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War On Errorism - NOFX

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4 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Modern Punk / Artist: NOFX / Audio CD released 2003-05-05 at Fat Wreck

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    4 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 18:24
      Very helpful



      a little heavier nofx

      War on errorism is the ninth studio album from the American punk band nofx. The band had already been around for some time before this album and their standard of music was high. This album which was released in 2003 takes the mick out of George Bush who was president of America at that time and the album art also reflects this.

      The first song couldn't get this album off to a better start, its my favourite song from nofx ever released and is one of my favourite songs in general as well. It starts off with a kid talking to his dad which is annoying but after about 15 seconds the music begins and it turns into a great punk rock song. The style of this one is different from their usual songs its almost like their style of their first albums which was really hard fast punk however it wasn't recorded well so it didn't work, but this song is and so its just an absolutely perfect punk skate song.

      The fourth song off the album idiots are taking over has a really fast but nice opening guitar part which carries on through the song until the verse, the bass through this one is really fast and skilful as well. The lyrics are also really good in this song and although the song is quite fast and hard its actually quite mellow as well and downbeat.

      Medio-core is another really great song, it's a more chilled out relaxed song rather than the others that are really fast on here and this is usually something the band do, they like to offer different style in their albums and it works well. The song is slow but is still good, its still catchy and it still has great lyrics and instruments.

      1. Separation of Church and Skate
      2. Irrationality of Rationality
      3. Franco un-American
      4. Idiots Are Taking Over, The
      5. She's Nubs
      6. Mattersville
      7. Decomposuer
      8. Medio-Core
      9. Anarchy Camp
      10. American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
      11. We Got Two Jealous Agains
      12. 13 Stitches
      13. Regaining Unconsciousness
      14. Whoops, I Od'd

      This album is just fantastic, I can understand though why some people might not like it, it's a bit harder than some of their previous albums but its done well and its not too hard and so it just works perfectly in my opinion and for fans of nofx this should be a good album and also for people who thought nofx wernt hard enough in the first place.


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      30.03.2009 15:40
      Very helpful



      An average 6/10

      Californian punk band NOFX are famed for their longevity, ultra-speed guitar riffs and their hatred for the US government and nothing changes, as The War on Errorism once more reflects these traits.

      The album itself consists of 14 tracks but as always with their songs, the whole thing lacks in length a little, weighing in at approx. 36 minutes in total - too short for a music album in my opinion. The material is as ever politically-charged, exemplified not only by George W Bush's portrayal as a clown on the front of the CD but by Franco Un-American (the single relesead from the album), Idiots Are Taking Over and The Irrationality of Rationality, amongst others. All of which are critical yet enjoyable songs, with some very well-thought through lyrics that fit together nicely in accordance with the band's style of play and Fat Mike's vocals.

      Aside from lambasting the government, NOFX take time to still poke fun and have a laugh; evidence of this arises in non-political numers (well atleast I don't think they are anyway!) such as Shes Nubs and 13 Stitches, of which the latter makes references to their own experience of punk bands as youngsters.

      While seemingly one of their more commercial albums in the messages conveyed and the slight pop-punk twist in some of the melodies, this album still pleases but does not match up to some of their better work, namely Pump Up The Valuum, which is an incredible mix of some of their very best songs in my opinion. Musical talent is still abundant however, displayed by the odd superb guitar solo, such as in American Errorist. All in all, a good album in that it is easy to listen to and their are some pretty catchy lines but by no means the best record they've released.


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      27.04.2008 20:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      'The War on Errorism' is not at all an album that I would recommend listening to.

      'The War on Errorism' is the ninth studio album from the American punk rock band that is NOFX. The album was released in 2003, a politically charged musical stab at the US president George W. Bush. NOFX front man Fat Mike has always been quite open in his hatred for the president, throughout this album his thoughts about the man are made quite clear and although the lyrical content is quite interesting the music sadly never is. The album runs for thirty six minutes, a very bland thirty six minutes of music this is too.

      The album begins with the track 'The Separation of Church and Skate', immediately you get the distinct impression that this album is not going to be up to much and in thinking this you would not be far wrong at all. The best music of NOFX has always been when the band has put together an energetic display of skate punk music I feel, often with a smidgeon of ska punk slammed in there for good measure also. What is present here on this 'The War on Errorism' is fourteen extremely uninspiring bog standard punk rock tracks; little energy or enthusiasm is injected into the music and never is the sound created here ever particularly interesting to listen to.

      'Franco Un-American' was released commercially from this album as a single, it's not particularly exciting and yet it's probably one of the best tracks that this album has to offer. The lyrics here are quite interesting, they really make you think; the music however is repetitive and droning, something that is true of every track on this 'The War on Errorism' album in fact. The track progression here is extremely basic, the vocals are passionately put across and yet everything else about the track is extremely lacklustre. 'American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)' is another of the stronger tracks from this album, again it is extremely flawed but definitely one of the best that NOFX has to offer as a band with this album. The simplicity of the instrumental element of the music and repetitive nature of the track makes for an extremely irritating listening experience indeed. There are some great moments of promise here, on the whole however the track is more than a little bit lacking.

      Throughout this album there are times when elements of ska punk are thrown into the mix, these moments always sound more than a little half hearted however. 'Anarchy Camp' takes quite a traditional straight up ska approach for example; it's just not very good. The ska is stripped down and extremely basic, the feel of it is quite familiar but the lack of creativity shown here really kills the track. The vocals are extremely monotonous, nothing is particularly lively here and the music just isn't much fun to listen to at all. The track drones on for just under three minutes, the truth is that less than a third of the way through the track you already find yourself to be incredibly bored of it all however. Many of the tracks on 'The War on Errorism' sound like filler tracks, few (if any) really deserve to be included on this album and never is the sound created here particularly impressive at all.

      All in all 'The War on Errorism' provides for an extremely tiresome listening experience. The music on display here lacks life and at no stage is any real musical talent expressed by the band. There are a few moments of promise spattered throughout this album, no track is entirely excellent though and every song here has a vast array of faults and flaws. This album has been poorly put together by NOFX, the music is all about putting political messages across here and any fun and energy that had previously been present in the bands sound has been all but removed. I would not recommend giving this album a listen, there are a lot of far better punk rock albums out there than this and to invest in this 'The War on Errorism' release would therefore be a complete waste of money.


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        16.11.2005 00:09
        Very helpful



        Pseudo-politics, semi-interested music.

        By 2003, NOFX had been around a long time. Formed out of the claustrophobic Oxnard hardcore scene in the mid-80s, the band had progressed from generic three-chord exchanges with metal-esque guitar hooks into an excellent punk band. By the release of 2000's "Pump Up The Valium", the band were becoming more popular than ever.

        As a result, there was an unprecendented amount of hype in the build up to this release. NOFX had, essentially, stayed true to the underground DIY hardcore punk ethic upon which they had been raised, refusing to sign to a commercial label and keeping a good relationship with fans whilst producing decent music. However, War On Errorism is of neither the intense hardcore calibre that characterised their early material or of the catchy pop-punk displayed during the 1990s. Instead, NOFX turn down the melodies and turn up the politics, resulting in something not too dissimilar lyrically from early Propaghandi or Anti-Flag. Debateably, in the modern market dominated by teenagers with axes to grind, this is a tried-and-tested formula for the gathering of a quick fan base. For NOFX, however, who had built up a rather notable following with their witty lyrics and simple melodies over the previous decade, it was most probably a step in the wrong direction.

        On "The Idiots Are Taking Over", for example, Fat Mike careers into a vituperous rant against the current social status of America without really stating anything that hasn't already been milked dry by myriad other political punk bands over the years:
        "I’m starting to feel a lot like Charlton Heston
        Stranded on a primate planet
        Apes and orangutans that ran it to the ground
        With generals and the armies that obeyed them
        Followers following fables
        Philosophies that enable them to rule without regard"

        Sadly, "The Idiots Are Taking Over" is probably one of the better songs on the album, along with the anthemic singalong "Franco Un-American" and the energetic rampage exploring social injustices and problems that is "The Irrationality Of Reality". Other than this, the album does not stand up to heavy listening. This may be the first attempt by the band to create an album that has a place in the contemporary society that gave rise to it, but it falls far short of the high standard the band had already set themselves by this point. Indeed, despite NOFX's vehement anti-commercialisation pledge, the cartoon Bush that adorns the cover has become something of a symbol, now found fairly ubiquitously over the band's merchandise. It would appear that the anti-Bush stance is one the group intend to pursue for the forseeable future, but one which may inevitably cause their downfall, much like the deposition of Reagan did for the earlier punk bands.

        By modern punk standards, this is a farily average album. By the standards of the previous NOFX material however, this is a huge disappointment.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Separation Of Church And Skate
        2 Regaining Unconciousness
        3 Medio Core
        4 Idiots Are Taking Over
        5 13 Stitches
        6 Irrationality Of Rationality
        7 She's Nubs
        8 Two Jealous Agains
        9 Anarchy Camp
        10 Whoops I OD'd
        11 Bitter Living Through Chemistry
        12 Mattersville
        13 Franco Un American
        14 Decomposue

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