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Up! - Shania Twain

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    8 Reviews
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      15.07.2009 21:38
      Very helpful



      A strong and plesant album

      === Who is Shania Twain? ===

      Shania Twain, who was born Eileen Regina Edwards, is a five-time Grammy award winning Canadian singer-songwriter. Her music fits in the country pop category and has won her fame and success around the world. Throughout her career Shania has received 27 BMI songwriter awards and her third album, Come On Over, is the best-selling album by a female musician of all time.

      === Her Albums ===

      Up to date Shania has released five studio albums: Shania Twain (1993), The Woman in Me (1995), Come on Over (1997), The Complete Limelight Sessions (2001), Up! (2002) and Greatest Hits (2004).

      === Up ===

      Up was Shania's fourth studio album and was released in November 2002. It is said that the material for the album was written and recorded across the world from Berlin and Vienna to the Bahamas and Mumbai. The album hit the top spot in the US and Canadian charts but only reached the number four spot in the UK. Despite all of the released singles doing exceptionally well in the US and Canada none of them managed to hit the top spot in the UK.

      === The Album in Short ===
      If you're one of those people that aren't particularly looking for a track-by-track breakdown of the album in question then this section is for you and you can simply gloss over the track analysis if you wish. Up as an album is a real gem in my opinion. All of the tracks are Shania Twain originals and therefore are completely unique. All of the songs on the album are interesting to listen to and tell a story, which is something I particularly like. A couple of the tracks are also quite humorous in places and really make a statement - usually a feminist (in a way) one. The music style changes frequently throughout the album and varies for punchy pop to complete country - some oriental tones even feature in a couple of tracks. The general pace of the songs also changes quite a lot. For example track 4 'Juanita' is a soft and delicate ballad style song whereas track 8 'Nah!' and track 10 'C'est le Vie' are punchier power anthems. All in all this gives the audience a diverse listening experience that is a pleasure throughout.

      === Track Breakdown ===

      ONE - Up!
      Up is the title track from the album and a Twain original, which won her a Juno Award. The song has a really catchy and heavy beat that really makes you want to tap your feet and sing along. The lyrics are quite fun to listen to and Twain's unique sounding voice shines through.
      'It's bout as bad as it could be
      seems everybody's bugging me
      like nothing wants to go my way
      it just ain't been my day'

      TWO - I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
      This track was well received by the public as it's similar to those tracks on her previous albums, with a strong country feel. The beat in the track is constant and throbbing with some very nice guitar riffs and some wonderfully sung lyrics that you just can't help singing along with.
      'I'm gonna getcha while I got you in sight
      I'm gonna getcha if it takes all night
      You can betcha by the time I say go
      You'll never say no'

      THREE - She's Not Just a Pretty Face
      This song is superb in my opinion and a lot of others agree too with Billboard magazine calling the song an "ultra-lightweight country-girl power anthem" that is simply "exquisite country pop". This song is another with a strong and steady bea and interesting backing track with some beautiful solo instrumental pieces. The lyrics are in many ways intriguing to listen to and definitely have all the makings of a female power anthem.
      'she is a soldier
      she is a wife
      she is aurgeon
      she'll save your life
      she's not just a pretty face'

      FOUR - Juanita
      This is probably my favourite song on this album and one of my favourite Twain songs in general. In comparison to the three previous songs the beat in this song is nowhere near as heavy and on the whole the song has a much softer and delicate feel, which is lovely to listen to. The lyrics are well constructed and performed with enough power and passion to make the song memorable but not overpowering.
      'When someone tries to take
      away the freedom of your choice
      To take away your voice--
      that's when you need her'

      FIVE - Forever and For Always
      This track is another that has more in common with those on her previous albums than the more up-beat pop sounding ones of this album. The lyrics like in the previous track are rather delicate and are sung with a degree of softness once more. I must say though that I like this style and find it really easy to listen to and rather relaxing at the same time.
      'In your heart--I can still hear
      a beat for every time you kiss me
      And when we're apart,
      I know how much you miss me'

      SIX - Ain't No Particular Way
      This song sees a return to the heavy and steady beat but also mixes in a stronger country feel that a couple of the earlier tracks lacked. The lyrics are again utterly unique and also interesting and quite uplifting to listen to. Better still the lyrics are sung well and not drowned out by the backing track.
      'Love has a way to find ya
      Sneaks up right behind ya
      There ain't no particular way'

      SEVEN - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
      This track is another soft and subtle one that in many ways is a strong reminder of her previous album, Come on over. The lyrics are again rather lovely to listen to and despite what they are saying are quite up lifting and inspiring in a way. They are however sung beautifully and the whole song is very relaxing to listen to.
      'Don't think I'm lying round crying at night
      There's no need to worry I'm really all right
      I've never looked back
      As a matter of fact'

      EIGHT - Nah!
      In short I love this track. It has a brilliant beat and a foot-tapping pace. More than that though is has some fantastic power anthem lyrics that I defy any girl of any age not to sing along to. A great song to play very loud.
      'It's too late to regret it,
      but you're the one who said it
      We're better off being apart
      I hate to be a downer,
      but don't bother comin' 'round here
      Cause I won't have a change of heart'

      NINE - (Wanna Get to) Know You That Good
      This track has a completely different sound initially to the others on this album and doesn't a first sound like a Twain track. As the intro music progresses however the country tones enter and the vocals at the start, accompanied by only a light beat, are brilliant. The lyrics are again exquisitely written and lovely to listen to.
      'Every feel of your fingers
      Every curl in your hair
      Don't want to miss a minute
      Want to be right in it'

      TEN - Cest Le Vie!
      This is another brilliant song that I just love singing aloud to - very loudly I should add. The lyrics are brilliant to listen too, especially those within the verses and the really do tell a story that we can all relate to. The chorus is also extremely catchy and the whole song has been performed very well.
      'If only I could sleep in
      Wake up on the weekend
      Oh what a dream that would be
      Fat chance of that one
      Ain't gonna happen'

      ELEVEN - Jealous
      This track is another much softer track and contrasts very well with the previous two. It is probably this variation in song styles and paces that makes this album so appealing to me. Jealous has a simple backing track with a steady beat but some lovely lyrics that are as usual beautifully performed and really relaxing to listen to.
      'I'm jealous of the rain
      I don't want to share you with nothing else
      I gotta have you to myself
      I can't help it I'm so in love'

      TWELVE - Kaching
      This track is an exceptionally contagious track that no matter what you do seems to stay in your head forever. The lyrics are in more ways than one very accurate and rather appropriate for the current climate too. The vocal performance is solid as usual and makes the song a brilliantly fun track to listen to.
      'We've created us a credit card mess
      We spend the money that we don't possess
      Our religion is to go and blow it all'

      THIRTEEN - Thank You Baby
      This track fluctuates between rather powerful and punchy to soft and delicate and this is quite refreshing to listen to. The lyrics are very well constructed in so many ways and again rather lovely to listen to when you want to relax.
      'So many numbers
      So many guys to call
      Is it any wonder?
      I got nowhere at all'

      FOURTEEN - Waiter, Bring Me Water
      This track begins with a rather oriental sound, which seems to run through the song. This I must admit really caught my ear - or should I say ear - but unfortunately the song itself just didn't catch me. For me this song is the weakest on the album. I get what it's all about but for me the verses just aren't performed as well as they could have been and therefore the general song meaning isn't conveyed well.
      'Waiter! Bring me water
      I got make him keep his cool
      Bring me water
      He's acting like a fool'

      FIFTEEN - What a Way to Wanna Be!
      This is another great female anthem that has fantastic lyrics and a catchy beat. The lyrics aren't inspired in the way you might expect from my praise but more humorous to listen to but humorous in a way that still makes a statement.
      'Moisturise exorcise
      Erase the rings around your eyes
      Cover what you can
      Get a copper tone tan'

      SIXTEEN - I Ain't Goin Down
      This song's backing track has a different sound to others on the album as in many ways it provides a near non-existent role. It consists mainly of a light yet steady beat that simply allows Twain's near enough unaccompanied vocals to shine through. The lyrics again have a strong story to tell and because of that the song is a pleasure to listen to.
      'I had a baby at fifteen
      Daddy never forgive me
      I never heard from the guy again
      I had to drop out of high school'

      SEVENTEEN - I'm Not in the Mood
      The backing track to this track is very punchy and up beat like those earlier on in the album. Twain's vocals are again brilliantly to listen to and this rather jazzed up style really seems to suit her. The backing vocals, which make small yet important additions to the vocal track are also wonderfully performed and placed.
      'I'm not in the mood
      To be shy
      To stand by
      And not give it a try'

      EIGHTEEN - In My Car, I'll be the Driver
      This is another track that I am not as fond of as the others. The premise for the song is interesting but for me it just doesn't really work. I'm not sure this is one of her best song writing moments if I'm really honest.
      'It's alright if you sleep with your socks on
      Oh babe, its ok
      And you can hurt my head with your favourite rock song
      I don't mind, that's fine'

      NINETEN - When You Kiss Me
      This song is a lovely track to end the album in a really captures Twain's style. The backing track is subtle and delicate with some lovely musical moments that make it stand out. The lyrics are in so many ways sublime and extremely beautifully to listen to. The song is in many ways close to those on her previous albums but something about its unique performance highlight it as one of the best.
      'You are the one
      I think I'm in love
      Life has begun'

      Now I know that this album won't be for everybody but I must say that I think it's rather good. The songs you listen to are all unique to Twain - not only in the fact that they are originals but that they are sung in a way unique to her completely. This album is definitely one that I listen to frequently on my I-pod.


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        26.02.2009 05:05
        Very helpful



        Incredible follow up album by millions selling country artist Shania Twain

        I consider this as one of the best albums of the last decade by far none. Not only is this in my eyes a musical wise improvement on her last record before this one Come On Over, it's quite impressive in every single way. Vocally its brilliant, lyrically more meaningful, it's more fun/vibrant/relaxing/easy to listen to and with that added exlamation mark in every song LOL! and the for example a song I am Not Gone (I Have Not) LOL! with the brackets in every song title adding to the tongue in cheek element that has come a normality in songs by Shania Twain.

        I was drawn first by the incredible music video to I'm Gonna Getcha Good, i found myself humming this song one day and then decided to download the album and then described the rest of the incredible versions of the songs. Now there are several versions of this available in different colors in the US, abit pointless if you ask me it's just the same songs with minor differences. You see the record company want Shania Twain to keep true to her country roots but also reach out to the rock crowd given those brilliant live performances but also want her to appeal to the popular crowd. The differences are minor but for the record I am reviewing the popular version - pop version.

        Up is a brilliant and uplifting way to start of the album, it's got those cheeky verses and i love that chorus however simple it is as well. I think I'm Gonna Getcha Good is a classy and popular way to start off the album, it's very catchy and lyrically it's quite meaningful if you look in to it. Shania has also given some incredible live performances of that song in particular. I thought Juanita was a great story. She's Not Just A Pretty Face is inspirational. I think Forever and for Always, is the Your're still the One of this record. I think Ain't No Particular way is eheeky and plesant. It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing give's me goosebumps, love that chorus and the way it's sang. Nah! Is fun and that's all it is though, bit similiar to Ain't No Particular Way but who cares?? - Wanna Get To Know you that good is brilliant again, i thought given the title it might be quite lame but they made it work.

        C'est La Vie is great, i think that it has a good meaning of that's life and that's how it's gonna be, not sure if that's a cover or not but it's nbeautiful if you ask me. I'm Jealous another great ballad, got grea meaning again. Ka-Ching is one of those genuis songs a artist comes up with every twenty years, it's just so true of the world today and it was cheeky to release this song to the world shaming them for what they are!, a buying world and retail therapy going on this song sums it all up. Thank You Baby was nice but abit samey like Nah. When You Kiss Me is a great meaningful ballad that is perfect to end the album.

        All in all considered, i have to say this is one of the best albums produced in the last decade if you ask me. Even better than her more successful Come On Over. The songs are vibrant, tongue in cheek, fun and uplifting but there is also the right amount of meaningful, tearful and slow ballads that gave me goosebumps. A stellar voice and this album stays true to her country roots and reaches out quite well to the rock/pop crowd as well. In every sense outstanding.


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          25.02.2009 19:21
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          good value

          This is another of Shania Twain's very strong albums and should definitely be added to her collection of memorable moments. It spurned a good selection of hits and has some feisty pop moments.

          Who is she:

          Canadian singer Shania Twain found fame in the UK in the late nineties. Her 'Come On Over' album has shifted millions of copies worldwide.


          'Up!' lives up to its title and is a positive and ambitious sounding song in which Shania seems to have found a new lease of life. Gone is the country feel which dominated her previous album and along comes a breezy fresh pop melody to invigorate the senses.

          I also love 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good' which is another cheerful number with some vibrant vocals as Shania confirms that she will have her man. She sounds determined here and radiant with new confidence.

          'Ka-Ching!' has a more urban twist, without straying too far into r and b territory. Her vocals are saucier and she delights in playing with the slinky melody, as money becomes the subject at hand. This was a refreshing new sound for her, one I liked a lot.

          The CD is spread over two discs, which means you get different versions of the tracks. I am not really sure what the purpose of this was. It appears one disc is more polished and has a fuller sound, while on the other, the versions sound rawer, lacking the big studio sound. It is interesting to hear how they compare though and adds value to the package. So you get 38 tracks for your money.


          More pop influenced and boasting some catchy and lively melodies, this is worth checking out


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            19.03.2006 21:22
            Very helpful



            Wide range of songs, all great to listen to

            This album is unique as it has a wide range of songs on it, they don't all sound similar to each other. It's different from any other album I've heard. Shania Twain is my favourite singer because she has a great voice and a real talent for song writing, as this album proves.

            There are three versions for each of the nineteen songs: Red, which is the pop version, Blue, the world version and Green, the country version. In the UK, the Red/Blue combination is sold while in America the Red/Green combination is available.
            This is, in my view, the album's only disadvantage, as it means you have to order an American copy if you want to own the Green disc as well.

            The different versions of songs is another thing that make this album different. Each song has a different sound and feel too it depending on which version you listen to.

            "Up" is a lively, upbeat song which will cheer you up, especially with it's bizarre lyrics eg. "I wish that I could grow a beard"

            "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" was the first song from this album to be released as a single in the UK. It reminds me more of Shania's earlier songs from the album "Come On Over" as it has a more country-pop sound to it. It's a great song, and was what first encouraged me to buy the album. One of the best on the album.

            "She's Not Just A Pretty Face" - the lyrics of this song talk about all the jobs that a woman can do, that she isn't just a "pretty face" as the title says.

            "Juanita" is my personal favourite. It has a Spanish sound to it, which changes completely on the blue version. I actually slightly prefer the Blue version to the red version of this song.

            "Forever And For Always" is another song released as a single in the UK. A love song which is slower than the first four tracks, but still quite upbeat. Lovely lyrics.

            "Ain't No Particular Way" - I love the introduction part of this song. The rest of the song sounds quite different from the start. The lyrics say how love has "no particular way" of finding you.

            "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" is a beautiful, slow song with lovely lyrics. Another of the albums best songs, in my opinion.

            "Nah!" is another very lively song, with a very catchy beat. Like "Up!" it has unusual lyrics to it. A very enjoyable, fun song.

            "(Wanna Get To Know You) That Good" is another upbeat song that is fun to listen to.

            "C'est La Vie" Another of my favourites on the album. Starts of talking about how hard it is to get out of bed on Monday morning, a feeling most of us can relate to! The chorus tells us that "That's Life" and "don't let it get to you". Another great fun song.

            "I'm Jealous" is definitely one of the best songs. It's a really beautiful, slightly slow song with nice lyrics that say things like "If I were the Moon I could catch your eye, I'm jealous of the Moon" Well worth listening to.

            "Ka-Ching" is another song released as a single. It has a catchy beat, and opens with the line "We live in a greedy little world" Fun to listen to.

            "Thank You Baby! (For Making Someday Come So Soon)" is another song I like the opening to. An upbeat song.

            "Waiter Bring Me Water" is a song with great lyrics and a good beat to it.

            "What A Way To Wanna Be" has a great message to it which makes it another favourite to me, especially the line "We don't get no satisfaction living like a slave to fashion, No more thinking for yourself, just get it off a shelf" It has a great beat to it, and I find it very addictable.

            "I Ain't Going Down" is a lovely song about a girl who has a baby when she is fifteen and ends up all alone. It tells how she will work as hard as possible just to see her daughter grow. A beautiful song with quite sad lyrics.

            "I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No!)" is another favourite of mine because of it's upbeat, fun feel to it.

            "In My Car (I'll Be The Driver)" is another song with funny lyrics and is guaranteed to cheer you up with it's upbeat tempo.

            "When You Kiss Me" is one of the best tracks. It's a beautiful sounding love song with really nice lyrics.

            Overall, a really great album which I highly recommend. It's available cheap now, amazon marketplace even have used copies for 35p! But you're better off just buying a new one, they don't cost much. You can also buy the American version fairly cheap (I saw one for £6 including postage) if you want the Green disc, which I plan to buy sometime soon.


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              01.10.2004 02:06
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Shania twain is one of the most established artists of all time. Her unique country style has left her on her own to repersent the musical genre. Whilst there may not be many, many country acts out there, Shania Twain repersents in the genre postivley. Shania twain has a unique musical taste, a great voice and the ability to bring out a good album.

              ''Up!'' is defintley a great album, it is 2 CD's, one CD will be country and the other pop. It is obvious form this that the record company are aware that not pure country is not everyone's cup of tea, but the songs on the pop CD are still quite country but the musical direction in the background is changed and altered to make it different. I praise this idea, and it certainley allowed me to choose what style i wanted to hear the album (i personally liked both.) The songs are stunnigly catchy, the album is of excellent quality.

              ''Up'' is a short but solid song, it carries a very nice and load backing music. The verses are great, the song inspirational and the chorus is amazing.

              ''I'm Gonna Getcha Good'' is amazing again, the track it iself is amazingly upbeat, country. It is very catchy, it can be considered country-pop. The verses are as catchy as the chorus - The chorus and both the verses are incrediable. Lyrics are impressive as is the song musically. This was released as a single, and quite rightly so, it is a fantastic song.

              ''She's Not Just A Pretty Face'' is a great song it has a really catchy background music, the chorus is strong, the verses are great.

              ''Juanita'' is again a country-pop song, it has a meaning (very nice), it is quite slower than the other songs on the album. It has quite a nice chorus (again slow). The track it self is quite catchy, the song is quite a pop,country ballad. It is nice listening.

              ''Forever And For Always'' is a very nice and smooth song, it is nice, quite slow and then gets upbeaty. The chorus is impressive. A perfect repersentation of the music genre of country.

              ''Ain't No Particular Way'' is a great song. The song is unique, the backing music is great as is the backing vocals. This songs shows the power and greatness of Shania Twain's voice.

              ''It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing'' is a nice and slow ballad. The song is very slow, it is inspiration, meaningful. Excellently produced, Nicely sang, Brilliant music - Amazing song.

              ''Nah!'' is very upbeat. You will sway side by side. It is a nice tune, best listening for this is if turn the volume really loud. The musical backing is great as is the production. It shows the uniqeness of Shania Twain's track.

              ''Wanna Get To Know You That Good'' is a nice tune, it is a nice and soft ballad like musical background, the lyrics are brilliant. I like the chorus, again it shows just how unique Shania Twain's music and vocals are.

              ''C'est La Vie'' is a very nice track, it is very upbeat. It can be considered pop, but is more country. There is some rock and some slight ballad type music mixed in here as well. It is a meaningful and nice tune.

              ''I'm Jelous'' is a slow, soothing song and again more pop than country. I really like this as the production is brilliant, with a loud piano going over a banging drum.

              ''Ka-Ching'' is very unique. It was one of the singles released off the back of the album ''Up''. This is a great song - it is meaningful, and is about the population and their treatment of money. I enjoyed listening to this, very entertaining and generally nice tune.

              ''Thank You Baby!'' is a very nice track. I liked listening to this, it will make you dance and get up and dance. This is a song you will listen to more than once. It is country and slightly mixed in with some pop. I liked listening to this, it again like many other songs on this album shows the greatness of Shania's voice.

              ''Waiter! Bring Me Water!'' is a unique song, it is slow and soft country pop. It has great backing music, excellent lyrics - both the verses and the chorus are catchy. The song is great.

              All in All, this album is great. I like listening to the album as there is a mix of alot of styles of music but all country. I also like the fact that there is an opition to listen to pop versions of the tracks or country. The songs are great, the production is good, the writing is amazing and this is a perfect repersentation of the musical genre of country.


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                28.05.2003 06:33
                Very helpful



                Shania Twain seems to be another female artist who the critics seem to enjoy panning, but commercially she is still a success. She has been accused of dirtying the name of country music (for true guilt in this area see Billy Ray Cyrus), when in fact artists like Shania, The Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks have given country music a new fanbase over the last decade, and anyway, she has never professed to be the queen of country music. Indeed it may be where her roots are but she is without doubt moving closer to the popular music market with every song she releases, and her appeal increases in line with this. 'Up' is Shania's latest release, written and recorded after the birth of her long awaited song, and a self imposed five year exile from the music business so she could concentrate on her number one role in life, being a mother. Nobody really knew what to expect, but I am sure nobody predicted an album which is so changeable, adaptable, and pretty damn good really, and you certainly get plenty for your money, as this album is in fact a double, and the second CD is full of country remixes of the pop songs on the first CD, in order that pop and country fans are fully satisfied. What this also shows is that Shania was never destined to be just another country singer, and the direction and production from her husband and mentor Mutt Lange has made her a much more rounded artist. There are 19 tracks on each CD, and that is certainly not to beef up the length of the album, they are all good quality tracks. 'Up' is the opening track, and what a brilliant opener. Shania's vocals are polished and combine an upbeat rhythmn with a solid pop tune, and I am confident that her experimentation in new songs will pay off if they are all up to this standard. It is a real pick me up tune, with a good catchy chorus, sung with a whole lot of attitude. The classic line 'Even my skin is acting weird, wish that I could grow a beard' always
                make me smile when I imagine the absolutely gorgeous Ms Twain complete with hairy chin! Debut release from the album was the pop version of 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good', and it was backed by an excellent video. This is a really ballsy track, and I love the lyrics to it. This is a woman is 100% comfortable with herself, and is more than happy to state her intentions. 'She's Not Just A Pretty Face' should be released as a single. Any up and coming female artists who want to try and promote the power of the woman should sit down and listen to this song. It is all about the different things women can be, and how when they are attractive, they are not taken seriously enough in many fields, and therefore never given the chance to prove themselves, or compete against men on a fair level.....YOU HEAR THAT VIJAY SINGH!!!! 'Juanita' has a lovely Latin feel to it, and here Shania's voice takes the centre stage over the musical arrangement. I find this a really sensual song, and the latin guitars are so light and breezy, perfect music for escaping from the daily grind! 'Forever And For Always'takes the pace down another tempo, and this is the kind of song Shania sings best, the song of longing, which so many lovers can adopt as their own. The melody floats around the vocals, and the lyrics leave me with some very comforting images. 'Ain't No Particular Way' is all about not giving up on love when it seems that you are never destined to find happiness, and how it will arrive when you least expect it. Initially, the track is quite laidback, and whilst it never really kicks off, it skips along at a really enjoyable pace. Not the strongest track on the album, but then a pretty high standard has been set. 'It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing' is another ballad, and without doubt, lyrically it is one of the standout tracks on the album, but the musical arrangement needed to be just a bit fiercer t
                o make it the best song on the album, but it is not far off. 'Nah!' is all about a man who constantly leaves his wife in the lurch only to expect her to accept him back with open arms when he decides he wants to come back, until one day she decides she is worth more, and he will never get back into her life. One of the most country influenced songs on the album, and the story it tells always makes me pay special attention to this song. '(Wanna Get To Know You) That Good!' is another truly brilliant track, and in many ways I am always reminded of my daughter when I listen to this, as the lyrics are so adaptable in many places, and my favourite line is 'Don't want to miss a minute, wanna be right in it' sums it all up for me. 'C'est La Vie' is my get me going song which I love to sing along to on my way to work, and that is what it is all about, the daily routine of dragging yourself out of bed when all you want to do is turn over and go back to sleep, but you have to face the world. A nice tempo, it ambles along at a nice pace. 'I'm Jealous' rivals 'From This Moment' as the best ballad/love song that Shania has recorded in my opinion. 'I wish I was the sun shining on your face, caressing like a lover' are lovely lyrics, and Shania's voice hits it's peak here, and whenever I listen to this, I just know that she cannot top this as much as she may try. 'Ka-Ching' was the latest release, and whilst many people, my husband included thought it was too cheesy, I loved the string arrangement, and the lyrics are so true to life. 'We spend money that we don't possess, out religion is to go and blow it all.....all we ever want is more'. There is a much deeper message to this song that a lot of listeners missed. 'Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come So Soon)' sees the introduction of a larger orchestra feel at the start of the song. It is a track
                which is probably one of the forgettable ones, but on an album from a newcomer, this would be a certain single release. The intriguing Oriental feel of 'Waiter! Bring Me Water!' always gets me bopping along, and strangely enough, the song is about jealousy and not about a restaurant! A nice up beat different feel will always make this one of my favourites even if the lyrics are sometimes over my head! 'What A Way To Wanna Be' is another song which sticks two fingers firmly up at people who put pressure on women to conform to certain images, and feel that women should be perfect in not only looks but ability too. 'I Ain't Goin' Down' is all about a young single mother who is shunned by her father. A nice mid tempo track, and a lot of people think it is about Shania, but it certainly is not, as her parents died and she was left to bring up her siblings. The lyrics are all about sticking by what you believe even when others may try to tell you that you know nothing. 'I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)' has a harder feel to it, verging on a slight rock influence, with a nice sing a long chorus, but it is nothing special. The intro to 'In My Car (I'll Be The Driver)' is reminiscent of 'Deeper Down' by Status Quo, but I am happy to report that the standard jumps up hugely once the song begins, and we are told the story of a woman who is confident and in control of her life. 'When You Kiss Me' is the song that I think will turn some avid country music fans into Shania Twain fans, and without doubt should be released as a single, and yet again this song just proves that she is the queen of ballads as her voice can express so much emotion with only a few words. The track listing for both CD's is the same, and even if you doubt this is your thing, try and beg, borrow or steal a copy because it is worth at least one listen, and you never know you might get a nice surpri
                se. There is a nice mix of pop/country/rock/ballads/uptempo and uplifting songs to make it suit most tastes in music. Highly recommended from me!


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                  15.01.2003 21:00
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                  Shania Twain - Up Shania Twain has committed hideous crimes against country music for the best part of a decade, yet as I find myself gently easing to the wrong side of twenty five there's something strangely appealing about this woman whose feminist lyrics are simple in the extreme and whose tune are slightly less annoying that Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart". It was the country crossover hit "That Don't Impress Me Much" which set Shania on her way and looking back in retrospect it has the same novelty value in country music which Liam Lynch's "United States Of Whatever" had to punk music 2003. From the outset "Up" was always destined for success and with "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" as the comeback single it was assured. Combining the sort of crunching chords Def Leppard would be proud, lush bollywood influenced string sections and a fully matured chunk of countrified cheese to ensure she doesn't loose her core audience. The albums title track equally pilfers from a host of eighties guitar bands such as REM and Roxette while you can imagine proud line dancers polishing their boots before dancing around the kitchen in a semi-detached house in Stoke. Elsewhere things are more laid-back with a series of ballads such as "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" and "I'm Jealous" destined to become "our special songs" between middle aged couples and on "(Wanna Get To Know You) That Good!" and "C'est La Vie" there's reminders of T'Pau. The second CD is where things certainly get more interesting though with remixed versions of all 19 tracks featured on CD1. Although in no way leftfield or adventurous, when you consider the average age of a Shania Twain fan, this CD with certainly open up a lot of minds musically. Very much driven by the rhythmic influences throughout a range of continents and cultures with Lati
                  n and Asian flavours mixed next to a loose R&B feel over the slower tracks. "Ka Ching" for example could be a cut from Wu Tang until the chorus brings it up to a full on bollywood ballad. "What A Way To Wanna Be!" has a banging bhangra beat while the strings are omnipresent. Despite the fact that liking Shania Twain is probably considered a detainable offence there's a certain charm to this country bollyrock hybrid. And when you consider there's 3 different versions of this album flying around to show the world the different aspects of Ms Twains personality, you've got to give her the credit that is due for being even more pretentious than Radiohead ever could dream of!!! Alex McCann


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                    08.01.2003 02:10
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                    • N/A

                    After a long break I wasn't sure whether Shania Twain could live up to peoples expectations of her after the HUGE success of Come On Over, naturally people would want and expect more, better music. That is EXACTLY what this album delivers! At first appearance it might seem that Shania has put 19 songs on just to boost the album suggesting that this is going to be weak. It isn't. Shania's voice is at it's BEST on this album; you can understand when she said that this was a labour of love. You can tell that her and Mutt put 100% into this project. I will go through each song on the pop version of the album and give my Opinion’s and feelings on this BRILLANT album. As for the other CD, I got mine from WH Smith's and ended up with the country version even though it's not supposed to be available in Europe which is good, no big changes but worth a listen all the same, no worse than the pop version. Perhaps the added fiddle and typical country stereotypical sounds etc. 1. Up! - 9/10. The title track. This is upbeat song's which just makes you want to get up and dance. ALL women will be able to relate to this song, it is about how when everything seems to go wrong and nothing is going right that the only way is Up! Although the lyrics are not deep, you can MOST certainly relate to them. "Seems everybody's bugging me" Who does not sometimes feel like that?! She puts so much emotion into "I'm going Up!" This makes you instantly smile and cheer's you up 100%! I even find myself singing it and acting like some crazed solider out on a mission! Not the best background music I have ever heard of but GOOD none of the less and fits everything else in the song. The way to enjoy this song is not to take it too seriously, it's a fun and good feel song. 2. I'm Gonna Getcha Good - 10/10. The background music is good and very well produced, the lyrics are good and Shania Twain's honeyed voic
                    e goes perfectly with this song. The music does not over-power her voice and neither do the backing vocals, they complement the sound and style of the whole song. 3. She's Not Just A Pretty Face - 10/10. I LOVE the introduction guitar on this track, the background music is EXCELLENT. This woman knows so much about women and what women want to hear it hurts! Instead of your typical love pop songs you get a positive woman image in this song, this is telling everyone that your not just a pretty face that women have allot more than just good looks. Exploring all sides of society from waitresses to judges and teachers. Just a very strong sisterhood song. 4. Juanita - 9/10. A great Spanish beat, keeping to the songs lyrics and origins. Great Spanish guitar in this song and Shania manages EXCELLENTLY to soften her voice to suit the mood of this track. This impressed me massively and makes the track. The backing vocals have also been softened which gives this song a great feel. This track is neither upbeat or ballad material. This is just an all good rounder. 5. Forever and Always - 10/10. I LOVE the velvety sound to this song it reminds me of the sound from Fern gully or the Elves from Lord Of The Rings and a good beat. This has deep lyrics, I ABSOLUTLY ADORE deep lyrics. This is about how much a woman adores her man. What I also liked was the fact that this was not a ballad, many singers automatically make a love sing with deep lyrics into a ballad, that is fine but Shania and Mutt have tried a different approach this time making it a half and half. Not completely upbeat but not a ballad either making it mid-tempo and I LOVE IT. 6. Ain't No Particular Way - 9/10. The introduction and backing music absolutely breathtaking. A fabulous beat with a strong lyrical voice from Shania. The chorus is very uplifting. A good song that I would listen to again. The only thing that is slightly disappointing is the lyrics, they aren't
                    as deep as this song deserves. 7. It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing -10/10. An EXCELLENT ballad with VERY DEEP lyrics. Many people argue that this is the best song on Up! although it isn't my ABSOLUTE favourite it has to be one of the best songs on this album. It is very soft with a low-temp beat. The lyric's suit the music very well and Shania's voice is once again exceptionally strong and she put's the right amount of emotion in and doesn't stretch out her vocals which makes the track stay gentle and helps to keep the mood. The backing music suits well and is not harsh to the ears, which is always good on ballads. 8. Nah! - 8/10 A very fun yet serious meaning song. About how this guy up and left this woman and that she has grown as a person and wont have him back and that she will not do it all over again. "don’t bother calling round because I wont have a change of heart". The backing music between each verse is very sweet and gentle. A good all round song. Shows real womanpower. Nothing special here but just as great as most of the other songs here. 9. (Wanna Get To Know You) That Good - 10/10. VERY DEEP lyrics, an excellent beat, not too harsh and not too low tempo. Just perfect. The only weakness this song has is it's got the same intro as the next song C'est La Vie. But the song is soft and backing vocal's as all through this album do not overpower the main singers vocals unlike many album's I have listened to. An excellent love song with a mid-tempo sound that it pulls off beautifully. One of my favourite's off this album. 10. C'est La Vie - 8/10. One of the fun up to beat songs. No deep lyrics here "like a hole in my head" "can’t drag my butt out of bed". The same chorus tune as Abba's Dancing queen. Problem is that's the only song you can think of when listening to it. It was a better song than this as well. As far as Shan
                    ia's music is concerned this is an up beat typical Shania fun tune. So you instantly get into it with its catchy lyrics even if they are nonsense and catchy tune. I even find myself singing along to the chorus. It's a good song that I would listen to again to cheer me up. But nothing special and I am not a fan of covers, even if the lyrics are different. Mutt your tunes are fine, in fact they are beautiful, stick them with. 11. I'm Jealous - 20/10!!! This is my ABSOLUTE Favourite track on the album. This has everything that I expect from a love song. The lyrics are very deep, "I wish I was the sun shining on your face, caressing you like a lover" "I wish I were the rain running down your neck and dripping from your fingers". Shania is her own backing vocals, this I was very impressed with and it sounds so good too. It adds to the magically sense of the song. The tune is soft yet strong, the piano creates an airy and magically feel to the song the production techniques also set this feel throughout the song. The intro reminds me of being alone in a forest. The images that were created in my head when I listened to this song were very wonderful indeed. Shania's vocals are very strong and clear and she hits those notes beautifully. The guitar instrumental halfway through is great. I have never known a song where a piano and a guitar have been used to such effect. This song has been has been done very cleverly. This shows off the BEST of Mutt's production experience. I am still amazed by how deep, romantic and how straight from the heart these lyrics are. This song makes me feel emotions. 12. Ka-ching! - 10/10. This is a very interesting and original idea. It is about how we spend money that we don’t have and get into debt. It is a good fun song that gives out a serious message whose topic I don’t think has been done before. The dramatic baseline gives this song a sense of danger that makes you take
                    notice of what Shania is actually singing about. This is clever. The lyrics are a mixture of clever giving the message across lyrics and nonsense fun ones. I think the sound effects are entertaining and not overdone. 13. Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon) - 10/10. As with C'est La Vie this uses another songs tune but the lyrics in this are more DEEP and meaningful. The highly dramatic/effective violin and added electric guitar really adds to the track. Shania's voice I have to mention again is just so amazing, she really knows how to make a song hers. The tune of the other song does not matter with this song as the lyrics are mind blowing and fit the tune and added production which hides enough of the tune to make this Shania's. Unlike many songs the tune really does add to the track. 14. Waiter, Bring Me Water - 10/10. I LOVE the Chinese feel to this song, it is original and is about jealousy but on a more physical level than I'm Jealous in other words I'm Jealous was about even being jealous of the sun and moon because of the woman’s love for this man but this one of about her being jealous of another woman as her man stares which makes this song a fun song. It's a good up-beat song, which will get you instantly hooked on it. In terms of lyrics I would say it is on the same scale as I'm Gonna Getcha Good. Not deep but not as fun as Up! This is a great song because it is different. 15. Want A Way To Wanna Be - 9/10. The guitar baseline in the intro is excellent and really sets the mood for this song, this is a good song, which goes against the media about what is expected of girls in terms of image and body. These are VERY GOOD lyrics and send out an important message that to be truly happy you just have to be yourself. The tune itself suits the song well and the production sounds give the track an extra lift. An original sound that I enjoy listening to. 16. I Ain't Go
                    in' Down - 10/10. This is a strong song lyrically and musically, it sends out a powerful message about all aspects of teenage pregnancies. This is a mid-tempo track, which is very easy to listen, and the guitar instrumental is very heart warming. The chorus on this song, is excellent and carries the song through. 17. I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No) - 8/10. The chorus lyrics are what save this song, the verse lyrics are the sort in Up! but they are in a what is supposed to be a more serious song although they are bearable but these I cannot help but cringe when I hear. "I’d rather spend my time doing something, jump right in and jam it." I didn't like the sound that was like a bunch of men bracing themselves and Shania's occasional screaming, Shania! Why your voice has been so powerful and strong all the way through, even during this they are. Why the added occasional screaming? But I did find it quite catchy and it is still a good song, I WOULD listen to it again. The catchy chorus also got me hooked. 18. In My Car (I'll Be The Driver) - 7/10. I found this the most boring song on this album and the only song that I did not like in the slightest, the verse's are samey, the chorus is annoying, the tune is boring, doesn’t change and guess what, it's samey. The topic also happens to be the most boring and pointless subject I have heard of, it is about a woman who is control of her life? her man? her emotions? no her car. All the others although some had weaknesses I enjoyed listening to and would listen to again but this one spoils the album. 19. When You Kiss Me - 9/10. A great ballad from Shania. She does ballads so well, this one was too slow for me though, too slow without the impact of say I Will Always Love You or Unbreak My Heart. But the lyrics are VERY DEEP and meaningful which always gets a thumb's up from me. Shania voice and Mutt's production bring this to life and i
                    t is an enjoyable listen. Also nice to hear something on this album which changes the pace from up beat and mid-tempo to low soft beats with a tune to match. Overall I give this album 10/10. Because 10 of the songs are AMAZING and in turn have gotten top marks or more (I'm Jealous), I recommend this song from the bottom of my heart. 10 songs are sometimes what a full album is so the QUALITY you are getting is fabulous! Shania is better at singing pop music than country. Shania was never a country singer she was just made to seem that way because her voice has the ability to pull off country songs. This woman has the talent, the brains and the producer husband and it shows in her music. This is a MUST HEAR album, this album can currently be brought for £8.99 (thank you a-true-ben!) and considering that you are getting 19 songs, the longest track listing I have seen for an album and that you are getting two CD's with different versions (I found the pop was the best) on I would say that you are getting VALUE for money. If you like mid-tempo ballads and fun songs this is for you.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Up! (Pop Album Version)
                    2 I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (Pop Album Version)
                    3 She's Not Just A Pretty Face (Pop Album Version)
                    4 Juanita (Pop Album Version)
                    5 Forever And For Always (Pop Album Version)
                    6 Ain't No Particular Way (Red Album Version)
                    7 It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing (Pop Album Version)
                    8 Nah! (Pop Album Version)
                    9 (Wanna Get To Know You) That Good! (Red Album Version)
                    10 C'est La Vie (Pop Album Version)
                    11 I'm Jealous (Pop Album Version)
                    12 Ka-Ching! (Pop Album Version)
                    13 Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon) (Pop Album Version)
                    14 Waiter! Bring Me Water! (Pop Album Version)
                    15 What A Way To Wanna Be! (Pop Album Version)
                    16 I Ain't Goin' Down (Pop Album Version)
                    17 I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)! (Pop Album Version)
                    18 In My Car (I'll Be The Driver) (Pop Album Version)
                    19 When You Kiss Me (Pop Album Version)

                    Disc #2 Tracklisting
                    1 Up! (World Album Version)
                    2 I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (World Album Version)
                    3 She's Not Just A Pretty Face (World Album Version)
                    4 Juanita (World Album Version)
                    5 Forever And For Always (World Album Version)
                    6 Ain't No Particular Way (Blue Album Version)
                    7 It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing (World Album Version)
                    8 Nah! (World Album Version)
                    9 (Wanna Get To know You) That Good! (Blue Album Version)
                    10 C'est La Vie (World Album Version)
                    11 I'm Jealous (World Album Version)
                    12 Ka-Ching! (World Album Version)
                    13 Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon) (World Album Version)
                    14 Waiter! Bring Me Water! (World Album Version)
                    15 What A Way To Wanna Be! (World Album Version)
                    16 I Ain't Goin' Down (World Album Version)
                    17 I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)! (World Album Version)
                    18 In My Car (I'll Be The Driver) (World Album Version)
                    19 When You Kiss Me (World Album Version)

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