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Travel The Galaxy - Ed Rush & Optical

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Genre: Dance & Electronic / Artist: Ed Rush & Optical / CD / Audio CD released 2009-05-11 at Virus

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2010 22:19
      Very helpful



      A very nice package

      Wow my first product suggestion and i get to write a review on it yay me.

      Label Virus Recordings
      Format cd
      Country UK
      Released 04 May 2009
      Style Drum n Bass

      Artist Information
      Ed rush and Opitical are the pioneers of the dark sounding drum and bass.They have been involved in the scene for around 15 years,consistantly pushing boundries.They own virus recordings and have there own night at the Miami Winter Music Confrence.Thier dj sets are definatley worth checking out.Travel the galaxy is thier newest album.It is avaliable on cd, vinyl and mp3 download.If you are unfamiliar with there work or the darker drum and bass sound i recommend that you lisyten before you buy as it is not suited to everyones taste.

      The track listing is avaliable to see in dooyoos basic description so there is no point in me writing that i will be revieewing each track individually,and tha album as a whole.

      This is a live review

      1.City 17 featuring Rhyme time
      The opening track really sets the tone for the album.Avery eerie sounding intro , leads into a voice telling you that you are in city 17.This gives you the vision that the album is based in space in the future and letting you know what you are in for.Rhyme times vocals kick in with a filtered stab slowly buliding into an absoulute monster of a track , With dark stabs and reece basslines.The breaks are heavy and broken up nicely.Rhyme times vocals ar excellent and compliment the track very nicely.The only way to play this track is loud,it definatley gets your adrenaline pumping and will having shaking your head like a mad man in no time.

      Temper is another futuristic sounding track with its errei pads reminding me of space,which is good because that is essentially the essence of the album.It is a bit more funky with its melodies but still remains dark and futuristic sounding.The simple breaks do well not to clutter up the track and the clashig basslines fit perfectly over the futuistic sound effects and glitch breakdowns.Again play loud, a tad repatitive but you will be to bussy bopping your head to notice that.This track will just leave you wanting more.

      3.Padded cells
      This track gets straight into it , no dramatic intro or sound effects here.Straight with the acid sounding syths and teasing kick drum,building slowly but surely into another slice of futuristic funk.This really is a dancefloor track and takes no prisoners.The kick drums are tough feels like a punch in the face,before a teasing reece bassline breaks down into a grimey sounding track.Simple but effective.

      4.Magical Thinking
      The intro voice returns letting you know you are on the next part of your journey in travelling the galaxy.A teasing styth runs in the back ground before some nice filtered vocals creep in and out really giving the track an atmosphere.You will wait in anticipation as various bass sounds are used leading into the drop wondering what the hell you ar going to be hit with.Abass heavy track is teased in and out with old school syths after about a minute of realising hoe heavy the track is you will realise you been nodding away to this one like a loon.This track really does take you to a different place.

      Quite possibly the most anticipated drum and bass track of the last 12 months.The melodic intro lulls you into a full sense of security befor a teasing bassline comes in.The drop is just wow so heavy and i have seen this destroy dancefloors all over the country.You simply are not ready for this track , so very simple but bass heavy it you dont move to this the bass alone will shake you anyway so you may as well give in and start bouncing around.

      Starting with a horror movie sounding string,a creepy voice creeps in telling you that sometimes the dark side will overcome you.A bgassline is teased over a heavy break with a pulsing synth.Befor a futuristic sounding stab and basslin slowly start to build up the track.The drop is not as heavy as i was expecting and overall the track is a bit bland.It could have been so much better.Im not sure if they were trying to break the album up a bit but it is a let down.

      7.Move it
      Going back in with the futuristic deep intro,This really does take you to a dark place, im not sure what thier mood was when they mad this but angry springs to mind.The intro is fierce and takes no prisoners with its teasing distorted bass and random kick drums.The drop is also a bit weak on this track, its quite a bitty track and has alot of randomness about it,but it dont really work.Shame as it had alot of potential.

      8.G Force Jesus
      An extrmely opheratic intro slowly builds into a monster of a track.Back to the dark sounding stuff.Heavy basslines will demolish you speakers and leave you wanting more.The adrenaline rush from this tune is incredable.A real dancefloor killer.Everything comes together perfectly the bass beats and even the weird opera vocals.I recommend you listen to the whole track as it breaks down into a house sounding tune,which really gets you going.trust me.

      9.The Kindred
      Another space sounding intro with another voice sampled over letting you know you are comming the last part of the journey.Twisted effects and vocals take this track all over the place.The sound effects remind me of martians lol.The drop is a very heavy dancefloor based stomper.With fast furious breaks and a relentless bassline that just punishes you.

      A subtle intro takes its time to get going.A bubbling bassline slowly bulids into a chubrub sounding drop.It does not really do much in the way of progression and, does not seem heavy enough to get the dancefloor moving.Its well produced and has all the elements to be an amazing track , it just does not work .

      11.Space monkey
      An absolout monster.The intro is very heavy and has teasing high pitchd synths rolling throughout it.with a sampled female vocal, it really does wonder where the hell this track is going to take you.The drop is immense.the beats are very heavy and not for the faint hearted.Ahigh pithced synth will have you back to bobbing your head like a loon.The bass is very heavy and it just seems to get harder and harder.The best way to listen to this is loud whilst dancing around like a mad person.But its definatly worth it trust me.

      12.Schrander's Dice
      The final track on the album and will it be killer or filler.The inrto is a bit weak the strings overpower everything and there are some very high pitchednoises that really cant be good for your ears.It has quite a funky feel to it and you dont really know where it is going to go.It drops into an extremley bass heavy track.The breaks are simple but the twisted sound effrects and glitchs are what make the track.Not the best track on the album but definatley not the worst.

      If you are a fan of dark drum and bass than this is the album for you.I find myself listening to a few tracks more than overs and largly skipping the middle chunk of the cd as it is a bit boring and the tunes dont really have enough weight to keep you fully immersed.You definatley do get the feeling that you are travelling the galaxy though, with all the futuristic effects and strings.The tracks are quite simple its just somt work very well and some dont.Its one or the other i found i either loved the track or hated it , there was no happy medium.

      The artwork for the album is very impressive maintaing the futruistic space feel so it does complete the package very well.It is avaliable for about £10 on most music websites.I think you will be hard pushed to find it in somewhere like hmv though due to the fact it is very techy and underground.So to some up its an impressive album bar 3 poor tracks , but they are very poor,Id only buy if you are a fan of eithet the artist or genre because im retty sure you will love it.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 City 17 ft. Rymetyme
      2 Temper
      3 Padded Cells
      4 Magical Thinking
      5 Chubrub
      6 Snaggletooth
      7 Move It
      8 G-Force Jesus
      9 The Kindred
      10 Titanium
      11 Space Monkey
      12 Schranders Dice

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