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Vault - Def Leppard

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Def Leppard / Audio CD released 1999-06-18 at Vertigo

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2002 07:08
      Very helpful



      Well having read another opinion on a different album by this self-same band I was shocked to find that this album had not a single opinion written on it! I decided to don my cape, where my knickers outside my trousers and right this wrong and bring this fantastic collection of songs the praise and commentary it needs, nay even deserves! When the day comes that I finally get round to writing about my top 10 albums this fella will be right in there near the top. It is immensely listenable and hugely addictive, I played it over and over and over. I bought it with my birthday money in October 1995 and it was definitely a wise buy, anyway less of the other lets and me rattling on about this that get down to business. Track 1 Pour some sugar on me. This is a brilliant opening track, its up beat and very ?rocky? you recognise immediately that this is a rock album by a rock band and they are sure as hell gonna rock your socks off! Do you think I've used the word rock enough yet? No oh well then keep reading! The vocals are gravely, the music is full of beat and rhythm and this song just makes you want to wave your arms in the air, or sing into your hairbrush or in the case of you guys, play air guitar in front of your bedroom mirror. Track2 Photography Personally this track doesn?t do it for me at all, its another upbeat track with quite a wailing sound to it, it is still likely to make your toes tap a little bit at least but I feel it is a bit of a let down after the opening track being so brilliantly rocky! Track 3 Love bites A rock ballad, which always seems to be a contradiction in terms, ballad brings an image to mind of ye olde minstrel strumming out a ditty on his lyre and singing a song about knights of old and dragons and fair maidens and the like. I suppose at the stretch of the imagination you could get your minstrel in a leather jacket and elec
      trify his lyre and make his song about a troubled young man who fights for his freedom and kisses many hot chicks along the way then maybe just maybe the rock ballad thing works. Anyway back to this song it is full of raw passion, its all about the painful side of love, It is a song that will evoke allot of emotion and maybe even tears. It is definitely suitable for howling at the moon at the end of a love affair. Track 4 Lets get rocked This is pure genius! A toe tapping, head bouncing hum-dinger of a song! It is about the average life of your stroppy teenage lad who has only one thing on his mind and if you can?t work out what ?rocked? really means then I am not going to spoil your innocence by telling you. Listen to this in a bad mood and it will soon be lifted, joining in with the infinitely singable chorus would make even the bluest person flush red with delight! Track 5 Two steps behind This song changes depending upon your frame of mind. One time you can listen to is floaty lyrics and thinks it is a beautiful song meant to reassure and comfort you, there is always someone there if you need them, awww how sweet. However if you are feeling in a more cynical mood you can see it far more as some kind of event or person from your past haunting your every move. Track 6 Animal This song is very animalistic and it makes me purrrrrr every time I hear it. It is up beat and sends the blood pounding through your veins. So if you are planning a cosy night in with your dearly beloved, put this track on and you?ll be guaranteed a good time if you know what I mean *nudge nudge wink wink* Track 7 Heaven is You can sing along to this upbeat almost pop like song but it doesn?t really cut it for me, it is very nice and it does its job but it?s not the best song on this album, not by a long shot. Track 8 Rocket This song just seems to go
      on and on and on and on and not in a good way, well not for me anyway. It is definitely another good rock song but I to me it is a bit mediocre and nothing really special. Track 9 when love and hate collide This could never be described as mediocre or nothing special, this is a song full of emotion. Raw and powerful you can feel the strength and depth of the pleading, aching pain and the undying love in this track. Every time I hear this I have to close my eyes because it just overwhelms me. A true masterpiece, evocative and soulful the perfect unison for a love song. Track 10 Action This song has a wonderfully dramatic intro that keeps going on and on and on and well you wish it would because the rest of the song is a little bit twee and really not worth all the effort but it keeps the album ticking along nicely and gives you time to recover from ?when love and hate collide? Track 11 Make love like a man This song is very tongue in cheek, or least I hope so or the Politically correct police will be having their guts for garters! It is fantastically ease to sing along too ?Don?t call me gigolo, don?t call me Casanova, just call me on the phone and baby come on over? See I told you it was easy to sing to, it makes you grin too, as this song is just so cheeky you can hardly do anything else! Track 12 Armageddon it I think the lyrics to this song are really clever and it has a really catchy easy to chant chorus line this is about its lot though, I don?t find it particularly inspiring but it is a good track. Track 13 have you ever needed someone so bad? This is a simple song. I do not mean that as criticism but in fact as the highest praise. These lyrics paired with the awesome power of the music are a classic combination. There is so much longing and needing in every word, so much heart and soul, so much pain a
      nd anguish that you are almost glad when this song finishes. Wow. ?Damned if I don?t, Damned if I do, I gotta get a fix of you? Track 14 Rock of ages ?It?s better to burn out, than fade away? Well how much more rock?n?roll do you want it to get? This song IS rock?n?roll. It has an edge, it sounds kinda dangerous, there's a heavy beat a catchy chorus and it makes you want to scream and shout along! Get out your leathers and start practising your pout, you?ll be feeling like a hormone filled teenage within listening to a few bars of this! Track 15 Hysteria This track soothes and calms you after the excess of testosterone and adrenalin in the last one. It is nothing too special but it has a wonderfully floaty and easy listening quality to it which considering its called hysteria is kind of bizarre. Track16 Bringing on the heartache Sadly poignant for the last song on a wonderful romp through the best bits in Def Leppards repertoire. This song is sad; it?s depressing and emotional. It screams and screeches along, grating along your nerve endings making you feel hurt and upset and down right fed up. Saying all that though I think this is a brilliant track because it evokes emotion and makes you want to listen to this album over again as you don?t want to end on a sad note! Ok, finally I am here at the end and all I want to add is that this album rocks. I know its not very original but its true; now I am going to hang up my cape, remove my knickers and relax in the knowledge I have righted a wrong!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Pour Some Sugar On Me
      2 Photography
      3 Love Bites
      4 Let's Get Rocked
      5 Two Steps Behind
      6 Animal
      7 Heaven Is
      8 Rocket
      9 When Love And Hate Collide
      10 Action
      11 Make Love Like A Man
      12 Armageddon It
      13 Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
      14 Rock Of Ages
      15 Hysteria
      16 Bringin' On The Heartbreak

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