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Trash - Alice Cooper

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Alice Cooper / Audio CD released 1993-08-30 at Sony

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    3 Reviews
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      02.02.2011 12:01
      Very helpful



      Alice hits back with another killer album!

      Trash is my favourite of all the Alice Cooper albums that I own with only The Last Temptation coming a close second. Released in the late eighties, it was the album that first introduced me to Alice and is just as good now as the first time I heard it!

      The album begins with one of his most commercial hits since Schools Out, entitled Poison, which is a catchy number that instantly gets the blood pumping. Despite the high amount of play-time this got when it was released and despite the fact that it is one of only a handful of Alice Cooper songs that ever gets played on the radio even now, I still really like this track and think it is an excellent opener to what is simply a sublime album that continually goes from strength to strength throughout its duration. Spark In The Dark, which follows, is a likewise catchy song that carries on in a similar theme and is an even better follow-up to this album's fine beginning!

      House Of Fire is the third track on the album is another good number but it is not until track 4, Why Trust You, that the album really starts to get into its element! This is one of my favourites on the album and, with its cleverly bitter lyrics, is a great song to sing along with in the car and is simply Alice Cooper at his absolute best!

      Only My Heart Talking comes next and is a classic Alice Cooper ballard, as close to a lovey-dovey number as Alice ever gets without ever getting too over-the-top or overly sentimental. This is another of my firm favourites and is easily one of the best songs on the album!

      Bed Of Nails starts off the second half of this album and is a thrilling non-stop rollercoaster ride that sweeps you up and refuses to let go until its done! Again, this is another very strong number that really gets you going and is another of my absolute favourites!! In fact, I would go as far to say it is my OVERALL favourite track with Why Trust You coming a close second!

      This Maniacs In Love With You comes next and carries on the themes of questionable mental health that seem to pass through all Alice's music. This is okay but not one of the strongest tracks but is still slightly better than Trash which comes next but does very little for me despite a cameo from Jon Bon Jovi himself!

      Finally we get Hell Is Living Without You, another ballard or as close to one as Alice ever takes us. This is another song that is easy to sing along to and again is another favourite of mine. The climax of this album comes with I'm Your Gun and this is just an overall entertaining song with lots of lavish and risque humour included and lots of sexual innuendo that is par for the course with Alice's trademark sound.

      Like I say, this is my favourite of Cooper's albums that I own with a large majority of the songs presented here being absolutely awesome! Even the weaker tracks are still better than those on other albums and of a much higher standard. Despite being a tad commercial and slightly marketed at a more mainstream audience, Alice has lost none of his bite and this is a great album to own!!!


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      01.11.2009 16:50



      One of Alice's 80's classics!

      Trash represents some classic 80's Cooper; rolling out the guitar anthems as if they were going out fashion (which sadly they did soon after). Poison and House of Fire are both top notch Cooper rockers - the former one of his greatest hits, while Only My Heart Talking provides the essential power ballad (Aerosmith's Steven Tyler provides expert vocal backing).

      One of my favourite Alice tracks of all time, Hell is Living Without You graces the back end of the album - this is certainly one of his most underrated tracks along with This Maniacs' in Love With You - both are epics in their own right. Strangely enough the title track disappoints which is a surprise taking into account Jon Bon Jovi and Richi Sambora (both legends in their own right) guest, and to a greater extent the closing I'm Your Gun is a stinker too. These aside Trash is a fantastic record I couldn't be without.


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      11.11.2008 00:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Some very catchy tracks

      Alice Cooper is the original shock rocker and we're not just talking about his stageshow either - he has a tendency to switch styles or topics just when you wouldn't expect it. This was slightly the case with Trash, whilst there was no great change in sound of the music - the lyrical content and subject matter for the tracks was completely different to that of the previous aggression filled album Raise Your Fist and Yell.

      Trash generally focuses on relationships of some kind, whether it be discussing his break up with alcohol (Poison) or the catchy ones geared more at relationships with women (This Maniacs in Love With You, Hell is Living Without You, Only My Heart Talkin', Why Trust You) and then there are the sleazier raunchy type tracks like Bed of Nails, Trash, Spark in the Dark, I'm Your Gun and House of Fire.

      All of them rather enjoyable and not a single bad track on the album, not even a single mediocre track on the album - it comes as no surprise that Trash was considered a major comeback for the artist. It doesn't mean that there aren't a few things that could have been improved upon though. This album was largely an experiment though and the production work by Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi) brought a sort of well trashyness to the album, a certain amount of cheesyness however I thought that the snarling vocals and guitar solos, not to mention dodgy yet fun videos went along way to making it a very good effort.

      I like this album!

      1. "Poison" (Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, John McCurry) - 4:29
      2. "Spark in the Dark" (Cooper, Child) - 3:52
      3. "House of Fire" (Cooper, Child, Joan Jett) - 3:47
      4. "Why Trust You" (Cooper, Child) - 3:12
      5. "Only My Heart Talkin'" (Cooper, Bruce Roberts, Andy Goldmark) - 4:47
      6. "Bed of Nails" (Cooper, Child, Diane Warren) - 4:20
      7. "This Maniac's in Love with You" (Cooper, Child, Bob Held, Tom Teeley) - 3:48
      8. "Trash" (Cooper, Child, Mark Frazier, Jamie Sever) - 4:01
      9. "Hell Is Living without You" (Cooper, Child, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora) - 4:11
      10. "I'm Your Gun" (Cooper, Child, McCurry) - 3:47


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Poison
      2 Spark In The Dark
      3 House Of Fire
      4 Why Trust You
      5 Only My Heart Talkin'
      6 Bed Of Nails
      7 This Maniac's In Love With You
      8 Trash
      9 Hell Is Living Without You
      10 I'm Your Gun

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