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We The Kings - We The Kings

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Genre: Pop / Artist: We The Kings / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2008-09-08 at Virgin

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2010 23:04
      Very helpful



      Fantastic album, and it's a debut!

      This is the first of two albums (so far) from American pop-punk band We The Kings, and in my opinion, the best. It's an excellent debut from an excellent band. We The Kings were formed in 2003, and this album came out in 2007. 3 of the songs from it were released as singles. The latest album, Smile Kid, was released in 2009, and one single from it has been released so far. We The Kings are:

      Travis Clark - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
      Hunter Thomsen - lead guitar, backing vocals
      Drew Thomsen - Bass guitar, backing vocals
      Danny Duncan - drums, percussion

      They have been pretty successful since the release of this album, going on tour, and also are scheduled to play in the Warped Tour 2010, so they're a great upcoming band that are worth listening too, and if you haven't heard of them before, look below for which songs I recommend.

      1. Secret Valentine

      An amazing intro track, which really sets the mood for an amazing album. The chorus is incredible, and of the best things about it is the vocals. Not just the singing, but also the lyrics, which help make it so catchy. The guitar riff is very catchy too, and the chorus is just brilliant. I definitely recommend listening to this chorus, if not the rest of the song.

      2. Skyway Avenue

      Probably the most popular song on the album. Starts with a cool rhythm guitar riff, but then really gets good when the drums come in, and the lead guitar. The lead guitar riff is amazing, which is probably why this song is so popular and why I love it too. The chorus is amazing too, with great vocals again, and this is another great, catchy song, making two in a row. Another recommendation

      3. Check Yes Juliet

      Another popular one, starting with another catchy riff, catchy as always. One of the great things about this song is just before the chorus, when the lead guitar cuts out, so it's just drums, bass, rhythm and vocals, and I think the way this done is great. Then the chorus comes in again, which is, as always, extremely catchy. These are three of the best songs on the album I think, but there are more to come later, but I would also recommend listening to this song.

      4. Stay Young

      A different guitar style at the beginning makes the album a bit different, but in a good way, because it keeps you interested in it, so the style of music doesn't get boring, meaning this is another great song. The riff is great too, and the chorus is once again fantastic. Another brilliant catchy song, with great vocals and backing vocals too.

      5. Whoa

      This is probably my favourite riff of the albums, and one of my all time favourite riffs at the moment. It really is an amazing choice of guitar sound, and of course the way it is played is incredible too. I wish the riff was used more throughout the song, because it's definitely the best thing about the song. The rest of the song is pretty good too, and if I could improve it in one day, the riff would be used more, because it's so catchy. If you want to listen to this song, play it right from the start, because the intro is the best thing about the song, as well as later on when it comes back in. It's a shame it's only two and a half minutes long, because this song has great potential because of the riff, and this could have been one of the most popular songs. Oh well.

      6. August Is Over

      A slower start this time, but it does pick up as it goes through. It's not my favourite song, because it's too similar to a couple of others. It's not bad in any way at all, it's just that the style is becoming a little overused, but I don't really mind, because I like their style, and I wouldn't want them to change it too much anyway. A pretty good song overall, but not quite as catchy as the others.

      7. The Quiet

      What I was hoping for, a change of style. This time it starts with drums, which is great, because it means the song structure is new and exciting. The guitar comes in after, and it's a different sound, which is another good thing. This song is different to the others, which is one of the reasons I like it so much, but there is also the fact that the chorus is very catchy once again. All of this adds up to make a great song with a great riff too.

      8. Don't Speak Liar

      Another different style of guitar riff at the beginning, meaning what I was saying about the album becoming boring doesn't matter anymore. The vocals then come in, and there aren't drums yet, so the song structure is different again, which is usually a good thing, and it is in this case. This is another great song worth listening too, but it's not quite the best.

      9. Headlines Read Out...

      Synthesizers! A new instrument, which is just what was needed. This brings much more variety to the album, which is great, because now I can give it a fair 5/5. Although the synthesizers aren't all the way through, they're still there, providing a bit of an edge to this song, and making it stand out over some of the more "boring" ones, meaning this is a great song.

      10. All Again For You

      A slower one this time, with a more depressive, downbeat riff, then nice vocals, slightly different to the higher vocals in the other songs, which is good. It then picks up for the chorus, which is great. There is something about this chorus that I really love, but I can't quite work it out. It may be the way the lyrics are sung, or the guitar sound, but I think it's all of the instruments and vocals mixed together that make this another great song.

      11. This Is Our Town

      Another new instrument! Piano this time, which is really good. I love piano being used in rock music, a good example being Lostprophets, and although this isn't as good as Lostprophets, I still like it. It's probably the slowest song on the album, but then picks up towards the end. It's an amazing song, and much different to the others. The synths are great, and the vocals (and backing vocals) just stunning. I love this song.

      12. Skyway Avenue (Acoustic)

      Some acoustic music is bad, some is good, some is amazing. This is an example of amazing acoustic. On Spotify, this is apparently by far the most popular song, and although I disagree with that, I think this is a great acoustic song. The guitar is very clever, and very good, and the vocals are awesome once again, concluding an awesome album


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Secret Valentine
    2 Skyway Avenue
    3 Check Yes Juliet
    4 Stay Young
    5 Whoa
    6 August Is Over
    7 Quiet
    8 Don't Speak Liar
    9 Headlines Read Out...
    10 All Again For You
    11 This Is Our Town

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