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Up All Night - One Direction

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Artist: One Direction / Audio CD released 2011-11-21 at Syco

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    5 Reviews
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      22.07.2015 13:23
      Very helpful



      Fantastic Debut for Xfactor Runners Up

      This is a great debut album, especially considering that at the time they were around 16 years old! Making it's way to number one in 16 countries, including the US really shows how successful they are, and with good reason.

      For a pop album, it's a great listen, with some amazing tracks! Of course there is 'What Makes You Beautiful' the track the most people have heard of, with a catchy chorus, I think it's become a song that's defined modern pop, and is now a classic in it's own right. You also have the two other singles 'Gotta Be You' a pop power ballad, with some nice high notes in the chorus that makes it fun to sing along to, and 'One Thing' probably the most fun song on the album, with it's upbeat format and catchy guitar and chorus. One of the reasons One Direction have become so successful is because of their rock influence in their songs. While it's not that prominent, you can still hear it in the guitar used in some of their songs, and this I feel really gave them an edge.

      Other great song of note on the album have to include 'Stole My Heart' a funky dance type track that won't fail to get you moving, 'More Than This' a real sweet song with some awesome vocals, and 'Same Mistakes' one of the most mature sounding songs on the album, that has a really clever structure. Oh, and not forgetting 'I Want' the track written for them by Mcfly that never failed to please the crowds at concerts, and of course 'Moments' written by Ed Sheeran and appearing on the deluxe version. It really is worth paying extra just to get this song, it's an absolute One Direction classic, amazing lyrics, great vocals and such emotion.

      Overall, this album is a fantastic listen for anyone who loves Pop, and if you are dithering over the desicion whether or not to buy, I say JUST DO IT!! Enjoy :)


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      12.10.2013 14:24
      Very helpful



      A good pop album!

      Those that know me will be aware of how much I adore Matt Cardle. From the first time I saw him sing I wanted him to win the X Factor which of course he did. In that same series a band called one direction actually came third in the show but with the backing of Simon Cowell they were always going to have massive success because let's face it the man knows when he is potentially going to make a lot of money! Despite the fact that I now refuse to watch the X Factor and would happily give Simon Cowell a slap if I got half a chance I do still like one direction and have been to see them live and have tickets for their massive show next year as well. It was their first album, up all night, which made me want to go see them perform....well that and the fact that my sister is a big fan of Zayn in particular! This is my review of their debut album entitled up all night which was released under the SyCo label.

      One thing that I was a little worried about before I bought this album was how much of it would just be Harry and Liam singing whilst Louis, Niall and Zayn basically provided the role of backing singers. It was clear from the X Factor that Harry in particular was being portrayed as the group "leader" if you will and I did wonder how the album would pan out. I was pleased to note that you can pick out the other boys singing though and whilst they do have a lesser role to sing for the most part it is nice that there are certain songs where they come in to their own a bit more. Having seen them perform live twice now I do think all of the boys can sing relatively well. I don't think they are a patch on some other "proper" musicians but they are VERY good at what they do which is basically good pop music which brings me on to the album.

      Up all night comes in a traditional sized CD box which features a picture of the boys looking as though they are in mid air bouncing on a trampoline or something! They look fresh faced, smiley and young. They are exactly as Simon Cowell would want them to look as you can well imagine girls wishing that they were their boyfriends....in fact even I think Harry and Zayn in particular are pretty fit and I'm much too old to admit that! The CD would certainly grab your attention should you see it in a shop I think but I actually purchased my version on amazon where it cost around a tenner at the time of purchase. Now though being that there is a second album out you can pick it up for £4.50 with a free digital copy AND free delivery which I think offers excellent value.

      The album contains thirteen tracks and it is my intention to run through those briefly to give an overall idea of the album.

      1) What makes you beautiful (3.18)
      What makes you beautiful was the first track one direction released following the X Factor and it is just what I expected them to release to be honest. The track is upbeat, totally pop and incredibly catchy! Even now this song will cause my son to start singing as soon as he hears it and it also makes us want to dance around given that it features on the Just Dance four video game! The starting beat of the song will automatically make me want to dance and I think that is the measure of a good pop song to be honest.

      2) Gotta be you (4.04)
      This was the second released song by the boys and it is a total contrast to what makes you beautiful. The song is all about how you can let a person you love down and just wanting another chance because you know that that particular person is the one you are meant to be with. There are a lot of high notes and harmonies within this track and it flows nicely. It is easy to listen to and there is nothing offensive at all about it. It is quite a chilled song I think.

      3) One thing (3.17)
      Another upbeat song which was released as the third song from the album. It is all about a person having an effect on you that means you just can't stop thinking about them. You aren't really sure what it is, but that person definitely has that one thing and you just wish that they would notice you! It is a song which makes us want to jump around a bit and have a good old dance because of the beat and pace of it which again is my opinion of a good pop song.

      4) More than this (3.48)
      Without a shadow of a doubt this is my absolute favourite one direction song from either of their albums so far. It's a slow song all about loving someone who is with someone else and feeling the pain of all of that. It's about telling the person how you couldn't love them any more and to me it is just a gorgeous song. It flows well and I like how all of the boys have a little part to sing in it because it feels complete if that makes sense. If I could tell people to listen to one song by one direction I would choose this one every time. It isn't going to win any awards but for me it is a beautiful song and I love the way it flows.

      5) Up all night (3.12)
      The title track from the album for me was always going to have to be a good one and this one doesn't disappoint me at all. It's a fun, fast paced song which is all about being young and basically loving life! Staying up all night and basically having a laugh with your friends! This song has a brilliant, catchy melody which literally does make me want to dance around and stay up all night! It's a good one to have on when you are getting ready for a night out!

      6) I wish (3.37)
      A slowish moving song about watching someone with the person who you want to be with and wishing that it could be you. Although there is something teenage angsty about the track I do also think there is something that I can relate to in it and so I like to listen to the song but it isn't one of my favourites.

      7) Tell me a lie (3.18)
      This song is quite fast paced and is about wanting a lover to lie to you as opposed to telling you that they're leaving for someone else. It is quite a catchy song to be honest and in line with the rest of the album. The chorus in particular always makes me sing along whenever it is on.

      8) Taken (3.55)
      This is a slow song and one which is quite catchy I think and is about someone only wanting you when you are taken because they know they can mess with you like that. It is easy to listen to and easy to sing along to in my opinion.

      9) I want (2.51)
      This is a really catchy song in my opinion. The basics are that it is about girls who only know how to say "I want" when they can have all the important things in the world such as love but still want materialistic things that they can hold. It is a song that I always end up singing along to when it comes on.

      10) Everything about you (3.35)
      Everything about you is one of those really manufactured pop songs. I know that's what one direction do but this one just seems even more so than some of the others on the album and as such I do tend to skip this one more often than not.

      11) Same mistakes (3.37)
      There's something about this song which really reminds me of a Take That song where Mark Owen has taken the lead. The chorus in particular makes me think this. It is quite a slow moving song but it is a little catchy and will probably stick in your head even though it isn't one of the best on the album.

      12) Save you tonight (3.24)
      This has a really catchy section towards the middle section of the song which is what saves this particular song in my opinion. Again it isn't one of my favourites on the album but there isn't anything offensive about the song which talks about wanting to save someone from a relationship where they aren't happy.

      13) Stole my heart (3.25)
      This starts off being really upbeat with a fast beat to it. It then slows right down though in a way that I am never really expecting! It isn't one of the stronger songs on the album but the chorus saves it I think as it is quite quick and nicely pop sounding.

      There are probably nine out of thirteen songs that I do really quite like on this album which I think is a good amount really on an album like this which is a basically manufactured pop not actually written by the band. What I do like is how there are songs which showcase all of the boys singing because I think that is important from a band....we all saw how Take That went when Gary Barlow was basically the only one singing anything! I do think that it is evident from the album that Harry and Liam are the stronger singers on the whole but I do love Zayn's voice in more than this and don't think the others could sing his part to be honest!

      This is the kind of album that I find is quite easy to listen to and just let it wash over you kind of thing. You don't really have to think about the music and it certainly won't make you stop and think in the way that some songs can do. I don't think this album is about that though....it is basically pop music which Simon Cowell knows will sell well and fans of the band won't be left feeling let down by this debut album in my opinion. I think the current price is excellent and would make a fab gift for young one direction fans who may not already own the album!

      Thanks for reading my review!


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        31.10.2012 10:29
        Very helpful



        Very good

        There are not many people/girls that dont know something about One Direction. Who doesnt love Zain, Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam? In fairness....me!! Don't get me wrong I watch The X-Factor with the best of them and although I dont watch every single show, I get the gist. I havent watched this series, after all it tends to be 'Oh so samey' once they reach the live finals, and its only then about who flutters their eyelashes most or cries enough, or whether the boys are gorgeous enough! Boring!!

        Still I have warbled and swooned to Shayne Ward in the past so I wont moan about the show too much. I dont really remember the guys from the show, I dont even know who two of the five are. Everyone knows Harry but I struggle after that, maybe because I am 38 and its all a bit old for me now?

        Why you may ask did I bother getting the album then? Good question really. Well you cant take away the catchyness of What makes you beautiful, or One thing. Got to love running around on a beach with the lads having a larf!!! I liked (without admitting this to family or children) a few of their released songs so thought, it might be ok! Listening to the album, there are some totally awesome tracks on there, Tell me a lie was a bit tedius and easy to forget, but hands up to More than this and Save you tonight! Brilliant brilliant songs. Real teenie bopper love ballads that we all secretly love.

        In my day there was A-HA, NKOTB, Bros whose songs we listened to far too loud in out headphones and dreamed they were singing each word to us. One Direction have now stepped into their shoes, for all the bad bits I have to say about One Direction they can knock out a good album. Hats off to you boys, you look and sound like you are having a blast, hope it lasts.


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        12.07.2012 19:56
        Very helpful



        A near-flawless debut album, that is one of the best in the pop-rock genre.

        One Direction have taken the world by storm, achieving international superstardom and gaining fans from every corner of the globe. With over two million sales of their debut album, 'Up All Night', the five-piece are set to embark on a staggering 101 date world tour in 2013. Created by Simon Cowell's X Factor, you are right to be sceptical and cautious about a boy band emerging from a brand which has put out a fair quantity of rushed, haphazard album releases. 'Up All Night', however, is an exception to the rule. It is a debut rich in personality, and offers wall-to-wall hits alongside strong vocals. The blend of upbeat pop-rock and acoustic sounds, with the occasional foray into dance-pop, show that the boyband format is far from dead and has the potential to have a pretty major revival.

        The band are at their best when delivering up-tempo pop-rock, a genre that fits their voices and harmonies perfectly. 'What Makes You Beautiful' is an infectious love song with an instant, sing-a-long melody. The guitar riff sounds a little like Summer Nights from the Grease Soundtrack, which rather than being derivative, actually helps evoke the warm feel-good sentiments of young love. 'One Thing' is without a doubt, one of the best on the album. The production on the song is similar to 'What Makes You Beautiful', in that it has pounding drums, a simple guitar line and subtle synths that compliment he soaring chorus. The simple chorus of "Get out, get out, get out of my head, and fall into my arms instead/I don't know what it is, but you've got that one thing" is an instant earworm, and is a track that will have you returning to it over and over again. The title-track, 'Up All Night' is a little more synth heavy, and distances itself a little from the pop-rock sound of the album. The song has some questionable lyrics that may make you wince a little bit ("Katy Perry's on replay, she's on replay"), but for the most part, it is a fun party song about being young and living for the moment.

        The album dabbles a little in contemporary dance-sounds, which thankfully, does not overpower the overriding sound of the album. 'Save You Tonight' was produced by RedOne - Lady Gaga's most famous collaborator. The song has some great vocal harmonies, which really shows off their vocal ability. "I can't be no superman, but for you I'd be superhuman" they sing on the chorus of a song about unconditional love for someone who refuses to acknowledge you. The addictive track is distinctly American in its production, so 'Stole My Heart' provides a little balance, in that it is more British in terms of production. Another dance track, it boasts writing credits from the boys, as crashing synths make for the surprisingly perfect club song. "Under the lights tonight, I turned around and you stole my heart" Harry sings in an impressive falsetto. Without a doubt, a hidden gem on the album.

        'Up All Night' for the most part, sticks within the parameters of Kelly Clarkson-influenced pop-rock. In fact, it boasts her as a lead writer on 'Tell Me A Lie' - possibly my favourite One Direction song yet. "Tell me I'm a screwed up mess, that I never listen/Tell me you don't want my kiss, that you need your distance", they sing on the infectious chorus. The lyrics on the track are slightly more clever than you'd expect, with the hook concluding with the line "If he's the reason that you're leaving me here tonight, spare me what you think and tell me a lie." The album offers some surprisingly mature moments, lyrically speaking, amongst the young love sentiment of the album's lead single. 'Taken', produced by Toby Gad (responsible for Beyoncé's 'If I Were a Boy') takes a cue from the song's production in a slow-building acoustic up-tempo, which is built around the line - "you only want me when I'm taken". When the production is stripped back a little more, you will definitely be impressed by the boys' vocal talents, which sound strong and confident, but full of emotion, without the need of auto-tune enhancements.

        The album possesses only three ballads, with 'More Than This' being a clear highlight. It evokes some of the Backstreet Boys best love songs, with a heart-breaking delivering accompanying a simple acoustic guitar but glossy synths, which keep the song sounding contemporary enough for radio. "When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feel right/'cause I can love you more than this" they sing on the powerful chorus. Without a doubt, one of their best. 'Gotta Be You' is pretty dramatic, with its sweeping strings and powerful percussion. While I disagree with it as the album's second single, I do love the song and the boys' use of falsetto.

        'Up All Night' manages to cover all bases, experimenting in enough genres to keep the album diverse but not too scattered or eclectic. It is mature enough to have appeal beyond its target age group, and has some surprisingly eloquent and emotional moments on the tracks which possess the boys' co-writes. 'Everything About You' is perhaps the only weak track on the set, as the chorus is a little monotonous and too drenched in synthesisers to let the boys' vocals shine. However, 12 great songs and only one weak track on a 13 track album is a pretty good ratio. Without a doubt, 'Up All Night' surprised me as being one of the best albums of the past year, and worthy of a listen if you love pop-rock in the vein of Kelly Clarkson or McFly. Bring on album number two, I say.

        HIGHLIGHTS: What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Tell Me a Lie, Save You Tonight, More Than This, Taken... practically the whole album!


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          11.07.2012 13:16



          This album won't disappoint any fans with it's upbeat music and catchy lyrics it won't let you down.

          One direction is a British boy band which became popular after coming 3rd place in the X Factor.
          Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan all auditioned for the UK X-factor, and made it to only bootcamp, of which at solo artists they were rejected but Simon Cowell, put them together into a boy band. After becoming 3rd in the X Factor they signed to Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records.
          Up all night has thirteen tracks.
          1. What makes you beautiful
          2. Gotta be you
          3. One thing
          4. More than this
          5. Up all night
          6. I wish
          7. Tell me a lie
          8. Taken
          9. I want
          10. Everything about you
          11. Same mistakes
          12. Save you tonight
          13. Stole my heart

          The first three songs on the CD were singles before the CD came out. They are What makes you beautiful, Gotta be you and One Thing. In 2012, "What Makes You Beautiful" won the BRIT Award for Best British Single.

          I love this album because the boys voices are lively and I love the lyrics. The songs are very lively and make you want to jump and sing around with them. My favourite song from the album is One thing.

          I think they actually have good music. A lot of people think only teenage girls like One Direction because they are cute but I think this is not true.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 What Makes You Beautiful
        2 Gotta Be You
        3 One Thing
        4 More Than This
        5 Up All Night
        6 I Wish
        7 Tell Me A Lie
        8 Taken
        9 I Want
        10 Everything About You
        11 Same Mistakes
        12 Save You Tonight
        13 Stole My Heart

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