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Who You Are - Jessie J

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16 Reviews
  • Fun album
  • Cheap
  • Does get a little samey
  • "Replay" is not on the album
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    16 Reviews
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      21.07.2014 14:03
      Very helpful


      • "Fun album"
      • Cheap


      • "Does get a little samey "
      • ""Replay" is not on the album"

      A great feel-good album

      I bought this album as It wasn''''t too badly priced at £5 for the re-released platinum edition which is the first album by a British female artist in history to produce six or more top ten hits in UK so I thought if it''''s record braking why not give it a go? I''''m glad I did, it''''s the best debut by any critic''''s choice winner but it''''s still a strong start. I wouldn''''t say the lyrics are the best in the world, they''''re not that bad but the vocals and the production is what gives this album an edge. It''''s original, without Jessie J pop would have a complete other meaning, her vocals bring her the thing the pop industry was missing.

      This isn''''t the perfect album but there is just so much in this that makes it worth having. Lyrically it''''s good and does spark thought but not on all tracks. I also got this album as I recently heard "Laserlight" and really liked the beat and the vocals, maybe as another bonus track, "Replay" would have been nice, I haven''''t heard it but it was on the original David Guetta album ''''nothing but the beat" yet not on the 2.0 edition which was disappointing and would have been nice to have made up for it on this record.
      The first track is her smash hit, "Price Tag ft. B.O.B", its a very pop orientated song that sold over 1 million copies in the UK alone and one of the first pop songs that has a decent features rap artist that doesn''''t spoil the feel of the song. It has a good message to it, not to worry about about money , or at least be aware of it but don''''t become obsessed. "Nobody''''s Perfect" is another feel good song that is written in the love context about admitting to not being perfect but then again no one is, it''''s a great feel good song that can be applied in many contexts, for me it helps with me being self concious at times. "Abracadabra" isn''''t very memorable yet you wouldn''''t skip it as it''''s catchy and a great pop tune to dance to, not my favourite on the record though.

      The next track is a recorded live version of ,"White room" although it doesn''''t say this on the back on the album,it''''s slow and I think its about the feeling of emptiness, clever but too slow and the lyrics don''''t really connect with her vocals as in my opinion she has a voice which is meant to sing faster songs, not ballads. "Casualty of love" is a decent song, it''''s again, too self explanatory and not the best song on the album, in fact may be one of the weakest, it''''s not too terrible that will bring the whole rating down. "Rainbow" is a happy song but I just can''''t connect with it and again ranks one of the worst tracks on the album, it sounds very cheesy.
      As we approach the 2nd half of the album the better song-writing arrives. Who''''s laughing now, although made into a pop style with some talking and singing going on provides a strong message for people, like myself who were not always treated the best at school and gives a good message of perseverance to children who also are bullied and that there will be something good after all the pain and upset, you''''ll rise above it, well done Jessie! Do it like a dude was Jessie J''''s first release in the UK and for me wouldn''''t make me buy her album as it''''s ruder than most of her songs that are also explicit, its just the way it comes across, I like the song though its very catchy and would be plated at parties for a while to come, it''''s still not timeless music though.

      I''''m not to keen on the songs, "Mama knows best", "L.O.V.E" or " I need this" as they do seems to be a little less memorable than the rest, I would maybe skip "Mama Knows best" at least as the song seemed a bit messily produced. Another criticism for the LP is that Jessie J does tend to show off her vocals too much and it almost sounds as if she''''s warming up her voice with vocal exercises during the songs just to fill up gaps and this can get annoying after a while and I don''''t think this music was thought on long enough to be as good as it could have been.
      "Stand Up" is just a happy song about just living up to love and enjoying it, a little like "Domino" which talks about making dreams come true with Domino being a potential euphemism , "taking down like a domino", maybe not, it''''s a theory not quite as bizarre as you may think, it makes some sense. "Who are are" is the song that describes how I feel most of the time, I''''m not self confident so this song helped me to understand my emotions a bit better, "I forgot what to do to fit the mould" and is the best song lyrically on the album but not vocally, no the vocals go to "Domino" and "Laser-light". Jessie wrote about things that affected her and it''''s helped change me too. "My shadow" is another really nice song lyrically and production wiser about a love who will never leave as he/she is a shadow and always with her even if they''''re not always visible. "Laser Light ft.David Guetta" is a nice dance hit that also features great powerhouse vocals from Jessie J as well a good production but not as good lyrically. This album demonstrates 2 out of 3 components , needed for the perfect song. (Lyrics, Production, vocals), in most of the songs on the record only around 2 of 3 are used and not always the same line of perfection, some may be Lyrics and production, others may be stronger in the Vocal and Lyric category , which I prefer.

      The cover is completely original and on the back features the iconic picture of Jessie J wearing her union Jack lipstick. There is also extra photos of her as a kid to spread across the little booklet which I think is cute and original as well as the lyrics for you to sing along to your favourite pop song. I would recommend this to Jessie J/Pop lovers as it''''s great for £5 or less, as I said there is a few weak tracks but they''''re not bad just not as good. Check out "Standup", "Who you are" and " Nobody''''s perfect" before buying as they are the best songs on the album, especially "Who you are" as it''''s emotionally touching , around 4.4/5 as it''''s not quite got the edge to it that it deserved though, well done Cornish !


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      23.10.2013 00:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great introduction to Jessie J!

      I remember reading an article in a magazine called 'ones to look out for in 2011' and Jessie J was named as 'the next best thing/ British Lady Gaga / one to look out for'. At the time I thought 'oh another copy-cat'. Although, a few weeks ago, I saw/heard a very catchy tune on the music channels; a tune which I absolutely fell in love with. A tune called 'Price Tag' by Jessie J, and that is how I got introduced to her.

      For those of you who don't know, Jessie J is a British female artist from London. She is just twenty five years old. As a child she starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical 'Whistle Down The Wind'. She attended the BRIT school, and has even written hits for Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. Now she is here with her debut album!

      Jessie J's debut album is called 'Who You Are'. It was released in the United Kingdom in February 2011 (it was originally meant to be released in March, although due to popular demand it was released a month early). You can buy your copy of the CD from Amazon for just £6.99 which I think is excellent value for money, considering that the album is brand new!

      ~* Tracklist *~
      1) Price Tag 2) Nobody's Perfect 3) Abracadabra 4) Big White Room 5) Casualty of Love 6) Rainbow 7) Who's Laughing Now 8) Do It Like A Dude 9) Mamma Knows Best 10) L.O.V.E 11) Stand Up 12) I Need This 13) Who You Are

      I really like Jessie J's voice. I think it's really unique and individual. Her voice is quite 'rough and ready'. She has quite a powerful voice, and while I think that she sounds great on the songs on this album, I do think that she doesn't quite use her voice to it's full potential. With power like that, I would like to hear her sing a big ballad. She can do some really fancy warbling to!

      There are some great songs on here. Ones which stand out for me are defiantely 'Price Tag', 'Mamma Know's Best', 'L.O.V.E' and 'Who's Laughing Now'. I think that a few songs on here are growers. When I first heard the song 'Nobody's Perfect', I was a bit like 'it's ok, not that great though', although now that I have heard it a few times, I really like it. I think the whole album is a grower; it does take some getting used to.

      I love how the song 'Big White Room' sounds as though it is live. There has been no 'auto-tune' on this song; it's all pure and raw, which is great, and how it should be.
      It's very different; in a way, the album reminds me a bit of Natasha Bedingfield. I can't believe how much the song 'Mamma Knows Best' sounds like Christina Aguilera; she even sounds like her!

      The songs are quite catchy and all have very strong beats. I do like how there are songs to suit all tastes on here. There really is something for everyone. Styles of music on here range from :pop, rap, r n b, jazz to name a few.

      I absolutely love Jessie J's way with words. The lyrics are amazingly interesting. I like how 'crazy' but well put together they are. Such lines include: "It's not about the money money money/we don't need your money money money/ we just wanna make the world dance/ forget about the price tage/ it ain't about the ch-ch-ching ching ching/ it ain't about the b-b-bling b-bling b-bling". Just really catchy lyrics.

      I like that some of songs are about how the world works, and how crazy some things are, like how these days everythings about money. I like the fact that people will be able to relate to some of the songs, such as 'Who's Laughing Now', which is about her getting picked on when she was younger, and look at her now. So they're quite inspirational songs which are easy to connect to.

      However, I am slightly disappointed with this album; it's good, but I don't think that the songs on here are as good as the fantastic single 'Price Tag'.

      I think that it's a good album, but not as good as I was expecting! However, I do like the fact that it is very different!

      Thanks for reading!
      October 2013


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        17.05.2013 03:50
        Very helpful



        Four out of five stars

        I really like Jessie J's music - it's fun and catchy but if you listen to the lyrics almost all of her songs have a deeper meaning to them. I bought her debut album - Who You Are not long after it was released back in 2011 and although I don't listen to it that much anymore I still listen to the couple of tracks on it which are my favourites now and again.

        I don't listen to it that much anymore mainly because I've kind of outgrown her music if that makes sense, I found it a lot more relatable when I was a couple of years younger and after listening to her songs over a long period of time I just kind of got a little bored of them! Some of the songs on the album don't really hold my interest as much as others and some I will just skip as soon as they come on but others I will sing along to and dance around to because there are some really good songs on this - some of which never get old.

        I have the platinum edition of the album which I purchased from iTunes - I can't remember exactly how much I paid but the current price is £8.99 which for 16 full length songs is amazing value in my opinion! My favourite song on the entire album would have to be 'who you are' which is so inspiring and anyone who has ever felt insecure about how they look or have ever felt like a misfit in society/school/work etc or has been bullied will completely understand every word spoken in this song, it is really reassuring and empowering and it just makes it feel like there's someone there who truly understands and it is really uplifting.

        I replayed this over and over again back when I first got the album because even though the lyrics are quite raw and touch on sensitive issues (feeling ugly and worthless etc) it still manages to have an overall uplifting feel to it. Who's laughing now is another song that offers support to those who are feeling low or are being bullied and Jessie speaks of her own experience of been bullied in the song, again this is a really positive song which is suprisingly quite funny in parts hearing the ridiculous, immature insults she got as a child from the bullies at school.

        The song really makes you realise how silly and immature most playground bullying is and it made me feel better knowing that someone as succesful, gorgeous and talented as Jessie had experienced name calling when they were younger and you really get a sense of how amazing she feels to have proven the bullies wrong and done well for herself! Another favourite of mine is price tag which features B.O.B, this is really fun to sing along to and dance around to and it's one of those songs that reminds me of summer and family barbecues for some reason!

        The lyrics again are very relatable and it reminds me that there's more to life than earning money and buying stuff and my family is what matters. Do it like a dude was one of my favourites when the album first came out but I'm not too keen on it anymore, again it's very upbeat and fast paced and it shows Jessie's arrogant side but in an almost funny way in my opinion, it's a good song but just not one that I listen to anymore.

        Another song I like is mamma knows best which really shows Jessie's amazingly powerful and versatile vocal range. The album all in all is really good and I'd definitely recommend it, it is fun and uplifting with lots of little hidden positive messages in the lyrics. Four out of five stars.


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        08.05.2012 22:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Jessie J's debut album


        The end of 2010 flew by for Jessie J. Within a few months, she'd gone from being known in industry circles as a songwriter, to one of the country's biggest stars. After getting her name out there with a few bedroom webcam performances, "Do It Like a Dude" hit the UK and brought about a brand new star. It was then followed up by a handful of other successful singles, all of which suggested she was a breath of fresh air for the industry, to revitalise the industry and bring contemporary Pop music to modern times. The Essex songstress dropped her debut album "Who You Are" at the start of 2011 to follow the hype of her singles, and would only continue to climb into superstar status.

        *Good Points*

        "Who You Are" is laced together with a string of Jessie J at her best. As a vocalist, she's pretty much unmatched in the Pop market. She can throw out those high notes at the click of the finger and keeps it entertaining with brightening vocal acrobatics. It's the reason why she's able to do such a good job with "Nobody's Perfect", why the title track is so entertaining and why she's had relatively little backlash from the oldies. For the young crowd, contributions such as "Price Tag", "Mama Knows Best" and "Do It Like a Dude" show that she's got what the others lack and we'll be a seeing a lot more from her in the future.

        *Bad Points*

        As much as she's got this untestable string of big songs, the fact that she put the album out at a time when she was the 'perfect Popstar', she ended up revealing her flaws. In particular, it's wanting to get songs out as quickly as possible and just having a product to flog. It's why a few of the tunes come out like they should have been unused demos, when compared to the enoro-Pop which was seen in the singles. Even when taking that into account, the good ones certainly outweigh the weaknesses of it.


        For a body of work which is alleged to have taken a full six years to complete, it sounds awfully rushed and as though she didn't quite have enough time to make the release sound completely cohesive. It's true that she does have a lot of solid tracks on "Who You Are" and she lays the foundations for what is due to be a very prosperous career in the limelight, but there's not really all that much lasting appeal. For those who followed her from her first singles, through to "Nobody's Perfect" (which dropped soon after this came out) it showed that there's a lot to her, but it's not particularl


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          08.05.2012 19:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great album

          Who You Are was Jessie J's first album and was released in 2011, this album has had lots of great tracks on it and is definitely worth a listen.

          I would say this album is mostly pop, though some of the songs have rock and hip hop vibes to them as well. I really like this album as it has a lot of attitude in it and was written by Jessie J, you can really get a feel of what kind of a person Jessie J is from listening to this album.

          The track listing for Who You Are is as follows:
          1. Price Tag-Feat. B.o.B.
          2. Nobody's Perfect
          3. Abracadabra
          4. Big White Room
          5. Casualty Of Love
          6. Rainbow
          7. Who's Laughing Now
          8. Do It Like A Dude
          9. Mamma Knows Best
          10. LOVE
          11. Stand Up
          12. I Need This
          13. Who You Are

          Favourite Tracks
          Price Tag
          This song is really funky and have a real cool RnB vibe to it, it is about how money does not mean anything to Jessie J and how she would rather spend her own than take money from a man. This song is really cool and confident, like many of the songs on this album and it gives a good message to women to be more independent and not depend on men to get things that they want.

          Who's Laughing Now
          This is a fun and upbeat song that has a really confident vibe to it. It is about how Jessie got bullied in school and never fitted in, now that she is all grown up, she has made her way in life and is happy. I really like this song because I can kind of relate to how horrible the girls in school were, I made most of my friends outside school and am much happier because of it. I think this song gives a good message to anyone being bullied as it shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and usually the people who have been mean and nasty to you end up unhappy in the end.

          Do it Like a Dude
          This is another really cool song about how Jessie J can keep up with and hang with the boys as easily as she can with the girls. It is a fun and sexy song about how men and women should have equal standards in society. I think this song is really catchy and fun and is definitely worth a listen to.

          The Rest of the Album
          I really like all the songs on this album and can't say that I find the urge to skip over any of the tracks. There is a good mixture of slow and emotional songs and faster more upbeat fun songs on this album. I really like Jessie J's voice and she writes her songs as well as singing them. I like that most of the songs on this album have their own message of being strong and independant and being your own person, this seems to be the theme throughout the album. I am really glad that I bought this album and have got quite a bit of listening out of it, I love listening to this album when I am getting ready for a night out with the girls.

          Price and Availabily
          You can buy Jessie J's Who You Are in HMV for around £7, which is a fantastic price in my opinion for such a good album. I have got lots of listening out of my copy and really enjoy all of this album.

          I think that this is a fantastic album and listen to it all the time. There are loads of great tracks and a good variety of different types of songs on this album. Overall I would give this album 5 out of 5 stars.

          *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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            01.04.2012 17:57



            A great debut album with a touch of RnB flavour

            I bought this album after falling in love with the song "Price Tag". I paid £8.98 for it from Amazon.co.uk.

            The album is a pop album with an RnB edge and it was first released in early 2011. I have this version which is the original version, although Jessie has since re released the album with extra songs. The album features the song Price Tag which is a fantastic pop song reminding us that money isn't everything. It's a great feel good song and it's my favourite song on the album by far. I also love Do It Like A Dude which takes a hit at the guys, reminding them that us girls can do it just as good as them, or even better. This is another pop song but it also has a rockier feel to it. I like it though and it's a great song with an even greater message!

            The album features a mix of uptempo songs and slower songs. The slower songs are also great as they focus more on Jessie's amazing voice. She does have an amazing voice and this comes through on the ballads. I must say that her ballads are very powerful and emotional. They are also very personal to her and they're very inspirational - Just listen to Who You Are for instant inspiration.

            Overall this is a great album and I never tire of listening to it.

            It's fresh, funky and modern. A great listen. Buy it!


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            04.02.2012 20:52
            Very helpful



            An album with a right mix on it and something on it for everyone!

            For Christmas I had a huge list of albums that I wanted and luckily my best mate got hold of it and got me pretty much every album I had my eye on, this being one of them!

            Who Is Jessie J?:

            Well this is Jessie's (real name Jessica Ellen Cornish) debut album after her first two songs, 'Do it like a dude' and 'Price tag' made number one and number two respectively in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and New Zealand charts. This album was released in February 2011 and it charted at number two in the UK album charts.

            She is an English singer/songwriter (she comes from London actually) and scoops awards left right and centre after going it alone from a girl band she was in two years where she first found 'fame' on you tube.

            The Album:

            Track List And Opinions:

            Price Tag:

            One of my favourite songs at the moment by anyone this to me can only be described as an Urban song, unpolished rapping at the beginning. The moral of the story is money can't buy you happiness. I like the way that the music is secondary on this track to the lyrics and towards the end there is rapping on there by B.o.B which breaks up slightly and as I said earlier I really like this track adn it really does show off Jessie's voice!

            Nobody's Perfect:

            Parental advisory is advised on this track with the f word popping up which to be fair is necessary on this as its a really heartfelt story/song about mistakes and learning in life. Her voice really is superb on this and raw like it hasn't been tweeked or played about with too much which I really like. Again the music on this track is great but its clever how the main attraction is Jessie's voice which is louder than anything else.


            This is more of a pop song that the previous two and a bit more polished and generic then lots of the other tracks. Its simply ok this one, with a bit of backing on it though I have to be honest to me its a shame that this song is on this album as everything else is so unique, this isn'tt really and feels like a filler and quite simply it rather bored me and is one I like to skip lol.

            Big White Room:

            This is a love recording and you can really get the ambience of that particularly at the end of the song. This is Jessie singing along with a guitar and it really just show what a talent she is as her voice just along again singing about freedom from within is so soulful and in tune and her vocals are fabulous and this is one of my favourite tracks ever of hers though for me does feel a bit long to be honest and a bit shouty towards the end.

            Casualty Of Love:

            Once again this song is filled with real emotions from Jessie as many of her songs are. This one has a really cross between soul and pop feel to it and is simply lovely. No shouting on this one which I appreciate and this one is simply an easy listening track really with a great message about love.


            This starts off with a slightly techno feel it and turns into rap singing with a little baking and this is my least favourite song on the album. Its a bit too poppy for me with too much racket going on...showing my 37 year old status now but I really dond't like it, it has predictable rhyming lyrics and quite simply gets on my wick lol

            Who's Laughing Now:

            A fantastic pop song with a really good message about bullying in it which I feel from listening to this song, Jessie actually knows something about. Yes some of the lyrics in it are a bit silly but it does have a very important message to it and it always gets me moving about this one. This is about Jessie! Her name gets mentioned in it and I like the way it goes through rapping to her singing with real raw emotion. Its like she is singing as her young self to how she is now and I love it! Who's laughing now? I think Jessie must be and all the way to the bank too.....wonder if she has ever been to a school reunion...anyway I digress lol!

            Do It Like A Dude:

            A song if I listen to I can't get out of me head and in fact I been singing the chorus from this for the past couple of days now which is what made me do this review lol.

            This song again contains some bad language but again in my mind the language is necessary because its a song full of attitude however it does use the f word, bitch and allsorts so if easily offended I'd be very careful purchasing the album lol.

            Mamma Knows Best:

            This starts with a big band feel and shows off her soulful, slightly jazzy voice and for me totally changes the feel and style of this album and of course its all about mama knows best. Not a bad song but for me lacks something I just can't put me finger on what it is though! I do like the fact she doesn't shout quite so much mind which she does have a tendency to do rather alot to get her point across lol


            In this song Jessie tells us she would never write a song about love and to be honest after listening to this one I wish she hadn't. Its a bit too sickly sweet for me and I don't want to know someone calls her milky either. Yes we get it your in love but spelling it doesn't make it any more real. In it though she does say that love doesn't matter if it comes from a boy a girl which is testament to the fact that she openly bisexual which again I appreciate as once again you get the feeling this is a very personal album to her. I'm just not keen on this song I'm afraid!

            Stand Up:

            A song with a guitar backing and clapping and this is a soulful song. Its a kind of inspirational song trying to make us feel good about ourselves no matter our ages etc and sorry these are the type of songs I hate with a passion and wish singers wouldn't do em! This song I particularly hate I'm afraid. This doesn't stretch her talents and doesn't feel as original as her other stuff, which of course it is. Sorry Jessie this song really is a complete waste of time on here!

            I Need This:

            Lovely song with a nice bit of electric guitar on it with her singing about her needing space and once again and not for the first time on this album you get the feeling she knows what's she's talking about on the subject. Not shouty but sang with a passion this is a really unusual track and reminds me of a song that could appear in a modern day musical and it helps that there's no bad language in this one either lol.

            Who You Are:

            This is an acoustic version of this song and I love it! I think this song shows off her lyrics to their very best on this album and see why its left to last. Be true to who you are is the message of this song and me, I listen to this when I'm down to cheer me up! It simply brilliant, raw and untweeked with her voice cracking occasionally and I think its simply superb!

            Overall opinion:

            I do really like this album! I like the great mix of songs and styles however I do find her shouting through some of them a bit much but do realise that she is trying to put across a feisty and not to be messed with persona but she has an amazing voice and really doesn't need to do that at all. There is a bit of bad language on the album but in her defence I feel that the swearing is in place within the songs it is on and not misplaced and lets face it most youngsters use worse language than this and could probably teach her a few words!

            There are a couple of tracks on this I don't like however this is her first album and if its anything to go on she will learn and fast and I can't wait to collect her others as I expect greatness as she matures in age and as an artist. I mean shes only 23 after all!

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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              12.12.2011 20:17
              Very helpful



              An uplifting, inspirational, emotional album from Jessie J.

              === Price Tag ===

              One of Jessie J's most famous songs kick starts this album. 'Seems like everybody's got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night' sums up what she thinks about the world. This is a funky, uplifting catchy tune that sings about not needing money and there being more important things in life than the price tag of things/life.

              This is probably the song that I had heard the most before purchasing this album but it just never gets old for me. This is a fantastic start to the album and shows off Jessie's voice and her amazing lyrics very well.

              === Nobody's Perfect ===

              An ear catching beat starts this song and instantly makes me think of Jessie in the video and the way that she is dancing and moving. This is a catchy song and carries the album on wonderfully. The lyrics are fantastic and the title sums up the song in two words, nobody's perfect! This is a real uplifting song that has a sad undertone to the lyrics but it works so well. This is another one of the incredibly successful songs that has already been released.

              === Abracadabra ===

              This is a little different from the first two songs. It feels laid back, care free, easy going and it works so well. The beat is funky and makes me want to sway from the moment I hear it and the lyrics are fun, fresh and singing this song is fantastic fun.

              === Big White Room ===

              This song is soft, slow, sultry and has a beautiful beginning. Here we really sample some of the full range of vocals that Jessie has to offer. This is a real different song compared to most others on the album and while it does bring the uplifting positive mood down a little bit this is still an incredibly enjoyable song. Jessie sounds beautiful, as she does on many of her songs, and she shows some of her trademark noises and pitches here that make her as successful as she is today.

              === Casualty Of Love ===

              This is another slow song that is about love. This is soft and slow, again, like 'Big White Room' and I really feel like this song is in the perfect place on the album. This song reminds me of a love song from years ago and I think that this is the kind of song that helps empower women who are down or who are having a bad period in their life.

              === Rainbow ===

              Funk is the first thing that springs to mind with this song. Jessie is having a little rap here and is showing off some of her trademark sass. The song makes me want to swing my hips and give it some attitude. This is a real accepting song about everyone being a colour of the rainbow and all sharing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow together. This is an inspirational song and is the perfect kind of song from a young persons role model.

              === Who's Laughing Now ===

              I adore the opening of this song! It is funky, fresh and it just instantly draws me in to listening to the song. This appears to be a song with Jessie singing about being bullied when she was younger with quips about looking like an alien and various others. Now Jessie has got her revenge by becoming successful, and beautiful to boot. This is an incredibly moving song, I just want to sing along with her... 'So make your jokes, go for broke, blow your smoke, your not alone, whose laughing now, whose laughing now?'

              === Do It Like A Dude ===

              It is fair to say that this is the song that first blew Jessie J on to the map in the United Kingdom! 'stomp stomp I've arrived' sums this song up in an instant! Jessie is here and she can do it like a dude! This is an incredibly catchy rift and even a year later this is still a smash whenever played in clubs and pubs.

              === Mamma Knows Best ===

              This has the feel of a real soul song. This sounds like something that belongs in an old fashioned film. Jessie sounds like a real starlet here and I can just imagine her with a 50's style microphone up on a table in a diner! This song is probably one of my favourite on the whole album. Jessie is crooning her heart out and stamping her message out there loud and clear that Mamma knows best about bringing her back up when she is done and helps to keep her feet on the ground.

              === L.O.V.E ===

              The title says it all really. This is a real song about love. Jessie is happy, it shows in this song. The lyrics are beautiful, as is her voice and this is an absolutely stunning song.

              === Stand Up ===

              This song reminds me of Mary J Blige a little. There is just something about the funky beat and guitar playing that accompanies this song. It sounds like an instant hit. The lyrics are fun and fantastic and this is a real enjoyable song to sing along to!

              === I Need This ===

              If I had to pick a song I like the least then it is probably this one. But don't get me wrong, I don't really dislike it, it still works it is just the one that reaches out to me the least. It is impossible to name a bad song on this album. The lyrics on this song work, they are break up kind of lyrics, singing of having time apart and the kind of things that go on between a couple. There is just nothing that grabs me about this song.

              === Who You Are ===

              What a way to end the album! The guitar playing is intriguing, it is slow, soft, gentle almost, and it suits her voice so well. Jessie begins singing and her voice is quiet yet loud, gentle yet strong and she is singing her lungs out before you know it. Jessie sings probably her most quoted line 'don't lose who you are in the blur of the stars, seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, its ok not to be ok, sometimes its hard to follow your heart, tears don't mean you're losing, everybodies bruising, just be true to who you are'. That sums up this album really. It is an album about being true to yourself and to others. Express your sexuality, your personality, your ideal hairstyle, your beliefs and never let anybody force you to be a different person.

              === Overall Opinion ===

              It is fair to say that this album is an incredibly moving one. Jessie sings about heartbreak, love and life in general. She encourages people, through her lyrics, to be who they are and many of her songs have inspirational quotes and lyrics that I have seen bandied around on the internet for at least the past six months or so. Jessie has become huge and it is so simple to see why when listening to this album. She sounds beautiful, the album is amazing and it works so well. This is worth every penny of it's 'Price Tag' and everyone should say 'I Need This'!


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                08.12.2011 18:57
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                An amazing talent.

                Who You Are by Jessie J.

                Who You Are is the debut album to be released by British superstar Jessie J. I bought the album when it was first released back in February this year. I loved Jessie's first single 'Do It Like a Dude' but what intrigued me about her was her voice and all the hype about her. I bought the album with high expectations to hear something original and groundbreaking and I was not disappointed. Jessie J won the Critics Choice Award at the 2011 Brits which just showed that she was in for huge success.

                Since Jessie J's released this album she has become a huge star in the UK and worldwide. This album reached number 2 in the UK album charts and sold more than 100,000 copies in its first week alone. The album also reached number 11 in the US charts which is relatively high for a British artist. Jessie J has appeared on the X Factor, here and in the USA and chat shows such as Ellen Degeneres. I predict that Jessie J will be nominated for a number of awards at next years Brits, following her huge success at the Mobo Awards this year.

                I like Jessie J because she is a fantastic role model to young girls. She is very talented and is someone who Britain should be proud of. Jessie J has her own unique style of music and style of fashion which sets her apart from other artists. In terms of talent and potential I think that Jessie J is up there with Adele as one of the best female artists we have in this country right now. Jessie J has got to where she is today through hard work, determination and mastering her talent. These are all positive lessons which go out to young people to follow their dreams and work hard.

                Who You Are comes with 16 tracks and lasts for 64 minutes. Jessie J writes on all of the songs on her album, before she released her own material she was in fact a successful songwriter pinning songs for Miley Cyrus and The Pussycat Dolls.

                The album cover shows a head shot of Jessie J posing with her hands up beside her head. She is wearing all black; her hair, nails, clothes and even lipstick are black. I like the album cover, it is nothing too adventurous but it is distinctive and shows who Jessie J is.

                The tracks on the album vary from ballads to upbeat jazzy numbers. There is not one track on the album which I would skip.

                *Track 1: Price Tag.
                This was Jessie J's second single to be released from the album, it features rapper B.O.B. I would call this a pop/R&B track. I heard this song on the radio a lot when I was in America this summer. Jessie J starts the song by talking to her stuffed toys, which is different. In general the song is about money and why everything must have a price tag. Through this song Jessie wants to make the world dance and forget about money. I think that B.O.B. really makes this song stand out and without his rap I fear it wouldn't be as good. It is definitely a great track, especially to have come out of this country. This song really put Jessie J on the map as an amazing artist. I like the instrumentals on this song, they are very uplifting, as are the lyrics and general message.

                *Track 2: Nobody's Perfect.
                I love the strong violin intro to this song, it gives it real character. This song really shows off Jessie J's vocal ability. When listening to this song the main concentration is on her voice and the lyrics. Jessie J definitely sings this song with feeling, it is very powerful and on the chorus she really goes for it. This song is about letting someone down and feeling bad about it and hoping to be forgiven as nobody is perfect. This is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album.

                *Track 3: Abracadabra.
                This song is really uplifting, it is a great pop track. Jessie J says that she has to have ya like abracadabra. It is really easy to listen to and is a good introduction to the album.

                *Track 4: Big White Room.
                Jessie J wrote this song after a personal experience which she witnessed whilst in hospital when she was a child. The ballad is very emotional and Jessie J's voice sounds amazing on it. She has such a strong voice and she can change notes so quickly to give a great sound. This is a live version of the song which makes it even more special, there is a lot of cheering from the audience.

                *Track 5: Casualty of Love.
                This is another great pop track on this album. It is a gentle song which has a really nice feel to it and shows off Jessie's vocal ability. It is about falling in love with someone and not giving up on them.

                *Track 6: Rainbow.
                Rainbow is another uplifting pop track with an interesting electro intro. Jessie J has written another inspirational track comparing people to the colours of the rainbow. It has a bit of a hip-hop feel to it with her almost rapping in the verses.

                *Track 7: Who's Laughing Now.
                This song is directed to the people who picked on Jessie J at school. Jessie J is definitely having the last laugh with this incredible track. It is so much fun and if you were ever picked on at school you can sing along and totally understand why Jessie J now feels so smug.

                *Track 8: Do It Like A Dude.
                This is the famous first single from Jessie J. It is probably the song that she is known best for but I don't think that it is one of the best songs on the album. I am glad that it is on the album though as it is a great party track and great for singing with the girls. A real R&B diamond.

                *Track 9: Mamma Knows Best.
                This song is a huge jazz number which I love! It is one of my favourite tracks on the album because it makes you want to move along to it and sing with Jessie J. It is about her parents always knowing best and them keeping her feet on the ground.

                *Track 10: L.O.V.E.
                This is a laid back song about love. Jessie J says at the beginning of the song that it is about time she wrote a song about love. The song has a very positive attitude towards love and she even spells it in her lyrics.

                *Track 11: Stand Up.
                Stand Up has a great guitar instrumental to it. It sounds a bit like a reggae track. It is about living your life as if everyday is your last and standing up for yourself. I think it is great that Jessie J writes so many of these inspirational tracks as everyone needs music like this. One of the best tracks on the album.

                *Track 12: I Need This.
                When I first heard this song I recognises it as a cover of a Chris Brown song. Jessie J actually write the song for Chris Brown so this is her version of it I think that Jessie J definitely gives it a new edge but I personally prefer Chris Browns take on the song. The song is about needing time to heal after a break up.

                *Track 13: Who You Are.
                This is the album title track and Jessie J's most recent release. I really like this song as it is very inspirational and it sends out an amazing message. The song is quite slow though so you have to be in the mood to listen to it. I have heard it so many times on The X Factor in recent weeks! It is definitely one of the best tracks on the album but I fear that if you hear it too many times it may lose its appeal. The song is about being true to yourself and not letting anybody pull you down.

                *Track 14: Price Tag (Acoustic Version).

                *Track 15: Do It Like a Dude (Acoustic Version).

                *Track 16 Who You Are (Acoustic Version).

                Overall I think that this album is great. It is a fresh sound and it is great to hear a British artist producing this kind of music. It is an uplifting album which also has some fantastic ballads on it which are very emotional. I think that it takes a really special artist to be able to cover such a variety of things on one album. I hope that Jessie J's future music lives up to this, in fact I have a feeling it will just keep getting better and better.

                I would definitely recommend this album.

                It is available as a CD for no more than £10 from music stores and supermarkets or you can download the mp3 version for as little as £8 from iTunes and play.com

                Summary: an amazing debut album.

                Thank you for reading : )

                Review also on Ciao under luceey.


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                28.08.2011 12:04
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                One of the best albums of this year

                Jessie J is one of thie years newest and greatest emerging artists. Reffered to as a 'British Lady Gaga' just without the eccentricity or self involvement. Jessie provides a bridge between the gaps left between electric, pop, reggae and r'n'b with her brilliant solo debut album 'Who You Are' which features 13 fantastic songs all worthy of praise. Jessica Cornish aka 'Jessie J' has filled an album with her spirit and her experience and her vocals all provide electricity even on the slightly weaker tracks of the album. It's this electricity that won her a BRIT before the album was even released and saw her reach high levels of success on the underground scene in her build up.

                The albums 13 tracks feature a real mix of vibes and musical influences. They are all united by the one cohesion that Jessie wrote or co-wrote every track so her general theme lays in each song despite it's different outside influences and genres that are subtly introduced. The track listing is as follows:

                PRICE TAG Featuring B.O.B
                Jessie's famous melody is all about her wanting to tell the world that money shouldn't make it spin. She uses this song to reach out to people and say that money can't buy happiness, so we should all take a breather and relax and enjoy the moments we have without being so obbsessed with money and material things. It's a great song with a fabulous vocal feature from American rapper/singer B.O.B. It's edgy and catchy and fun. Songs like this can sometimes appear 'preachy' but this is just a fun lyrically 'poke' at the world to go in a similar direction. It's tune and lyrics make it easy to listen to and what I would call a 'mood lightener'.

                NOBODY'S PERFECT
                This track is another suprise as the first in the sense that it's theme usually gives artists an excuse to write a slushy, slow and to be frank-depressing song. This has an upbeat, hard edge tune with catchy lyrics which sets it apart from other typical 'I'm sorry' type songs. Jessie uses this track to accept blame for hurting someone close to her and as her way to apologise. She also speaks to the masses because we all know that nobody is perfect. There is something brutally honest about this track, which is another reason I highly rate Jessie J-shes real and her honesty flows through this album and this track is poigniant for that.

                A slightly slower beat gives this a melodic feel while also incorporating her usual rock/pop rate. Still catchy and not dull though makes it easy listening. The song is about meeting that person who makes you want them in your life continuously. It's relateable in the sense that we have all dated people at various stages in our lives and this song is about knowing when you meet one person who's special and you want to be exclusively with that person. The lyrics don't scream the word 'love' all the time as thats something Jessie is very outspoken about being particular about. It's also something I like because it's refreshing to hear a love type song thats not just like the millions of other songs in that genre. The lyrics on the track are particularly memorable.

                BIG WHITE ROOM
                Jessie slows the pace of the album right down with this track. It's beautifully written and provides a whole new dimension to the album. So far the songs have been catchy and upbeat, this is a lot more simple. Just vocals and a guitar. Jessie uses the 'big white room' as a description for her state of mind. This sng is about her pain at needing freedom and concern she's loosing who she is. Her yearning for normality screams out through her vocals and the lyrics reinforce that she's just a girl who wants to keep her place in this world as it is, without it being about fame she wants it to be about her ability. Hauntingly good, it gives me goose bumps.

                CASUALTY OF LOVE
                Another slower song but never depressing or dragging just heart felt-no warbbling! This sond follows another main theme of Jessie's her ability to write love songs without blasting the 'L' word every line or two. This song is about relationships and taking chances in order to make them work and that sometimes the risk is worth taking even if it doesn't work out. The song picks up pace a little mid way through but it's another easy listening track.

                This song is about equality. Jessie uses this opportunity on her album to share another of her strong thoughts with her listener. It's a song about the fact that no matter race, nationality or posistion is society we are all the same essentially. The song expresses Jessie's desire to unite people despite their differences. There is enough in the world to go round if people share but we also have to share our mind set. It's the sort of song few manage to do without sounding like hypocrits or preachers but Jessie absolutely nails it without making it dull. Another more up beat tune!

                WHO'S LAUGHING NOW
                I absolutely love this song because at some point we've all been the underdog and this song is about Jessie's experience of that. It's honest and frank which I realised quickly is typical of this album. The song speaks of people Jessie used to know who mocked her as a child and now because she's released an album and is in a more fortunate position these people want to know her again and pretend they are her friends. Jessie's overcome a lot of peer pressure in her life to conform but she uses this song to say she's better than those people and shes only going to continue to keep rising above them. It's totally feel good and upbeat because we can all relate that sort of situation to our own experiences. Utterly fabulous!

                DO IT LIKE A DUDE
                This is the song that really put Jessie on the map and it is still one of my favourites. It's not grimy but she's trying to be with this track without excluding her softer sided fans. This song has a great beat and fantastic lyrics and it's ability to get people on the dancefloor is amazing! The song is about Jessie saying she can be as good as any man and we all can. It's about celebrating being female while teasing the boys. I think her sexuality plays a huge influence in this song, because she's saying that she is as good as any man in every way. Probably my favourite track on the album.

                MAMMA KNOWS BEST
                This song has 2 themes, it starts about a person in Jessie's life who isn't up to scratch and the second is about the effect that Jessie's parents have on her. She sings about her Mamma's ability to give motherly advice and make eveyrthing ok and her fathers way of curing sadness with laughter. It's got an old style beat with this, very 50's! But it's a cute tune and very different to the other tracks on the album but in it's own way it's another insight in to how Jessie has come in to her own through her life.

                As I've said, Jessie is very guarded about the L word. Thats why this song speaks volumes. She's honest and lays herself bare on this track, saying if she is going to go all the way and write a song about Love then she is going to do it justice. It's a soft side to Jessie without being a ballard which I like. It's another example of how Jessie manages to nail certain song themes in her own way without conforming to what other singers always do. I think it's this that gives her the edge above other artists in her genre.

                STAND UP
                A great song with catches beat again and very typical of a later album track. It's about loving yourself and living your life in a way that maximises your potential. It's feel good and it's got lessons we all hear every day-your as old as you feel, live every day like it's the last etc. It's a brilliant song as giving you a lyrically kick up the backside to make the most of what you've got. Don't live surrounded by negativity because only you can control your destiny.

                I NEED THIS
                This song is about Jessie's need for mental space to acheive clarity in her life. This is something I am familiar with and I find is common of creative people. Well actually is common of lots of people but few recognise it. I love this song because it's tempo is supportive of this whole idea, it's simple and easy to hear but it's also perfect at making you take a second to think things through. Everyone can benefit from alone time to reflect on decesions that need to be made and infleunces that have affected them. It's really lovely.

                WHO YOU ARE
                This song is the album title and it's easy to see why when you listen to it. It's strength is immense and it's a true work of art. Jessie uses this song to sing about loving who you are and not fighting it and if you encounter situations in your life that try to mishape your personality then have belief in yourself because who you are isn't something you can fight. It's something you need to learn to accept. Jessie knows the strength and power this song holds and in her dedications uses it as a reference and dedicates it to those people who have helped her accept who she is and got her to this point.

                This album is a full 5 out of five stars and has really impacted my life. It's a soundtrack to my life and many people will be able to take something away from this album. She might not have the fame of superstars but I know she will do because her nature and desire is there and her ability above all speaks volumes. Her vocals are strong and powerful in a way that many processed singers could only dream of. Her style is shown on the pages of magazines every day and although it's wacky, it's who she is and this album is dedicated to explaining that. The album concentrates on sharing her experience and her journey and I love that because it makes you feel like you know her.

                I was lucky enough to see Jessie J perform live for a small audience of 250 people this year and she was as fabulous live as on this album. All I will say is I can't recommend this album enough, listen to it if you've ever struggled, ever taken love seriously or ever felt unaccepted by others. Because ultimately we are all the underdogs at some point and look what this underdog has done.


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                  03.08.2011 12:21
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                  A hit-and-miss debut, spanning many genres but ultimately showing great promise

                  Jessie J had one of the most hyped albums of 2011 - winning a BRIT Award and the Critics' Choice Award before even releasing her debut LP, the pressure was on to produce something really fantastic that could live up to the hype. Her style is very hard to define, which is characterised in this patchwork, slightly eclectic record. She does glossy pop, quiet singer-songwriter, throwback soul and grimy hip-hop influenced tracks. This creates both her appeal and her downfall, in that 'Who You Are' covers all bases but struggles to really form an identity. When the album is good, it is fantastic - however, it has several completely throwaway tracks which leave you to wonder whether this is the best that Ms. Jessica Cornish has to offer after over four years in preparing this record.

                  The best tracks on here come in the form the feel-good soulful pop tracks like 'Price Tag'. The laid-back reggae-inspired melody, vintage production and slinky guitars surround a strong, anthemic chorus and set of verses. Jessie sounds best when she is not trying to prove herself as a vocalist, and so 'Price Tag's slightly sentimental and done-to-death theme of accepting the authentic over material gain becomes more powerful and touching due to her restraint. Unfortunately she cannot show this self-control on later album tracks. 'Abracadabra' is another highlight for me, and is probably my favourite track on the album. It was produced by Dr. Luke (premiere pop producer responsible for Britney, Kelly Clarkson and Ke$ha's biggest hits), which may explain its melodic similarities to Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' (which he also produced). The pounding drums, twanging guitars and the fists-in-the-air anthemic chorus make such an infectious, cheerful track - I just can't believe it hasn't been a single yet. The lyrics are simple "You've got my heart on lock, it's so unreal you know" but in the simplicity, there lies the song's charm.

                  Tracks like 'Nobody's Perfect' show a harder edge to Jessie, while strangely also showing her most emotionally-charged side. The dramatic strings and crashing percussion surround her emotive delivery, which vocally, sounds a little strained and unpleasant to listen to. However, the brutally honest, self-critical lyrics are relatable and show her as more of an artist than a cookie-cutter popstar. 'Do It Like a Dude' combines the sheer fun of the Dr. Luke penned tracks but adds the harder edge of 'Nobody's Perfect'. The ridiculous, over-the-top lyrics ("stomp, stomp, I've arrived/drop the beat, nasty face - why'ya lookin' at me?") and the pseudo-gangster persona she adopts in the song make for pure, uninhibited pop fun. It's one of the few moments on the album when you begin to think that she may not be as obsessed with being seen as a deep, well-respected and credible artist.

                  'Who's Laughing Now' leaves me a little divided - it has quite a free, eccentric production - but lyrics like "thank you for the pain, it made me raise my game" are a little predictable in this anti-bullying anthem. It's pretty catchy and it's a good uptempo, ultimately, it's one of those songs that you have to overlook its slightly saccharine meaning to enjoy. 'L.O.V.E' has quite a laid back introduction and there's a bit of charm in its bashful introduction - it has a lot of similarities with 'Who's Laughing Now' in that it's more enjoyable if you ignore how cringey some of the lyrics are. The problem is that it is one of many tracks where Jessie's vocal acrobatics mutilate some of the meaning of the song, and become almost painful to listen to.

                  'Mamma Knows Best' is a definite low-point on the album for me. The big-band instrumentation and arrangement obviously stands out, but ultimately, feels like a cheap imitation of the throwback sound that Christina Aguilera explored on her 'Back to Basics' album. Jessie sounds almost constipated as she screeches her way through the non-descript and bland number that feels like a lyrically hollow vessel to show off the fact that she can actually sing. The ultimate low comes with 'Big White Room', which apparently is about a teenage cancer patient - you wouldn't know it though, because the powerful lyrics and simple acoustic production are completely wrung dry of emotion through Jessie's excruciating warbling and screeching. It makes the song almost unbearable to listen to, and with there being five minutes of it, it only gets worse. A good singer can hit all the right notes, but a great one knows when to be restrained. Jessie is quite clearly a long way from being the latter.

                  There are mixed results for the desperately cheerful tracks like 'Stand Up' and 'Rainbow' They fall into the category of optimistic pop, which done well is great. However, the catchy hand-clap and sing-a-long melody of 'Stand Up' is marred by some questionable lyrics like "If you let a frown become your normality/You don't set an example for the youth of our humanity" which seem to plague the track. Similarly, 'Rainbow' has amazingly dark and creative production, with good vocals and a strong hook but features of chorus that will have you reaching for the sick bucket. "We're all the colours of the rainbow, we've gotta share our pot of gold!" she sings with faux-wisdom.

                  I just feel like one can be optimistic and positive in their songwriting without being so forward about it. 'Casualty of Love', for example, is one of my favourites on the album. The soul-inspired ballad is very stripped back and simple, meaning the lyrics gain more impact. "If by chance I fall, then I'll go down as a casualty of love" she sings on the chorus - where the positivity comes in her endearing reluctance to give up on the dream of romance. When Jessie shows more subtlety in her vocals and writing, she really is great. The closing track of the album - 'Who You Are'- brings this rollercoaster to an end. Luckily, it ends the album on a high point. The simple guitar-based ballad addresses the issue of self-esteem, but is done with more elegance than anything else on here. "I stare at my reflection in the mirror - why am I doing this to myself?" Jessie asks on the opening line of the song. What follows is a gorgeous ballad that is really touching and with a strong chorus, that doesn't detract from the rest of the track. "It's okay, not to be okay" she reassures.

                  Ultimately, this is a really mixed bag. There are some really good songs on the album - 'Price Tag', 'Do It Like a Dude', 'Nobody's Perfect', 'Abracadabra', 'Who You Are' and 'Casualty of Love' are all fantastic. However, there are also quite a few throwaway tracks or songs which are marred by over-the-top vocals or lyrics. She has the makings of a good artist, but she seems so desperate to prove herself, that she doesn't realise she'd be better off holding back on the vocals and sickly sweet lyrics.


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                    27.04.2011 04:04
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                    A superb album.


                    A couple of years ago I was browsing Youtube and came across a few videos from prodigiously talented young woman by the name of Jessica Cornish. She was one of thousands of hopefuls who had uploaded their own performances to Youtube in the hope of getting spotted by Music Executives who have increasingly found some successful artists through the great audition medium of the internet. The first video I saw from Jessica Cornish was a mesmeric performance of her track "Big White Room". The setting for the video was her Bathroom yet she performed the song like she was performing in front of an audience of thousands. During her pursuit of finding fame she posted videos of her singing her songs to get feedback from the growing number of fans she was getting.

                    Jessica Ellen Cornish was born on 27th March 1988 and suffered health problems from the age of eleven due to an irregular heartbeat and at the age of 18 she suffered a minor stroke. Having obvious talent at the age of 11 (She got banished from the school choir because the parents of other children raised the issue of their children being upset with her being so good compared to them). At the age of sixteen she joined the famous Brit School. At the age of 17, titled "Soul Deep". Although it wasn't until 2010 that she released her debut album she was signed in 2005 by the record label Gut Records but they went out of business. She turned her talents to song-writing and has written for the likes of Miley Cyrus who went to number one with "Party in the USA".

                    **Who You Are**

                    Jessie J received a massive boost after winning the BBC's Sound of 2011 which profiled the best new artists.
                    Having started recording the album when she was signed to gut records Jessie J finally was able to complete the album and after signing with Lava who are a part of Universal Records she released the album on 25th February 2011. After a series of small gigs it was announced that Due to high demand and interest from fans, the release date was pushed ahead by over an entire month, from its original 28 March 2011 release date. The album was finally completed on 26th November 2010 and was recorded in various studios in the US and also in London. The album features Production from Dr. Luke, Martin K, Oak, Parker and James, and The Invisible Men.

                    "Do It Like a Dude" was the first single released from the album and was a massive hit for Jessie J as was the follow up which was the collaboration with B.O.B "Price Tag" which went one better than the debut as it went straight to number one. The success backed up the pushed forward release date with the news that the album debuted at #2 on the UK Singles Chart selling 105,000 copies in it's first week and she has become one of the hottest artists of the moment.

                    1.) Price Tag

                    This is an excellent catchy opener, It's the collaboration with American rapper B.O.B. The meaning of this track is about wanting the world not to be so obsessed with money and material things without concentrating on the most important things in life like family and friends and living together in harmony as people of the world. I wasn't aware of B.O.B before this song but I quite like the rap he does on this song, It's catchy and the backing music moves along with the lyrics well. This is an excellent opener to the album and showcases the more uptempo feel.

                    2.) Nobody's Perfect

                    This is an excellent song about regret and sorrow. It's about whenever you have hurt someone by your words or actions and how you regret it and want to say how sorry you are and make things right between you two. I think everyone can relate to this song as we have all treated people we love the wrong way. She wrote the song after something she said about someone behind their back reached them from someone. This is a great catchy track with very strong vocals and a great message. I'm sure this song has already brought friends back together to realise how stupid their disagreement is.

                    3.) Abracadabra

                    This track is about the feeling you get when you are in love and you just feel so great when you are with them. This track features a fantastic thumping beat and some nice keyboard tones with a catchy guitar melody. The chorus is joyous and really gets across the subject of the song. A fantastic flowing song which will appeal to many fans. A real top tapper and a song that has a great message too. Excellent stuff that showcases the conviction of Jessie J's vocals.

                    4.) Big White Room

                    When I first saw the video of her performing this song in her bathroom on her Youtube I was floored, I think this is an astonishing song which I rate as one of the best songs of the last ten years. This track was written about the time she was in hospital aged 11 and the boy who was in the same ward room as her who died in the Hospital. In this song Jessie sings about her feelings and fears whilst she was in Hospital. This is a real indication of the amazing voice she has and I love the stripped down nature of the song, Just Jessie J and the acoustic guitar. Beautiful, Beautiful song that showcases just how vast her talent is. Awesome.

                    5.) Casualty Of Love

                    Another beautiful song here, This is a ballad which opens with gentle keys and Jessie's tender vocal. This track is an excellent ballad about when you hit trouble in a relationship yet you still love each other. The emotive nature of the song really hits home and will impact the listener if you have ever been in this situation. I love the simplicity of the music that lets the lyrics and Jessie's emotive vocal performance become centre stage.

                    6.) Rainbow

                    This is an excellent funky mid tempo track which has some punchy hip hop beats. This track is about all colours and creeds living together in harmony. This really showcases Jessie's powerful vocals with some great vocal moments that together with the music give you a great platform which really works well. The uptempo nature of the music shows that Jessie J can do all types of music with aplomb.

                    7.) Who's Laughing Now

                    This up-tempo track is a wonderful tirade against all the doubters and anyone who bullied her at School and those who suddenly acted like they were her friends when she got famous but where were they when she needed them?. This is one of the quickest paced tracks on the album and features an excellent rap breakdown from Jessie. I think every artist should have a song like this about the doubters, hangers on or haters they have experienced in their career. Excellent stuff with such a catchy feel.

                    8.) Do It Like A Dude

                    A fabulous single this features a stomping beat which kicks off the "stomp, stomp I've arrived" from Jessie J. This is a fabulously confident and assured track poking fun at the way some guys act and how they treat "their woman". This track has an excellent upbeat feel and benefits from the funky basslines. This track was originally written for Rihanna but I think that Jessie J definitely shows that she was right to record this. An excellent upbeat track.

                    9.) Mama Knows Best

                    This is a fabulously funky up tempo track with Jessie J in fine voice really showcasing the power of her voice with several fabulous vocal licks and some real powerhouse vocals on this track about the part that her Mother has played in her life and she also includes her father in the song too. An excellent tribute to the relationship she has with her parents. Listen to this track to hear just how powerful her vocals can be. Superb.

                    10.) L.O.V.E.

                    This is a lovely catchy track about falling in love, This track was written with Toby Gad who Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" as well as co-writing and producing Beyoncé's worldwide smash hit "If I Were a Boy". This is an excellent song which sees Jessie J in a very happy place. I'm sure if you have hit that moment when you know you're in love then this track will give you a big smile like I can imagine Jessie J having when she thinks about the song. Great stuff.

                    11.) Stand Up

                    This is a fabulously up beat track about standing up for yourself and having confidence in yourself. The lyric that sums up this feeling of this song is "I live my life like everyday is my last". This is an excellent track which boosts self confidence and to mix things up it is another excellent up tempo stomper from the album.

                    12.) I Need This

                    Showing the variety of the ballads on "Who You Are" This is an excellent mid tempo pop/rock track which slows things down. Jessie J sings about needing the love of someone and also needing your own space now and again. This is a beautifully sung track which also has a great melody and builds wonderfully towards the fantastic end where her voice soars and her fantastic backing vocalists also provide an excellent harmony. Superb last minute and a half to this song.

                    13.) Who You Are

                    A fabulous ending to the album, It opens with a gentle acoustic guitar part with Jessie's expressive vocals soon joined by a thumping drum beat. This is a superbly emotive track about being who you are and staying true to yourself. This is another example of why Jessie J's fans not only are fans of her music but are also fans of her as a person. This is a fabulous track which again showcases her amazing vocals. I love the way this track builds. Beautiful ending to the album.


                    This is an absolutely brilliant debut album which really showcases the superb talent that Jessie J has. Amazing vocals combine with heartfelt emotive lyrics to create some outstanding songs. I have seen her live and can tell you that she is even better live than on the CD. So much so that the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up when she performed the opening verse of the first song when I saw her In Bristol. The buzz I got when she performed "Big White Room" was incredible, I just stood there opened mouthed listening to her sing. Who you are is one of the best albums of the year and Is a must for anyone who likes Jessie J. Superb album and she is just going to get better and better and better. Jessie J has gone through a lot in her life and that comes through in her music with a sincerity.


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                      31.03.2011 01:36
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                      Great albumn, packed with talent

                      I first came across Jessie J's music after hearing the song 'Who You Are' in the US film 'Step Up 3D'. As soon as I heard the song, I loved it! I wanted to know who sang it so as soon as I got home I was searching the internet for an answer. It proved difficult at the time to find more music by Jessie as I quickly found out she was relatively unknown. I came across her youtube page where she would sing various songs from home into her webcam, I thought she had a brilliant voice and amazing writing skills, I became a fan.

                      When I heard her debut single 'Do it like a dude' a few months later, I was pleasantly surprised. I was used to hearing her showcase her voice with ballads and this just seemed so different. It's all about girl power, i love her opening line ...'stomp stomp i've arrived'....yes jessie you really have.

                      This albumn is great, I had already heard a few of the songs from her old you tube videos...ones such as 'Big White Room (Live)', 'Casualty of Love', 'L.O.V.E', 'Who's Laughing Now' & 'Mama Knows Best'. Out of these songs my favourite is Big White Room, it is a ballad which really showcases her talent and the live version on the record is just amazing.

                      Another song would be 'Nobody's Perfect' - set to be Jessie J's new single, I do like the song but I do prefer the acoustic version.

                      'I Need This' - When I first listened to the albumn this was my favourite as I loved the lyrics, but I then found out it was a cover... still... a great song!

                      Jessie J has shown that a singer can have an amazing voice and be successful without churning out the ballads. 'Price Tag' ft B.o.B is a very catchy song which I feel myself humming constantly, the radio love it. 'Abracadabra' is an upbeat feel good song, it is becoming my new fave track.

                      I would actually say that there is not one song solely used to fill the albumn, I genuinely like them all. Great buy!


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                        30.03.2011 18:35



                        Jessy J is the one! her amazing vids and concerts are absolutley unmissable.i have been to her shows, read about her,and notto mention,i am a great fan of her. i listen to the radio every morning and her songs are always playing.shes got so much swag, her moves her voice are so unique.personally, i love jesy j, her vids are wiked, and i could never miss her tunes. i have recently bought her debut album, which is very good,and cannot stop singing and dancing to it myself. so much beat, amazing..:) whoever hasnt bought this, i definetely recommend u do so.


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                        18.03.2011 18:48
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                        Jessie J shows us who she is.

                        Jessica Cornish, or Jessie J as you may know her, has recently experienced an unprecedented rise to fame within only the last 6 months and with a number one single and a number two album under her belt already, the future is looking bright for the 22 year old Londoner.

                        Jessie is another in a long line of stars who first found fame writing songs for other people (Party In The USA for Miley Cyrus being her biggest success, but best to ignore that blip!) and her YouTube videos had already garnered her a considerable fan base, so after releasing her debut single Do It Like A Dude and winning the Critics Choice Award (previously won by Ellie Goulding and Adele) Jessie J looked set to make a huge impact on the UK music scene... and hasn't she just?

                        Price Tag
                        Nobody's Perfect
                        Big White Room (live)
                        Casualty Of Love
                        Who's Laughing Now
                        Do It Like A Dude
                        Mamma Knows Best
                        Stand up
                        I Need This
                        Who You Are

                        As aforementioned, debut single Do It Like A Dude made a big impact on the charts, peaking at number two. The song, originally written by Jessie for Rihanna is a nasty R&B number, that wouldn't have looked out of place on Christina Aguilera's 'Stripped' album during her 'Dirrty' days. The song, with its coarse lyrics and sexual innuendo had people hooked from the very beginning. This songs stomping beat hits you like a freight train and once you're caught in its clutches, much like a Black Widow, it won't let you go. This song come with a massive dose of attitude, perfectly suited to today's music scene and, although you may not like it, you've definitely heard of it. Second single, and Jessie's first number one, Price Tag takes audiences down a completely different, and much more mellow route than Do It Like A Dude. Not as instantly appealing, Price Tag shows Jessie's ability to produce a much more 'real' sound about something largely prevalent in today's society - money. The song features rapper B.O.B who's voice blends with the music like a cocktail on a summers day. For me, Price Tag doesn't have the long term appeal of Do It Like A Dude, but it's a catchy number all the same and one that is bound to win Jessie more fans, for the people who weren't keen on her 'Marmite' first single.

                        Rumoured as the third single from the album, Casualty Of Love, once again gives listeners a different side to Jessie; we've gone from downright raunchy (Do It Like A Dude), to a mellowed R&B sound (Price Tag), right down to a ballad. It would seem that Jessie J is doing her best to appeal to as wide a demographic as possible, judging by the three lead singles and on their merits alone she's definitely achieving this. Casualty Of Love is a mild-mannered, mid-tempo number in which we see a softer side to Jessie's persona that suits her vocal range down to the ground. There are a couple of 'ballad' numbers on the album, some better than others. Big White Room being the first, the listener is treated to the live version. I'm never too keen on live versions as it is, although the sound quality of this one is very good and fortunately the audience don't drown out the song. To me the only way to sum up the song is - dull. After several listens it isn't one that I've been able to latch onto. This is Jessie and a guitar, which, although her vocals shine, just isn't enough for me to enjoy it and this is the one song that I will skip passed. The last of the three 'ballads' is the title track Who You Are and before I even go into details about this song, let me just say... wow! Who You Are is utterly sublime and along with Adele's 'Someone Like You' is undoubtedly my favourite song of the year so far. This song appeared on the Step Up 3D soundtrack. The lyrics are equally transcendent "don't lose who you are/in the blur of the stars/seeing is deceiving/dreaming is believing". This song has an emotional subtlety that I would never have expected from Jessie J after hearing her first two singles. This is without doubt and without exception the best song on this album and is one that will remain on my iPod playlist for a long time to come.

                        There are a couple of affable R&B/pop numbers in amongst the pack, Rainbow and Who's Laughing Now being my personal favourites, with the latter sounding like it could have been sung by Billie Piper in the late 90s, the cheese factor up to an undeniable 100% here, but with Jessie's bravado it works and it works damn well. Unfortunately a lot of the songs seem to be filler. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but with the exception of a few songs there's nothing really stand out about a lot of them. Stand Up and Nobody's Perfect, blend in with the overall tone of this album, with L.O.V.E adding a quirky take on the modern love song, with the occasional profanity thrown in for good measure.

                        Quirky definitely seems to be key here. Although Jessie seems to be experimenting with different styles, it's that eccentric R&B edge that defines this album and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. Jessie knows where she wants to be and knows where her strengths lie. She's co-written all the tracks on this album and it's clear for everyone to see that she's a fantastic song writer, with the majority of the songs on the album very personal to her, but with that mischievous edge on the side that tells you not to take her too seriously. She's worked with a select few producers, who have produced the album to give it a coherent feeling. Even with the mix in genres the album flows seamlessly from track to track and that's what really stands out here.

                        Justin Timberlake recently described Jessie J as having the best voice in the world right now and for all the doubters, download 'Mamma Knows Best' and sit revelling in disbelieve as this girl can sing. Her vocal range is incrediblyeand Jessie J's voice and style is unique on every level. Mamma Knows Best gives us yet another side to Jessie that I wasn't expecting and this song blew me away. This is a blues/jazz number and although it's not the type of music that you'd expect or associate with Miss J, it works supremely well. Jessie's vocals seem capable of fitting any genre and this is something that the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna could only dream of.

                        Jessie, not only has the vocals to set her apart from the rest, she seems to have something that a lot of artists lack these days (Leona Lewis take note), she has a personality. She's an average girl, with average looks and a huge talent and if anyone has seen her YouTube videos before she 'made it' or interviews post stardom, there seems to be no difference. She's down to Earth, with a unique sense of style (Lady Gaga, but with a brain) and I simply can't fault her.

                        She's definitely a 'Marmite' kind of artist, but I love her and I'm not afraid to say it.

                        Highly recommended.


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                      • Product Details

                        Disc #1 Tracklisting
                        1 Price Tag
                        2 Nobody's Perfect
                        3 Abracadabra
                        4 Big White Room
                        5 Casualty Of Love
                        6 Rainbow
                        7 Who's Laughing Now
                        8 Do It Like A Dude
                        9 Mamma Knows Best
                        10 L.O.V.E.
                        11 Stand Up
                        12 I Need This
                        13 Who You Are

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