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White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean - NOFX

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Modern Punk / Artist: NOFX / Audio CD released 1996-12-10 at Epitaph

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 20:54
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      good fourth album

      White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean is the fourth album from the band nofx, its also quite a strange name for an album however a lot of albums from this band do have quite strange names also. For me this album came at a pretty good time, the band had already had a poor first album and another poor second album however their third was pretty good so I was expecting something from this one and it didn't really disappoint.

      The first track is called soul doubt, its not my favourite song from the band or off this album however its still fairly good, its got some really good guitar and drums in it and although I think the lyrics let the song down a bit it is still played well.

      The third some in where the album comes into its own, its called bob and is a clear favourite of mine from this album and is also one of my favourites from this band as well, its got a really catchy opening lyrics and in fact catchy lyrics all the way through, I also love the ska edge this song has, and the saxophone in the middle, it's a really great song.

      The bag is another song I like from this album, its called the bag and it's a fast paced punk rock song with on going lyrics which don't really have much pauses for breath in them, the lyrics are really great and its sung well in a kind of sad slow way even though its really fast.

      She's gone is probably the most different song from the rest of them, its sung very differently from the rest as if its kind of screamed out but not in a bad sounding way, I really like the rawness of this song.

      1. Soul Doubt
      2. Stickin in My Eye
      3. Bob
      4. You're Bleedin
      5. Straight Edge
      6. Liza & Louise
      7. Bag, The
      8. Please Play This Song on the Radio
      9. Warm
      10. I Wanna Be Your Baby
      11. Johnny Appleseed
      12. She's Gone
      13. Buggley Eyes

      This is a really good album from the band, they had really started getting their style together by their third album and I think for this album they knew for the first time what direction they wanted to go down, and for me this was a turning point as they didn't really have another bad album since this one.


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        03.02.2003 02:33
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        NOFX are one of the most underrated punk bands out there today, although technically they are asking for it. They refuse to do interviews, they consistently make politically incorrect albums and have a thing about lesbians. In fact, considering the fame TATU are getting nowadays, it's a shame that NOFX aren't getting noticed since their rock/punk hybrid is about as tasteless, shocking and funny as punk gets. However, there's no doubting that since 1994's sublime Punk In Drublic, the quality of the records has increased somewhat. Indeed, last album, Pump Up The Valuum, had the commercial-suicide of having about three choruses among a huge tracklist. However, it was back in the good old days, when NOFX were at their prime. White Trash... is their best album, if you like stuff like Blink-182, Good Charlotte or Green Day. However, if you like your music more politically aware then go out and buy a copy of Punk In Drublic, because it is Citizen Kane to this record's Jackass: The Movie. However, that's not doubting that this album is good. In fact, this album isn't just good, it's bloody hilarious at times. And when I say hilarious, I don't mean witty (i.e. Weezer) but more towards the Blink-182 / Bowling For Soup brand of jockstrap, cock waggling jokes. However, the material here is far ruder, far stronger and far more provoking. Lines like "she said they don't know how to fuck, her last boyfriend's a schmuck" or "with a flick of a tongue she made her laugh" from politically incorrect lesbianism anthem Liza and Louise always generate a few chuckles. While the opening of Bob, with the classic line "I spent fifteen years, getting loaded now, fifteen years getting loaded" and the eponymous chorus of Please Play This Song On The Radio have a sense of dry, black humour that is all too much absent from today's music. And on to the music. Well White Trash... displays NOFX i
        n their most juvenile days. Some songs here revel in the two chord dynamics of yesteryear (i.e. The Ramones) while others take it a step up, and that's a SHORT step up. In fact, some of the playing here is so basic that it seems like these uys only picked up their guitars the day before the recorded this. It's El Hef, the "big boned" guitarist who joined the band before the recording of this album, who adds the muscle and the flavour that separates this from the rest. His air guitar playing is magnificent, particularly on the solo that opens Lisa and Louize where he seems to be stuck in his own Led Zeppelin world, while the other members of the band plod through three chord punk. Often El Hef, even resembles the punk Santana (if that's actually possible). This is most evident on Stickin' In My Eye, the "punkest" song on this record where he plays a riff that could have been taken straight out of Supernatural's tracklist. Nonetheless, the song soon descends into a punk frenzy, bongo drums, rapid fire guitar work and bobbing basslines. Almost every song here, apart from the throwaway "joke" finale that is BuggleyEyes (think Frank Sinatra DOING Joey Ramone and you get an idea of how this sounds like) could be a hit single on alternative stations across the country, and rarely does NOFX escape from the verse chorus verse pattern of regular pop songs. At thirteen tracks, totalling inat around half an hour, this album isn't that long. But with punk, believe me, that's a good thing. How long can you listen to the same whiny voice for? It's not a problem with Green Day or Weezer who both have lovely, charismatic lead vocalists, but with NOFX you have Fat Mike, a constipated lemon if there ever was one. He just babbles on and on and on.... Initially, his voice is intriguing, mosh pit inducing, exciting and this album cuts it short at just the right moment, whilst on later albums this guy just bla
        bbers on and on... White Trash... is not a classic album- your collection will not feel abused without it. It is entirely throwaway, entirely forgettable but an immensely fun ride while it all happens, boasting numerous jokes then. It's like the American Pie of music, immensely enjoyable but also hugely enjoyable. If you want world-weary, politically aware, clever punk music then search for Punk In Drublic, a punk album with a hugely black heart and one of the best lines I've heard in "don't point your finger you racist, you bigot, that's not the problem, is it?" and "what the f**k is freedom". Chow (sorry if you didn't enjoy that I know it's sub-par compared to my other work)


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          25.06.2002 05:29



          This is one of the best punk albums ever made. They've made better recieved albums since. They've made better selling albums since. But this is the daddy of them all. Not a bad track on here - it kicks off with 'Soul Doubt' an upbeat punk track straight out of the NOFX mould - carries on through 'stickin in my eye'. 'Bob' is funny and top quality, 'Lisa and Louise' is a genuine classic and very funny (but not necessarily PC). Top tunes, and it closes with 'Buggly Eyes' - a really funny songthat sounds like some kind of old 40s-type singer. To be honest, after this and 'Punk in Drublic' NOFX went downhill and got a bit boring. (I know people will complain about that). Just buy this it is fantastic. They were never better.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Soul Doubt
        2 Stickin In My Eye
        3 Bob
        4 You're Bleeding
        5 Straight Edge
        6 Liza And Louise
        7 Bag
        8 Please Play This Song On The Radio
        9 Warm
        10 I Wanna Be Your Baby
        11 Johnny Appleseed
        12 She's Gone
        13 Buggley Eyes