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V - Vanessa Hudgens

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3 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Vanessa Hudgens / Audio CD released 2007-01-17 at Hollywood

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    3 Reviews
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      19.04.2010 11:32
      Very helpful



      If you like Vanessa in High School Musical , buy this CD!

      I bought this CD after becoming a fan of High School Musical (a few years ago!) which Vanessa Hudgens is one of the stars. V , was released in the United Kingdom on September 26th 2006 and so is three and a half years old now. The album comes under the pop , dance pop and teen pop genre. At forty one minutes long the CD contains twelve tracks and is available to buy from play.com for a price of £7.95 (download version) which I think is great compared to the price at which Amazon are selling it for : £13.38 ; too expensive considering the album was released almost four years ago!

      * Tracklist *
      1)Come Back To Me 2)Let Go 3)Say Ok 4)Never Underestimate A Girl 5)Let's Dance 6)Drive 7)Afraid 8)Promise 9)Whatever Will Be 10)Rather Be With You 11)Psychic 12)Lose Your Love
      First of all , I was really suprised with this album because I had orginally thought that the people behind Vanessa would have just said 'record some songs (any old ones) , and we'll make money from it off the back of your High School Musical thing. But I was really suprised to discover that there are some really good songs on here ; some great party tunes which are really catchy. The ones which stand out the most for me are ; Say Ok , Whatever Will Be , Let's Dance and Afraid. I like how each song is different and each bring something special to the album. There's a great mixture of party songs and ballads on here , which means that there is something on here to suit every mood.

      If I am honest , even though when I was a fan of High School Musical when the whole craze began , despite being a fan of Vanessa Hudgens and loving the HSM songs , sometimes I felt I couldn't listen to her voice for a long time as it got kinda annoying , and as the songs in HSM were quite high too. But on this album, her vocals are spot on , and lower (than the HSM songs) and she sounds really good! The songs really show off her voice , and aren't as cheesy either!
      If you loved High School Musical , then I think that you will love this CD. After hearing this album , I went and bought Ashley Tisdale's album too! (look out for a review soon!)

      Thanks for reading!
      April 18th 2010
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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        18.02.2009 17:29
        Very helpful



        great album all together

        Vannesa Hudgens: V

        We all know that Vannesa Hudgens is famous for High school musical and we all know she has a great voice. She has been slated over the past 12 months for nudity pictures, She apologized to all her friends family and friends though so it should all be cleared up i guess.
        I'm not a fan of pop music but i like Vannesa's voice i think she has an amazing talent.

        Come Back to me:
        This track has a slight beyonce feel to it. It has a stuttery beat to it and she isn't exactly singing for part of this track she is talking with the beat and rhythm.

        Let Go:
        I like the acoustics to this track and the use of lyrics are great. Vanessa's voice is strong in this track i think this is one of her best.

        Say Ok:
        I first heard this on the disney channel. It is probably my favourite track off the whole album. It has a beat to get your foot tapping and the lyrics are the type that stay in your head, it is really catchy.

        Never underestimate a girl:
        I think the beat of this song is what got me interested and the way Vanessa sings it, it's just interesting there isn't much else to say.

        Lets Dance:
        With the word dance in the song it's obvious this is a song people will dance to. It'snot my favourite song off this album and i have to say that this is poor for Vanessa.

        The use of acoustics is nice and Vanessa shows her talent in this track to the best of her standards. The beat is kind of faded into the backgroud when she isn't singing but when she is it comes in clear and its amazing.

        I wasn't sure about this track when I heard it, I like the way she used the piano and a light beat but I'm not sure about the lyrics They are just not Interesting.

        A great use of lyrics and this track has a great chorous. I'm not so keen on the beat its just repetative.

        Whatever will be:
        This sounds like the gabriella coming out in Vanessa and I like that because you don't really get much of that in this album. I was expecting more of the voice she uses in HSM but its a bit more upbeat so i was glad when i listened to this one that is has a Gabriella feel to it.

        Rather be with you:
        Vanessa's voice is strong in this track and over powers the rhythm a little i couldn't work out how it went to begin with but after a few times of listening to it i finally got it. It's got a sturdy beat to it which keeps it in place

        This is one my little cousin listens to alot she refers to it as magical I think she is referring to the rhythm and lyrics they do have a magical feeling to them. And the beat just makes it all the more better

        Lose your love:
        I like the vocals in this track its got softness to it with the vocals but it has a heavy beat which is rather catching. I like the lyrics they stuck in my head for like three weeks and wouldn't leave.

        Dont talk [Bonus]
        Not my favourite track i must say, it has a young modern britney spears feel to it. The beat didn't catch me at all and neither did the vocals

        Make you mine [Bonus]
        This has a heavy pop feel to it and the beat it rather catchy, I found myself tapping it out on the dinner table. The vocals are great to learn aswell


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          07.11.2008 10:30
          Very helpful



          Really worth its money

          This is Vanessa Hudgen's first album Named V after her nickname Baby V.She also stars in the High school Musical movie's one to three as Gabriella.She sounds totally different from the songs she sings in High school musical she has less of an American ascent and sounds more like Hilary Duff who is also from the same record company as her which is Hollywood records.It really is a great album and would rate it number two along with Delta Goodrem in my favourite albums.There are 14 tracks on the album and everyone of them is as good as each other so far there has not been a single song I have not liked.She has only released to singles from the album some back to me and Say okay.Chart wise her album has not done well and has not entered the top 40 which is a shame because it really is a great album.None of the songs are written by her.This is not her latest album her second and latest album is called identified and I have also listed to that as well its not as good as this album.Most of the songs on the album are pop songs the only song that is a dance track is lets dance.Although It was never released as a single track number 4 Never underestimate a girl has very a soothing instrumental background it has someone playing the flute.Overall for the price of 10 pounds it is well worth the money as most albums have 12 songs or less this has two extra songs.


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