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Wait For Me - Pigeon Detectives

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3 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: Pigeon Detectives / Audio CD released 2007-05-28 at Dancetotheradio

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    3 Reviews
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      17.08.2009 02:01
      Very helpful



      A good debut, worth a listen.

      Its fair to say that there's not much variation on this album, infact its pretty much the same song twelve times over... luckily its a great song! So with that being said if you've heard one of the singles from the album and didn't like it, then dont bother with the album because you wont enjoy it .

      The album kicks off with 'Romatic Type' one of the best songs it has to offer, which really sets the pace for the rest of the album with its high tempo catchy guitar riff's and just as catchy lyrics. 'I Found Out' and 'Dont Know How To Say Goodbye' are good examples of that leading into 'Caught In Your Trap' which you could definately claim lowers the standards slightly.
      Track six 'Im Not Sorry' undoubtedly sets the album back on the right tracks with not only a really catchy song but a rather witty one to. 'You Know I Love You', 'Stop Or Go' and 'You Better Not Look My Way' follow suit, all very catchy all very... well likeable. Then probably my favourate song on the album 'Take Her Back', understandably one of the more popular tacks and one of the hit singles. It like most of the album is pretty simple but so affective, it's indie-pop at its foot-tappingly best. 'Wait For Me' starts to wind the album down. Slowing the pace but never changing the style with lines like "Well I see your conscience she's wrapped round your ankles" but just as you think you're being soothed gently out of this album final track 'Im Always Right' kicks in, and with its guitar riffs rawing and screaming all the way through it and the chanting of the lyrics from the whole band, it sends you out of the album the same way it welcomed you in. With a real buzz and a renewed faith in modern british music.


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      18.02.2008 13:49
      Very helpful



      Maybe not an all time great, Wait For Me is still a more than solid debut from a promising band

      Another week, another terrible Indie band. That's what was going through my head when my friend told me I "have to hear the Pigeon Detectives". While ordinarily I'm against judging things by their peers, I think you can understand my scepticism surrounding the Leeds 5-piece, given that they were championed by the same people who drooled over utter tripe like The Arctic Monkeys, The Twang and The Enemy. They likewise had a silly name and do play unashamedly straightforward garage rock, all jangly, angular guitars and accented vocals. Yet after listening to Wait For Me it becomes clear the band have one thing their peers lack greatly - an ability to pen an album's worth of ridiculously catchy, almost pop-level indie-rock songs.

      This isn't to say the band are the second coming of The Clash, or even The Libertines or anything that silly, but from the opening drum beat of Romantic Type through to the defiant close of I'm Always Right, the band's debut record is almost hit after hit of infectious and thoroughly entertaining rock-lite.

      Many an album starts off with it's best song, it's a cheap trick to grab the listener's attention, where Wait For Me stands out is that it manages to open with 3 of it's best songs, each clocking in at well under 3 minutes. Lyrically the band never veer off the path of problematic lovelives, yet they do it with a certain authenticity that makes you half-wonder if they are actually true stories, but the other half doesn't really care, because the lyrics are attached to fantastic, energetic simple rock songs.

      I mean there's no outstanding musicianship on the go here, it's more a case of guitarists Oliver Main and Ryan Wilson, bassist Dave Best and drummer Jimi Naylor knowing what to do with what they know of their instruments. Take second song and single I Found Out, the verses are built around a fairly simple, yet effective, guitar riff, for the second guitar to come in at just the right time for the chorus, and better yet the solo, which in itself is a rarity for a current indie band, but the fact it actually seems to be written for the song, tying in with the rhythm guitar nicely. If I had to pick a favourite song off the record, I Found Out might be it, the chorus, where the rest of the band sing in response to lead vocalist Matt Bowman's lines is a ridiculously simple tactic, yet once again it's employed well, and rounds off an all around well written song.

      To be honest the rest of the songs on the record don't really deviate from I Found Out's formula, with anthemic choruses being the order of the day, but what is surprising about the album is just how many truly enjoyable songs the band manage to stretch out of the concept. I'd always thought that perhaps bands like the Arctic Monkeys problem had been a lack of vision, refusal to work outwith their Indie Rock parameters, but hear the Pigeon Detectives likewise seem blinkered to their genre...yet still actually manage to provide a good record out of it, which is testament to just how effective the band's songwriting skills are.

      That's not to say the album is perfect, You Know I Love You and You Better Not Look My Way are rather uninspired, almost Enemy like contributions, but thankfully they are fairly minor blips on an otherwise enjoyable disc.

      Of all the songs, perhaps the best lyrically, if only for it's love-problem being somewhat novel, yet summed up perfectly in the opening line of "He's not sure what he should do/she's 17 he's 22/ is that too much of a difference?" would be Take Her Back, the band never actually state their opinion on if it is too much of difference, but this lack of answer is made up for by one of the best lead guitar parts on the album, as well as one of the most successfully addictive sing-a-long choruses. Perhaps worth noting is the fact it's the only song on the album where Best gets lead songwriting credit, perhaps autobiographical?

      Also worthy of note are the album's 'slower' songs Stop Or Go and the title track Wait For Me. Stop Or Go is probably my favourite of the two, with it's distant, distorted rhythm guitar piece and sharp lead making for a nice contrast, and it's lyrics harking back to I Found Out at one chorus, it's also probably the best point to admire Naylor's drumming.

      Wait For Me has another fairly nice contrast between the two guitar parts, both are constant, but here one is duller, chord chugging while the jaggy lead rings over it. The song is probably best for a short a breakdown towards the end where Bowman reverts to an almost spoken-word vocal. I suppose this is as good a place as any to discuss his vocals. One of my biggest peeves with most indie bands, most notably The Enemy, Kasabian and The Arctic Monkeys is the way the sing to their accents in a hilarious, almost parody-like fashion. Matt Bowman gives a good example of how your accent can come through in your vocals without sounding like an idiot. There's a definite Leeds accent on the go, but that's all it is, an accent. It's not breaking words down into as many syllables as possible to emphasis how your town pronounces them. It's not distracting. It's actually just his accent coming through in his vocals, not his vocals being based around his accent. Take lessons from this indie kids.

      Genre of music aside, Wait For Me is everything The Enemy's We'll Live And Die In These Towns wanted to be, but isn't. I'm not going to lie, it's not one of the greatest albums ever, not a life changing experience, but for what it is, a collection of catchy Indie Rock songs, it's really pretty good, and proof that even without verging outwith the safety net of jaggy guitar songs, it's still possible to manage a decent album's worth of material if you have the songwriting talent.

      Those with a taste for Indie Rock should love Wait For Me, and even those with a minor tolerance for it would be hard pressed not to find at least a couple of likable tracks in it's 12-strong tracklist.


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        26.08.2007 00:11
        Very helpful



        A fresh, quirky and uplifting sound.

        This is a truly wonderful album. It contains a great array of songs, all of which are incredibly catchy and great for lifting spirits.

        It comes under the indie-rock heading, yet I find that really it’s a little bit lighter than this, more pop punk and this is a refreshing change from the slightly suffocating wave of heavier music out there.

        Most songs are upbeat and in major keys, giving the album a happy vibe with accompanied unavoidable foot tapping, equalling a great summer sound.

        It can be guessed from the seemingly random name that the pigeon detectives sound is not completely average and it does have a pretty quirky nature which allows it to stand out from other similar bands.

        I'm guessing it would be appreciated by fans of Good Shoes, Maximo Park etc and would be beneficial for those maturing from the likes of McFly.

        A great song to start with would be Romantic Type, their newest single which you are likely to have heard on the radio and it has amazing sticking power so you'll be humming along in no time at all. Caught In Your Trap and I Found Out also sparkle but Can’t Control Myself is possibly the weakest and seems to drag along slightly.

        However don’t be discouraged from an otherwise
        spectacular album especially as it can currently be bagged for a measly £6.99 on the HMV website which is an incredibly insignificant price for such a significant band.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Romantic Type
        2 I Found Out
        3 Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
        4 Caught In Your Trap
        5 I Can't Control Myself
        6 I'm Not Sorry
        7 You Know I Love You
        8 Stop Or Go
        9 You Better Not Look My Way
        10 Take Her Back
        11 Wait For Me
        12 I'm Always Right

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