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What Will The Neighbours Say? - Girls Aloud

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6 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Girls Aloud / Audio CD released 2004-11-29 at Polydor

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    6 Reviews
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      11.05.2010 21:22
      Very helpful



      Buy It!

      Sorting through my CD collection the other day , I came across this CD which I realised I hadn't had a listen to for a while and neither had I reviewed it. What Will The Neighbours Say is the second album from British Girl Band Girls Aloud. The CD was released in the United Kingdom back in 2004 and managed to reach number six in the British Album Charts. The album comes under the pop, dance-pop and power-pop genres and is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £2.99 which I think is excellent value.

      *Tracklist *
      1)The Show 2)Love Machine 3)I'll Stand By You 4)Jump 5)Wake Me Up 6)Deadlines and Diets 7)Big Brother 8)Hear Me Out 9)Grafitti My Soul 10)Real Life 11)Here We Go 12)Thank Me Daddy 13)I Say A Prayer For You 14)100 Different Ways.

      The album starts off with a cracking beginning ; opening the album with their single 'The Show' . introducing a new sound for the band. There are some really good songs on here , each ones bringing something new to the album. For me , the best songs are : 'I'll Stand By You' , 'Wake Me Up' , 'Love Machine' , and 'Hear Me Out'. The songs are really catchy which just makes you wanna get up and dance! This is a great album to play at a party!

      I like the album ; it's bursting with attitude and although not exactly copying The Spice Girls , is all about 'girl power' but in Girls Aloud style! I like how a a lot of the songs are based on being confident and having fun. It is such a great attitude to send out to teenagers , and I like the fact that their songs are based on real-life events. I loved listening to the lyrics are they are just so cool and random , with lines such as 'We're gift-wrapped kitty cats' and 'Shoulda fluttered my mascara
      Like a butterfly.' These little touches just make their songs so much more interesting!
      I was impressed with the band's vocals on this album. I like the fact that each girl has a different style of singing ; from Nadine's clever notes to Cheryl's husky-talking-kind-of-singing. Obviously , as with all albums , there has been some kind of 'tweaking' , but I do think that the girls voices blend really well together creating a great sound!

      As you probably already know , musical styles change over the years; Today I was listening to Steps' debut album and couldn't believe how much music has changed since then , compared to the sounds of artists like Lady Gaga and Pixie Lott. This album hasn't really changed that much ; it still has a fun and refreshing feel to it , despite it being six years old!

      I would definately recommend this album to all pop lovers , and if you love Girls Aloud now but didn't before , then it's worth having a listen to. Oh , and if you were wondering , I think the neighbours will think it's great!

      Thanks for reading!
      May 11th 2010
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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      12.02.2009 16:40
      Very helpful



      decent pop

      I have always a soft spot for this girl group. I still cannot tell two of them apart, but the songs speak for themselves and always get my foot tapping and have me itching to get dancing

      Who are they:

      Nadine, Sarah, Nicola, Cheryl and Kimberley. They were the winners of Pop Idol and have had an impressive run of top ten hits since their debut 'Sound Of The Underground.'

      On this album:

      Off to a good start with the show-stopping 'The Show.' A charged and feisty pop workout which has the girls delivering an empowered chorus. My only criticism is that the melody sounds too busy here. 'Love Machine' follows much the same suit, shouty and vibrant and making the most of a saucy little chorus.
      Other highlights arrive in the form of 'Jump' which brings the Pointer Sisters' cover up to date with more synths and plenty of exuberance. Another cover, 'I'll'' Stand By You' is emotive enough, but lacks the finesse that the original had.
      I recommend also checking out 'Wake Me Up' with the rock tinged chorus and 'Deadlines And Diets' for the observant lyrics.


      Plenty of hits on this one and very few weak tracks, though it does seem to lose it a bit towards the end of the album. The girls voices are on form and the songs stronger still. Brash pop music


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      24.01.2009 19:06
      Very helpful



      Second album from pop group Girls Aloud, possibly their best

      Girls Aloud as soon as they where formed had a media frenzy around them and hype that only other pop groups of similiar taste could dream of. Their second album is one of their biggest selling studio albums, it was this album that cemented the Sounds of Girls Aloud if you like. Basically they realised that people like them doing songs like Wake Me Up, Love Machine and The Show. Their second album remains one of my faviourite albums by them and it sold well too at just under 600,000 sales.

      The album starts off with the brillant The Show - i think the song has brillant parts to it and is fun ''No body sees the Show not till my heart says so'' so funky and filled with attitude. It's the perfect single and is refereshing and catchy. Love Machine is by far one of their most popular songs that where ever realised, quirky lyrics and a even quirker sound this is one of their biggest hits. I'll Stand By You is one of their best ballads and most well known songs, they do a very average version but it's good none the less. From now on the amazingness of Girls Aloud kicks in, the brillant Jump re-invented and so much than the original.

      Wake Me Up, a further single - can't believe they realased five from this one, it's catchy and it showed range and diversity for them - not too shabby. Deadlines and Diets, another ballad, a fan faviourite and it sounds like All Saints but then it also sounds liike Girls Aloud, it has Cheryl on so vocally its not so brillant he he but it's catchy none the less. Hear Me Out has a great meaning but gets boring abit it's a Sarah tour de force! Grafatti My Soul, what can i say perfection brillant, unique a missed oppurtunity. Real Life, the real girls Aloud i love this possibly one of my fave's on here. Here We Go, incredibly done so catchy and like No Good Advice, like the Go-gog-goog-goo bit! Thank Me Daddy is a Kimberely tour de force, one of my faviourites for the verses but a satisfactory chorus.

      I Saw A Prayer For You is Nicolas' time to shine, it's meaningful, nice but could never be a single because it just doesnt stand out enough. 100 Different Ways, is brillant - it's Nadine which means brillant but i love ahhhh ahhhh i wanna tell you bits, sang really well but duh its Nadine! reallly good lyrics and a great way to end the album.

      Girls Aloud have throughout had many ups and downs in their career, this is an album full of ups which includes five staggeringly brillant singles that managed to assure the UK public with faith to buy an album from them, this went nearly two times platinum is filled with single after single after stellar song to stellar song. Lyrically its meaningful and quirky, musically its refreshing and modern, vocally it's a huge improvement on the first album. One of my faviourite albums of the decade and i couldn't recommend it enough. The artwork is really unique and stands out in a CD store as well, i recommend anyone buying it. Considering it came out a couple of years ago, should be really cheap now'??? if it's anything under a fiver go for it. Anyone from your brother or gran young or old, male or female will say this is an album of modern fun pop music


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        11.08.2008 02:30
        Very helpful



        A very catchy good feel pop album

        Girls aloud were created by ITV1 talent show Popstars and are a relatively successful British Pop band. 'What will the neighbours say?' is their second album released in 2004. The band consists of 5 female members who are very funky, fresh and pretty. I am going to review this album giving each track a rating out of five.

        1. The Show (3.38) 4/5
        This is a great track to open the album with it is a very catchy pop song which makes you want to get up and dance. The beat is very quick and it will get you tapping your foot in no time. The song is about someone having their heart broken and they feel that they should have tried harder in their relationship. The show won't go on until their heart has told them its ok and they are ready to meet someone else.

        2. Love Machine (3.27) 5/5
        This track has a swing type beat and the lyrics are sung fast which makes you want to get up and do a jig. I feel that the girl's voices compliment each other's very well and it's hard to tell that more than one person is singing during the song. To me it sounds like the same person the whole way through. It's the type of song that you find yourself singing around for hours after listening to it. The song is about a new relationship and how there are differences between males and females. It says 'We're living in two tribes and heading for war' which I think is a good way to explain it. It is a light-hearted song on telling her man how to treat her.

        3. I'll Stand by You (3.45) 4/5
        The third track has slowed down and you get to hear the great voices of the girls. It is a rather dreamy song, which you could relax to. The chorus is catchy which has you singing along straight away. There is a lovely beat and you hear the guitar playing throughout. The song is about is about someone being sad and them comforting them and they will stand by them no matter what.

        4. Jump (3.40) 2/5
        This track has a very synthesised beat to it and is another dance track. Personally I'm not a big fan of this song it is a cheesy pop song I think. It has a very catchy chorus which to be honest all I can hear is everyone shouting JUMP it gets annoying by the end of the song! It is about how a guy has to jump high to get their attention and to get their love.

        5. Wake Me Up (3.28) 4/5
        This song has a more of a rock and roll edge to it but it still is a pop song. It starts off with a guitar playing and it gives you that rock and roll feel to it. It is another dance song and it progresses into the synthesisers giving you a steady beat, which is very hard not to dance to. The song is about someone who has been drinking and they are confused as to what is happening between them and a guy.

        6. Deadlines & Diets (4.00) 5/5
        This is my favourite song in the album it is a laid back track which has a very slinky beat to it. There is a funky guitar beat being played throughout the song and a really relaxing beat. I think the girls get to show off their voices a wee bit in this song. It is about how they are fed up with their life, all the deadlines, diets and devious men who take advantage of them. I think they are trying to tell you that no-ones life is perfect and everyone has their problems. I find I can chill out while listening to this song. The words are rather repetitive so it doesn't take long to learn the words and even though they are repetitive it works well for this song I think.

        7. Big Brother (4.00) 2/5
        This song is rather edgy and to be honest I don't really it that much as I feel that it hasn't got a great tune to it. I feel that it isn't a memorable song and really is an album filler. It isn't quite a dance song but it has a quick beat to it. To be it sounds like they are just wining throughout the song. I find I skip this song a lot. The song is about big brother watching them.

        8. Hear Me Out (3.44) 4/5
        A slower song with a dreamy beat to it, which has a low beat to it. I like the girls singing in this song and find it relaxing to it. The chorus makes you want to sing along in a high pitch tone with the high brush lol! The song is about someone who is just getting over getting heart broken and how they are stronger now.

        9. Graffiti My Soul (3.15) 3/5
        This song will really get your attention, as the lyrics are very defined and clear. It has a funky beat with the guitars playing. It sounds like a siren is playing in the background during some chorus, which gets your attention. Rapping also gets your attention in the middle of the song. The song is about dancing and meeting a man.

        10. Real Life (3.43) 4/5
        To me this song opens up with a salsa vibe to it. The guitar sounds like it has a Spanish feel to it however the song is definitely a pop one. The song is quick and you can dance to it easily it makes me want to get up and move my hips. It is fast paced and easy to listen to. It is about meeting a boy and how they had not intended to like them but they end liking him slightly.

        11. Here We Go (3.47) 3/5
        It starts off very slow and you start to get bored until you hear the chorus, which livens up the song. It is not the best song and I feel it does drag a wee bit. It is about meeting a man again (I see a pattern arising here lol!).

        12. Thank Me Daddy (3.25) 3/5
        This song sounds a lot like the other ones on this album but not as good. To be honest I find it hard to figure out what this song is about I think it might be about her daddy being too strict and he needs to let her go and stop trying to protect her.

        The next two tracks are bonus tracks.

        13. I Say A Prayer For You (3.35) 3/5
        This is a slow song and isn't much to rave about. You could have the album playing and not even realise this track playing if you weren't paying attention, as it doesn't grab your attention, as there is nothing catchy about it. It is about losing a man and how they regret losing them and want them back.

        14. 100 Different Ways (3.41) 3/5
        I think this track is another album filler but it isn't the worst song ever. It is a slow paced song which is about saying sorry to someone.

        I give this album a 4 out of 5 as there is some really catchy songs, which I think, are great. It has some album fillers thrown in and some tracks that are not great. I think the girls have fantastic voices and can sing really well. The album cover is very simple with a picture of the girls doing different poses looking like they are having fun. Overall I think that it is worth while buying the album as it is good value for money at £5.96 on Amazon. I think it is a very catchy, girly pop album which will get you into a good mood!


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          29.10.2005 21:49



          I'd certainly recommend the 1st album over this one

          This is a review of the girls 2nd UK album "What Will The Neighbours Say"...

          This album is a bix of a mixed bag really, there are some really good, really strong tracks on it, and then the other tracks are all a bit half-a$$ed and seem to be there purely to fill up the rest of the cd so they could release it as a full album.

          The tracklisting is shown below:-

          The Show
          Love Machine
          I'll Stand By You
          Wake Me Up
          Deadlines & Diets
          Big Brother
          Hear Me Out
          Graffiti My Soul
          Real Life
          Here We Go
          Thank Me Daddy
          I Say A Prayer For You (UK Bonus Track)
          100 Different Ways (UK Bonus Track)

          Im a little confused as to why they have included "Jump" on this cd a) because it was released aeons ago, and b) because it was also on the re-released edition of their first album.

          I dont think it helps this album that all the singles (and therefore the stronger tracks) have all been bunched together at the start of the cd as once you have heard them, the rest of the album is a bit of a let-down to be completely honest. It's not that the rest of the songs are particularly bad or anything, they're just a bit wishy-washy with nothing edgy or special about them - the only songs besides the singles which I listen to are "Graffiti My Soul" and possibly "Hear Me Out" as I find the rest so unremarkable.

          If you liked the 1st album, its a fair assumption to make that you would probably like this one too, but I'd certainly recommend the 1st album over this one.


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            26.02.2005 10:30
            Very helpful



            I found Girls Aloud’s debut album “Sound of the Underground” to be something of a revelation. Not because it was surprisingly good, which it was, but because of the way it sounded. It came as a huge surprise to me that a group spawned by reality TV should have released an album with a number of different influences, rather than just putting out an album of sub-standard bubblegum pop tunes and swiftly vanishing, as their opponents One True Voice and many before them did.

            Unlike many of the reality TV pop acts, I felt that their debut was strong enough for them to deserve a second chance and that they did appear to have a little more staying power than other acts who got their break in the same way. So seeing them get further than acts like Hear’Say and David Sneddon in releasing a second album was no surprise, putting them in territory so far inhabited only by Will Young, Gareth Gates and Lemar among Popstars style acts. However, the second album is a trying time for many acts, as once the hype surrounding an initial release has gone away, groups are judged on their output and now that their place in the immediate memory has been taken by their successors, it’s all about the music.

            Early signs, however, were not encouraging. Whilst “Sound of the Underground” was a mixed bag of sounds and influences, the way Girls Aloud have acted since it was released has had much in common with many of the standard bubblegum pop acts around. In a Madonna-like (or maybe even Cher-esque) move, the group’s two brunettes how have blonde highlights, whilst one of the blondes is now raven haired. There also seems to be a sexier image, perhaps trying to emulate Britney and Christina’s recent images.

            There has been a pop cover version, much like many pop acts have done, along with a watered down ruination of a classic song, which brings back memories of Atomic Kitten’s lacklustre interpretation of “Eternal Flame”. OK, so it was for charity, but that’s no excuse, even if it didn’t hurt Westlife all that much when they did it. Cheryl Tweedy has even fallen into the celebrity boyfriend trap, once a preserve of soap stars, in dating Arsenal and England’s Ashley Cole.

            On the plus side, Nicola is staying true to her red-headed genes and Nadine does still have great legs. But apart from those legs, things weren’t looking too promising even before this album came to be released.

            Things don’t look any more promising with the start of “The Show”, with it’s almost techno introduction. Although it turns out to be a little more like pop-techno, much like the early 1980s dance music, it’s certainly more of a dance tune than anything Girls Aloud have done previously, and a far more modern influence than much of the faux disco sounding tunes from “Sound of the Underground”. It sounds more like you’d expect a club remix of a pop song to sound like than a song from a pop act directly.

            “Love Machine” takes you back a little, though, with the guitar making it sound very much like the old 60s rock and roll, or maybe even a little like a watered down version of a band like The Strokes. It’s definitely one to get the foot tapping, although there are a few points in the verses where it slows down and becomes more like a straight forward pop tune.

            After a promising start, it all goes horribly wrong with I’ll Stand By You”. I wonder if Girls Aloud are counting on a lot of their fan base being a little too young to remember the original. For those that are, it’s not a bad pop ballad, although maybe just a little over done in parts, where the music threatens to over power the girls’ voices. For those that remember the original, Girls Aloud don’t have the power of Chrissie Hynde’s voice, and it’s merely a really weak version of what was a pop-rock ballad. As Britney Spears has already proved, pop acts really shouldn’t try and cover soft rock songs, and this maintains that theory.

            What pop acts are more than welcome to cover, however, are other pop tunes, as they can’t do as much harm. The Pointer Sisters’ “Jump” got a working over for the “Love Actually” soundtrack and its retro pop-disco sound is perfect for Girls Aloud. It’s been bought up to date a little musically, with a more dance than disco beat over it, but it’s largely an upbeat pop dance number, and another one that will have many dancing around the room with a hairbrush. Not, me though – I don’t have a hairbrush.

            “Wake Me Up” has an almost grunge like guitar over the intro, although it quickly segues into a fairly rocky pop tune. That only lasts part of the way through, however, as the guitar drops away and it becomes even more of a pop tune, although with slightly darker under tones. On first play, I wasn’t entirely sure I like this one, but it does grow on you in time, although it’s not one of their better tracks, and the music does overshadow their voices a little in parts.

            The album seems to be working on a 2 up-tempo, one slower number thus far, and “Deadlines and Diets” follows that trend. It’s a pop ballad with a slightly funky edge to it, which could almost be an All Saints or a Sugababes number if it had a little more edge to the vocals and a little more funk to the music. It’s a nice enough little tune to sway along to, though, for all that.

            There’s an interesting looking writing credit on “Big Brother”, in that it’s co-written by Girls Aloud themselves, as are a few of the remaining tracks on the album. It’s not a promising start, almost falling part way between a slowed down retro disco sound, much like their own “Some Kind of Miracle” from the “Sound of the Underground” album, mixed in parts with something that sounds a little like a washed out version of Blondie, with the girls just not having the power to match Debbie Harry, as they didn’t with Chrissie Hynde earlier. It’s got quite a nice mid-tempo beat, which isn’t bad to tap your foot to, but that’s really about it, as the vocals don’t do a great deal to improve it and, in fact, just get in the way a little.

            “Hear Me Out” is a slower number, with an almost trance sound to it and this with the vocals sound a little like Portishead, although the vocals don’t maintain this sound for long. Overall, it’s a fairly standard pop ballad, and it could really have been performed by any all female pop group, as there’s nothing that makes it stand out from a crowd of slower tempo pop tunes.

            In calling a song something like “Graffiti My Soul”, you always run the risk of the title being the best thing about it. That’s a thought that doesn’t last long, as it’s a song with a decent up-tempo funky sound to it and a bit of attitude. There’s a little almost spoken bit that reminds me a little of the end of “No Good Advice” from the debut album, but it’s got a more laid back groove than that song.

            Still in keeping with the 2 up-tempo songs one after another is “Real Life”. There’s another light dance groove running through it, with the piano sound reminding me a little of the 1980s kind of house music, although there are a few parts with hand claps that have a similar kind of feel to Outkast’s “Hey Ya”. It’s a fast pop number that’s likely to be a dance floor filler.

            There has to be a ballad next, given the way the album has gone, and “Here We Go” is certainly slower paced that the previous couple of songs, but more mid-tempo than a ballad. There’s another delightfully funky sound to the verses, before the chorus really picks things up a little and the attitude and the chorus, if not the verses, reminds me a lot of the Spice Girls, although it goes a little more towards disco towards the end, again a lot like “Some Kind of Miracle” from “Sound of the Underground” which, as I liked that song, I have no problem with.

            If I were a parent, I’m not sure that “Thank Me Daddy” is the kind of thing I’d want my young children listening to, lyrically speaking, although the whole album is a lot sassier than “Sound of the Underground” was. Musically, however, I’d hope they like it as much as I do. It’s got a mid-tempo disco/funk beat to it, and reminds me of the kind of thing they’d play at disco nights at a local nightclub I used to go to. It’s another one that gets the foot tapping and is tough not to dance to.

            After the earlier covers, I was worried that the first bonus track “I Say a Prayer For You” was a cover of the soul standard “I Say a Little Prayer”. Fortunately, for the sake of Aretha Franklin and the others that performed the original, that’s not the case. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it would have been better if it had been, as it’s a washed out pop ballad that Atomic Kitten could have done. Not bad, I suppose, but given that most of the album has had dance and funk influences, it’s a dreadful let down this far into the album.

            The album ends with “100 Different Ways”, which has a Sugababes or even TLC kind of beat running behind it, but doesn’t have quite the same attitude. As with several others earlier on the album it promises more than it delivers and is a pop ballad with perhaps a bit more of an edge than “I Say a Prayer For You”, but without the attitude it could do with to make it better.

            While there is less variation of influences on this album than there was on “Sound of the Underground”, it is a better crafted album, with a bit more attitude and a little bit more of a funky groove. Whilst it’s still largely pop music, it’s managing not to fall foul of too many clichés, and is veering away from the sickly sweet ballad end of the pop spectrum inhabited by Atomic Kitten and Westlife for the most part.

            The stand out tracks are the singles, but there are enough decent tracks on the rest of the album to make it worth a purchase, if you’re into Girls Aloud or pop music generally. There’s a hint of the sexiness that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have been using to sell records recently, although not too much for Girls Aloud to appear as trashy as they became. There’s a hint of the hip hop sound that the Sugababes have been using to great effect of late, although with more of a pop edge than they have, and Girls Aloud’s most obvious influences stretch back beyond most of the current bands and into funk and disco.

            There’s enough variation to make things interesting, although I’m not entirely sure that Girls Aloud have really found their own sound as yet. Without “Pop Idol” being in the immediate memory, I can see this album having a shorter shelf life that “Sound of the Underground”, but with more songs like “The Show” and “Love Machine”, in particular, there could well be another in the offing.

            At 51 minutes long, with the two UK bonus tracks my version has, it’s a good length for a pop album. Being a relatively new album, it’s not easy to find it very cheaply as yet, although the £8.99 it would cost from Amazon and play.com is quite reasonable value, given that it’s a decent album. Copies are just starting to appear on eBay, with £2.00 being the cheapest I’ve seen it for, although I’m sure prices will start to come down as the album ages a little more.

            Girls Aloud are never likely to win any prizes for album of the year, except perhaps from magazine concentrating on pop music. But that’s the way it should be. There’s not a lot here that’s ground breaking, or even terribly original, but there is much that’s actually rather good. In what was a lacklustre year for bubblegum pop acts, this album doesn’t have any serious competition at present for the best pop album around. If your neighbours are into pop music, I can tell you what they’ll say – buy it now.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 The Show
            2 Love Machine
            3 I'll Stand By You
            4 Jump
            5 Wake Me Up
            6 Deadlines & Diets
            7 Big Brother
            8 Hear Me Out
            9 Graffiti My Soul
            10 Real Life
            11 Here We Go
            12 Thank Me Daddy
            13 I Say A Prayer For You
            14 100 Different Ways

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