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Wasting Light - Foo Fighters

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10 Reviews

Genre: Rock / Artist: Foo Fighters / Audio CD released 2011-04-11 at Columbia

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    10 Reviews
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      26.11.2012 23:08
      Very helpful
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      The Fans Will Enjoy This

      The majority of the albums I review are generally R&B and Hip-hop but I do like all sorts of music and Foo Fighters is one of my favourite bands. Wasting Light is the seventh album they have released and topped the charts in eleven different countries including the UK and the US. It has sold over a million copies so far in the UK and US combined and has received positive praise from critics. As usual I will review my favourite tracks from the album.


      This was the first track I heard from the album and it made me realise why I loved Foo Fighters so much. The guitar riffs are excellent and for me here it is all about the drumming. It really pushes the track along and of course Dave Grohl sings excellently but it isn't a track about vocals but just shows of how well they can play as a band. The chorus is great and classic Foo Fighters that you would expect on one of their earlier albums. They did say before producing this album that they wanted to evolve their old style with more recent albums and this is a great example.


      This is possibly my favourite track on the album. Initially it starts with just the guitar and Dave singing before the drums blast the track in to life. This is an awesome track that many people can relate to about how the girl kept saying she wanted more and more and he kept giving more then it still wasn't enough so he realised she wasn't the one. I love the guitar in this track although it is a simple rhythm but there is a great change in tempo between the verse and the chorus which also suits the lyrics as they are much stronger in the chorus.

      A Matter of Time

      This is old school Foo Fighters right here and one of their classics. You get the nostalgic feeling that you get from their earlier tracks like Everlong and that is definitely what they were aiming for. The guitar has an excellent melody and there is a pre section to the chorus where Dave sings before he goes all out singing it's a matter of time. It does seem a lot of these tracks are about how he doesn't like a girl anymore or realised she isn't the right one. The drumming is also excellent and it is just an excellent track.


      One of the only softer tracks on the album and primarily just Dave singing along with the guitar for the first half. It is a sweet track about how he is learning to love again and relates this to learning to walk. A lot of people will feel this track and I am sure it is a lot of people's favourite track from the album. The track builds up through past the first chorus when the drumming comes in and it takes the track on to another level. The verses are really well made but it is all about the chorus when he really unleashes. The more the track goes on the more louder his voice gets which is a good thing in this case. You really feel his emotion as the track continues to build and build.

      Overall I thought this was a very good album and I can see why it sold well with the massive fan base that Foo Fighters has. I don't even listen to a lot of rock anymore but I can be sure to buy their album simply as I a part of the fan base. Although I did think it was a good album it wasn't as good as some of their classics and that is the heights that I always must compare Foo Fighters to and hence I will give this a three star rating.


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        05.03.2012 13:13
        Very helpful



        This record is truly fantastic, one of my albums of last year. I demand everyone gives it a listen.

        Having never really been a great advocate of the Foo's work, I was somewhat sceptical at listening to their new album, especially as it was based on a recommendation from local body popper/sweat enthusiast Paul Trowbridge.

        I am glad I listened to him. Wow, what an album. Recorded on analogue tape in Dave Grohl's garage, the band have produced undoubtedly their best body of work since The Colour and the Shape, possibly ever.

        The album opens with a typical Grohl growl, 'These are my famous last words,' in the fantastically catchy Bridge Burning. This song is one of the strongest album openers I have heard in a long time. It's brilliantly constructed. After that we have 4 songs which each on their own could be deemed the album's standout. Lead single Rope, Dear Rosemary, White Limo and Arlandria sound so raw, it is like listening to an early Foo's record.

        These Days slows the pace down, showing off the bands softer side. The next three tracks, Back & Forth, A Matter of Time and Miss The Misery are not typical Foo's songs. They could all be mistaken for an 80's Bon Jovi. The last song, Walk, is a great way to close the album.


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        25.07.2011 18:57
        Very helpful



        great album that proves a band can keep producing great albums

        So where do you start with a band like Foo Fighters? Possibly with the biggest rock god/icon of our generation that is Dave Grohl. It's not enough that he was one third of Nirvana, a Crooked Vulture, the back-bone of "Song's of the Deaf", An eagle of Death metal and occasionally a demon!..oh and a member of possibly one of the most listened to bands in the world right now! This man has more talent in his left hand than Bono has in his entire body; apologies for the U2 jibe, but that band annoy me big-time (over-rated to say the least)

        Saying this, the band would be nothing without the power-house drummer that is Taylor Hawkins, the soaring guitar licks of Chris Shiflett and the seductive bass tones of Nate Mendel!

        FACT: I don't know how many people know this but the band got their name from a term used in World War II. Foo Fighters was a term given to UFO's during the war... a little bit of useless info for the day!

        The Foo Fighters have been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I was at leeds festival a looong time ago, waiting for the Foo Fighters to emerge. A few songs into their set I heard a song i'd embarrassingly never heard before. The atmospheric tones of "Everlong" literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Since then i've been hooked like the fat-kid that loves cake.

        The Foo Fighters sound is something that has progressed with age; a reflection of the maturity of the band and their experiences. "Foo Fighters" and "The Colour and the Shape" were raw and punchy, whereas their later albums like "In your Honour" and "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" were more crowd-pleasing and featured rhythms that inadvertently became festival anthems. When a band produces this many great albums you start to become worried that their going to fall hard with their next release.

        When I first heard their latest release "Wasting Light" this was my biggest concern; I felt that they may not be the Foo's I'd loved for all these years. How wrong I was! The new album is this perfect mash of sounds collected from their previous albums. At moments it feels raw and aggressive with songs like; "White limo" and "Arlandria". It's clear that Dave Grohls participation in Them Crooked Vultures and the introduction of Pat smear (Nirvana/Foo Fighters guitarist) has taken the bands sound back to the good old days. Combine this raw sound with the progressive guitar rhythms of"Dear Rosemary" and the emotive vocals of "Walk" you have an album for the summer!

        With all this said, there are songs on this album that you may not like as much as the others, but you need to appreciate that the band are still doing the songs they want to do; It wouldn't be a Foo Fighters album if they didn't throw a few curve balls into the mix.


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        25.07.2011 16:33



        I think that the album has been hyped up way too much, and wasn't too impressed.

        I was told by many of my friends that this album was a must buy, that it was an album which I wouldn't be able to live without. So when I saw it in HMV for only £7 I bought it straight away without even having to think about it. I played it in the car on the way home and thought that it wasn't awful, but I didn't see what the fuss was about. I thought that maybe it was the kind of music which would grow on me, but I have to say, it hasn't.
        I fail to see this albums personality, too me all of the songs sound very similar, and some of the lyrics are just too repetitive.
        I'm not saying that the music on this album is bad; its not. It just doesn't live up to the hype which has been built up around it.
        I know that they are different bands, and maybe I shouldn't try to compare them, but I think that the Foo Fighters has tried to capture the depressing message which came across so easily in Nirvana's music, but haven't quite pulled it off.
        Maybe I just expected too much.


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        15.07.2011 18:26
        Very helpful



        An album you do not want to miss.

        Wasting Light is the newest album from Foo Fighters which was released in April 12, 2011. Having released their last album; 'Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace and Greatest Hits' in 2007, the band decided to take a break having being on tour continuously promoting their music.
        Foo Fighters' lineup has changed throughout their career but at present Foo Fighters consist of; Dave Grohl
        Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins and Pat Smear.

        The album, which either comes in a normal plastic cd case or a cardboard version, contains the present band members faces merged together in a certain Queen 'Bohemian rhapsody' resemblance. Placed on a black background, the image contains bright vivid colours which works well with the background and with the band name and album title. The band name and album title, positioned at the top in the centre, is simple yet very effective with Foo Fighters in big bold capital letters with Wasting Left directly below it.

        This album is especially special as it reunited Dave Grohl with Butch Vig, the producer who helped produce Nirvana's 'Nevermind.' Dave Grohl, the orginal drummer of Nirvana, received much criticism from the industry and music lovers at the start of his Foo Fighter career but slowly with the rest of their six previous albums, have changed their mind and for definitely he and the rest of the Foo Fighters have certainly made extra sure that the critics' were proven much wrong with this well assembled master class of an album.

        The Tracks.

        1. Bridge Burning: 4.46
        The first track of the album is Bridge Burning and starts of very dark and eerie before we hear catchy riffs and drums come crashing in, some say making a riot but some say making great music. Slowly but surely, we hear Dave's voice come in with the 'These are my famous last worlds' which then gets the song going. Foo Fighters open their live set with Bridge Burning as it is the perfect song to get the crowd up and going!

        2. Rope: 4.19
        With Foo Fighters extended line-up, you can tell what difference that makes with the all bearing guitar riffs and the thrashing of the drums. As well as thrashing guitars and drums, we are drawn to sing along with the ever so catchy chorus; 'Give me some rope, I'm coming loose.'

        3. Dear Rosmary: 4.27
        The song starts off a lot busier in the introduction and not before long we hear Dave Grohl's famous voice representing those ever so important lyrics. We hear the guitar riffs perfectly fit in with the lyrics that Dave Grohl is singing and repetitiveness of the 'on and on on' makes it create suspense leading up to the chorus where the whole band goes for it; the smashing of the drums and the screaming of Grohl's voice.

        4. White Limo: 3.22
        Foo Fighters make the most of their 4 guitarists' with this slamming fast song entailed White Limo full of slamming guitar riffs and all out thrashing of the drums by Taylor Hawkins. Personally, this is not one of my favourites of the albums but it is still is a great song.

        5. Arlandria : 4.28
        Arlandria is lead to believe a place where locals call the whereabouts where Arlington and Alexandria meet, where Dave grew up. Starting with a solid rhythm played between guitar and drums, we are being put in suspense and are eagerly waiting Dave's voice. When he comes in, we hear him create an eerie sound to his voice which once again creates suspense leading up into the main established rhythm which fades back and in throughout the song with each time more stronger and effective. Some may say this is a typical rock song but for me, it is one of my favourites of the album.

        6. These Days : 4.58
        These days starts of with a sole guitar and lone voice which accompanies the gentle riff of the guitar. We suddenly find the drums bursting in for a short drum pattern before being established within the song which keeps the song going.

        7. Back & Forth : 3.50
        I personally think Back & Forth relates to Foo Fighters' journey through their career and all the obstacles' they have had to get over. Coincidently, Foo Fighters' self documentary is entitled Back & Forth. The song title perfectly fits the song as the rhythms do go back and forth between instruments and patterns. I really like the chorus in Back & Forth with Dave Grohl's well suited voice accompanied by the thrashing drums and guitars.

        8. A Matter of Time : 4.36
        A Matter of Time starts of with an easy and catchy riff pattern used by the drum and the guitar before Dave starts singing quite peacefully for once. The guitar establishes a simple guitar pattern before the chorus which gives the song a sense of anticipation. Personally, this is not one of my favourite songs as I think it is too settled back.

        9. Miss The Misery : 4.32
        The band actually decided to record this album in Dave's garage which personally I think is a great idea as it gives their music that kind of garage-band feel which I think this song represents. Not partically one of my favourites but whatever rhythms and drum patterns they create, Dave's voice suits it every time.

        10. I Should Have Known : 4.16
        I Should Have Known is a song with a huge debate to follow it; whether Dave wrote this relating to Kurt Cobain or not. Watching their documentary, you can tell that they strongly think it is about Kurt but the thing about Dave Grohl's writing style is that he writes songs that people can relate to so their fans can appreciate their music in their own way. Featuring Krist Novoselic, ex guitarist of Nirvana, 'I Should Have Known' is the slowest of their songs on this album but probably is the most hard-hitting with Dave's remorse and regret lyrics which could relate to him that he should have known about Kurt, but we will never know.

        11. Walk : 4.16
        Walk, their newly released single is a great song with an even more brilliant video to fit with it. The song starts of with easy simple guitar riffs which is great playing live so the crowd can parcipitate. The video to walk, which is slight comically like all their videos, shows their journey on this 'Walk' in which the song follows too. With great lyrics and great drum and guitar patterns this song is sure a fan's favourite and will be for years to come.

        Some fans may say that their first two albums are the best but personally I think with time, your work continues and this applies to Foo Fighters in which there is much more to come from this great band. Band members have come and gone throughout their career but their fans haven't and have stuck with them and will do so even when they put down their guitars. Wasting Light is full of lyrics based upon death and remorse but even with those kind of lyrics Foo Fighters make it so their fans can relate to it in which they do so correctly.

        My 3 favourites of the album are definitely; Rope, Walk and I Should Have Known. But with each fan having an opinion you can easily sway your decision.

        I haven't had the privilege to see them live but after seeing their performances on TV you can easily see why they are a favourite of any rock fan and I can't not wait to see them live. Foo Fighters must do hundreds of shows a year but with each show they put heart and soul into it and make it as fun and enjoyable for their thousands of fans.

        Being a rock band, you will often think of the bad life style including drugs but with Dave Grohl being labelled as the nicest man of rock you can not possibly see that in Foo Fighters. Personally, I think the experiences of what they have dealt with for example: Kurt Cobains death and even Taylor Hawkins deal with drugs in the early stages of their career have made them realise that they 'never wanna die' and that they love what they do so why waste it.

        If you have never listened to Foo Fighters before, I would strongly urge you too or even if they are playing at a festival that you are out, go check them out.


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          15.07.2011 09:10
          Very helpful



          Another Great Album by the Foo Fighters

          Wasting Light is the latest album by the world wide alternate rock band sensation, the Foo Fighters. The album by Dave Grohl & co is the latest in a series of brilliant albums by the band.

          --- The Album Cover ---
          I bought the card/paper version of the cd case, which I feel suits the style of the album quite well. It is the same size as a normal cd case, except it is a bit thinner. The front has the band name and album title in a dark red font against a black background with a multi-colour image of all the band members faces beneath it. The rear has the track listing in a white font against the black background with a red and pink image set into the background.

          The inside has two pockets, the right one contains the cd which is black, yellow and white in colour and the left pocket contains the album booklet. The booklet doesn't contain any song lyrics, but instead it contains lots of recoloured pictures of the band which is quite interesting to look at.

          --- The Tracks ---
          1.Bridge Burning : 4:46
          This is the first track of the album and it opens you to what to expect from the rest of the album. It starts with just a guitar before the rhythm and drums come in. The first line of the song "These are my famous last words" in the voice of Dave Grohl are in a similar to many other songs. The song moves into a simple but catchy verse which is in a similar style to many other Foo Fighters songs. The chorus is quite easy and fast paced which makes the song quite catchy and easy to listen to. When I saw the Foo Fighters at the Isle of Wight festival, this was what they opened on and it certainly set the the tone for a truly awesome set.
          2.Rope : 4:19
          This is the second song on the album and opens slower than the first song before building up the tempo a bit. The way it is sung reminds me in a way of some Nirvana songs which gives it a good edge. The tempo picks up for the chorus before dropping for the verse again. A good solid song overall.
          3.Dear Rosemary : 4:27
          A nice slower song that initially sounds a bit less Foo Fighters than some of the other songs. In my opinion it isn't as good as the opening two songs, but it is still a good song nevertheless as it has a simple repetitive tune that is easy to listen and hum along to.
          4.White Limo : 3.22
          This is sadly the one song on the album I don't like as I find it a bit too screamy for my liking. I do however like the chorus as it is fast paced, catchy and very likeable. If you want a good song to work out to then this may be a good choice as it has a fast tempo and is one you could turn up to motivate you.
          5.Arlandria : 4.28
          This song starts with a solid drum and guitar rhythm before moving to just guitar and vocals which is an interesting way to start. The rhythm then slowly builds back in slowly before building up the tempo again. Once it builds up again the song is very good with a very noticeable "Foo Fighters" style to it.
          6.These Days : 4.58
          This song starts really slow with just a guitar rhythm and vocals before bursting out with the full drums & rhythm. I really like this opening as it suddenly bursts in. It does take over a minute to get to this though, but when it does, it is well worth the wait. This is another of my favourites on this album as I find it fits the style of alt. Rock and Foo Fighters perfectly.
          7.Back & Forth : 3.50
          This time starts reasonably slow again before slowly building the tempo into a big song. The vocals of Dave Grohl suit this song very well. This isn't one of my favourite songs on this album, however I still think it is a well crafted song overall.
          8.A Matter of Time : 4.36
          This song starts out as it means to go on with a fast tempo to give it a good rocky feel. It has a good set of vocals with a simple guitar rhythm in the verse before building up in the chorus. An overall good song that is quite easy to listen to.
          9.Miss The Misery : 4.32
          Starts out with a guitar rhythm and drums for about 30 seconds before vocals kick in. I haven't listened to this one as much as the others as I personally don't like it as much as I don't find it as appealing as the other songs on the album.
          10.I Should Have Known : 4.16
          Starts off very slowly with a simple guitar and vocals. Like many other songs, it slowly builds up the tempo to give a good catchy rhythm, chorus and verse. The song never builds up as much as some of the earlier songs and the overall tempo and feel still stays quite low. There are rumours that this song is about Kurt Cobain, however this has never been confirmed by the band.
          11.Walk : 4.16
          This is the latest single that has been released by the band and has all the makings of many of the other hits that the band has had. It starts off slowly with simple, easy to follow lyrics. The song follows a rough story which the band (slightly comically) portrays in the music video. Just after a minute into the song, the tempo builds up as the drums and guitars kick in to give a bouncy high tempo song. This will be many peoples favourite song from the album as it is so easy to follow and sing along to.

          --- Overall ---
          This album follows like the many that it has followed as I believe it will have just the same success as the previous albums from the band. The album has many good catchy alt. Rock songs that will please new and old fans of the band. I have only started to properly listen to the Foo Fighters in the last few years and from listening from the older albums and then this, it still contains all the old styles that the band like to replicate but it also has many new rhythms and catchy lyrics.

          My favourites off the album have to be the opening two tracks, bridge burning and rope as they are quick, catchy and great to give you a boost when working out.

          If you ever get the chance to go and see Foo Fighters live then I would highly recommend it as they are truly amazing. If not then I would highly recommend you buy this album as it contains all the flair of a truly great band.

          I am going to give this 5/5 as it was well worth the trip to HMV to buy it.

          Thanks for reading.

          This review may also appear on my blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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          11.05.2011 16:32
          Very helpful



          An album that is well worth listening to

          Wasting Light was released on the 8 April 2011 and costs around £7.99 and I personally say it is well worth this. I have listened to the album almost constantly since I got it - but them I am a bit like that with albums I like.

          I think all Foo Fighters, or at least the vast majority will like this album even though it is a little different from the usual Foo Fighters albums. To me though, the change actually makes this album perhaps Foo Fighters best so far.

          These are the songs from the album in my order of preference. You will notice that it is quite a short album which is perhaps a little disappointing but then again the songs on it are very good so that definitely makes up for it, for me at least.

          1) Walk
          This song starts very softly but in the middle there is a building crescendo that incorporates the usual sort of aggression that would be expected from David Grohl, the band's very talented lead singer and guitarist. The aggression though like throughout this album is controlled and does not dominate the song. The lyrics are like elsewhere in the album the most memorable part of the album and probably the best part for me.

          2) Arlandria
          This song has memorable lyrics and has meaning.

          3) Dear Rosemary
          4) These days
          5) Back & Forth
          6) Miss the Misery
          7) I Should Have Known
          8) A Matter of Time
          9) Rope
          10) White Limo
          11) Bridge Burning

          Wasting Light is a very enjoyable album - many of the songs do not contain the Grohl's almost trademark screaming - but in fact almost surprisingly this was not something I missed. This album seemed to me well though through and very well done. This was mostly because of the very natural and nice changes in pitch and tone which fluctuate throughout many of the songs which give them a deeper meaning and this ultimately makes the song more interesting to listen to. However, there is not a sense either of over-sentimentality. There is just a great balance which has been struck which makes the album very good.


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            09.05.2011 19:17



            If you're a true Foo Fighters fan, you'll buy it.

            It has been quite some time since on of my favorite bands, The Foo Fighters, have released a new body of work. Long gone are the days of "Monkeywrench", "Learn to Fly", and "Best of You." Rather the Foo Fighters have invested their time in a much more different approach in their music. They care much more about their sound, the longevity of the song, and the long-term effects of their music. Perhaps, this is because lead singer/ rhythm guitarist Dave Grohl has been busy with a plethora of side projects, including super-group Them Crooked Vultures. I will admit that this album far surpasses that song they came up with for their Greatest Hits Album called "Wheels". The Foo Fighters are an honest band. They know what their fans want, and they compromised in this new album. "Rope", "Arlandia" and "Bridge Burning" are some of my favorite tracks off the album. If you're disappointed by not hearing Dave Grohl's ear-piercing screams, that is up to you. They may occasionally drive you off the song for a bit, but it's like your mother over-salting your food: it's home. This fan is most definitely uncertain of where the Foo will go from here, but I anticipate hearing loud guitars, drums, and screams from these individuals for many years to come.


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            09.05.2011 09:05
            Very helpful



            A slightly different release from the Foo Fighters

            It's been almost 4 years since the Foo Fighters last released an album of new material, however tomorrow see's the official release of Wasting Light, the bands 7th studio album. Once again during the interval lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl has been keeping himself occupied with side projects and that has lead to a slightly different approach to the new Foo's album. The very fact I'm writing this a day before its official release goes someway to prove this. As soon as the first leak appeared on the web the band released the album on a website for everyone to listen to, in its intended quality a week before release, hence I've managed to listen to this album pretty much 6 times a day for the last week.

            But Who Are They

            Lead Singer and guitarist Dave Grohl is probably the most recognizable member of the band. The former Nirvana drummer and founder member of Them Crooked Vultures has appeared with bands ranging from Garbage to Tenacious D. He is a very talented musician and since playing all of the instruments on the Foo's debut album he has built a strong band around him.

            When Grohl founded the band in the first place he drafted in bassist Nate Mendal who has stayed with him ever since. Also on those earlier albums he had his friend and former Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear, who has rejoined the band as an official member for the release of this album.

            On drums is still former Alanis Morisette drummer Taylor Hawkins, who took over as the bands drummer after the completion of the second album. Completing the line up is '''Chris Shiflett''' who originally joined as the bands third guitarist after the recording of their 4th album and really fitted into the existing Foo Fighters line up well.

            A Different Approach

            Having released their greatest hits album last year the Foo Fighters drafted in former Nirvana producer and Garbage drummer Butch Vig to produce the new tracks for that album. As a result they also got him involved in this project, the first time he and Grohl had worked together since producing the seminal Nirvana record Nevermind. The result was a promise from Grohl of this being the heaviest Foo Fighters album yet and it certainly delivered on that front.

            With the Foo Fighters being one of the biggest Rock bands in the World at the moment you would expect this all to have taken place in a multimillion dollar studio, however they opted for a different approach and instead recorded the entire album in Dave's garage and recorded entirely on analogue tape, a process long replaced in the production world. The theory being that it would let their musical ability shine through as it reduced the amount of actual post recording production that could be done and I have to admit it worked a treat.

            Wasting Light

            The way the band has built up to this album's release has perhaps been as unique as the recording methods. From the start of the recording process in Dave's garage there were pictures on twitter and then a series of 30 second sneak peeks released, before a video for White Limo featuring Lemmy from Motorhead appeared on You Tube. It is perhaps one of the more unique build ups to an album I've seen but when you hear the end results it is the Foo Fighters back in their early day glory with a nice mixture of the hooks and riffs that have made them one of the worlds biggest bands.

            In fact it is evident from the opening moments of the albums lead single Rope. It starts with a very repetitive but well written guitar and drum loop that build well into the vocals. The vocals are sleek and work really well with Dave's voice sounding as strong and powerful as ever. The combination of the guitars and drums are well structured and from the start it sounds an impressive track.

            The album really combines the heavier and rawer Foo Fighters from the early days with the more melodic nature the band adopted for Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace. This is really highlighted when you have a really personal, yet fast paced track like Dear Rosemary followed by the much heavier and almost death metal tones of White Limo. In fact in these early days Dear Rosemary has fast become one of my favourite tracks and whilst White Limo offers something of a polar opposite it too has grown on me, which is perhaps the biggest surprise.

            It's fair to say that from the opening chords of Bridge Burning to the closing notes of Walk there is more of a purpose about this album. It mixes the bands styles over the years and creates an album with definite respect for where the Foo's have come from, whilst still staying true to the direction the band has evolved and taken over the years. This album is a prime example of Stadium rock with big chorus lines and powerful vocals mixed with softer riffs to create a sound that would really be at home on a big stage.

            As someone who has spent the last 16 years listening to music by the Foo Fighters I'm still as enthusiastic about this album as I was about Foo Fighter or Colour And The Shape. The bands sound has changed and evolved over the years but they really do know what styles suit them and develop that well. The way they've mixed the older style of the band with the softer elements works and compliments each other well and as a result the fans are treated to another excellent Foo Fighters album.

            I Should Have Known

            To be fair I wasn't really expecting anything different from the band. They have over 6 previous records and a Greatest Hits created a sound that really works. Once again this 7th record has delivered and I really can't wait to see them this summer in Milton Keynes. There are appearances from former Hüsker Dü and Sugar guitarist Bob Mould and Grohl's former Nirvana band mate Krist Novoselic. The reunion of Novoselic, Vig and Grohl for the first time since Nirvana produced the excellent I Should Have Known and perhaps more importantly marked the moment where Grohl can acknowledge that his Foo Fighters have finally proved he is more than just the guy who used to play drums for Nirvana.

            If over the years you've liked the Foo Fighters then this is another step forward from the band. The unique recording methods have worked well and really show the talent in the bands musical ability, lyrics and in Grohl's performances as a lead vocalist. It's an album that sees them move another step along their journey but will continue to win them new fans. The album is officially released tomorrow and I hope my CD from Play will pop through the door, until then though I will continue to listen to the album on the bands website as even after a week of near constant play I am still loving the album more with each listen.

            Listen to the album here: http://wastinglight.foofighters.com/

            Released Monday 11th April play.com price: £8.99


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              28.04.2011 11:12
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              Another Foo Fighters album that sounds pretty much like every other Foo Fighters album

              Oh look, it's another Foo Fighters album. Guitar tone unchanged throughout? Check. Half shouty, half mellow vocals? Check. Every song sounding like it's written in the same tempo and key? Check. I've always felt that one of the things that makes a band great is knowing when NOT to play - what you take out is just as important as what you leave in. It keeps the listener guessing, and by shifting gears and lurching round rhythmic changes, a song that would be pretty ordinary by any other measure can be made into something so much more by that little touch of magic. 'Back in Black' by AC/DC, for example, would be just another bog-standard, crunchy rock song were it not for that faintest of pregnant pauses between the chords and runs that make up its signature riff, and it is transformed into a crater-forming monster of a song. (AC/DC lost that skill years go, but that's another story). Basically, 'Wasting Light' is an album with hardly a shred of that magic and as such, it's a dreary listen.

              The only two songs of any real interest on here is the Deftones-esque metallic, grating, distorted rant 'White Limo', that sounds like it should be on the soundtrack to one of Rob Zombie's movies, and would make a great addition to the playlist at a rock/metal night. The other is 'I Should Have Known' is a bluesy departure from the other tracks, that sways and builds into an angsty finale, with some odd effects thrown in. Other than that, it's formulaic, uninspired repetition.

              Here's a simple experiment anyone with a web connection can do:

              1) Find album 'Wasting Light' on Spotify
              2) Select track title at random
              3) Place timer progress marker at random time in track
              4) Repeat several times

              Notice a pattern emerging? In fact, you can do this with pretty much the entire Foo Fighters back catalogue. Yes, the Foo Fighters have done it again - they've released an album of eleven songs, nine of which ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME. In short, this isn't an album, it's a single stretched out to about an hour.

              Just what the hell is Dave Grohl playing at? He's actually quite a talented multi-instrumentalist, and although his vocal style isn't really to my taste, it's not painful like, say, Liam Gallagher's. And his skills at the drumskins are without fault. But when it comes to songwriting, it's a sad truth that he really does still labour under the shadow of his late colleague, Kurt Cobain, from whom he can never escape comparison just by association. While the Foo Fighters have released some killer singles in the past, every time I've given one of their albums a spin I've felt bored before I've even reached the halfway point, and this is no exception. Seems like the Foo Fighters are in danger of becoming the Status Quo of 21st century rock.

              Fans may like it and find something in there (on the way to lynching me for this review), but I've never understood what the fuss was about. And I have listened to their albums, but I find very little of interest within them, bar the odd track.


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            • Product Details

              Disc #1 Tracklisting
              1 Bridge Burning
              2 Rope
              3 Dear Rosemary
              4 White Limo
              5 Arlandria
              6 These Days
              7 Back & Forth
              8 A Matter Of Time
              9 Miss The Misery
              10 I Should Have Known
              11 Walk

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