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Tré! - Green Day

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2 Reviews

Genre: Rock / Artist: Green Day / Audio CD released 2013-01-14 at Warner Bros

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2013 15:49
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      A decent although not thrilling effort.

      After the previous two releases Uno and Dos', Green Day released Tre a month earlier than originally scheduled in December 2012 making all 3 releases in the back end of one year. This has had a big influence on sales as after Uno which sold well Dos and Tre' kind of got left behind in the sales race, too much Green Day at one time for some fans. However its not sales that make a great album its the music that's on it.

      After having mixed feelings after Dos, Brutal Love starts Tre off with a Unchained Melody like guitar part that continues through out, the song really grows on you and although not classic Green Day it's like a mix of Are We The Waiting and a song from the 60's. The song picks up towards the end and is a nice starter to the album.

      The second track missing you takes you back to the Warning era in 2000, a good but not a stand out track, but a sense that things are going in the right direction at least. Same goes for track three '8th Avenue Serenade' it's not a song that makes you go wow but is definitely an improvement over the second half of Dos.

      Drama Queen is a mostly acoustic track with a simple drum beat and a nice solo at the break, and is one of the top tracks on the album although I did find myself waiting for the song to pick up after the solo which it didn't.

      Track 5 is called X-Kid and is my favourite track on the record and one of the best of the trilogy. The song is more classic Green Day once again it's just a shame they can't pull out more of these songs, I'm sure this will be a favourite with the crowds at gigs.

      'Sex Drugs & Violence is next and is reminisant to Nimrod's Nice Guys Finish Last, although with a lower distorted tone compared to the Nimrod opener this song captures the essence of Green Day's mid 90's era but with a modern touch.

      Halfway through the album and just as things were going well we hit a slight weak point in the album 'A little Boy named train' starts out with a more distorted tone than most of the tracks so far with quite a badass nod your head riff, unfortunately this kind of electricity doesn't remain through out making it a just there track, the same goes for track 8 Amanda, not awful by any means but not great either.

      Walk Away is track nine and although not greatly received by some reviews I've read I think it's one of the strong tracks on the album, the song is very much like the first part of Homecoming from American Idiot, and after a slow start the song picks up, more distortion please.

      Dirty Rotten Bastards is a 7 minute track that seems like another Jesus Of Suburbia attempt on a lesser scale, for how long the track is it gets very repetitive for a lot of the track, although half way through your treated to a minute of pure punk.

      99 Revolutions is a track that any Green Day old or new will enjoy, this song goes to show that Green Day don't have to alter their sound to produce good tunes, this song is everything Green Day is about and will be a favourite live I'm sure.

      Green Day end the trilogy with a soft Rock Ballad called 'The Forgotten' Unlike songs like Wake Me Up When September Ends and 21 Guns this song never really picks up, starting with a piano it never gains much momentum and is a bit of a downer to end 3 albums on. The lyrics are meaningful though, reflecting on their career I hope there's still more left in the tank for the punk quarto. (Trio sounded much better)

      So to summarise this is a definite improvement on Dos, and a lot of songs are hurt by the softer guitar tone which would breathe a lot of needed life in some songs. However this album has reasons to make Green Day fans smile.



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        18.01.2013 22:58
        Very helpful



        An OK effot but would have preferd somethig 'epic'

        'Tre' is the final album in the Green Day 2012 album trilogy (see my reviews of Uno and Dos). Before any of the albums were released it was this album that I was most looking forward too. The band themselves have described the triolgy as a 'party' where by the first album in the trilogy 'Uno' has the feeling of getting ready for the party, meanwhile 'Dos' is where you are at the party having fun and having a good time, and 'Tre' is the morning after and the reflective part. I love Green Day for their more reflective and thought provoking songs so it sounded like 'Tre' would be right up my street.

        Now that I have listend to the full trilogy, I don't really understand the 'Party' analogy that the band have put across. However, I have enjoyed the previous two albums and was hoping that 'Tre' would be the so-called icing on the case.

        The album opens with the blue-sy, kind of jazzy and soulful 'Brutal Love'. You can definitly feel the reflective tone straight away on this album. The song is wonderful, it has a real old-skool feel to it, out of the three opening tracks on the trilogy, this is defintly the best one.

        'Missing You', is a typical mid-tempo song that you would expect, from Green Day. I reminds me a lot of their mellow pre-American Idiot songs. It's a nice enough song but nothing that I have'nt heard previously from them.

        '8th Avenue Serenade' is track three on the album, when I first saw the album tracklisting, I though this song would be a standout, I imagined it to be a big catchy ballad. However, after several listens it is not a song that stands out. As with the previous track, it's a nice enough song but after hearing it you can't remember how it goes which is a shame really.

        'Drama Queen' - This song is simple, yet good. It's one of the most instant songs on the album. However it feels like there's more to come from it but it just does not happen.

        'X-Kid' - This is the first single to be released from the album. It's a simple song yet a very safe choice. Radio friendly and has the classic sound of Green Day. The song also have a strong message behind it.

        'Sex Drugs And Violence' - Now this is a fantastic song. Indie-Rock with a hint of pop. One of the standout songs from the album and includes a great line 'Well I don't wanna be an imbecile, but Jesus made me that way".

        'Little Boy Named Train' - It took me a few listens to 'get' this song but I defintly like it more than when I first heard it in which I thought it was bland and forgettable. It does improve on every listen.

        'Amanda' - After Amy and Ashley, Green Day release the third female-titled song on the trilogy. Amanda is modern pop song. That's all I can say really.

        'Walk Away' - Probably my least favourite, I can't even remember how it goes.

        'Dirty Rotten Bastards', this is almost 7 minutes long and tries to recreate the magic of their other epic length tracks 'Jesus of Suberbia' and 'Homecoming'. This is a anthemic slice of punk-pop. Easily the standout on the album.

        '99 Revolutions' Another song I was looking forwad to listening too before I heard it, although this song ahs left me slightly dissapointed. Not an instant song.

        'The Forgotten' - The closing song is a powerful rock ballad used on the Twilight soundtrack. I love Green Day ballads but this isn't one of their best to be honest. I can understand why it was used on the movie soundtrack thought as it has that movie-ballad feel.

        Overall, I do like this album but I have slightly underwhelmed by some of the songs. Maybe I need a lot more listens to really feel anything. There are several highights though but ultimately 'Dos' is my favourite of the trilogies and the one I reccomend you should buy first.

        Top tracks:

        1. Dirty Rotten Bastards
        2. Brutal Love
        3. Sex Drugs and Violence
        4. Amanda
        5. X-Kid


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