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Truth Be Told - Shed Seven

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Britpop / Artist: Shed Seven / Audio CD released 2001-05-07 at Artful

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    1 Review
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      02.12.2009 14:06
      Very helpful



      The 4th Studio album from York's Shed Seven

      In 2001 Shed Seven returned with their 4th studio album, Truth Be Told. On the back of the success of Going For Gold, big things were again expected of Shed. But alas nothing ever came of it and the bands album failed to make any sort of impact on the album charts and was relegated to HMV's £16.99 cause no one ever buys them.

      Which turned out to be a great shame as Truth Be Told carried on the trend of excellent Shed Seven albums. But even the singles weren't advertised or given the recognition they deserved and it was assumed the band would disappear completely. Thankfully this wasn't the case and Rick Witter and the rest of the band continue to this day to make excellent music.

      Rick Witter: Vocals
      Tom Gladwin: Bass
      Alan Leach: Drums
      Fraser Smith: Keyboards/Backing vocals
      Joe Johnson: Guitars

      Of course the biggest difference on this album to the last few was that the formerly four piece Shed Seven had now become a five adding a Keyboard player and new guitarist but still sticking with three of the founding members.

      The album kicks off with the first of four singles taken from the album, "If The Music Don't Move Yer". The track opens in typical Shed Seven style with loud drumbeat and guitars kicking the song off before Witter joins in with his unmistakable vocals. This track is lead nicely by the guitars, back up well by the drums. And Witter's voice is the real attraction of the song, standing out and sounding a lot stronger than on previous albums. A good catchy track that will have you singing along in no time.

      Before you know it, its time for the next track, "Eyes Before", which is a bit of a slower track. It opens with a guitar solo before the drums join in for a short introduction before the vocals come in. One of the slower Shed Seven songs, Witter's vocals adjust nicely into this change of style and accompanied by the guitars and drums makes it into a nice easy listening, enjoyable track. Again another that's quiet easy to pick the words up to and like with most Shed songs it's hard to stop yourself singing along.

      Then we come to the first single taken from the album "Cry For Help", which I think only just made top 40. Opening with an acoustic guitar, and the vocals coming in quite quickly the song starts to build out of the introduction with the keyboard being added shortly before the chorus. Then when they actually get to the chorus the rest of the band join in being lead by the drums. The keyboard still playing in the background seems to come through the rest of the instruments. The song carries on at this more upbeat level for the remainder with Witter's vocals again really adding a bit of feeling and desire to the song.

      Onto track 4 already and we have come to "Thinking Again". Another slower track opening with the bass guitar this time joined by the keyboard, before the drums come in with the vocals. Starting very slowly this is another mellow track in a similar vein to track 2. The mixture of styles with the quieter tracks mixed in nicely makes for a good start to the album and makes it a little bit more enjoyable. The guitars really shine on this track that could almost be a throw back to the early 9i0's days of Shed Seven in the height of the Indie revolution.

      Next up we have "Be Myself" a quicker track, starting with a more upbeat tempo than Thinking Again. It starts out of the silence with the drum and guitar combo that has become a sort of trademark for the band. Then joined by the vocals this track is somewhere in-between the tempo of the last four. Having an equal measure of slower mellow sections and mixing it well with a quicker, louder sound. It shows in these first five tracks that Witter and the lads have not lost the hunger to make decent music, which is a desire that will keep them going hopefully for a long time to come.

      At the half waypoint of the album, we come to "Laughter Lines". This is another slower track with a slow guitar line opening it up on its own before the drums come in after about 25 seconds. Then after about the same time again Rick comes in with slow quiet vocals for another beautifully melodic song. The guitar really takes main stage for this track, with Rick's vocals even taking a back seat here. The chorus picks up a little but not much and then drops again for the verse. A nice easy going track that just seems to drift past, easy to relax and listen to.

      The next track "Feathers" again is a nice easygoing track, a little more upbeat than the last one but still quite relaxing and easy going. It opens nicely with all members of the band, drums, guitars and keyboard playing a short intro before the vocals come in. The tune really stands out more than the vocals, but still in their own way all elements are combining to make an easy to listen to track, that stays quite mellow for the most part, but again mixes louder more upbeat parts well with the slower more mellow sections.

      Then we come to another of the singles to be taken from the album "Never Felt So Cold". This is probably my favourite track on this album and comes quite close to being one of the best Shed Seven tracks. A nice upbeat start with the drums and guitars again combining nicely before the vocals come in to really get the song underway. The title of the album is taken from lines in this track. Witter's vocals hit some new highs on this one, but again the thing that really makes this track has to be the guitar riffs, which just simply sound amazing. An easygoing track, that's quite upbeat and easy to listen to but relaxing and mellow at the same time.

      Next track up is "To The Wind". Starting with a drumbeat, counting into the verse, where it is joined by the guitars and vocals. The song builds steadily towards the chorus, with Witter's vocals taking the main role in the track but the drums providing a solid beat that accompanies the vocals well. Another good mellow track that's easy to listen to. The lyrics are quite simple but seem to be quite heart felt.

      Then we come to track 10 already and "Love Equals", another mellower track, mixed with more upbeat sections. We start with a simple drumbeat accompanied by the guitars before the vocals come in. Overall it has a pretty simple tune, but mixed with the vocals it actually sounds just right. Again Rick's vocals have changed a little to adapt and he's done it well as usual. It's easy going and simple to listen to, and I'm sure you will find yourself singing along, which is a good quality in Shed Seven tracks.

      And finally we come to "Step Inside Your Love". A mellow track that opens on the keyboard, before the drums and guitars join in. The tune starts gently before the vocals come in, relatively quiet but building towards the chorus. A good upbeat chorus really compliments the mellower sections of the track. The keyboards seem to have taken a lead that the guitars normally take, making this slightly different but just as enjoyable. Another typical Shed song that will get the toes tapping and again is easy to find yourself singing along to.

      This would prove to be the last album of new materials from the band and despite their recetn reunion nothing else has been planned as yet. This is a decent album and fits in nicely with the bands back catalogue but once again it shows that Shed Seven should really have been a bigger band than they have ended up being. For fans this is a must by but like the other albums it was largely over looked by the music press and radio stations and as a result is now incredibly hard to find, but amazon do have a few copies floating around at varying prices.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 If The Music Don't Move Y'er
    2 Cry For Help
    3 Be Myself
    4 Feathers
    5 To The WInd
    6 Step Inside Your Love
    7 Eyes Before
    8 Thinking Again
    9 Laughter Lines
    10 Never Felt So Cold
    11 Love Equals

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