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TP.3 Reloaded - R. Kelly

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Soul / Artist: R. Kelly / Import / Audio CD released 2005-07-05 at Jive

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2008 20:22
      Very helpful





      R Kelly has had his fair share of bad press over the past few years with a number of high profile court cases but after being acquited of the charges against him he now has the opportunity to get back to what he is known for and that of course is his music. With a new album coming out very soon I decided to review some of his previous albums, starting with this one from 2005 which was called TP.3 Reloaded.

      **TP.3 Reloaded**

      This is the seventh studio album from R Kelly, As usual he has worked with one of todays top producers in Scott Storch and there are a number of collaborations on the album from Nivea, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Elephant Man, Twista aswell as a couple of lesser known artists. This album showcases a more hip hop tinged R Kelly album than before but still has the unmistakable ballads that he is so well known for.

      1.) Playa's Only

      This is a great start to the album, The bassline is seismic and will be a nightmare for poor hi-fi kit. This track features The Game and is a great club track which is made all the more appealing due to the fantastic beat of the bassline.

      2.) Happy Summertime

      This track features Snoop Dogg and despite being a very catchy track it doesnt have the feel of Playa's only. I'm not a big fan of Snoop Dogg but I have to say that he does do a decent enough job on Happy Summertime.

      3.) In The Kitchen

      This is the first ballad on the album, this is a very interesting track which is about getting it on in the kitchen if you catch my drift. Just make sure you clean up all the "mess". A decent enough track which lacks a little spark.

      4.) Slow Wind

      This is a fantastic track which has elements of reggae, R&B and hip hop. The guitar licks are very reggae and the beat is hip hop with R Kelly's vocals bringing the R&B. A very good track indeed with a great feel and his best vocals of the album so far.

      5.) Put My T-Shirt on

      This is a strange title but this is a very decent ballad which has a relaxed and romantic feel. Not the most substantial ballad he has ever done but this is a very listenable track which will have huge appeal for couples who are both R Kelly fans.

      6.) Remote Control

      This is a great ballad which has elements of 70's soul brought into a modern soundtrack of firm beats. His falsetto is fantastic and the track is about being able to do the right things to make your partner feel good when you are getting down to some love making.

      7.) Kickin it with your girlfriend

      This is a warning to men that if you don't treat them right then don't be suprised if they look elsewhere. This track has a very nice feel and is one of the best tracks on the album. Just remember this song when you have a row with your girlfriend.

      8.) Reggae Bump Bump

      This is a collaboration too far. I do not know why on earth R Kelly decided to record with this talentless loser who calls him self Elephant Man. Worst track on the album and one which I usually skip right through.

      9.) Touchin

      This is an oustanding ballad which features great vocals from Nivea, she has a great pitch to her voice, The track is about the touch between a man and a woman when they are alone together. A superb track which is very sexy and seductive. A great late night track for couples.

      10.) Girls go crazy

      This track elaborates on the subject that Kickin it with your girlfriend touches on. This is a fast and funky track which has a great melody. One of the best uptempo tracks on the album which showcases the range of musical styles he does.

      11.) Hit it till the mornin

      This is a catchy uptempo track which is half ballad which features Twista. Twista's rap flows superbly well and this is a great track about an all night sex session that lasts until the morning. Some great beats and guitar licks aplenty.

      12.) Sex Weed

      This is about the joys of sex being far better than any weed. A gentle ballad which features an amazing falsetto from R Kelly, one of the best vocal performances on the album. A very decent track indeed.

      13.) Sex, Love is what we makin

      This is another great ballad which has a gentle feel with some soulful guitar licks. This is about giving your partner as much as they are giving you in bed. Another very romantic track on the album which has such a great smooth feel.

      14.) Burn it up

      This is a catchy track which features Wisin & Yandel whoever they are. This track is a uptempo track which has a nice beat but doesnt quite live up to some of the best uptempo tracks on the album. A decent enough track though.

      15)-19) Trapped in the closet Pt 1-5

      This is where R Kelly's genius comes through, This is the first five parts of a story of adultery and a homosexual affair among other things. The first part tells the story of where he finds himself after meeting a woman in a club and going back to her apartment. Next thing you know the woman's husband comes home and R Kelly's mobile phone goes off and he searches for him around the apartment.

      As the track goes on you find out that the man who finds him in the bedroom closet is actually a pastor who is having a homosexual affair with another man. what follows is the pastor confessing to his wife about the relationship with the man. The pastor then explains how he began the affair with the man and then you hear the story from the man he has been sleeping with.
      It then comes out that the woman lied about her name when they met in the club the night before.

      R Kelly then phones home and a man picks up the phone, as he is driving back home he gets stopped by a police officer for speeding. Once he gets back he questions his wife about the man who answered the phone. She lies and say it was her brother, they then start getting it on and then he gets cramp and then turns the covers and finds a used condom on the bedsheet. You then find out that she is having it off with the policeman who stopped him.


      This is a fantastic album which is one of his best albums and is clearly crowned by Trapped in the closet. Where he shows his off the wall genius with a truly unique piece which has been continued with extra parts on dvd which are even more bizarre. A great album with the right balance of hip hop tracks and ballads.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Playa's Only - The Game, R. Kelly
    2 Happy Summertime - R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg
    3 In the Kitchen
    4 Slow Wind
    5 Put My T-Shirt On
    6 Remote Control
    7 Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend
    8 Reggae Bump Bump - Elephant Man, R. Kelly
    9 Touchin' - R. Kelly, Nivea
    10 Girls Go Crazy - Baby, R. Kelly
    11 Hit It Til the Mornin' - Do or Die, R. Kelly, Twista
    12 Sex Weed
    13 (Sex) Love Is What We Makin'
    14 Burn It Up - R. Kelly, Wisin, John Yandell
    15 Trapped in the Closet Chapter 1
    16 Trapped in the Closet Chapter 2
    17 Trapped in the Closet Chapter 3
    18 Trapped in the Closet Chapter 4
    19 Trapped in the Closet Chapter 5

    Disc #2 Tracklisting
    1 Trapped in the Closet (Chapters 1-5) - The Longform Video [DVD]

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