enough to see Two Door Cinema Club live recently and have to admit they sound just as good live as they do on record! Fabulous album, as is their second one. I would recommend buying the deluxe version of the cd which has a second disc with remixes and bonus tracks. This is £8.49 on Amazon right now and the single album is priced at £5.20. Absolutely fabulous band that you can dance your heart out to. Buy!


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        07.01.2012 18:15
        1 Comment



        Starts great and gets even better

        I'll start with saying that this album really is good. I heard one of my friends mention the name and heard a song on the radio so I went online to check them out. I had no expectations and hadn't heard any hype which often surrounds good guitar bands these days. On listening to a few song previews I realised that I recognised almost all of the songs. This is one of the best things about this album. It just sounds familiar (In a good way) and you instantly like it. Having said that I am not getting bored of the album either; I started off liking the singles such as Undercover Martyn and What You Know but I have now grown very fond of all the other songs and am starting to notice things that I didn't notice first time. The lyrics are all excellent and are catchy without being repetitive or annoying. They also fit into the music so well. There isn't a bad song on the album and it is a perfect length at 32 mins. It gives me that great feeling of being gutted when it finishes.

        I can see no reason not to like Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club


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          20.09.2011 16:04
          Very helpful



          A fantastic album by the Two Door Cinema Club.

          === The band ===

          Two door cinema club is an Indie band from Northern Ireland comprising of members Sam Halliday, Kevin Baird & Alex Trimble. Their first album, Tourist Holiday, was released on 1st March 2010 with record label Kitsuné Music and their album went on to win Irish Album Of The Year 2010 and this won them a choice music prize. You can find out more information about the band by visiting their Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Door_Cinema_Club

          === The album set list ===

          1. Cigarettes In The Theatre
          2. Come Back Home
          3. Do You Want It All?
          4. This Is The Life
          5. Something Good Can Work
          6. I Can Talk
          7. Undercover Martyn
          8. What You Know
          9. Eat That Up, Its Good For You
          10. You Are Not Stubborn

          === Cigarettes In The Theatre ===

          This is a good opening with a fantastically catchy guitar rift at the beginning of the song. I found myself tapping my foot from the very first time that I listened to this song and I didn't end up skipping through to find the songs that I knew. The Irish accent is very catchy and sounds familiar and friendly all at the same time. This is a fast paced song with a great guitar sound all the way through. The electric guitar is being played incredibly well and while there is a lot going on during this song and the music is filled with lots of different sounds they actually work incredibly well together and just make for an incredibly fast paced, lovable & infectious sound. The song ends almost as abruptly as it started and leaves a good few seconds of silence to build up to the next song.

          === Come Back Home ===

          This song starts off a little intriguing, there is a beat that is slowly building and increasing in volume. This has another infectious catchy kind of beat to it and the vocals work very well with the music. The two feel like they have been married together and this has produced a fantastic result. This song has an anthem feel to it and I can almost imagine myself jumping with a crowd to this song while up to my knees in mud!

          === Do You Want It All? ===

          This has a very funky opening rift that instantly pulls in my attention. The beat kicks in and I find myself being swept along at a fairly fast pace. The accent of the lead singer is fantastic and just adds an extra ambience to the song. This is an incredibly catchy number with repetitive lyrics that work incredibly well at drawing in and holding my attention. This gets even more exhilarating towards the end and really keeps my motivation sweeping along for this wonderful album.

          === This Is The Life ===

          This is the song that first drew my attention in to this band after hearing it numerous times on an advert on the television and then finding myself googling it because the same lyrics just kept going round and round and I wanted to learn more about the band. This song is soft, supple and mellow while still managing to have a fast paced, upbeat chorus that is incredibly catchy and really gives a feel for what this band are about; positive, upbeat, fetching numbers that will easily stick in your mind for the rest of the day.

          === Something Good Can Work ===

          This song has a funky beat to it, it's catchy, it's almost a little anthem style number really. There are moments that are incredibly fun to croon along to and this is a real Summer 'windows down, arms out' kind of number. The beat is fantastic, there is lots of different noises going on throughout this song. It has beats, kicks, awesome lyrics and really just everything you need for a feel good Summer vibe.

          === I Can Talk ===

          This song feels a little different to the rest I've heard so far, it feels a little like it's going to break in to a rap song for some unknown reason? Then the guitar rift kicks in, it's amazing, fast paced and grabs my attention instantly. The song then changes, becomes a little more melodic, fast paced still but somehow being soft and wonderful at the same time. The lyrics are catchy, they are uplifting and they really carry the mood of the album through perfectly.

          === Undercover Martyn ===

          This is another song that feels familiar to me, it's almost a little bit samey to the previous two or three songs and I feel that while this would be a fantastic song standing alone it just seems to blend in a little bit to the rest of the album. The lyrics are fantastic though, don't get me wrong. They are inquisitive and they make me want to sing along, there is just something about this band where you can't sick of their samey kind of feel.

          === What You Know ===

          This song starts off funky, with a very Indie kind of vibe to it. There is a brilliant snare kind of sound throughout the song and this is one of the most catchy, infectious songs for me from the entire album, in fact, I'd almost go as far as saying that this is my favourite song on the album. The voice of the singer is almost a little chilling, haunting and yet brilliant beautiful and happy all in the same breath. The lyrics are catchy, almost brilliant in fact.

          === Eat That Up, Its Good For You ===

          The title of this song instantly appeals to me and makes me think of childhood memories, happy, fun ones involving family dinner times. The song starts off, briefly, very slow before kicking in to another upbeat, fun, happy number. The lyrics are brilliant, absolutely brilliant, fun, upbeat, uplifting and a little nonsensical in places but they work incredibly well with the music. 'It's too late, you've got another one coming & it's gonna be the same.'

          === You Are Not Stubborn ===

          This is the final song on the album and the beginning of it is just fantastic, it sounds a little like it's being cranked up for one last blast of fun, melodic music. This is the one and only weak link on this album really for me, it's a little bit samey, feels a little like it's trying to hard. The melody is quite nice, the lyrics are alright but there is just a little something missing from this song, that spark that has made the rest of the album amazing. The song ends just as rapidly as it starts really and I am left feeling like it's a bit of a disappointing ending to an album.

          === Where can I purchase this from & for how much? ===

          This can currently (September 2011) be purchasing from Amazon.co.uk for just £4.97 which is a fantastic price for such a brilliant album.

          === Overall opinion ===

          This is the kind of band that instantly feels familiar to me, I am sure that I have heard them somewhere before and that's the beauty of this band. They feel familiar, they make you feel like you know them before you even get halfway through the album. There is something wonderfully infectious, contagious & catching about this album. Several times while listening to it recently, and working on this review, I would find that several songs would have been played and passed me by before I've ever wrote anything more about the first song I set out to write about.

          This is a fantastic album, there is one weak link for me really 'You Are Not Stubborn' which feels a little like a rushed, hasty end to the album and I would have preferred to hear this earlier in the album and be left with an album that finished on a real high.

          A testament to how exciting this band is really is just how many of the songs have recently been sampled on TV shows and adverts. This shows the sign of a band which has more than one string to their bow really and it was an advert that got me interested in the band initially, however, it is the band themselves and the quality of this album that has kept me listening to it over and over for the past few months.

          I can really think of no real criticism for this band at all, their songs are a little short but they work perfectly just the way they are. The album is available for a reasonable price so I don't mind that the album is not the longest ever really as it is so wonderfully upbeat, uplifting and fun to listen to.

          The melodies of the songs are brilliant and I love the variety of sounds and noises that come from the different band members and the different instruments. This album is full of fantastic pieces of music that work so well with the lyrics provided and really show just how fantastic this band already are.

          If you are a fan of songs with an upbeat Indie kind of feel then I would firmly recommend this album, it's truly fantastic and one that is a new firm favourite in my vast collection.


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          26.07.2011 19:36
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Bright energetic indie music.

          Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

          I purchased this album recently after seeing the band perform at Glastonbury (from the comfort of my front room though rather than muddy Somerset, - I do love the great coverage BBC do for that concert but that's for another time). I really loved what I heard and I went out and bought this album to hear more.

          Who are Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC)?
          They are a three-piece indie band from Co. Down Northern Ireland. The term indie doesn't quiet do them justice, I think there is something more to this band. It's the vibrancy of their songs (and the lead singers fabulous ginger hair!) and also the energy they seem to give to their performances, which really sets them apart. They had their debut at Glastonbury in 2009 on the BBC Introducing Stage, which has given them the springboard to success. This year saw them perform on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2011 where they seemed to get a great response from the crowd and also from me in my front room! (check out BBC I-player to see this years performance). With my interest in TDCC raised I purchased their debut album - Tourist History.

          Tourist History - what's it like?
          This debut album was released in March 2010 on French label Kitsume Music. It's got 10 tracks on the album and I have to say I've got time for all of them. The image on the front of the album is of a cat with a crown and some very sparkling eyes. TDCCs song writing delivers some great results and here's the album listing and my a brief outline of my thoughts on each.

          1. Cigarettes in the theatre
          Lovely introduction with just simple guitar strum into really upbeat tempo and instantly the vibrancy of this bands music hits you. Really energetic song, which is great starter for the album.

          2. Come back home
          This is really catchy chorus with a strong, punchy beat. Really gets into your head.

          3. Do you want it all?
          Softer delivery on this song but the buoyant nature of the music remains, great guitar riff too which I enjoyed.

          4. This is the life
          Bit more electro pop influence here but again guitar riff which is really catchy and carries this tune.

          5. Something good can work
          My absolute favourite it's so summery and bright, I urge you to check this one out! Its probably the best on the album along with track 8 'what you know'. The fact the he (the lead singer) can release the chorus words as quickly as he does from his mouth is amazing in itself. Can't help not to dance to this track, its got a real party feel.

          6. I can talk
          Echo at the start grabs your attention and starts another really cheerful tune and chorus, bit more punchy than the others on the album.

          7. Undercover Martyn
          Delivers the TDCC style of bright and energetic but not quiet as magical.

          8. What you know
          This is probably one of their most well known tracks and is in my opinion one of their best. Chorus is amazing, the lead singers Northern Irish accent coming out more clearly on this than any of the other tracks I think.

          9. Eat this up its good for you
          This hasn't the same draw for me as other tracks on the album, little heavier in terms of drums, guitar and I think this makes it a little less special for me.

          10. You're not stubborn
          Album ends on a high with a really strong song but excellent lyrics which draw you in.

          Overall this album is, in my opinion brilliant and I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a love for indie music with a slight 'poppy edge'. Brilliant songs, well written with amazing music, what isn't there to like. I bought the album about two weeks ago from my local HMV store for £6.99 which I was quiet pleased with but I've checked online and it can be purchased for £4.97 with Amazon.

          Thanks for reading this review, hope you get a chance to listen to TDCC and enjoy their music.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Cigarettes In The Theatre
          2 Come Back Home
          3 Do You Want It All
          4 This Is The Life
          5 Something Good Can Work
          6 I Can Talk
          7 Undercover Martyn
          8 What You Know
          9 Eat That Up It's Good For You
          10 You're Not Stubborn

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