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Travelling Without Moving - Jamiroquai

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Genre: Jazz - Acid Jazz / Artist: Jamiroquai / Audio CD released 1996-09-01 at S2

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    2 Reviews
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      15.02.2012 13:16
      Very helpful



      a great album, must have for Jamiroquai fans

      Travelling Without Moving was released in 1996 by the Jazz Funk band Jamiroquai, this was their 3rd studio album and contains most of my favourite Jamiroquai songs.

      I was quite young when this album was released and stumbled across it a few years ago on Spotify and instantly fell in love with it, I bought my copy of Travelling Without Moving last year to keep in my car a bit of driving music that is a little different to the UK top 40.

      This album contains a total of 12 songs, here is the track list:
      1. Virtual Insanity
      2. Cosmic Girl
      3. Use the Force
      4. Everyday
      5. Alright
      6. High Time
      7. Drifting Along
      8. Didjerama
      9. Didjital Vibrations
      10. Travelling Without Moving
      11. You Are My Love
      12. Spend a Lifetime

      My Favourite Tracks
      Cosmic Girl
      This is quite a fast paced song that has a really cool and funky feeling to it, it is about meeting a girl who is out of this world amazing on a night out. This song is really catchy and has a really happy and upbeat feeling to it and is my favourite on the whole album.

      Virtual Insanity
      This is a slower, cooler more laid back song about going a little bit insane. I really enjoy listening to this song because I really love the singer Jay Kay's voice and I find it really catchy and easy to listen to. This is one of the better known songs on the album and is my favourite on the whole album.

      High Times
      This is a funky and cool song about partying all day and night and although it sounds fun, it is really exhausting and when the party stops, how horrible reality can seem. This song has a real cool feel to it and is really catchy and easy to listen to.

      The Rest of the Album
      I really enjoyed this album, I found I liked most of the tracks, however I find myself skipping Didjital Vibrations when it comes on as I find it is quite boring and 5mins and 49 seconds of instrumental. There is a nice mix of happy, upbeat songs and slower more cool and relaxed songs on this album. However apart from this, I really like all the other songs on the album and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something with a real jazzy, funky feeling to it to listen to.

      Price and Availability
      I bought my copy of Traveling Without Moving a year ago in HMV for just under £5, which is a really good price in my opinion and I think that I have got my monies worth as I listen to this album quite a lot.

      Overall I really enjoyed this album and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys funky, jazz style music. I liked most of the songs on this album and think that there is a nice balance of fun fast songs and slower paced laid back songs and also I love the band's lead singer Jay Kay's voice. Overall I would give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        12.06.2010 11:51
        Very helpful



        Jamiroquai's third album

        "Travelling Without Moving" was released in 1996 as the real breakthrough for the Acid-Jazz and Funk act Jamiroquai. Their third album, it has the Jay Kay-led act, it was able to get their music out to a much wider audience as they put out hits such as "Cosmic Girl", "High Times" and "Virtual Insanity" - all of which led to them getting more commercial exposure than their first couple of records.

        1. "Virtual Insanity"

        2. "Cosmic Girl"

        Another of the popular singles from the album, this one has them drawing in the mainstream audiences by having them twist what they're truly about in order to give them the potential to reach wider audiences by going for a pure Disco track. Although most Funk fans would see things as straight selling-out, I thought that did it al in a way which ensured that fans of their earliest work would still be pleased by it.

        **Five Stars**

        3. "Use The Force"

        This is an extremely energetic piece from them and one which gets you moving from the very minute in gets underway. Here we have them blasting out a very Brazilian-sounding piece and one that shows that they're using their new-found fame wisely, in order to open-up listeners ears to wider musical styles and what they are about (other than what had made a lot of noise in the charts).

        **Four Stars**

        4. "Everyday"

        Lowering the tempo massively for this one, we find that on this track they come to do one that may not have the same energy with it as most do; it still has a lot to offer and is really worth a listen. Here they go out and do a Soul track. I felt that Jay Kay's vocals had it what it was and made the u

        **Four Stars**

        5. "Alright"

        This one takes a while to come into effect as at first it sounds to be a Quiet Storm tune before it then suddenly breaks out into some funky contemporary Acid-Jazz. Inspired by the sounds which Roy Ayers made as he experimented with synth, we get a big tune here and one that any fan of this and Funk will have fun listening to as they come in hard with a raw tune which will satisfy any fan of this type of thing.

        **Five Stars**

        6. "High Times"

        Here we have the band drawing in some darker and grungier sounds into the mix with heavy bass guitar work to really get the deepest and darkest grooves out of their music. This seems to all set up what they're moving towards once they finally get right on towards the bright and lively Funk stuff. This one has a lot to offer and takes the listeners in with its intensity and just how well they take on elements of what the pioneers in these styles did.

        **Five Stars**

        7. "Drifting Along"

        They show much more of what they're capable of as they take the listeners into this tune and they go for something with a completely different feel to what's found elsewhere. This one has them incorporating a laid-back Dub style into the album and with this light Reggae twist to things, they display just how much variety they can pack into a release. However, I didn't think that this came out as well as the others here.

        **Three Stars**

        8. "Dijerama" (Lude)

        9. "Dijital Vibrations"

        Running right on from an instrumental piece, this one has Jamiroquai jamming with it as they do as they did with earlier releases and show how they can incorporate the didgeridoo into their sets effectively, without it sounding pointless and far away from what the band is about. It's a slowly-moving instrumental from them and one that seems to act as a breather to what you get elsewhere.

        **Four Stars**

        10. "Travelling Without Moving"

        The titular track to the album, which most would have thought to be a reference to the music video for "Virtual Insanity", is a big one, but one which may be a little annoying to die-hard fans of the act. Here they go right in with a tune which is about pulling out the bright and colourful Disco sounds which were found in "Cosmic Girl" and just seeing how far they can push it. I thought that they did well with it, but it may sound quite dated to others.

        **Four Stars**

        11. "You Are My Love"
        With this title of this song sounding to be quite soppy, one may expect a slower Soul track here. This simply isn't the case at all here as they go out with a bright tune where Jay kay draws listeners in with his emotive song about winning back a lover over lots of danceable beats which get you moving along and fit in with how he expects that this appeal is guaranteed to get his ex back with him as it sounds so universally-pleasing.

        **Five Stars**

        12. "Spend A Lifetime"

        The album ends with the band coming to perform a tune which does calm things down massively. I though it to be significant that they would close the album off in such a way, as the rest of the thing has been quite lively and exciting, but they take things in a different direction for its ending here. This is a soft Quiet Storm tune and suits its position at the very end of the thing when you just want to feel as though they've eased things out well.

        **Four Stars**

        I felt that this was another strong album from Jamiroquai. I felt that it was a bit of a shame that they felt it necessary to go as Pop as "Cosmic Girl" to attempt to bring in commercial listeners when "Virtual Insanity" was all that was needed and that didn't sound at all to be different from what they were doing before. The album has a lot to offer, but isn't as solid throughout as their first two records.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Virtual Insanity
        2 Cosmic Girl
        3 Use The Force
        4 Everyday
        5 Alright Alright
        6 High Times
        7 Drifting Along
        8 Didjerama
        9 Didjital Vibrations
        10 Travelling Without Moving
        11 You Are My Love
        12 Spend A Lifetime
        13 Funktion

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