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Wild Ones - Flo Rida

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: Flo Rida / Audio CD / Release Date: 2012 / Label: Atlantic

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2013 20:01
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      Flo Rida's fourth album


      Flo Rida is probably one of the biggest Rap artists in the world, but no one in the Hip Hop community will be prepared to say so. The Carol City representative has been knocking out his singles for years, although it's been restricted to the Pop audience. It's been many years since he's been accepted among the 'urban' crowd, and it's down to the fact that he's opted on an enormo-Pop direction, which alienates everyone but teeny-boppers and Euro-Dance crowds. For this reason, not many people outside that demographic were excited when he announced his fourth album, "Wild Ones".

      ===Good Points===

      He gives you a reason to say that you won't listen to him again. In the past, he's actually managed to give a little something for the 'urban' heads to get excited about and feel as though he's acknowledging them too, but here he's off on a partying mission filled with all of his summery dance tunes. For those who are inclined to that sort of over-the-top Pop music, it might be good, but it doesn't really have anything to offer anyone else. As a result, he gives you enough evidence to say you probably won't like anything else he doesn after this.

      ===Bad Points===

      The main issue which plagues this album is that he stays in one lane, and gives himself absolutely no room for growth. it's just a straight dance album and so it means that his role on the project is absolutely redundant. You really wouldn't notice if he wasn't there, because the people who want to hear albums like this only want to hear the pounding beats anyway. Whatever he's saying means nothing and doesn't have an effect on their liking for it. In knowledge of this, Flo Rida makes absolutely no effort to improve his bars or make it accessible to outside crowds.


      This is a very predictable and ridiculously poor album by Flo Rida. Unfortunately, you have no excuse to be disappointed, because he's never been album to put a good body of work together. Every time, he's managed to come with an album which only really panders to a young, naive audience, who won't care that the whole thing consists of just pumping 4x4 beats. To everyone else, it's jarring and doesn't help that he talks about nothing other than mindless partying. There's so little to it, that it's not worth listening to, if you're already aware of the singles. Fair enough, the songs might have done well in the charts, but it doesn't mean that it translates into something that you should go out of your way to listening to.


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        27.08.2012 01:17
        Very helpful
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        Mixed bag

        Flo Rida is a rapper and singer from Florida. His music style is not really the style which I normally listen to, but sometimes I am in the mood for something catchy and a bit dancey and I have been listening to this album quite a lot at those times.

        The tracklist is as follows:

        1. Whistle
        2. Wild Ones ft. Sia
        3. Let It Roll
        4. Good Feeling
        5. In My Mind Part 2 ft. Georgi Kay
        6. Sweet Spot ft. Jennifer Lopez
        7. Thinking of You
        8. I Cry
        9. Run ft. RedFoo of LMFAO

        It is quite short as it only has 9 songs.

        Whistle is a song which I'm sure a lot of people will have heard again and again this summer. I have just come back from two weeks of working at a camp full of teenagers and this song was definitely one of the most popular among them (beaten only by Nicki Minaj Starships which some of my kids sang constantly!) It is a simple song where Flo Rida instructs "blow my whistle baby" with this innuendo being in a repetitive chant style which gets stuck in your head along with a cheeky whistling tune. I like it because it is funny and infectuous and probably will be a song which will always take me back to this summer when I hear it!

        Wild Ones is the best song on the album by far in my opinion. It features Sia, an Australian singer who has often collaborated with other artists (e.g. at the moment she is well known for being on Titanium by David Guetta). She has a clear and strong singing voice which really contrasts to Flo Rida's rapping. The song has an uplifting dancy atmosphere.

        Let It Roll is not a stand out song for me and I find it blends in a bit, even though it was actually released as a single from this album. It is nice enough, but a bit repetitive, saying "come on baby let the good times roll" as the chorus along with rap and a dancey beat.

        Good Feeling is another song which has been a massive hit this summer and I seem to have heard it everywhere I go - so it is a good thing that I like it! It is also extremely catchy and a feel good song with simple lyrics such as "Oohhhh, sometimes, I get a good feeling!" It features a sample of Etta James Something's Got A Hold Of Me and the rap is over the top of Avicii's track Levels. It is a great song for late summer nights and easy to dance to.

        In My Mind has quite a soft and chilled atmosphere to me, seeming lighter and more delicate than the previous ones, even though it does have a strong dance beat in the backing which builds up urgently and dies down again as the song goes on. The guest vocals of Georgi Kay (not sure who that is) are nice and she has a pleasant, listenable voice. I really enjoy this one.

        Sweet Spot is another song in similar style to the previous ones, with guest vocals from Jennifer Lopez and rap from Flo Rida over a dancey track. I like it but I find the lyrics a bit cheesy, like "hit the sweet spot... I want candy tonight" and I wouldn't say it's a favourite one of mine on the album.

        Thinking of You is a laid back one and it is not as upbeat as most. It shows a softer and more tender side of Flo Rida as he sings about hurt and wondering if someone is thinking of him. I like this one especially the tuneful chorus and the bittersweet atmosphere of the song.

        I Cry is another pulsing dance song and I think the flow between the previous song and this one is a bit off. I am not crazy about this one - it is okay but definitely not a stand out for me. I can sometimes find it a little bit annoying, as there is something about the vocals which annoys me as they sound a bit grating or screechy.

        Run is another one which I am not so keen on. I don't really like LMFAO and this features one of them, so that is a contributing factor why I don't like this one so much. The song is okay, and it is catchy, but it just doesn't appeal to me in the way most of the others do as it seems a bit one dimensional and the beat is too repetitive without as much variation as some of the others. This one can be slightly headache inducing for me at times!

        === Overall ===

        I would recommend Wild Ones as there are some great songs on it, but I definitely would not say it is a flawless album. Even though it is pretty short already, there are a few songs which I can skip.

        I would have given it 3.5 stars if possible, as I feel 3 is a bit harsh considering I do love some of these songs, but it didn't quite merit a 4 from me.


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