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Transylvania 90210 - Songs Of Death, Dying And The Dead - Wednesday 13

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Wednesday 13 / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2005-04-11 at Roadrunner

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2009 13:36
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      The very first time I put this album into my cd player was shortly after I was handed it by my fiancé, at this time in my life I was very into bands like Metallica and Trivium, both heavy metal bands. So I pressed play and out came this bunch of noises and sounds, I was very confused and I skipped through the album maybe listening to about 20 to 30 seconds of each song and I was very unimpressed by both the lyrics and the music itself. Although I added the music to my ipod play list and never thought anything more about this album for a month or so. Until I was told that we where going travelling from Belfast to Glasgow for my birthday, which I thought was a nice little trip until I found out that the main reason was to go see Wednesday 13. Upon finding this out I was truly mortified, as I recalled one afternoon listening to an album and thinking that it was not the best of albums.

      This got me thinking, that if I was going to have to and see this band I may as well listen to the album before I go, so that I will enjoy myself more due to knowing a few of the songs. This time I listened to the album from start to finish, and then I listened to it a second time. I think this was possibly the moment that I became a Wednesday 13 fan. So I have this album to thank for giving me so much pleasure and also introducing me into a totally new genre of music for me "shock rock". Now I own basically everything that Wednesday 13 has released going back to Murderdolls and even some Frankenstein Drag Queens.
      Now back to Transylvania 90210, this album was the first album that Wednesday 13 released in his "solo" career after Murderdolls went on hiatus. I say "solo" because the only permanent band member is Wednesday himself, the rest of the band members have changed with appearances from old Murderdolls members and also completely new faces. This album was recorded with the following line up:

      Wednesday 13 - lead vocals/guitar
      Piggy D - guitars
      Kid Kid - bass
      Ghastly - drums, percussion
      The album is titled Transylvania 90210 Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead, which in my opinion is quite a grim title, but this album is not grim in the slightest. Wednesday 13 takes these serious subjects and sings songs which are comical in nature and are mostly have either a play on words or else has a tie to a classic horror movie, as Wednesday himself is a massive horror movie fan. This album is a light hearted comical look on a not so comical subject, which flows with musical genius from start to finish.

      I am now going to introduce each track from the album and also give a brief description about each track:
      1. Post mortem boredom:
      This is the introduction track to the album, which lasts only 57 seconds and sounds like an emergency broadcast that states:
      "The following audio recording contains songs of death, dying, and the dead.
      To avoid fainting keep reminding yourself, it's only a recording."

      2. Look what the bats dragged in:
      This track starts off with a good riff straight from the beginning of the track and then in comes Wednesday's distinctive voice; this tracks chorus plays on the more common phrase "look at what the cats dragged in".

      3. I walked with a zombie
      This track is probably the most memorable track on the album, there is also a music video to go along with it (not found on the album), which takes video footage from the film night of the living dead and places Wednesday and the band in the footage. It is probably the catchiest song on the album. The part I like most is the "camp" clap along section of the song.
      4. Bad things
      What can I say about this song? Well I want bad things to happen to you! It's not as fast paced as the previous song, but there has been a lot of thought and work put into the lyrics to make this song work.

      5. House by the cemetery
      Another one of the horror movie songs, this song is basically a song about a house that is beside the cemetery (funnily enough), the song is about someone who went into the house and the things that happens to them inside the house
      6. God is a lie
      Another one of the more fast paced and lively songs on the album, this song has a short solo from the lead guitar which is probably the first solo on the album. Yes this song has a quite controversial title but with Wednesday singing it he makes it more about comedy than the harshness that the title reflects

      7. Haunt me
      A song about a boy sitting in the dark on a lonely Halloween who lost his girlfriend in the past, and there comes a voce out of the dark "hello, my love." And he urges her to haunt him like she used to when she was alive.
      8. Transylvania 90210
      A song playing on words with the television show Beverly Hills 90210, the song is the name sake for the album, where a guy is in his room and a prophetic like vision which exposes his future on a TV show called Transylvania 90210. This song is one of the slower songs on the album and is a little repetitive with lyrics but this does not ruin the song in the slightest.

      9. I want you... dead
      Back to the faster music that Wednesday is known for, this song opens with a scream from the lungs of the man himself, this song is also a catchy song which he shares his dislike for a certain person who he wants dead, and he shares what goes on in his mind of things that he would like to do to this person.
      10. Buried by Christmas
      This song is one of the more daft songs on the album where Wednesday wants a custom fit casket for Christmas and he wants to be buried, yes I know it sounds very sadistic but Wednesday is a satirical singer and this song works for him.

      11. Elect Death for president
      This song is about who should be elected to be president of America, it is a anthem which again plays a lot with words, and states plain and simply that red, yellow, black or white death is our future, so why not vote him for president. The song is not one of the fastest going songs but it carries itself at its own pace.
      12. Rot for me
      A song about him wanting his darling to rot, yes I know another sick song but it is Wednesday we are talking about here so it works for him because he makes it comical and doesn't take it seriously.

      13. Ghost of Vincent Price
      This song is basically a tribute to Wednesday's hero the late Vincent Price and he wants to know why his hero had to die. But he is happy to hang out with the ghost of Vincent Price. This song again is a fast song, not very serious but then again when is Wednesday ever serious? (Well in his early work anyway)
      14. Bullet named Christ
      The final track on the album, it is back to the slow tracks to end this album, this song very dark and shows Wednesday's voice to its true potential.

      All in all this album has grew on me since the very first time that I listened to it, and it is now one of my all time favourite albums, it is now quite old so can be picked up for about £5-7 from any major retailer. I think this album is what set Wednesday up for a great solo career after his initial success with his previous band Murderdolls.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Post Mortem Boredom
      2 Look What The Bats Dragged In
      3 I Walked With A Zombie
      4 Bad Things
      5 House By The Cemetery
      6 God Is A Lie
      7 Haunt Me
      8 Transylvania 90210
      9 I Want You...Dead
      10 Buried By Christmas
      11 Elect Death For President
      12 Rot For Me
      13 The Ghost Of Vincent Price
      14 A Bullet Named Christ

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