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Until There's Nothing Left of Us - Kill Hannah

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: Kill Hannah / Release Date: 2008 / Music Label: Roadrunner

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2012 18:34
      Very helpful



      A great album, they have many places to improve on though!

      **This is a review of the UK ALBUM Release (without the bonus tracks!)...not the 'standard' release**

      Kill Hannah are a relatively old band...forming in 1993 (when I was just 2 years old!!!!) Now, 18 years down the line (making me 20!) they are still going, and this is probably the biggest they've ever been! I was first drawn to them when I was dragged along to a gig by my sister, expecting them to be anything but good! Instead I was pleasantly surprised, and in awe of their amazing stage show they put on...even for a supporting act! This is the album that really got me hooked on Kill Hannah, I have now seen them 4 times, and am going to see them again in a few weeks :D

      Kill Hannah, a relatively weird, unconventional and name is actually based on the lead singer, Mat Devine's, ex-girlfriend. This album, 'Until There's Nothing Left Of Us' is in fact their 5th studio album release which didn't do so great within the charts, but however the fans still loved it! The members present for this album were: Mat Devine (vocalist), Jonathan Radtke (guitarist), Dan Wiese (guitarist), Greg Corner (bassist) and Garrett Hammond (drummer).

      1) (Sleep Tight)
      Such a bizarre start to an album...it's just really a collection of noise...of god knows what to begin with. Then there's the guitar, the drums and the steady beat...the way it's all collaborated makes it have a kind of 'outer space' feel to it. Mat's voice sounds so lovely on this, it's so soft, and warming.

      2) Believer
      I love the beginning of this album, it's upbeat and as simple as it sounds, it works so well. Kill Hannah have a very 'unconventional' feel about them. Their lyrics leave a lot to desire at times, for example 'Take this heart, it's ticking like a cheap clock', it's not really a genius' writing. It's good though, I personally like this song.

      3) Lips Like Morphine
      Now, this is the song that really made me stop and pay full attention to them on stage. It was one everyone seemed to know, and probably their most well-known, if you've ever heard of Kill Hannah then this song probably springs to mind! Personally one of my favourites by them, the lyrics are a little better than last time...maybe classed as an unconventional love song? "I want a girl with lips like morphine, knock me out every time they touch", a little dark maybe, but cute at the same time!

      4) Boys & Girls
      A very electro feel to the beginning of this song, and when they have lasers coming out of their guitars in their performance you can see how it all links together. I love this song, another one of my favourites. Yet again the lyrics do leave a lot to hope for, with them being fairly simple, and they do seem kind of unimaginative. The song overall has a lot going on...which works great, and Mat's voice sounds husky, and soft at the same time!

      5) Songs That Saved My Life
      A slower start to this song than the previous, and this song kind of proves that within their genre, they are still relatively versatile...it has a different feel to the song than the previous, it's not as happy, but still makes for a great song. The lyrics seem to have improved too...not greatly, but they have.

      6) Crazy Angel
      My favourite by them by far! The beginning of the song builds a little bit of suspense, slowly building up into their electro feel again. This song, though feeling upbeat is a little slower than you'd expect. Mat's voice is astounding, it's so crisp, so mesmerising and unlike anyone's voice I have heard before. I just love the whole way this song has been put together and it's well worth a listen!

      7) 10 More Minutes
      A beautiful guitar solo to start with, and it's soon to be accompanied by Mat's soft, yet cutting voice. This song proves more than any other, I think, that his voice is so distinct, and beautifully mastered. The song itself is a relatively slow one, and I hate to admit, but a kind of boring one too! It's very repetitive, which is what I think makes it boring. I'm not saying I don't like it, it's just not one of their better songs.

      8) The Collapse
      This song is misleading! You think from the beginning that it's going to be a slow song...but it builds up without you expecting it, and when the chorus kicks in it's more heavier and upbeat than you'd think. I do love this song, and it has their authentic electro feel to it...with Mat's stunning voice too. The lyrics...meh, yet again they're really not that good.

      9) Love You To Death
      An unconventional love song now, and I love it. It's the electro feel Kill Hannah are good at, and yet again Mat's voice is mesmerising. It's so hard to explain, but his voice is soft...yet cutting at the same time, I could listen to it all day!!! The drumming in this song is really quite simple...as with the guitar chords...as with (unfortunately!) the lyrics...the only thing that really excels in this song is Mat's voice.

      10) Kennedy
      Now, although I said 'Lips Like Morphine' was one of their more popular songs...it could be argued that this song is, it has in fact been featured on a few TV shows, one being the ever popular 'One Tree Hill'. The song itself has a fast tempo, and for once it has quite imaginative lyrics "Such romantic eyes, got me hypnotised" (probably not the best example!)! It's relatively plain (not boring!) at the beginning of the song, but soon enough the song kicks in and there is their electro stamp all over the song! I can see why it has featured on such TV programmes.

      11) Black Poison Blood
      A slow song now, the second on the album, which is quite nice as I really don't think Kill Hannah do that great at the slow songs. It has a very long, rather boring, lead up to the start of the song...and really, I don't like this song...I'm really not sure why, it just lacks something...maybe excitement? Even though it does build up to the chorus, we shouldn't have to wait until then to get into a song! Yet again the only good thing I can say is Mat's voice is spot on and he never fails!

      12) (Life In The Arctic)
      A bizarre ending to the album...much like the way it was introduced...yet another 'outer space' feel to it! I love how the deep bass comes in too...

      With a running total of 42minutes and 3seconds it's a relatively average running time for a 12 tracked album...baring in mind that there is an 'intro' and an 'outro' on this album, so disregarding that it's around 38minutes for 10 tracks. The album itself is good...it's easy listening. If you're looking for something deep and meaningful this album probably isn't for you as it seems to lack a lot of imagination, and seems to me that they just wanted to produce an album.

      May I also point out that some of the songs on this album (3 in total), previously appeared on their 'For Never and Ever' album...so really there are only 7 new tracks to this album, which is a little disappointing! The 3 songs seen on the previous album are: Kennedy, 10 More Minutes With You and Boys & Girls. Which to me are 3 of the best songs on here....maybe a cheap way to get the album up to an 'album track listing' amount.
      Regardless of these comments, I do urge you to check them out. I still love them, and really, don't knock them until you've tried them!


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