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Warriors - Agnostic Front

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: Agnostic Front / Audio CD released 2007-11-06 at Nuclear Blast

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2007 10:59
      Very helpful
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      Agnostic Front's ninth album (2007).

      The new album from New York hardcore punks Agnostic Front continues to mix angry punk rock with shouty hardcore, and as but one of a seemingly endless number of similar-sounding albums having been released every year for the last couple of decades, it brings nothing new to the scene apart from some new material of Agnostic Front sounding like themselves. The whole album is based on fast, riff-heavy songs with multiple, moshable ‘breakdowns’ as a substitution for musical diversity, backed by relentless double bass drums in a clicking frenzy that again permits the drummer to avoid having to put any thought into what he’s doing. But of course, this is still punk first and foremost; a genre that has no delusions of Rimsky-Korsakov.

      All the same, I found ‘Warriors’ to be a largely disappointing, or at best entirely bland experience, lacking the intensity that I can just about stomach from their contemporaries such as Sick of it All, and still apparently trying to earn fans from the metal world by incorporating a more ‘metalcore’ sound into their hardcore, extending to adding a few fairly decent guitar solos and making the guitars sound a little fiercer than the punk standard. This didn’t do anything for me, naturally as someone who loathes all these modern corruptions of metal, though I did quite enjoy the traditional heavy metal style chorus of the title song, so I guess I’m as easily won over as anyone else (but by far stupider things). I’m far more interested in the band sticking to their punk roots, and this generally makes for the better songs, particularly ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘For My Family,’ the latter being about as close to a love song as punk should ever be allowed to get, as a brotherly tribute to the band’s closest friends and community spirit. But still shouted and bitter, obviously.

      Roger Miret’s hardcore yell is enough to put me off ever listening to this band again, threatening to mellow out as late as the eleventh song, but still not quite getting there. I’ve never been a fan of this confrontational vocal style (makes you wonder why I listen to this genre at all really), and although the rest of the instruments are a little better than the average for punk, it’s all but expected for such a relatively high profile band. There’s plenty of swearing and aggro, balanced out by occasional positive feelings to prove that the band is still human, though to be honest the self-explanatory ‘Forgive Me Mother’ is a little cringe-worthy in its sentiment, and it’s hard to take Miret completely seriously as he adopts this kindly woman’s persona and yells what he imagines she might be thinking. Although I seem to be opposed to the lead vocalist’s needless yells, I conversely really enjoy the unison yelling of the band in the punk choruses. And as for the ridiculous macho aggression cover, it at least gives a fair indication of what to expect from the album – and, presumably, any accompanying live shows.

      It’s my own fault for listening to all music with preconceptions that it should be a little varied or original in order to entertain me, but ‘Warriors’ feels completely like a simple clone of every other hardcore punk album in existence. There are a couple of nice touches that keep it from being pointless, namely the slower and more thoughtful songs such as ‘We Want the Truth’ and ‘Come Alive,’ and the slightly free-form ‘By My Side’ until it lets rip with another round of breakdowns, but there’s no way this could make it to the essential purchases list of anyone but a dedicated Agnostic Front fan who refused to open their mind and listen to the much better versions of the same thing being produced elsewhere. The songs are all insubstantial, being too short to be of much worth but thankfully not so long that they become annoying in of themselves, and on the whole it’s quite a confusing release from Nuclear Blast, who routinely specialise in Scandinavian extreme metal.

      If you’re an old-time punk who’s interested in seeing how your favourite genre has been corrupted by today’s angry acts, this is as good a place as any. Unless of course you want to be really sickened, in which case I point you in the happy-crappy direction of Blink-182 and their ilk.

      1. Addiction
      2. Dead to Me
      3. Outraged
      4. Warriors
      5. Black and Blue
      6. Change Your Ways
      7. For My Family
      8. No Regrets
      9. Revenge
      10. We Want the Truth
      11. By My Side
      12. Come Alive
      13. All These Years
      14. Forgive Me Mother
      15. Break the Chains


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Addiction
      2 Untitled Track 1
      3 Untitled Track 2
      4 Untitled Track 3
      5 Untitled Track 5
      6 Untitled Track 6
      7 Untitled Track 7
      8 Dead To Me
      9 Untitled Track 9
      10 Untitled Track 10
      11 Untitled Track 11
      12 Untitled Track 12
      13 Untitled Track 13
      14 Untitled Track 14
      15 Outrage
      16 Untitled Track 16
      17 Untitled Track 17
      18 Untitled Track 18
      19 Untitled Track 19
      20 Untitled Track 20
      21 Untitled Track 21
      22 Warriors
      23 Untitled Track 23
      24 Untitled Track 24
      25 Untitled Track 25
      26 Untitled Track 26
      27 Untitled Track 27
      28 Untitled Track 28
      29 Black And Blue
      30 Untitled Track 30
      31 Untitled Track 31
      32 Untitled Track 32
      33 Untitled Track 33
      34 Untitled Track 34
      35 Untitled Track 35
      36 Change Your Ways
      37 Untitled Track 37
      38 Untitled Track 38
      39 Untitled Track 39
      40 Untitled Track 40
      41 Untitled Track 41
      42 Untitled Track 42
      43 For My Family
      44 Untitled Track 44
      45 Untitled Track 45
      46 Untitled Track 46
      47 Untitled Track 47
      48 Untitled Track 48
      49 Untitled Track 49
      50 No Regrets
      51 Untitled Track 51
      52 Untitled Track 52
      53 Untitled Track 53
      54 Untitled Track 54
      55 Untitled Track 55
      56 Untitled Track 56
      57 Revenge
      58 Untitled Track 58
      59 Untitled Track 59
      60 Untitled Track 60
      61 Untitled Track 61
      62 Untitled Track 62
      63 Untitled Track 63
      64 We Want the Truth
      65 Untitled Track 65
      66 Untitled Track 66
      67 Untitled Track 67
      68 Untitled Track 68
      69 Untitled Track 69
      70 Untitled Track 70
      71 By My Side
      72 Untitled Track 72
      73 Untitled Track 73
      74 Untitled Track 74
      75 Untitled Track 75
      76 Untitled Track 76
      77 Untitled Track 77
      78 Come Alive
      79 Untitled Track 79
      80 Untitled Track 80
      81 Untitled Track 81
      82 Untitled Track 82
      83 Untitled Track 83
      84 Untitled Track 84
      85 Untitled Track 85
      86 All These Years
      87 Untitled Track 87
      88 Untitled Track 88
      89 Untitled Track 89
      90 Untitled Track 90
      91 Untitled Track 91
      92 Untitled Track 92
      93 Untitled Track 93
      94 Forgive Me Mother
      95 Untitled Track 95
      96 Untitled Track 96
      97 Untitled Track 97
      98 Untitled Track 98
      99 Untitled Track 99

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