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Ultimate Pop Party

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2 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Various Artists / Box set / Audio CD released 2009-05-25 at UMTV

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2011 21:11
      Very helpful



      A great party!

      Today I will be reviewing my Ultimate Pop Party CD. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2009. The CD is currently selling from Amazon for a price of £4.14 which I think is great value for money.

      ~ * Disc 1 - Track listing * ~

      1) Love Story - Taylor Swift 2) Poker Face - Lady Gaga 3) Number 1 - Tinchy Strider 4) Don't Upset The Rhythm - The Noisettes 5) Womanizer - Britney Spears 6) The Promise - Girls Aloud 7) Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez - K.I.G. 8) The Boy Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon 9) When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls 10) Mamma Mia - Abba 11) Mercy - Duffy 12) Islands In The Stream - Comic Relief 13) Gracy Kelly - Mika 14) Closer - Ne Yo 15) Crank That - Soulja Boy 16) The Way I Are - Timbaland & Keri Hilson 17) Pump It - The Black Eyed Peas 18) Walk This Way - Girls Aloud & Sugababes 19) Rock This Party - Bob Sinclair 20) Maneater - Nelly Furtardo 21) Locomotion - Kylie Minouge

      ~ * Disc 2 - Track Listing * ~

      1) Just Can't Get Enough - The Saturdays 2) So What - Pink 3) Shine - Take That 4) Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna 5) Cha Cha Slide - DJ Whisper 6) I Kissed A Girl - The Real Booty Babes 7) Heartbreaker - Will.I.Am & Cheryl Cole 8) About You Now - Sugababes 9) T-Shirt - Shontelle 10) Limbo Limbo - Boogaloo 11) She's Like A Star - Taio Cruz 12) You Can't Stop The Beat - Michael Ball 13) Lonely - Akon 14) Reach - S Club 7 15) Everytime We Touch - Cascada 16) Black And Gold - Sam Sparro 17) Monster - The Automatic 18) With Every Heartbeat - Robyn 19) Don't Stop Me Now - McFly 20) The Grease Mega-Mix - John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

      I have to admit that whilst there is a great selection of songs on here - I much prefer CD 2. I like the majority of songs and can listen to the CD all the way through, whereas when I listen to CD1 I tend to skip a lot.

      There are some good songs on here. Such songs include Pokerface by Lady Gaga, Womanizer by Britney Spears and Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna.

      There is something for everyone on this CD. I like how they have included recent songs as well as 'oldish' ones such as Mamma Mia by Abba and there is even a bit of Michael Ball on here - so this album is not just for kids. I think that a lot of adults will like this CD too.

      This is a great album; the kind of CD which makes you sing and get up dancing. I would definitely describe is a happy album as it puts you in a really good music. I would say that this is a great CD for a party, whether it is a children's party or whether you just have it playing in the background when you are having a girlie night in.

      This album is very current and very poppy so if you like the music in the charts right now and you also like pop music then you will probably like this CD.

      Whilst there are only a couple of songs on here that I would say that I really like, I would still recommend this CD - it is an instant cheer me up.

      Thanks for reading!
      November 2011
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        28.08.2009 18:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        The Ultimate Pop Party boasts two discs of up to the moment pop tracks. If you look at the current top forty, at the time of writing this review, there are some of the tracks still lurking in the lower reaches of the chart.

        It starts with the soppy country pop song 'Love Story' from leggy blonde teen Taylor Swift. It is inoffensive, forgettable and should be filed under 'likely to never have another large hit.' Lady Gaga follows after with 'Poker Face.' This minature woman type creature has been clogging up the chart since the start of the year and this single is a catchy blend of pop and r an b, there is no escaping her, so just let her have her moment.

        'Womanizer' is more robotic r and b from Britney, as repellent as her last few releases and tedious to the extreme. Girls Aloud is better with plenty of melodic charm and some throwback sixties sounds in 'The Promise.'

        Mika's best effort is included and we can forgive him his cat like vocals as the song is quite original. Randomly, after Black Eyed Peas, Noisettes and Gaga we get Kylie's 'The Locomotion' which is all good fun, but why on earth is is it lumped on at the end of disc one?

        Moving to disc two then, where The Saturdays revamp Depeche Mode effectively enough. Pink is full of brazen female instinct, very good dear, keep bleaching your hair and being full of attitude and the 'macho women' will keep idolising you.

        Take That's 'Shine' I can pass on, as I cannot hear it without wanting to stumble into a supermarket and buy a nice bit of fish, while being amazed at the product value. DJ Casper is also hideous, as some dubious man in shades and a hat barks at you to move to the left then to the right. No thanks.

        S Club add some pop sensibility with the camp 'Reach' while Taio Cruz melts a few hearts with a tender mid tempo number. Towards the end of the disc, McFly slaughter a Queen track and the Grease Megamix is lumped on in typical needless filler sort of way.

        41 tracks and bright naff cover artwork to attract easily swayed teenage girls and camp men whose music tastes haven't quite developed yet.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Love Story - Taylor Swift
        2 Poker Face - Lady Gaga
        3 Number 1 - Tinchy Stryder
        4 Noisettes - Don't Upset The Rhythm
        5 Womanizer - Britney Spears
        6 The Promise - Girls Aloud
        7 Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez - K.I.G
        8 The Boy Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon
        9 When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls
        10 Mamma Mia - Abba
        11 Mercy - Duffy
        12 Islands In The Stream - Comic Relief
        13 Grace Kelly - MIKA
        14 Closer - Ne-Yo
        15 Crank That - Soulja Boy
        16 The Way I Are - Timbaland, Keri Hilson
        17 Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
        18 Walk This Way - Girls Aloud, Sugababes
        19 Bob Sinclair - Rock This Party
        20 Maneater - Nelly Furtado
        21 Locomotion - Kylie Minogue

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Just Can't Get Enough - The Saturdays
        2 So What - P!nk
        3 Shine - Take That
        4 Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna
        5 Cha Cha Slide - DJ Casper
        6 I Kissed A Girl - The Real Booty Babes
        7 Heartbreaker - will.i.am ft. Cheryl Cole
        8 About You Now - Sugababes
        9 T-Shirt - Shontelle
        10 Limbo Limbo - Boogaloo
        11 She's Like A Star - Taio Cruz
        12 You Can't Stop The Beat - Michael Ball
        13 Lonely - Akonte
        14 Reach - S Club 7
        15 Everytime We Touch - Cascada
        16 Black & Gold - Sam Sparro
        17 Monster - The Automatic
        18 With Every Heartbeat - Robyn
        19 Don't Stop Me Now - McFly
        20 The Grease MegaMix 7'' Version - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

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