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Twilight - Soundtrack

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13 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various Artists / Audio CD released 2008-11-24 at Atlantic

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    13 Reviews
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      08.09.2010 19:11
      Very helpful
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      A great mix.


      The 'Twilight' series has shot to fame in the last few years becoming one of the most successful series of books, and subsequently films, of recent years. 'Twilight' the movie, released 2008 became one of the highest grossing box office hits of that year and the soundtrack quickly became just as successful, selling roughly 165,000 copies in it's first week of release.

      The soundtrack is an eclectic mix chosen by the movie's musical supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas. The standard edition of the CD contains 12 tracks, but 3 extra tracks are availiable when downloading from iTunes (including another song by Rob Pattinson - a definite selling point for many a Twi-hard), and 5 different tracks can be found on the Deluxe CD/DVD edition.

      COVER ART:

      The cover art for the Twilight OST is rather plain and no frills. The image used is that of Edward and Bella, as in the movie poster and the single disc DVD. If I hadn't have liked the film, I'm not sure I'd have picked up this album just by looking at the cover.


      1. Supermassive Black Hole // MUSE

      If you have read any of the books from Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series, you may have noticed a few frequent occurances on her list of thank-yous. After scanning through the names of Meyer's family, management and friends you will have come across a list of Meyer's musical influences, most prominent of which appears to be Muse. It is apparent that Meyer finds this British rock band truly inspirational, and so it seems only fitting that one of their biggest tracks from recent years be included in this soundtrack.

      'Supermassive Black Hole', originally released in 2006, is a mixture of heavy distortion guitars, deathly screams of 'Supermassive Black Hole!' and Matt Bellamy's usual haunting vocals.

      This is a pristine rock song and makes for a superb start to the soundtrack. A word of warning though: this song will be caught in your head for hours. 'Ooooooooh, you set my soul alight'...

      2. Decode // PARAMORE

      This Grammy nominated song was penned by Paramore's lead vocalist, Hayley Williams especially for the film after Williams read, and subsequently fell in love with the storyline.

      The song itself is a cracker. Electric guitars compliment Williams' somewhat subdued singing in the initial verse. The track really begins to take shape, however, when it builds ominously to a shout-along chorus. This is a great pop-rock tune laden with feisty vocals, tot-notch lyrics and guitar and drum instrumentation ripe for some sort of air tribute.

      This is Paramore at it's rock-out best.

      3. Full Moon // THE BLACK GHOSTS

      'When the thorn bush turns white, that's when I'll come home...'
      The opening bars to this the song echo as the opening bars of music in the film. It is this prominent position in the film, however, that makes me tend to skip this track.

      The initial musical motif if repeated throughout the song to a drum machine and strings backing track, but, unfortunatly the building layers still leave the track with something missing.

      Don't get me wrong, this song fits in perfectly in the film, but alongside powerhouse bands like Muse and Paramore, this song falls by the wayside a little. For me, this song doesn't translate well outside of the movie.

      4. Leave Out All The Rest // LINKIN PARK

      If, like me, the only Linkin Park track you'd ever heard before this one was 'Numb', you'll hopefully be pleasantly suprised by their latest offering. LOATR is a dark tune with smooth, breathy vocals in the verses leading to an all out alt-rock explosion in the chorus. A great choice for this compilation.

      5. Spotlight // MUTEMATH

      This is a high-octane, jump-around-your-living-room track which made me want to go out and download the whole of the MuteMath back catalogue. A fantastic rock song from a band which deserves all the exposure this soundtrack has given it!

      6. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) // PERRY FARRELL


      Anyone who has seen the film will recognise this track as the upbeat disco pop tune which blasts out as Bella arrives at the prom. This track seems somewhat askew from the rest of the album, with an electro-pop feel opposing it's neighbours more alt rock style. It's a killer track if you like that sort of thing, but unfortunatly this tune just isn't my cup of tea.

      7. Tremble for my Beloved // COLLECTIVE SOUL

      This is a hugely happy tune with an explosive 90's feel... Hardly shocking as this song was initially released as an opening track to CS's 1997 album 'Dosage', but you know what they say: the old songs are the best. And this one's a belter. A hidden gem on the movie's soundtrack, the energy brought by Collective Soul's 'Tremble for my Beloved' is bound to have your head bobbing to the bouncing electric guitars. A perfect song for a bright, sunny day.

      8. I Caught Myself // PARAMORE

      The second offering from Hayley Williams and co. comes in the form of 'I Caught Myself'. This is a good pop-rock tune but is lacking a little of the 'POW!' from 'Decode'. Worth a listen, but I admit, I will skip this track more often than not.

      9. Eyes On Fire // BLUE FOUNDATION

      This track is moody, dark, catchy and very distinctive. From the opening bars of deep, grungy guitar, the lazy drumming to the husky but somewhat child-like vocals of lead singer Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg. This song is far from ordinary but it fits in perfectly in the film's soundtrack (played as Bella waits for Edward in the car park in order to confront him).

      I had never heard of Blue Foundation before hearing this track, but now I know I definitely want to hear more.

      10. Never Think // ROB PATTINSON

      Story goes that Catherine Hardwicke (Director of 'Twilight') heard about Pattinson's music through costar Kristen Stewart. She insisted on hearing the music for herself after Pattinson refused to give her a CD of his singing and they ended up in a friend's recording studio for hours. The end result was this song.

      Putting aside the fact that Pattinson appears on the bedroom wall of almost every teenage girl in the country from his acting rolse in the Harry Potter and Twilight films, this song serves to prove that Pattinson is, in fact, an extraordinarily talented musician.

      'Never Think' is a slow, acoustic song in which Pattinson's guitar playing prowess is showcased alongside his haunting vocals. This is a beautiful yet melancholic track - I can only hope that this showcase might one day lead to a whole album from this very talented young man.

      11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth // IRON + WINE

      This melodic walz was suggested for the film's soundtrack by Kristen Stewart (actress who plays Bella Swan). The track appears in the film as the final dance at the prom and even from hearing it in the film it was clear to me that this track deserves to be heard alone - this is no background music!

      Iron + Wine are a well established back, but despite their vast, beautifully presented back-catalogue of stunning songs, they are largely unknown to the mainstream market.

      Far from being just another filler track, 'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' is a soothing lullaby of a song containing lyrics of young love being lost and regained.

      This track is by far my favourite on this album. Simply captivating.
      Five stars.

      12. Bella's Lullaby // CARTER BURWELL

      The soundtrack is rounded off by Bella's Lullaby, which contains the main recurring motif from the film's score. This is a beautiful piano piece, but unfortunatly, not what many fans had expected, myself included.

      In the novel Meyer describes Bella's Lullaby in such exquisite and intricate detail that I found upon listening to Burwell's beautifully moving piece, that something just wasn't right. However enchanting this track is, to me it just isn't Bella's Lullaby.

      The track is simplistic in it's melody and the piano flows majestically between moods, but I find, if you are a huge fan of the books, 'The River Flows in You' by Yiruma appears to be more in keeping with the song as described in the novel.


      Although the soundtrack is now 2 years old, it is still avaliable instore in most branches of hmv. I bought mine instore under the 2 for £10 offer, the cd alone being £7.

      The album can also be found online at:
      - amazon.co.uk: £4.99
      - play.com: £4.99
      - cdwow: £13.99 (overpriced!)
      - hmv.com: £8.99


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        07.06.2010 11:31



        A 'must have' for any Twilight fan!

        I got the Twilight series on a loan from a good friend and read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in 7 days flat, then I went to see the film and fell in love with it! I then went on to reread them. Am I a saddo not usually, but the books, film and soundtrack have got a magical timeless quality which is totally addictive. OK so its official I'm now a die hard Twihard, but still I was reluctant to buy the soundtrack, . I went to see the film again and listening to Muse's Supermassive black hole I was convinved I would go out and buy it. Muse's rocking anthem hooked me in straight away, followed by Paramore and The Black Ghosts 'Full Moon', as Bella arrives in Forks. My favourite song is probably 'Spotlight' by Mutemath as I love the scene from the film where Rob Pattison wears the sunglasses, the soundtrack vividly recreates every scene from the film and novel even when I'm sat on a crammed sweaty bus in rush hour. Pattinson also composed and performed his own song for the film `Never Think', a sensitive guitar piece that brilliantly captures the yearning and desire felt between Edward and Bella. 'Bella's Lullaby' is magical and haunting . All in all a sound album and one of the best I have bought so far. Constantly played on my i-pod on the go, 2nd best only to the New Moon soundtrack.
        Debussy's 'Clair de Lune' ought to have been included and would have added something more to the soundtrack.


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        25.03.2010 14:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Definitely worth buying

        I'm not really a fan of buying soundtracks - I tend to find that theres about one song I like and the rest are a bit rubbish. However, I must admit this now, as its going to come out sooner or later.....Im a bit of a twilight junkie. After reading the books, then watching the first film I decided in a haze of twilight addiction to buy the soundtrack.

        I bought the original soundtrack with 12 songs, though now you can buy a special edition with 17 songs and a bonus dvd for the same price.

        You might think that this album would be quite dark and brooding, full of teenage troubles. However, I think the album has something for everyone, alot of the songs are fairly rocky but you will find mellower songs on there towards the end of the album. I often have it playing in the background and people of all ages with different tastes in music are never offended by it -quite the opposite really as they usual want to know what cd it is!

        The album starts off with a bang with muse and 'supermassive black hole'. A really good tune that you cant resist at least tapping along with. Muse puts you in the right frame of mind for the songs that follow. As it continues with a fairly heavy rock theme with Paramore, Black Ghosts and Linkin Park. 'Leave out all the rest' has to be one of the best songs on the soundtrack (and believe me its hard to pick as most of them are really good) its a little bit tortured but the lyrics are easy to relate to and fit in well with the film. There are two songs by Paramore on the cd, both are really good and different (so dont think you are being cheated being given two songs by the same band!), though 'Decode' is by far the stronger of the two with a strong rocky edge and really good vocals.

        As you carry on through the album the songs they do start to mellow a little. It took me a little longer to enjoy the later songs on the soundtrack as I had never really heard any of them before. Alot of people have raved about how good Robert Pattinson's song 'never think ' is on the album. I find it to be one of the more boring songs on the album and is a little bit too slow and repetative for my liking. (Slightly scared to admit that as I'm most probably liable to being beaten up by his die hard fans now!) His song is quite nicely placed between two much better songs by blue foundation, which is a little haunting but really good, and iron & wine, a really good, slow accoustic song. Thanks to these two songs you can almost manage to ignore that Pattinson sung on this soundtrack. The album ends with a really good instrumental called 'Bella's lullaby' which you will instantly recognise from the film. Its a very calm and relaxing way to finish the album and is a real contrast compared to how it started.

        I'm really glad I bought this soundtrack and whenever I watch the film now the songs stand out so much more and I realise how perfectly they work with the film but also how good they are individually. I find this soundtrack really varied and I can easily listen to it over and over again without getting bored.

        Overall a really good album and I would recommend it even if you arent a twilight fan. A couple of the songs arent that great but its easily forgiven as most of the songs are amazing. If you are a twilight fan its a great way to take twilight with you everywhere and go in to a Robert Pattinson daydream! (Not recommended when driving though!)


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          03.03.2010 10:26
          Very helpful
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          Just but it for songs 10 and 12 :)

          When I heard Bella's lullaby in Twilight I really wanted to own it so I searched on i-tunes for the Twilight soundtrack after watching the film.

          The UK version comes with 17 songs and they are a really good mix of great songs. You will find the likes of Muse, Linkin Park, The Black Ghosts etc on there which Stephanie Meyer said that without their music the plots in Twilight and the intensity of the story would never have existed.

          You find Muse Supermassive Blackhole on there from when they are playing baseball during the thunderstorm (probably my favourite scene in Twilight, I don't think they could have picked a better song for that scene) and Linkin Park Leave out all the rest from the end credits.

          Bellas Lullaby which is composed by Carter Burwell is also on there and is as beautiful as ever and lasts for 02:19.

          A song that really took me by suprise on the album and when I saw it I really wasn't expecting it to be as good as what it is! Song number 10 is called Never Think and is this is written and sung by Robert Pattinson himself. I saw an interview with him in a magazine and he said that he wish he hadn't put it on there and it was one of those things that felt a good idea at the time so as I said I wasn't sure if it was going to be that good. Well what can I say this song is amazing it gives you goosebumps the minute you start listening to it and literally nearly bought tears to my eyes, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Pattinson's vioce is amazing, I was really knocked back as I didn't know he could sing like that. I knew he was good at playing piano and guitar but never knew he could sing so well! Just so you know I am not saying this because I am a crazed Edward or Pattinson fan, I think Edwards character is great and think Pattinson plays him so well but I am not madly in love with them like a lot of people are! so i am not saying this because I am a crazed fan :), I am saying it because I love music and I have been knocked for six by this song and Pattinson's musical capabilities. I know there are a couple more songs from him lingering on You Tube etc but I hope so much that he decides to make something of his musical talent and focus on releasing some songs at some point as they will be great.

          If you haven't got the Twilight album and don't really want to buy it I can't tell you enough to go on to You Tube and listen to this song there are tons of videos with the song in available on there. You won't be disappointed.

          The only thing that annoyed me a little bit and this isn't a fault with the album it is a problem with i-tunes. They made all the songs on the album "album only" so you have to purchase the full album for £7.99 to get Bellas Lullaby and Never Think. This wouldn't be a problem for me but I already have a lot of the songs on my ipod and these were purchased through i-tunes so I don't want to be paying for songs that I have already paid 79p for in the past. To be honest I think i-tunes do this because they know a lot of people will be desperate for songs like the lullaby and they will just pay the £7.99.

          I got mine off Ebay for less than half the price :) I wouldn't have minded paying that price at all if I didn't already have most the songs but the album is well worth it just for the lullaby and never think!!

          1. Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
          2. Paramore - "Decode" (written exclusively for Twilight)
          3. The Black Ghosts - "Full Moon"
          4. Linkin Park - "Leave Out All The Rest"
          5. MuteMath - "Spotlight (Twilight Mix)"
          6. Perry Farrell - "Go All The Way (Into The Twilight)" (written exclusively for Twilight)
          7. Collective Soul - "Tremble For My Beloved"
          8. Paramore - "I Caught Myself" (written exclusively for Twilight)
          9. Blue Foundation - "Eyes On Fire"
          10. Rob Pattinson - "Never Think" (written exclusively for Twilight)
          11. Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
          12. Carter Burwell - "Bella's Lullaby" (written exclusively for Twilight)
          13. BONUS TRACK: O.A.R. - Love Is Worth The Fall
          14. BONUS TRACK: Paramore - Decode (Acoustic) (Acoustic version)
          15. BONUS TRACK: Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird. American Mouth (Live)
          16. BONUS TRACK: Mute Math - Spotlight (Sun Lux Remix)
          17. BONUS TRACK: The Black Ghosts - Full Moon (Applebum and Komonazmuk Remix)

          This will definitely be getting 5 stars from me just becuase of those two songs!


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            02.03.2010 19:35
            Very helpful



            a great soundtrack for twilight

            The twilight soundtrack consists of songs from a range of artists including Paramore, Blue foundation, Muse and Linkin Park, even Robert Pattinson himself has a song on the soundtrack that is played whilst they are in the restaurant. The diversity of the music is interesting as it ranges from rock to pop to classical. However, I believe that this mix works very well in the film to create the right imagery in the scenes and to create the atmosphere required, Furthermore, if you listen to the lyrics in many of the songs, they relate to the film and the event which is taking place. On the contrary, it is not just successful in the film in my opinion. I think that the range of sound also makes a brilliant CD to listen to at any time and the fact that all the songs are unique in their style means that there is a song for every mood making it a great choice. I think it is a extremely well put together and deserves credit for it.


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            24.02.2010 13:20
            Very helpful



            Great for dancing round the living room - if you are so inclined...

            ***Twilight Soundtrack - Various Artists***

            The brilliant choice of music was put together by music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas - who perfectly captured the whole teenage love/angst theme. This review may contain spoilers as I have touched on the film in my descriptions of tracks, so only read on if you have seen the film.

            Supermassive Black Hole - Music

            This accompanied the memorable Vampires Baseball scene and is a really rocking song, with great lyrics and a great beat, with heavy guitar. It was brilliantly inspired to put this music with this scene. I can picture the Vampires hitting that ball now lol! It is a great track to run to or do some exercise to, as it fills me full of enery. In fact, I have to go listen to it now!

            Decode - Paramore

            This was the lead single for the film and I believe Paramore are big fans of Twilight, so maybe this is why the lyrics fit so well. It reminds me of the Linkin Park style, with guitar and an angsty feel. It accompanies the credits. The lyrics talk about 'working it out' which I can only link to Bella trying to figure out what Edward is.

            Full Moon - The Black Ghosts

            This opens the film, with Bella travelling from her mother's house to go and live with her dad in Forks. For some reason the guitar track makes me think of travel and so fits in well with this scene. It is perhaps my least favourite track, but still deserves to be there.

            Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park

            This is another song that accompanies the credits. This song has great lyrics and can be interpreted in more than one way. I think it talks about how people will remember someone after they leave (or die), they ask to be remembed without all the bad stuff - something we can all identify with - I think.

            Spotlight - MuteMath

            This is more of an upbeat song. This accompanies one of my favourite scenes from the film - when Edward takes Bella to school for the first time. It is also played when he begins to tell her his secrets. It was slightly rewritten to fit the Twilight theme I believe. It has great vocals, lyrics and again has a rock slant. I interpret it to mean that Edward must make the choice to maybe kill Bella, because he has brought the 'spotlight' on to him and his family. This is my interpretation anyway after reading Midnight Sun. Maybe someone who has any other idea can leave a comment...

            Go All The Way - Perry Farrell

            This was specially written for Twilight and is played at the Prom. At first I didn't like this song so much as I thought it just didn't fit the rest of the mood of the cd. However, it grew on me and now I love it.

            Collective Soul - Tremble For My Beloved

            This song is used when Bella nearly crushed by a van and Edward saves her, and sums up the shock and surprise as everyone realises she is ok (especially Bella!). It has a heavy beat and is a great guitar song.

            Paramore - I Caught Myself

            This song has a great beat to it and is used for the scene where Bella, Jessica and Angela shop for prom dresses in Port Angeles. Not too sure about the lyrics as they are a bit repetitive, but it still works. Still love it though - one of the more upbeat choices.

            Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation

            I love this song because it perfectly captures the mystery surrounding Edward and is used when Edward doesn't come to school, but Bella keeps imagining him (in close up!) It is an unusual song, but is a great choice, it is really slow and deliberate, with great vocals.

            Never Think - Rob Pattinson

            This song was co written by Rob Pattinson and Sam Bradley. It is a slow ballad played with guitar. It is used for the scene when Bella and Edward have dinner for the first time and he reveals he can no longer stay away from her. It captures the scene brilliantly and the lyrics are good too.

            Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

            This song accompanies the final dance of the Prom - it is worth mentioning that it was only added at the behest of Kristen Stewart (it is unheard of for a song an acttress has suggested to be included in the final cut) and is perfect for this scene. It is the type of song that you can fall asleep to. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the lyrics I believe they were originally written about the demise of American Capitalism, although you could interpret them to fit the movie with 'Flightless Bird' being Edward. Either way it is a fantastic original ballad, picking up pace towards the end. A real romantic song.

            Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell

            This is the core of the film for me; it embodies the romance and the otherworldly feel to the movie as a whole. The high piano notes, really make you feel you are among the treetops soaring. This is a truly beautiful piano piece and original too I think. It is a pity that at least in some form, it wasn't in the sequel New Moon. Carter Burwell is a talented composer and I hope he will work on the final films -however I fear not, as the whole franchise has become so big.

            Let Me Sign - Robert Pattinson

            This is a guitar piece sang by Robert Pattinson and accompanies the scene when Bella is close to death. It is a relaxing romantic song; one to fall asleep to. I looked up the lyrics as it can be a bit tricky to pick up what he saying. When you read the lyrics, it fits perfectly to the overall mood of the film, talking I think about falling in love so deeply that you would happily trade your soul to be with the person. My only gripe is that the son is short and missing a couple of verses. I would love to know where to find the full version, but haven't been able to do so yet.

            La Traviata

            Of course a fantastic piece of music, but the only track I feel is a little out of place on this cd. It accompanies the scene when Bella goes to dinner at the Cullens house. Of course, it was chosen for slightly comic reasons and in the film it fits. Yet, on the soundtrack it doesn't fit in with the overall Indie/Romantic feel to the music. I wouldn't not buy the cd for this reason though.

            Clair De Lune

            This was Edward's choice of music and if there was ever a melody to relax/fall asleep to then this would be it. I loved it in Ocean's 11 and I love it here. It evokes such bittersweet and sad feelings, with a feeling of hope towards the end. How anyone could not love this piece of music I have no idea.


            I was a bit disappointed that Radiohead (15 step) wasn't included on the Soundtrack, but bought it anyway on it's own! I downloaded mine from i-tunes because I was too impatient to wait for the cd to arrive from Amazon. It is £8.98 to buy from Amazon which is a fab price if you are a fan. And it's great even if you're not...


            I have to say that I have never bought a soundtrack to a film before, so the music in this film must have touched a note with me. It is great to listen to if you are reading the books, to add to the experience and it has reawakened my love of some of the mentioned bands that I just seemed to have forgotten about. I particularly love Paramore and hope that they will be used for Eclipse (didn't appear in New Moon) and Iron and Wine, who I will now seek out to listen to more.

            In fact I am listening to so much more music as a result of this cd. I have even taken to dancing around the living room with my ipod when no one is around. I may just end up a rock chick by this time next year - lol! Then again maybe not...

            PS Hope this review was ok as I am absolutely rubbish at describing music, so as a rule don't do it - but as a massive fan couldn't resist...


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              30.12.2009 18:50
              Very helpful



              Worth it for fans but not really anyone else

              I will preface this review by adding that I didn't buy this album; a friend of mine bought it and played it. To be honest it's a fairly decent collection of songs that's absolutely going to appeal to the Twilight crowd, and so while it's not all my bag, it's fine for its target audience, and that's fair enough really.

              The album opens with Muse's epic Supermassive Black Hole, and while it was used very poorly in the film's most cringe-worthy scene, it is a great and energetic song to start the album. What the album does well is to typify what the film is all about, with songs such as Paramore's "Decode" encompassing the longing of love and the turmoil associated with that. I may not have loved the film, but this is a solid companion piece in regard to mood, tone and atmosphere.

              The other stand-out track is Linkin Park's "Leave Out All The Rest", the song which plays as the film's end credits begin to roll. It's a very catchy song, and while not as aggressive as most of their songs, is a fine pop tune that I've listened to a lot.

              What's curious about this album is that it features a song from Robert Pattinson himself (who played Edward in the films), which is surprisingly quite good and not the star-based milking you might expect. It is a slow ballad and fans will surely love it.

              While I won't be buying the album nor hearing it again, it features a smattering of catchy pop licks, and is similar in tone to the film, making it a good present to buy someone along with the film. It delivers for fans, and that's what matters.


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              31.07.2009 10:44
              Very helpful



              The accompanying soundtrack to the 2008 smash movie of the same name

              We all know by now the huge impact the 'Twilight' film has had on a worldwide scale. The series is incredibly popular amongst its target audience and the theatrical release last December has only seen it extend its grip upon new legions of fans. Of course like any good film release, there is also an official soundtrack which has gone on to break records of its own spending 20 weeks in the American Billboard charts and selling over 2 million copies.

              The soundtrack is essentially a compilation album featuring pieces of music composed by various artists as well as a mixture of songs from bands as well. 'Twilight' at its core is a love story but it is a love story that is marked with danger and darkness, confusion and despair and a very different twist on the traditional boy meets girl rom-com situation. To tie in with this the music contained on the soundtrack captures these feelings brilliantly.

              - The Background -

              Well just for those who are unfamiliar with the basic plot of the film. Bella Swann moves to the rainy and boring town of Forks to live with her dad Charlie Swann. Whilst here she falls in love with a vampire by the name of Edward Cullen. Edward and his coven/family go against the traditional laws of vampire mythology and class themselves as vegetarians only feeding off animals. Bella finds her life turned upside down forever as her feelings for Edward deepen and despite his reservations to keep her away from his world of darkness, love is soon in the air. However, when three vampires that are different from the Cullens in everyway descend upon Forks and wish to hunt down Bella, the new found romance is shattered by a deadly game of cat and mouse.

              - The CD -

              I am reviewing the original version of the CD purchased physically from HMV for 11.99. The price depends on where you buy it from with other places charging more or less. Be aware there are extras if you buy the album from iTunes and that there is also now a deluxe edition with extra tracks that was released in Spring 2009 to celebrate the film's DVD release.

              As already mentioned, I love that the songs selected for this soundtrack are not just random tracks thrown together because all of the tracks appear at various intervals in the film or during the end credits.. The songs are dark and moody and you can almost picture the film and the characters are you hear them.

              Naturally people always seem to associate rather sexy, rock music or music along those lines with the glamorous vampire world we just can't seem to get enough of. Sure enough 'Twilight's soundtrack does nothing to steer away from this conceptions.

              - A Selection -

              1)Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
              Possibly the most famous scene in the film is the baseball game between the Cullens with the amazing 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse in the background. Muse have the ability to constantly change their style and this track isn't as rock orientated as a lot of their offerings. Instead it's a rather eerie and slick number with wonderful production that encases the listener in a sort of trance. It's very hypnotic and just completely different to anything around at its original time of release. The seductive and sexual feel to the song's slippery chorus is also brilliant. I feel the song is perfect because it has so many hidden meanings that can all be applied to the vampires or to the film itself and Matt Bellamy has one of the best vocals around.

              2) Paramore - Decode
              I am a massive Paramore fan and their style and music is perfect for 'Twilight'. This track was written specifically for the movie after frontwoman Hayley Williams [herself a big fan of 'Twilight'], sat down and watched the film. The lyrics are very deep and explore the confusion of interpretating feelings and the strange and frustrating manner of Bella & Edward's relationship. Bella struggles to find out what Edward exactly is whilst he discovers that hers is the only mind he cannot read which adds a very complex layer to their romance. Hayley has an amazing voice and the emotion in her voice really pushes this song to explosive heights as if she is channeling the frustration of the characters themselves. With an amazing chorus surrounded in fierce guitar rifts this is like any other Paramore song but with a much deeper twist.

              As well as these two big tracks there are also offerings from the Black Ghosts with a song called 'Full Moon'. It's a very creepy number that relies heavily on a sort of chanting and almost howling like noses that crawl around the melody. It's in a different league to anything else on the CD and would've been perfect in the film. There's also a band called Mutemath providing the track 'Spotlight'. This is almost an homeage to classic rock as the thudding bassline and scorching riffs just engulf the song. It's dark and stormy and the vocalist has a very furious edge to his voice.

              I didn't think Perry Farrell's 'Go All The Way [Into The Twilight]' really suited the mood of the album . His vocal was very restrained and odd and sounded like some sort of supernatural creature but I felt the music was far too uplifting and not at all suitable for the very dark and tense atmosphere conveyed by the film. Most of the rest of the album is just very rocky moments like Collective Soul's 'Tremble For My Beloved', This sounds like typical mainstream music that would grace your radio. It has a pulsing, catchy chorus and a great hook as well. In contrast is Blue Foundation's 'Eyes On Fire', a song that has a very sultry and sexy vocalist twirling the words around her with a seductive air and captures the essence of passion and chemistry in the lyrics perfectly.

              I was interested to hear Rob Pattinson sing. Yes he provides 'Never Think'. It's quite shocking actually and I can only think it was included because of his connection to the film [he plays Edward]. It's a very slow acoustic, guitar number that sounds very much like something you'd expect a a country singer 20 years Rob's senior come out with. Needless to say I avoid it if I can...

              'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' is the song the couple dance to at the end of the film, performed by Iron & Wine It really soaks up your emotions and takes you back to that final scene. It's a beautiful end to what has been a very stormy soundtrack. Songs that tell the pain of love, the joy of falling in love, and the dark and deadly times that will engulf love and all that surround it. Of course there is also 'Bella's Lullaby', performed by Carter Burwell. For those who know the film, this is the song Edward plays on his piano and it's a gorgeous piece of music that has classical elements with a very relaxing and soothing underbelly that just wins you over.

              Paramore also supply 'I Caught Myself' and Linkin Park add 'Leave Out All The Rest', a song from their third studio album 'Minutes To Midnight.

              - Conclusion -

              If you love the film and the music that was in it then this is the perfect CD for you. With some extras included it's a great addition to any 'Twihards' collection. It's almost beyond a normal soundtrack with a very dark and complex selection of songs that only add more layers and depth to the characters and the themes explored in the film. With some wonderful bands like Paramore and Muse and less known artists that are just as capable of delivering amazing tunes, this is one of the best soundtrack records I have come across in a long time. There's a lot of rock and alternative music here with very gothic undertones which probably wouldn't appeal to those of a more pop or RnB composure and whilst a few of the inclusions may not be very strong there is no denying that I am very impressed with the strength of this CD as a whole and how the 'Twilight' world has firmly grasped its own musical style and the songs contained here only bring Meyer's fictional world to live in many more ways.

              Complete tracklisting:
              1."Supermassive Black Hole" (Muse)
              2."Decode" (Paramore)
              3."Full Moon" (The Black Ghosts)
              4."Leave Out All the Rest" (Linkin Park)
              5."Spotlight" (Mute Math)
              6."Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)" (Daniel Newman and Perry Farrell)
              7."Tremble for My Beloved" (Collective Soul)
              8."I Caught Myself" (Paramore)
              9."Eyes on Fire" (Blue Foundation)
              10."Never Think" (Robert Pattinson)
              11."Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (Iron & Wine)
              12."Bella's Lullaby" (Carter Burwell)


              This five minute video from Youtube provides a clip of all 12 songs as well as pictures from the movie. Try before you buy so to speak. There's also iTunes as well which allows you to listen to 30 second clips of each track via the online store.


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                07.07.2009 17:23
                Very helpful



                Great companion to the film

                Twilight the soundtrack was released on November 4th 2008, roughly 3 weeks before the film hit the cinemas. I wouldnt have bought this before seeing the film because i wouldnt have known anything on it, although there are still a couple of songs i still cant place. Although the music on this album isnt normally my kind of thing, i find myself loving most of the tracks on there.

                1. Submissive Black Hole - Muse
                2. Decode - Paramore
                3. Full Moon - The black ghosts
                4. Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park
                5. Spotlight - Mute Math
                6. Go all the way - Daniel Newman and Perry Farrell
                7. Tremble for my beloved - Collective Soul
                8. I caught myself - Paramore
                9. Eyes on fire - Blue Foundation
                10. Never Think - Robert Pattinson
                11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
                12. Bella's lullaby - Carter Burwell
                13. Let me sign - Robert Pattinson

                The I tunes digital album also added Clair De Lune and La Triviata to the track listing. I think this was a very wise choice because these were 2 of the main songs from the film in my opinion.

                The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts after selling 165,000 copies in its first week and beat AC/DC and Highschool Musical 3: Senior year to the top spot.

                Decode is my favourite song from the album and it is also the theme song for the movie. The words fit so well to the story of twilight with lines such as 'What kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all', regarding Bella thinking she knows what Edward is. The song is quite like other Paramore songs and as theyre one of my favourite bands i had no doubt at all that i would like this one.

                The 2 songs by Robert Pattinson (Edward) are amazing and werent supposed to be in the movie but the director loved them and thought they fit extremely well into certain scenes. Although asked to put some more of his own songs on the album for New Moon, Pattinson turned down the offer to concentrate on making his part as good as it could be.

                This album is definitely one for the Twilight and is a great companion to the movie.


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                19.06.2009 15:43



                I really like every songs in this twilight soundtrack because the lyrics of the songs have meanings

                I really like every songs in this twilight soundtrack because the lyrics of the songs have meanings that i can relate. The CD has 12 songs which is the Supermassive Black Hole, Decode, Full Moon, Leave Out All the Rest, Spotlight, Go All the Way (Into the Twilight),Tremble for My Beloved,
                I Caught Myself,Eyes on Fire,Never Think,Flightless Bird, American Mouth and Bella's Lullaby. My favorite track in the CD is DECODE by Paramore (my favorite band), Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine and Never Think by Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson's voice is really good, he can really sing and he's so good looking guy. Most of the songs are nice and it made me feel relaxed when i listen to it that it made you played it over and over again. The movie is also really good.. the songs were really fit to the story.
                It's worth listening...^_^


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                25.04.2009 17:04



                I liked this CD i thought that the songs that they chose to put on it were good but they were about 3 which I thought weren't needed and it grows old within 2 days for me. I love Twilight the movie but this wasn't up to strach


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                28.01.2009 17:10
                Very helpful



                Good enough for me to buy.

                This album presents the soundtrack songs from the feature film of Twilight. There are twelve songs on the album, and in general, it is more of a soft rock album for girls. Not sure if it matters to anyone, but they are not in the order of the film's sequence.

                1. Supermassive Blackhole by Muse, 10/10. Perhaps I've overrated this first song, but this is probably my favourite out of the whole album. Very snazzy and full of energy. Not really one to dance along to, but I just feel so energised and motivated after listening to this. The get up and go feel. Brilliant if I'm feeling sluggish. Perfectly apt for the baseball scene.

                2. Decode by Paramore, 9.5/10. I really like this one as well, definitely reminds me of Twilight, though I haven't a clue which scene this song belongs to, not even sure if I've heard it while watching the film...?! Would be a great one to listen to and watch at a live concert. Apparently, this was written especially for the film, so probably explains the Twilight 'vibes'that it emits.

                3. Full Moon by The Black Ghosts, 8/10. This only appears for about 10 seconds in the film, a little haunting and has a kind of 80s feel to it, déjà vu kind of song, probably why it was used in the scene where Bella is picked up by her dad back in her old home town before her parents separated.

                4. Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park, 7/10. Can't remember this from the film either. This one sounds a little too emotional, reminiscent of some sad memories probably. The band who sing this, generally have a 'tortured soul' kind of feel, so probably very suited to Edward Cullen's character.

                5. Spotlight (Twilight Mix) by Mutemath, 9/10. Another energising one, very upbeat. Appears in the scene where Edward and Bella turn up at college together, i.e. going public about their relationship.

                6. Go All the Way (Into the Twilight) by Perry Farrell, 6/10. Wasn't too keen on this song. Sounds like something they play at an old cheesy disco dance.

                7. Tremble for My Beloved by Collective Soul, 7/10. I think this appears on a few of the chase scenes towards the end of the film. This one is also quite an upbeat one, brilliant at a live concert but a little wasted in the film.

                8. I Caught Myself by Paramore, 7/10. Two songs from Paramore on here? Not sure if this was specifically written for Twilight, it's quite a nice song but not as good as Decode. The instrumental parts are the best bits of this piece and probably what holds the song up. Not really sure about the lyrics having any relevance to the film.

                9. Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation, 8/10. This is a song with a slightly different edge to the rest - a much slower pace and much more haunting. This song is quite apt for Twilight. It also conjures up an image of a still dark night at a graveyard with a full moon and misty clouds in the background. Ironically, this song also reminds me of Van Helsing and Underworld films.

                10. Never Think by Robert Pattinson, 7/10. Actually, this is the least favourite of all the songs on the album. I would have given it a 5 or 6 based on my dislike, but I realise that as a piece of music it's actually ok - just not to my taste. This song actually stands out from the rest in that it's a completely different style and genre to the others. Had they not used it for the restaurant scene, I don't think it would have fitted anywhere else - not really a Twilight piece of music. Robert Pattinson is very competent here, but going from seeing him as Edward Cullen and then listening to this, there's a sense of disorientation of identity. I cannot imagine Edward Cullen playing this in his spare time.

                11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine, 8/10. A lovely song for the prom scene, suits it perfectly. This song also makes me feel a little sad, it takes us away just for a short while from the realities of their forbidden love.

                12. Bella's Lullaby by Cater Burwell 7/10 This is another lovely piece of music, though I don't really see it as a lullaby. It's very typical as an ambient piece for a film, it sounds very similar to others used in other films. There were rumours of using a piece by Yiruma called River Flows in You. This was a simple solo piano piece that I found very sweet and sounded better as a lullaby, though I didn't really think that Bella's character needed a lullaby scene.

                Overall, the album isn't really representative of the Twilight film, the film didn't really carry many distinctive musical motifs, although I should probably say otherwise for the actual instrumental score, the other Twilight soundtrack album by Carter Burwell.

                Standing alone this album does present some good light rock music across the spectrum - 9/10 for that.

                The album is available from amazon for around £8-£9, but I managed to download mine from iTunes for £7.99. Twelve songs for £8, it's just about ok, I suppose, plus it has only just been released over the past month. Typically, with only a niche market, I expect the price will come down quite quickly, so I guess it'll be possible to get the album for under a fiver soon.

                Thanks for reading. xx

                ©Leighsa 2009


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                  16.01.2009 18:50
                  Very helpful



                  An interesting eclectic mix that I think that those who appreciate alternative music will enjoy.

                  I received the 'Twilight' soundtrack as a gift for Christmas. The film which it relates to is one which in turn relates to the 'Twilight' series of books by Stephanie Meyer which I read last summer/autumn. It is a series which charts the story of a vampire who falls in love with a 17 year old girl. From the first chapter I was hooked. But did I find that the soundtrack fitted in well with the film?

                  Track 1: Muse~ Supermassive Black Hole

                  Having read the acknowledgements in 'New Moon', Meyer presents herself as a music fan drawing influence from rock, alternative and indie performers in the writing of her works. These include Travis, Elbow, Coldplay, Marjorie Fair, the Strokes and My Chemical Romance- none of which are included in the album. However, one of her biggest influences in the writing of her works is Muse. She cites that 'there were emotions, scenes, and plot threads in this novel that were born from Muse songs and would not exist without their genius.' When I read this I was instantly pleased and could only hope that Muse would turn up in the film.
                  I was right. Whilst being quite the Muse fan and its inclusion in the album makes very little difference to me, I hope its inclusion on the soundtrack introduces some Twilight fans and others to the band. In my opinion they are simply one of the best rock bands of all time and the powerful songs, vocals and musicality really sets the mood if you're sitting down to read parts of Meyer's novels.
                  On the other hand I do question whether 'Supermassive Black Hole' was the best song to include on the soundtrack. Whilst it's still good it isn't my favourite Muse song and I think they could have picked better. I was kind of surprised they didn't use 'Unintended' for the film as it a beautiful love song with such fitting lyrics. Edward Cullen IS Bella's unintended and vice versa. That was my one big disappointment with the film. I can only think that the reason they didn't use this song was the pacing of the film and an inability to fit it in but there are no really GREAT love songs on the album and I think this could have been a fitting representation of their love. I think they have instead chosen to be somewhat 'cool' and used one of their faster, somewhat techno-inspired tracks. There are songs of Muse that are better musically such as 'Stockholm Syndrome', 'Hysteria', 'New Born' ,'Apocalypse Please' and 'Invincible' (to name but a few!) but I do understand why they have chosen the song they did. It fits in with the baseball scene in the film and the production of the film isn't hindered by unfitting lyrics. Although I must point out that the lyrics of this song, whilst quite repetitive and sparse bear little relation to the themes and story of the film. I really hope they use more Muse songs in the future films (New Moon next year.). If they don't use 'Unintended' at some point, needless to say I will be rather disappointed.

                  Track Rating~ 9/10

                  Track 2: Paramore~ Decode

                  This song was written specifically for the film and I think that is probably one of the best Paramore songs recorded and a favourite of mine. Musically it's fantastic with its great chorus and the pop-rock vocals of Hayley Williams reminiscent of many of rock's great frontwomen. I quite simply love Hayley and whilst others may think I'm overrating her voice I really feel that she has as a lot of promise and potential in her capabilities as an artist. As for the song itself, I feel it effectively reflects the dilemma of the character of Bella in the film. A few of the lyrics do not seem to fit the film so well ('When I used to know you so well?' - Did she ever?) but I don't consider this too important since the soundtrack of a film is largely to set the tone of a film. Even so, some of the lyrics are very fitting. ('What kind of man you are, if you're a man at all' and 'There is something I see in you. It might kill me. I want it to be true.') I adore this song and it's definitely a favourite of 2008.

                  Track Rating~ 9/10

                  Track 3: Black Ghosts ~ Full Moon

                  The film doesn't just include some well-known names within music but has introduced me to new songs and artists such as this. I really enjoy this track but in many ways find it difficult to put my finger on exactly why. It is a song I find difficult to place into any genre. For some reason it reminds me like a slice of folk-like music brought up to date with some electronic sounds. I was surprised with what part of the film this matched up to (the very beginning as Bella moves from Phoenix to Forks) as the first time I heard it reminded me of the character Jacob and the Quiliete Indians, the group to which Jacob belongs. This is not necessarily to do with the title (Those who have read New Moon will know very well why) but to do with the general atmosphere of the music. It is a really interesting piece of music and really quite calming.

                  Track Rating~ 7/10

                  Track 4: Linkin Park ~ Leave Out All the Rest

                  Another one of Meyer's influences cited in the Acknowledgements of 'New Moon' is Linkin Park. Personally I am not much of a fan of Linkin Park. I find most of their music far too moody, uninteresting and rather samey. It is, however, probably one the better Linkin Park songs that I've heard. Quite often the band seems to write from the perspective of a tortured soul and I can only too well imagine that the lyrics are from Edward's viewpoint as he tells Bella 'I can't be what you are.'

                  Track Rating~ 5/10

                  Track 5: Mutemath ~ Spotlight (Twilight Mix)

                  Opening up with a somewhat dramatic instrumental, this song is energetic, fast and highly-charged and I love it for these reasons. From the grammy award winning band, Mutemath, the vocals of Greg Hill have a great, very slightly husky tone to it. This is a mixed version of their song 'Spotlight' and I look forward to hearing more of their stuff as well as the original version of this song. Its pacing and energy is something which reflects the action of the film very well.

                  Track Rating~ 8/10

                  Track 6: Perry Farrell ~ Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)

                  I can imagine that some people might consider this song somewhat annoying with the repetitive 'happy day' intro and its 'la la las'. I think that this is an excellent party song. The song is very sexy in mood and lyrics and definitely reflects the lust (whether blood or body) between Bella and Edward. The vocals of this song are quirky and complemented by some effective electronic tweaking and effects. It is hard for me enjoy most music that resembles electronica or techno in any sense so I applaud Farrell for producing a song which I thoroughly enjoy.

                  Track Rating ~ 9/10

                  Track 7: Collective Soul ~ Tremble for my Beloved.

                  This song continues the energy of the previous two tracks and I found it uplifting.
                  The lyrics are more simplistic than you might realize when you first hear this song but I still find it to be very effective but still manages to reflect the positive elements of Bella and Edward's love.

                  Track Rating ~ 8/10

                  Track 8: Paramore ~ I Caught Myself

                  The musical directors of 'Twilight' have been quite indulgent when it comes to Paramore and included not only one but two songs on the soundtrack. This one is the lesser impressive of the two, reflecting the manner in which Bella is drawn to Edward in the film (and maybe even the way Edward is drawn to Bella). It is a decent musical effort but it does make me think that they could have included another Muse song here (You can probably guess which one after my rant about the Muse track).

                  Track Rating~6/10

                  Track 9: Blue Foundation ~ Eyes on Fire

                  This is a very calming song and yet the lyrics are really quite harsh and I imagine they are from the perspective of villain James' desire to hunt down Bella. On the other hand, it could also represent Edward's thoughts about killing James. I believe it relates to the former of the two. The female vocals of this song are really quite soothing and despite the scathing tone of it, reflecting a repressed anger and (quite literally) venom, I find this song relaxing to listen to.

                  Track Rating~ 7/10

                  Track 10: Rob Pattinson ~ Never Think.

                  It is quite a risk to include a song on the soundtrack performed by the lead male role himself (unless of course it is a musical) but I was pleasantly surprised by this track. It even made me think that Pattinson may have some musical promise. The song itself is really quite beautiful and not only is it sung by Pattinson but he co-wrote it too (with Sam Bradley). It is merely a simple love song and if you have read sequels to 'Twilight' the book you may connect the lines 'save your soul before you're too far gone' to the text. For some reason Pattinson's voice seems to bear a slight resemblance to Bob Dylan in the manner in which he sings this.

                  Track Rating~7/10

                  Track 11: Iron & Wine ~ Flightless Bird, American Mouth

                  After Pattinson's piece we are treated to another soothing song. This song actually ended up on the soundtrack because the actress Kirsten Stewart (who plays Bella) did not like the music they had set a love scene she had with Edward to and thus suggested this song. All I can say is - Kudos to Kirsten. This song is utterly gorgeous and I can only go write to the origin of its inclusion and thank her for allowing so many viewers of Twilight to be introduced to such a beautiful song.

                  Track Rating~ 8/10

                  Track 12: Carter Burwell ~ Bella's Lullaby

                  I am very glad they included this on the album as I do not believe that most films could be complete without a good piece of classical music. Some say it was originally meant to be Yiruma's 'River Flows in You' , the piece Edward writes for Bella in the book. This is a beautiful piece of music and I would
                  not have been unhappy if they included it in the film. However, whether this was just a rumour or not, they brought in Carter Burwell to write the lullaby. Having viewed the film and whilst appreciating Yiruma's work, I also adore Burwell's lullaby too. This is an orchestral version of the piece that the character Edward plays. This is a well-crafted piece of music which reflects the uplifting beauty of the love story in the film.

                  Track Rating~ 9/10

                  Cover Art: This features the art from the film poster where Edward stands rather protectively before Bella. They both look very pretty in the shadows, I guess. I have a rather neutral view of the cover art. It is pretty standard for the film and not really that significant. It does fold out to include a minature of poster in the middle but I do not see much use for it. I prefer to keep the sleeve of a CD inside the actual CD itself so it probably would have been more useful if the small poster was separate.

                  In my review I have tried not to let any bias I have towards the film and book encroach upon my judgement of the soundtrack. I have kept my critical specs on despite how much I love Meyer's novels.
                  All in all, I think that this is a soundtrack that is worthwhile listening to with its unique mix of artists which so wonderfully capture the energy, the love and the pain of the characters throughout the film. I recommend that anyone, despite their attitudes towards 'Twilight' should take a listen of the tracks on this album. They are very well selected and brought together and introduce you to some wonderful (some of them somewhat unknown) songs and artists. I think many people who like alternative music will enjoy this very much.


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                • Product Details

                  Disc #1 Tracklisting
                  1 Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
                  2 Paramore - "Decode"
                  3 The Black Ghosts - "Full Moon"
                  4 Linkin Park - "Leave Out All The Rest"
                  5 MuteMath - "Spotlight (Twilight Mix)"
                  6 Perry Farrell - "Go All The Way (Into The Twilight)"
                  7 Collective Soul - "Tremble For My Beloved"
                  8 Paramore - "I Caught Myself"
                  9 Blue Foundation - "Eyes On Fire"
                  10 Rob Pattinson - "Never Think"
                  11 Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
                  12 Carter Burwell - "Bella's Lullaby"

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