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Unapologetic - Rihanna

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5 Reviews

Genre: R&B & Soul - Pop R&B / Artist: Rihanna / Deluxe Edition / Audio CD released 2012-11-19 at Mercury

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    5 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 00:18
      Very helpful



      Hopefully her next album will be better!

      I am quite a big Rihanna fan, and much prefer her to Beyonce and the like so when her new album came out I knew it was only a matter of time before I got it! I didn't get it straight away, as I know albums always decrease in price quite quickly and in any event theres always youtube! I downloaded it on iTunes on my macbook for £7.99 so I could put it on my phone and also burn it to a blank CD and play in my car.

      My album has 14 songs:

      1. Fresh off the Runway
      2. Diamonds
      3. Numb
      4. Pour It Up
      5. Loveeeeeee Song
      6. Jump
      7. Right Now
      8. What Now
      9. Stay
      10. Nobody's Business
      11. Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
      12. Get It Over With
      13. No Love Allowed
      14. Lost in Paradise

      Now, I am a big Rihanna fan but I was majorly disappointed with this album as only about 5/6 songs do I actually really like and one of the song if you ask me is just plain plagarism! Jump is basically a regurgitated version of Ginuwine's "pony" but with a more up tempo beat. I do like the songs she released - Diamonds showing a different side to her voice as a "ballad" (by Rihanna's standards its a ballad anyway!) and being quite slow and heartfelt. As the lead name for her upcoming tour she encourages all young females to "shine bright like a diamond" and it is actually quite empowering! Sadly though, after a few listens it becomes draining and repetitive.

      Similarly along this line is stay ft Mike Ekko. It's a nice, slow paced song which does show off Rihanna's vocal capability a bit more than some of her songs have in the past. Mike Ekko really compliments the song and brings the album some flavour to allow listeners to swoon to his voice.

      Song's like nobody's business are evident of Rihanna's controversial side as (at the time I can't keep up with these celebs) she was back with Chris Brown and there are lyrics like "Ain't nobody's business but mine and my baby". I feel like this song is aimed at all the critics of their relationship but it is not convincing and the song is hardly catchy to say the least!

      My favourite club banger on this album is definitely pour it up - a song about strip clubs and dollar bills but it really is so catchy! Whenever I hear it on a night out it makes me get up and move - and although Rihanna pretty much just talks on the song (no singing talent whatsoever) it's a weak but incessantly memorable song! The beat is infectious and Rihanna really knows how to make me feel like I am the s@*!

      It's not the greatest song on the album but for some reason What Now is a song I like to put on when feeling a little bit emotional and want to just de-stress and relieve a bit. Rihanna's voice does come across a bit screechy as she yells "what nowwwww?" into my ear drums but it reminds me of her song "Love the way you lie" with Eminem (who I LOVE!) so it is a nice little tune.

      Overall, this isn't a great album and there are only really a few I could pick from that I actually listen to as the most I pretty much just skip through as they do not appeal to my ear at all. To be fair though, Rihanna is hotter than the sun so she could sell an album singing about flies to the mass market and still make lots of money so since she churns them out one after the other, a slightly flat and disappointing album was due to come some time soon. So here it is. It's not awful, but she's had better so I can only give her (a generous amount of) 3 stars


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      06.01.2013 21:30
      Very helpful



      Shine bright like a diamond... not

      Rihanna, the pop sensation from Barbados who burst into the music scene with hits such as 'Umbrella' and 'Don't stop the music' has just released her 7th studio album, in her short seven year career.

      Releasing these albums quicker than rabbits mate may be the singer's downfall as this recent release does not live up to her musical prowess which we've witnessed in earlier albums, most notably 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and 'Rated R'.

      That said, lead single diamonds and the album itself has soared its way to the #1 spot, Rihanna's first No 1 album and her gazillionth No 1 single.

      'Unapologetic' features 14 new tracks as follows:

      1. "Fresh Out the Runway"
      2. "Diamonds"
      3. "Numb" (ft. Eminem)
      4. "Pour It Up"
      5. "Loveeeeeee Song" (ft. Future)
      6. "Jump"
      7. "Right Now"
      8. "What Now"
      9. "Stay" (ft. Mikky Ekko)
      10. "Nobodies Business" (ft. Chris Brown)
      11. "Love Without Tragedy" / "Mother Mary"
      12. "Get It Over With"
      13. "No Love Allowed"
      14. "Lost in Paradise"
      15. "Half of Me" (Bonus Track)

      With an array of features and hit writers, you'd expect this to be a killer album. Oh the contrary. 'Diamonds' is an undeniably catchy song which infects your brain like a parasite but give it a month and it'll be something else. It lacks real substance and longevity although her live performances of this song on shows such as X Factor and The Voice redeems it. Slightly.

      Other notable songs include 'Numb' which features Eminem. The duo who created the beautiful 'Love the Way You Lie' joins forces once again, but with no such luck here. The robotic tune does them no favours as they sound flat, emotionless and devoid of life. The same could be said for 'Right Now' and the majority of the first half of the album.

      The most controversial of tracks is perhaps Rihanna's collaboration with ex- Chris Brown, who assaulted her and sparked debate as to whether the two should be together blah blah. Regardless of their obvious relationship, the song is musically in the wrong genre. For a tune which is meant to be emotional and personal to the singer and perhaps even a message to the world, this isn't a song you would hear in a club, but it's being given that treatment.

      The second half of 'Unapologetic' is somewhat redeeming, most notably 'Stay' which is a delight amidst the loudness of her brand of potential hits. The song reminds us of what Rihanna is capable of but not producing.

      Bonus track 'Half of Me' which Emeli Sande contributed to writing is definitely more suited to the writer and is inappropriately performed by Rihanna, who does not do the song justice and all I kept thinking whilst listening to it was how it would sound much better sung by Sande.

      Despite the general consensus being that the singer is on the fall, her increasing success is strangely disproportional. Like I said before about her last album, this singer can fart into a microphone and people will flock to buy it. Oh, has Rihanna taken this to the next level. But don't be fooled.

      'Unapologetic' features a dozen brainless 'hits' written and produced by great people but feels detached from the singer and hence devoid of emotion. The redeeming track 'Stay' is a refreshing song but elevated amidst everything else, but when compared to her past music, is no competition.

      Overall, I would not recommend this album as it is musically (if it can call it that) irritating and flat. It just goes to show that quality is definitely more important than quantity. Slow down Rih and create a quality album, PLEASE.


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        02.01.2013 23:46
        1 Comment



        I would recommend to a friend

        I have been a fan of Rihanna since she first became famous with Pon De Replay so I was defiantly getting this album. I downloaded it the day it came out with no delay, and at first I wasn't too sure about some of the songs, but now I love the whole album. Its quite different to her other albums but still has Rihanna's style.

        WHAT I LOVE
        Its more upbeat than her other albums and some of the tracks are more clubby - one even has dubstep sampled in it (jump).
        I think my favourite track is Stay at the moment. Its beautiful and the lyrics are magic and so relatable.

        I wasn't too impressed that she did a track with Chris Brown however its not a bad track. However its sounds too Micheal Jackson like for me.
        Also Kanye West has a verse on Jump and his name isn't in the title.

        ALL IN ALL the lyrics are a lot more risky than her other albums. Its an amazing album and I would recommend it, however I am already looking forward to her next one!
        And I am gutted that I will miss her unapologetic tour:(


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          18.12.2012 15:18
          Very helpful



          Not as good as 'Rated R'

          Unapologetic is the seventh album from Barbados star Rihanna. The album was released in the United Kingdom in November 2012 and so is very recent. There are fourteen tracks on the album and the length of the album is 55:06. The CD is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £8.99 which I think is good value for money, especially as the album is brand new.

          ~ * Track Listing * ~

          1) Fresh Out The Runway 2) Diamonds 3) Numb feat. Eminem 4) Pour It Up 5) Loveeeeeeeee Song feat. Future 6) Jump 7) Right Now 8) What Now 9) Stay feat. Mikky Ekko 10) Nobodies Business feat. Chris Brown 11) Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary 12) Get It Over With 13) No Love Allowed 14) Lost In Paradise

          ~ * Fresh Out The Runway * ~

          This song is quite repetitive. At first I'm not sure if I like it. It's full of attitude. It sounds very different to her other songs. I don't really like this song at all! It seems to be making more of a statement than being an actual song. It doesn't even have a proper melody. It also has lots of swearing. Not a good start. When I heard this song, I was hoping the rest of the album wasn't like this song otherwise it would be a complete waste of money. It's not even a catchy song. I couldn't wait for this song to finish.

          ~ * Diamonds * ~

          Now this song; I like it like it come on! When I first heard it I was a bit like 'it doesn't seem to go anywhere'. Although after a few listens, I have grown to love this song. It is quite a powerful upbeat ballad. I love the chorus. It is quite an emotional song to listen to. Diamonds really shows off Rihanna's voice. This song is quite refreshing and 'new'. It is a heartfelt song with interesting lyrics; Rihanna sings it well and puts all of her emotions into this song.

          ~ * Numb * ~

          This song features Eminem. This song is very repetitive. I really had enough of the 'I'm going numb' repeats. The song goes nowhere for a very long time. In fact for the first minute or so it's just the same phrase repeated over and over again. Rihanna's voice is 'electronic' which is annoying. I was quite tempted to skip this song, although was determined to stick with it. I did wonder where Eminem was for a long time as he does take ages to come in. You can't really call this a song! It's total rubbish! It's terrible.

          ~ * Pour It Up * ~

          What a stupid song!! So far three out of the four songs I have heard so far have been rubbish. This song has no nice melody nor catchy chorus. It's just very repetitive. Rihanna doesn't even sound 'nice' or 'good' on this song. It is just a case of lots of talking 'money on my mind etc' and lots of shouts of 'ohhhhh'. I am so disappointed that I am tempted to turn this album off without listening to the rest of it, because so far it is total rubbish.

          ~ * Loveeeee Song * ~

          This song relies heavily on 'electronic voice' which if you know me, you'll know that this is something I hate; I just don't get it that if you are a singer, then your voice should be good enough to not have to do silly-things-on-a-computer-with-it. This is the song which comes closest to calling it 'singing'. It's not great though. The song is very bland and doesn't go anywhere. Not a joy to listen to at all! I guess you could call it an easy-listening song, although then again it is likely to send you to sleep as it is just soooo boring. A huge thumbs down for this song.

          ~ * Jump * ~

          This song starts off with a long and silly introduction. More electronic voices and special effects. What is the deal with all the songs sounding the same?!! Again I can't call this song a 'pleasure to listen too'. It's just noise....awful noise!

          ~ * Right Now * ~

          As soon as I heard this song, I thought 'now this is more like it'. Now this is the first song that I have heard on here that I would say it suitable for a party. It does have a weird instrumental, but I guess its better than the rest of the songs on here. This song isn't great, but it does have a nice melody in certain parts of the song. This is definitely not the best Rihanna song I have ever hear. It is not great, but it does take time to grow. I expected this song to 'go somewhere' or 'change gear' as I call it, but it didn't which is a shame as I think that this song does have some potential.

          ~ * What Now * ~

          When I hear a piano at the beginning of a song, it is usually a sign that I will like this song. Although when Rihanna starts singing...she just ruins it. Again this song could have potential, but it doesn't and just ends up being really boring.

          ~ * Stay * ~

          Ok, I guess you could call this song likeable; well it is compared to the other rubbish songs on here. Again she repeats and repeats and repeats the same lines over and over again. It is like she is trying to 'fill the time' just so they fill enough time for them to be able to call it a song.

          ~ * Nobodies Business * ~

          Looks like Rihanna has made up with Rihanna after this song. This isn't a nice song either. Again there is no nice melody...just a repetition of lines. This song seems to be more of a statement that she is back with Rihanna (and she seems to have a 'haha' attitude to the rest of the world). The lyrics go along the lines of '"t's nobodies business / it's nobodies business/ just mine and my baby's"

          ~ * Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary * ~

          This song goes on for a whooping seven minutes; good job I kinda like this song and that it is nothing like the rest of the rubbish songs on here, otherwise I would have had to hit the 'skip' button. The instrumental reminds me of a song from the 80's although her 'singing' part is very modern. Weirdly this song changes completely half way through...I am guessing that this is the 'Mother Mary' part of the song. What I don't get though is that the two parts are so different, that I don't get why they didn't just keep them separate rather than have to songs which are completely different joined together.

          ~ * Get It Over With * ~

          Rihanna obviously wants to get this song over with...and I want the song to get it over with. What a dull old song. It seems really rushed; it could have potential but they haven't spent enough time letting it go as far as it could.

          ~ * No Love Allowed * ~

          This song has a slight Caribbean sound which I like. The instrumental is very catchy and I do think that the vocal part could have been more catchy in order to go better with the instrumental and to make the song more catchy; as the instrumental and vocals sound like two separate songs. There are some good harmonies on this song towards the end. Rihanna seems really comfortable with this style of music.

          ~ * Lost In Paradise * ~

          I was expecting this album to end with a great finale. It is one of the better songs on this album (although if this song was on any of Rihanna's other albums, I would consider this to be one of the weaker songs - but on this album I would call it one of the stronger songs). It is a strange kind of song, but I guess it's ok and grows on you once you have given it a few listens.

          I wasn't sure what to expect with this album. I have always thought that Rihanna's albums were good, although I will admit that after Rated R the albums just weren't to the same standard and so in a way I was expecting this album to go either way. So what did I think?

          This album is soo different; completely different to any of her other songs and albums. I think that the songs on here are really bad; there are no melodies, no catchy choruses. It's just noise. Apart from 'Diamonds' there is no other song on here that I would say 'oh my god, I love it, put it on again'. It's all just bland music which doesn't go anywhere. It definitely sounds really rushed as though they couldn't be bothered to finish writing the songs properly. It seems that Rihanna has experimented a new sound with this song. But to me it seems t hat she has made this album whilst still in the 'first stages' of writing. It's really that bad. Unlike her other songs, none of the songs on here make me want to dance and I certainly couldn't imagine any (well maybe 1) of the songs being played in a club. This album is all 'samey'; all of the songs sound the same and to be honest it is not the kind of album I would imagine being played over and over again. In fact it is that bad that I don't know if I will actually give it another listen. No offence to people who like this album, but I really can't see how people actually like this album; it's just noise to me; no nice songs nor nice music.

          Whilst Rihanna may be a good singer; she doesn't sound great on this album (not as great as she has done on her other albums anyway). I mean it's ok but after a while it can sound a little grating. No offence (I'm trying not to sound mean here), but this is definitely the worst Rihanna album (vocally). There is no nice singing on here it's all just 'talking', shouting and grunting. Sorry Rihanna, but it is no where near as good as your 'Girl Gone Bad' and 'Rated R' albums which had good songs which showed off her voice! None of the songs on here show off her voice.

          A lot of people have said that this album is great because Rihanna has personalised the songs with her own real life stories. To be honest, judging by all the swearing, bad attitude and 'I don't care' lyrics, if this represents her personality I would actually be really scared if I met Rihanna. It certainly doesn't portray her in a good light. Some of her songs actually seem to be taking the mickey out of her fans...those who are buying her albums. It's like she is saying 'I don't care about the fans as long as I get my money'. There is also a lot of swearing and use of the 'f' word on here, which I think is totally unnecessary. I mean you can make a point without swearing you know!

          Lyrically, the lines are just recycled; all of the songs are about the same things. She seems to repeat the same lines over and over again (for ages) in each song. It's like she was trying to 'fill the songs up'. The album seems so rushed. I think that this album is doing to well as it is selling on her name rather than the actual quality of the album which is a shame. I am really not impressed with this album.

          Recycling the lyrics - same old things - personalised songs - but if these songs reflect her Repeating a lot of phrases - seems to be fillers
          Ive read reviews where people have said this is a feel good album; I don't hear anything which makes me feel good; it makes me annoyed, bored and sleepy
          Seems experimental; seems like she is still experimenting rather than it being the finished version; it's all over the place and really isn't strong enough
          Think that this album is more about the money than the music which is a shame

          Some of the lyrics are very insensitive on some of the songs. The majority of them are repetitive and contain swearing. One of the songs 'Pour It Up' really annoys me lyrically as it goes like this: "All I See is signs / All I see is dollar signs / who cares how you haters feel / and I still got my money / call J up and close a deal / I still got my money / my fragrance on and they love my smell / I still got my money / so who cares what I spend / I still got my money / my pocket's deep and it never ends". I think someone needs to have a quite word with Rihanna and tell her that she has got far too big for her boots!! She seems to be taking the p**s out of her fans...her fans who are buying all her albums and giving her all this money she brags about having.

          So all in all, I am not happy at all with this album!! Rihanna needs to go back to her 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and 'Rated R' days where her music was amazing - not anymore!! Sorry Rihanna, but I wouldn't recommend this album!

          Thanks for reading!
          December 2012
          Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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            28.11.2012 23:36
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Rihanna needs to up her game for the next album before people start getting bored.

            This album was released in the last few days and has already hit No1 in the US charts which is her first album to top the charts and has sold 238,000 copies in its first week in America. As usual there is a few artists guest starring. Notably one of the stars is her ex Chris Brown and their track pretty much signifies that they are back together. There is also a large number of producers and writers with the most famous ones being David Guetta, Stargate, The Dream and Labrinth. This is also her fifth consecutive no1 album her in the UK so she is easily one of the biggest artists in the world over the last few years. I will review some tracks from the album.


            The first track I heard from her and this is classic Rihanna. A melodic beat matched with her flawless vocals. It is closer to a ballad but springs in to life as the song goes on. The main beat is piano with a drumbeat, it is very simple but it works. The chorus again is simple but it is probably the best vocally in the whole album and it is a great feel good track about how great individuals are comparing them with Diamonds in the sky. Also a quick mention to the remix in the deluxe edition of which there are two for this track and I feel the one by Dave Aude is very well made. It adds a techno element and an awesome chime sound at points in this track. I wouldn't say it's better than the original non touched version but it is as equally good in a different way.

            Nobody's Business

            This is the track with Chris Brown I mentioned before and the beat is excellent. It apparently samples a Michael Jackson track although I am not sure which one. Lyrically it also works but I guess not a lot of people will be fans of the track as she is basically telling the world that she doesn't care what they think and it's none of their business if she wants to have a relationship with Chris Brown. He pretty much sings the same thing for his vocals. It is a very well made and produced track though which cannot be denied.

            Lost In Paradise

            One of the more uptemp tracks on the album and has a strange beat with a fast drum beat but strange in a good way. Rihanna sings about how she doesn't know what to do with her heart and although she may be wrong it feels great to be lost in paradise. No doubt it is most likely another Chris Brown reference. There is a pre chorus which she excels vocally at and then goes all out for the chorus. This is a great example of a track that suits her voice perfectly and that no one else would be able to sing as well in.

            Overall I wasn't overly impressed with this album as whilst there are no bad tracks, which let's face it isn't hard with the producers on board, there are not many great tracks. It is all just a bit similar to her previous albums which I feel are superior. Asides from Diamonds I struggle to see which other tracks would get released as a single. Maybe the Chris Brown one but this would be controversial, but then hey there is the saying controversy sells and it definitely would hold true in this case. Three stars.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Fresh Out The Runway
            2 Diamonds
            3 Numb ft. Eminem
            4 Pour It Up
            5 Loveeeeeee Song ft. Future
            6 Jump
            7 Right Now
            8 What Now
            9 Stay ft. Mikky Ekko
            10 Nobodies Business ft. Chris Brown
            11 Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
            12 Get It Over With
            13 No Love Allowed
            14 Lost In Paradise
            15 Half Of Me [Bonus Track]
            16 Diamonds (Dave Aude 100 Extended) [Bonus Track]
            17 Diamonds (Gregor Salto Downtempo Remix) [Bonus Track]

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