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Trey Day - Trey Songz

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Pop R&B / Artist: Trey Songz / Audio CD

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    2 Reviews
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      03.09.2011 00:45
      Very helpful



      Great stuff.


      Tremaine Neverson or otherwise known as "Trey Songz" has released four studio albums and has become one of the hottest prospects in the R&B genre. A couple of weeks ago he announced that he was working on his fifth album which will be called "Chapter 5". In a very competitive area of Music he has outlasted many artists who have faded after a couple of albums yet Songz has collaborated with a huge array of other artists and has a strong following around the world. I have reviewed his other albums so I thought I would complete the reviews of my Trey Songz collection with a review of this album.

      **Trey Day**

      Trey Day is the second studio album by American R&B singer-songwriter Trey Songz, The album was released on Atlantic Records on 2nd October 2007. The album features stellar production from the likes of R Kelly, Bryan Michael Cox, Stargate, And the renowned duos Dre & Vidal & Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The album features the four singles "Wonder Woman", "Can't Help But Wait", "Last Time" & finally "Missin' You". The album was nominated for a 2009 Grammy Award in the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance category. The album also charted well selling 73,000 copies in the US in the first week of release reaching number 11, an improvement on the opening week position of 20 for his debut album.

      1.) "Intro: Trey Day"

      This is a short introduction to the album featuring Bun B. It's one of the more Hip Hop tinged tracks on the album and features taut beats and catchy hooks. It's a decent enough intro to the album.

      2.) "Long Gone Missin'"

      This is a catchy track with some great beats and hooks, This is another slice of Hip Hop which works really well. Trey's vocals combine well with those of DJ Drama, The track was produced by Bei Maejor who also produced the opening track. Although Trey's ballads are better than his up tempo tracks, this is undoubtedly one of the best up tempo tracks on the album especially due to the excellent keyboard hooks which bolster the overall sound.

      3.) "Wonder Woman"

      This track opens with an electro/hip hop hook which leads into some fabulous beats. Trey Songz shows that he can do several styles with this excellent track. This particular track was produced by Danja and was the first single from the album. Trey shows some great vocals here and the backing is also excellent. I like the mix of the laid back vocals from Trey and the heavy beats and hooks of the Music. This is An excellent experimental track that really works well.

      4.) "No Clothes On"

      This is another slice of Trey Songz R&B/hip hop, It was produced by "The Runners" and is another catchy joint. It's more mellow than the previous tracks and Trey's vocals are excellent, especially with some fine falsetto touches. The hooks also give an excellent feel as do the guitar tones. This is a well produced track which showcases Trey's vocals and the all round feel of his tracks. One of the best mid tempo tracks on the album that's topped off by some female backing vocals.

      5.) "Sex for Yo Stereo"

      This is the first real ballad on the album and is a fine one at that. Trey's vocals come in gently and then the song builds with a punchy beat and some gentle keys and guitar licks. This is an excellent track about listening to some sexy, raunchy music and getting it on with someone special. I can see this being an excellent bedroom hit as it's smooth and Trey's vocals are seductive as is the overall musical feel. An excellent song which opens the album's ballads up.

      6.) "Last Time"

      This is another excellent ballad, It features some lovely Piano tones and taut beats. It was produced by Bryan-Michael Cox & WyldCard. The track is about leading a double life with two women and deciding to choose between the two and be faithful. Trey's vocals are superb on this one, It's one of the best tracks on the album and really showcases Trey's vocal talent. This was the third single from the album and was released in January of 2008.

      7.) "Can't Help but Wait"

      This is a catchy mid tempo track which opens with some gentle keys and punchy beats. It was produced by StarGate & Johntá Austin and was the second single from the album. This track is about Songz wanting a woman who is being mistreated by her boyfriend, he attempts to persuade the woman to leave her partner. The track is done well by Songz and comes across sincerely. One of the best tracks on the album and it was praised by critics as one of the best too.

      8.) "Grub On"

      When you listen to this song I'm sure you'd be unsurprised that it was penned and produced by R Kelly, It's a typical R Kelly love ballad that is done very well by Trey here. The backing vocals are smooth and sound good, This is another excellent ballad which really suits Trey's vocals. An ideal bedroom ballad for those late night love making sessions. The music really blends well with Trey's vocals. R Kelly does an excellent job with production here.

      9. "Fly Together"

      This track features Jim Jones and was produced by Eric Hudson, Earl & E (EHood & E2). It's an interesting mid tempo track with smooth vocals from Trey alongside a catchy Hip Hop beat and some excellent hooks. Jim Jones does a decent enough job with his vocal parts and the production is good. It develops well and I like the way Trey's vocals develop and he shows off his range. the rap from Jim Jones after that tops the track off well. Good stuff.

      10.) "Store Run"

      This is an excellent track which features some excellent simple percussion and guitar tones with a lovely keyboard part. The production from Dre & Vidal works really well. This is a beautifully done track about a quick trip to the store to get some condoms. yes really!!. One of the best tracks on the album and features some lovely music which really adds to the overall feel of this bedroom orientated track. A superbly crafted track that shows you can make a great song about anything. It's topped off with a laid back guitar solo that serves as the climax. pardon the pun.

      11.) "Missin' You"

      This track features a vocal effect which sings "I can't stop missing you", wish I was stilll with you". This is an interesting slice of up tempo R&B with a punchy beat and some nice hooks. It was produced by StarGate and is about when you miss someone and want them back, even though you try and move on with other people you still keep thinking about them. I think most people will have gone through something like this. This is an excellent track which is well produced.

      12.) "Role Play"

      This moves the album back to a slow pace now with a lovely ballad which features some innovative drum parts which feel like drops. The track develops with a punchy beat and keyboard tones. The track is about role play in a relationship. Trey's vocals are excellent and the music plays a nice part in the overall feel of the song. The track was produced by Troy Taylor. The track features some excellent backing vocals which add to the overall value of the song.

      13.) "We Should Be"

      This is the longest track on the album at nearly six minutes long, It was produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Big Jim and has a little Michael Jackson about it. It's a sumptuous ballad about getting it on in the bedroom or wherever the mood takes you. I love the backing vocals and the way that Trey develops the song is superb. This is one of the best tracks on the album and a great example of Trey Songz talent for singing and also for constructing a song. This is a great track to end the album with. Great stuff.


      This is a really excellent album which features some of Trey Songz best tracks. It shows clear progression from his Début album and the production from a stellar cast really adds to the overall feel of the album. The best tracks on the album are the likes of "We should be", "Role Play", "Missin You" and my personal favourite "Store Run". which is extremely well put together and performed. This is a fine album from Trey Songz and is a must for any Trey Songz fan.


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        24.03.2010 13:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Trey Songz' second album

        The R&B singer Trey Songz made his breakthrough in 2007 with the release of "Trey Day". Although some may have only caught onto his music with "Ready" - an album which gained him a great deal of success through a string of hit singles, it was with this album that he was able to establish himself properly as he recovered from a rather unimpressive debut and moved things on a little more to produce songs such as "Can't Help But Wait".

        1. "Trey Day" (Intro)

        2. "Long Gone Missin'"

        After having things introduced by UGK's Bun B and then Philly's DJ Drama, we see that we're taken right into the mix of things here as he comes in with a little something where he shows that this time he's got more to offer and so by rapping at first he's able to show this side before he dives into his amazing R&B vocals. I thought that this was a great way to set things off and it gets you excited for the later stages in the record.

        **Four Stars**

        3. "Wonder Woman"

        Danja's beats hammer down hard here and I thought that it was right for Trey to start things off by rapping at the top of this one too as a result of just how raw the production is. We find that from there he takes us into a tune where he sings towards his current partner in an attempt to work out whether she's the one who's he's been looking out for. It was a good choice in a single and one of the best here.

        **Five Stars**

        4. "No Clothes On"

        Trey soon takes thins towards a place where we know he's extremely comfortable (when you consider just how prominent this end of his "Ready" album was) as here we see he gets right into the baby-making music and making the sorts of changes from the kinds of things heard on his debut to show that he's got the ability to come up with much more impressive pieces than what was found there.

        **Five Stars**

        5. "Sex For Yo Stereo"

        Although the last one was directed towards the same sort of thing as a the last, this time around the way he does it is much more seductive as we see that the pace is brought right down and he comes with a little something that sounds highly-R. Kelly influenced as he gives it a mid-nineties R&B twist to get the most sensual track he possibly could and it makes for something that I couldn't see many not getting into.

        **Five Stars**

        6. "Last Time"

        Bryan-Michael Cox assists the singer for this one on the production of the thing and I felt as though he really did a great job at setting things up for him and setting the foundations from which he could make for more extremely powerful material. Here he sings of his 'two different lifes' as he juggles two girlfriends at the same time and tries to express how hard it is to let one of them go as we enter his 'last time' with his side-piece.

        **Five Stars**

        7. "Can't Help But Wait"

        This was Trey Songz' Pop breakthrough hit. This one managed to get his name out there for the first time and so meant that from here his third album would gain lots of attention long before it even dropped. I thought that it was a killer tune and although overplay around the time when it was released seemed to hurt it a little, you can tell that it has recovered now and is a quality piece from him.

        **Five Stars**

        8. "Grub On"

        An interesting one as it sees that it has R. Kelly on the production to it (a person who Trey's who style is based on, before he engaged with a beef with him in 2008 due to Kells' choice to jump on the auto-tuning bandwagon) we see that here we get a killer piece from Trey and one that he's clearly wanted to do for some time. He masters R. Kelly's style and gets the most out of the tune to make a killer one that keeps the flow going

        **Five Stars**

        9. "Fly Together"

        For this one we have him jumping on beats from Eric Hudson as he's joined by the Harlem rapper Jim Jones. I thought that it was nice to see him embracing more of the Hip Hop into his music (when you consider just how much of it has gone into his music over the years), and we see that although he doesn't choose the best MC, we are still given some good results as Trey works well off the guest's rhymes.

        **Four Stars**

        10. "Store Run"

        We see that here we get him pulling out a tune where he slows things right down in order to take us through a story. We see that the way he does it matches R. Kelly's style from this time perfectly, and the way he manages to make it work for him shows that he must have worked at this style for some time to make things effortlessly come together. This one stands right out when listening to it, but you may forget about it when recalling the contents of the album.

        **Four Stars**

        11. "Missin' You"

        This was a moderate hit from Trey off this album. It sees that it has the same producer as "Can't Help But Wait" (StarGate) and has the sort of beats that were heard in all the big R&B tunes from this year (from the likes of Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Jennifer Hudson) and saw would obviously follow suit, however I have to say that I wasn't really as much of a fan of this Electro-R&B as others clearly were, and so to me it wasn't as big on the album as others thought it was.

        **Four Stars**

        12. "Role Play"

        If you know Trey then you'll know where this one is going and we find that he doesn't surprise us at all with where he takes things. I saw it as a massive positive that this was the case as we get him taking things right back towards the bedroom with his music. He gets quite deep into this whole role play theme and it means he's able to show just how well he's able to make music out of obscure subjects.

        **Four Stars**

        13. "We Should Be"

        The album ends with this one as we find that he slows things down in order to get the last drops out of things here. I thought that it was nice to see him approaching things from a different direction as here we see that he decides to go for a much more traditional R&B tune (rather than a contemporary one) and shows what else his potential future could (and did) produce as he'd try out more of this kind of thing.

        **Four Stars**

        This is a nice album from Trey Songz and on which had him making for a record that had him remaining consistently strong as he brought a number of powerful tunes ( a few of them hit singles) together as he showed what he was capable of, and how he's moved on quite a bit from a rather drab debut.


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