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With Teeth - Nine Inch Nails

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4 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Industrial / Artist: Nine Inch Nails / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2005-05-02 at Universal

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    4 Reviews
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      07.06.2009 15:47
      Very helpful



      A good addition if you are a fan, or if you are just looking to get into this style of music

      Nine Inch Nails (NIN) is an American industrial rock band that formed in 1988, 'With Teeth' is their 5th studio album that was released in 2005. The album was produced by front man Trent Reznor. This may not be their best album to date, but it is still gets plenty of plays and is enjoyed by me. It was a good six years since NIN released a full length album, during that time Trent Reznor was battling with and recovering from alcoholism, and substance abuse, which has provided a major influence for this album.

      The album had three singles: "The Hand That Feeds", "Only", and "Every Day is Exactly the Same".

      >> Track Listing <<

      1. "All the Love in the World"
      2. "You Know What You Are?"
      3. "The Collector"
      4. "The Hand That Feeds"
      5. "Love Is Not Enough"
      6. "Every Day Is Exactly the Same"
      7. "With Teeth"
      8. "Only"
      9. "Getting Smaller"
      10. "Sunspots"
      11. "The Line Begins to Blur"
      12. "Beside You in Time"
      13. "Right Where It Belongs"

      All of the music is written by Trent and the band consists mainly of just Trent Reznor himself with a large number of session artists and producers to get the sound needed but a vast majority of the music is performed solely by Trent.

      I was first introduced to NIN many years back where the song 'Closer' was a popular track played at my local underground rock club, and since hearing it I just had to get the album and have continued being a fan of theirs since and have all their albums to date.

      This is a diverse album with some real upbeat tracks and some heavy ones thrown into the mix, each track is filled with raw emotion, a good solid album with no fillers.

      The album opens with a slow emotional track 'All the love in the World' which starts off with a quiet drum beat and bass line that is played throughout the song which gradually gets more powerful throughout; the lyrics are simple and start off mellow and build up with powerful emotion towards the end of the track, with Trent's voice being overlaid showing us his strong vocal talent. As the song builds up towards the end there is some nice piano work which brings this song to a good closure.

      The next track 'You know who you are?' is a fast and frantic industrial track that starts off with some eerie guitar and keyboard sounds and a faster drum beat provided by the front man of the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl. In comparison to the previous this track plays at a blistering pace and really gets the adrenaline going. Be warned though this song does contain quite a bit of swearing in it.

      'The Collector' kicks off with a fast heavy drumbeat once again provided by Dave Grohl, joined by a downright dirty sounding guitar and bass line. Although this is a manic sounding track it personally is one of my least favourites on the album. Despite this the drumming on this track sounds absolutely first rate.

      'The Hand That Feeds' is a more upbeat track that starts off with a thumping beat and a funky style bass line to it. This provided the first single for the album and managed to reach number 31 in the US billboard charts and number 7 in the UK charts. The overall sound to the song is much more up tempo and almost jolly in comparison to the rest of the album. Out of all of the NIN discography this song is considered to be their most commercial sounding, and most likely to get you tapping a long to it.

      'Love is not Enough' is a track that slows the album right back down, but this is where the pure and raw emotion of Trent's voice really shines through, and although not a classic song it certainly shows just how good a voice he has with some fantastic singing through this track.

      'Every day is exactly the same' has to be one of my favourite tracks, one that will get stuck in your head. It opens with a quiet piano which sets off the song nicely, but soon builds up as Dave Grohl's thumping drums come hammering in. It has strong lyrics that most people can relate too. This song was the third single from the album and managed to chart at number 12 in the US rock chart however it did not receive any chart success in the UK.

      'With Teeth' is the title track from the album and has a slow and dirty sounding beginning to it which carries on until about halfway through the track when suddenly the song changes completely and becomes just Trent's voice accompanied by a very quiet piano track.

      'Only' has an almost 80's new wave sound to the start of it and is a very different style to the rest of the album. Even though the sound and styling of this track is different Trent's vocals really play well over this retro feel track with plenty of raw emotion shining through. This song was the second single off of the album and charted at number 22 in the US rock chart and number 12 in the UK making it NIN's second successive chart single in the UK.

      'Getting Smaller' once again sees Dave Grohl take up the reins on the drums and thrash out a fast and furious backing to this track and really picks the overall tempo of the album right back. Trent's vocals also come through thick and fast as he tries to keep up with the manic pace of this track.

      'Sunspots' gives us a breather after the last track as it for the first part of the song gives off a much calmer and subdued feel to it; however after a while the drums kick in to fill the track with a much harder edge. However the pace of the song stays pretty much constant throughout.

      'The Line Begins to Blur' keeps to the same pace as the previous track, but with a much more raw and jagged tone to the overall song. The guitar and keyboard sounds on this track are very dark and eerie and blend perfectly into the next track on the album.

      'Beside you in Time' has a very strange pulsing sound to the keyboards throughout the song, almost as if your speakers are rotating on a turntable and the sound gets louder and softer really quickly.

      'Right Where it Belongs' carries on in the same vein as the previous track for pace and is very much similar to the track "Hurt" but not quite as good, from the album "The Downward Spiral" it has a very subtle tone and feel to it. The lyrics to this track are really powerful and thought provoking and Trent's voice fits the song perfectly, a beautifully touching song. Out of the whole album this is my favourite track as it only a great but simple little melody to it but truly shows how good a singer Trent is.

      Overall this album is slightly different to most of NIN's other album as it is more just a collection of different tracks put together as opposed to most of their albums upon which the tracks all seem to blend and relate to one another. As a massive fan of their music I would definitely recommend this album and not just to the other fans out there , but also to those who are looking for something a little bit different to listen to as this album is a bit more friendly than some NIN's earlier albums. This album does contain some swearing in it but in comparison to previous albums there is very little, so it would act as a good entry level album for the band if you are unsure. However for the real sound of the band I would more recommend the album "The Downward Spiral" especially for the tracks "Hurt" in which Trent sings about his drug addiction, and "Closer" which just has a real funky poppy bass line to it which never fails to get me moving. Be warned though the album "The Downward Spiral" is slightly heavier and more filled with offensive material than "With Teeth"

      You can check out more about the band at their website and even download for free their latest album "The Slip" free of charge.


      ~For your listening pleasure~

      ''Beside You In Time''




      ''The Hand that Feeds''


      ''Right Where It Belongs''



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        18.09.2008 17:18
        Very helpful



        one of the best records you'll ever get your hands on

        For me, With Teeth is one of the essential albums for any audiophile that is in to any part of the Electro, Rock, and especially Industrial scenes. The album was released in 2005, after frontman Trent Reznor had suffered from severe depression. With Teeth is a true expression of both his musical genius and his emotional content.

        Boasting a myriad of room-filling, groundbreaking songs, With Teeth is definitely one of the albums I couldn't live without. Not only is it years ahead of it's time, it also brings massively powerful chords contrasted by Reznor's unmistakable voice - making for sheer brilliance.

        Unlike most albums I listen to, if you were to ask me "what is your favourite song from With Teeth?" I'd be unable to answer you, simply because every song is so brilliant in it's own individual and diverse way.

        Amongst perhaps some of the most popular tracks on the album are "The hand that feeds", with gritty synths and heavy guitars backed with an spinechilling chorus. The same can be said for "You know what you are?". It has to be one of the best songs to listen to in times of anger and frustration, with the chorus asking "Don't you fucking know what you are?"

        All in all, this is one of those album's you just have to hear to believe. I loved it from the moment I bought it in 2005, all the way up to now. Surely that's saying something!


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          14.12.2007 22:53
          Very helpful



          bought [WITH-TEETH] without any hesitation and I was not disappointed

          [WITH-TEETH] Nine Inch Nails

          Here we go another album waited to get me hands on, picked it up off eBay as normal and paid out £8 for it New.
          Nine Inch Nails is another band I faithfully follow and I bought [WITH-TEETH] without any hesitation and I was not disappointed

          Starts off slow with "All The Love In The World" which is a nice mellow offering but the old familiar feeling of angst anger whatever you want to call it smashes in here and there as you progress through the album.
          It kicks in with "You Know What You Are" up with the tempo and the wonderful in your face "Don't You F***** Know What You Are ?!?" Fast and Good with a reassuringly familiar NIN sound to it..."Everyday Is Exactly The Same" again a more singy-song but Loved it. Fantastic lyrics I can connect with this one. It' still got the angry vibe just a bit slower and more composed..
          lets skip to the "The Hand That Feeds"...Beautiful song, this one grabbed me on first playing the album. A good strong song with great lyrics, a great beat - great music ! "...got your chin held high and you feel just fine 'cos you do - what your told -but inside your heart it is black and its hollow and its cold - just how deep do you believe when you bite the hand that feeds..." just to quote a bit..it's a definite catchy one.

          Another quick mention for "Getting Smaller" It's noisy bouncy and shouty...and a Wonderful NIN track
          "...Well I thought I had you on my side - I Haven't Got F****** ANYTHING..."
          To sum up there's a good mix of NIN in this album from the noisy to the musical to the plain downright fantastic. I could go on about every song but I don't want to bore you.
          But overall it's got to be the lyrics as ever which make it for me, you know the ones that can give you goosebumps, yep the scarily accurate lyrics get me every time. Plus of course Trent Reznor's voice a man can scream AND sing.

          One of the few albums worth digging out your headphones for because it sounds EVEN better full whack in your ear holes ! especially when its skips around from right to left. Especially the end track "Right Where it Belongs" with fading in and out music and Trent whispering into your ears...
          "...What if everything around you ...isn't quite as it seems - What if all the world you think you know... is an elaborate dream ?"

          Fantastic album, if you like NIN other offerings you'll like this..

          Thanks for reading,

          (same review can also be found on ciao by me under same user name)


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            24.12.2005 17:55
            Very helpful



            Trent sticks new dentures on for the 4th NIN album but just doesn't cut it...

            It wasn't long before Nine Inch Nails' fourth album proper got slapped with discount stickers, and I have to admit it deserved it.
            Many hardcore fans who treat new Nails release dates as holy may well like it, but those of us with no such blind devotion can be much more subjective. Though a casual fan, I do like some of what Trent's done.

            With Teeth isn't a terrible album, but neither is it very good. It's what I call a bulk product of a CD; the quality of the songs right down to the glorified AOL disc gatefold of a sleeve. It satisfies if you like fast food music.

            To cut directly in here, first things first. Trent has never been a gifted lyricist (although I accept that he has on rare occasions been quite satisfactory) and you're not suddenly going to find depth in this, not even in the political sloganeering of the current climate he sometimes ponders on. If it's teenage disgust that turns you on, then you're safe.

            The real departure here is that With Teeth is much less progressive, and more pop/punk like. May I add that the guitars also put the synths in their place many times here. This album has been dubbed fairly accurately as Trent's Stooges album.

            Things look optimistic at the beginning with All The Love In The World, which starts off with a bit of simple piano, hushed syncopated beats and develops into a funky jam with fuzzy bass and drums. This tells you that Trent hasn't strayed from the trademark sound but has loosened up a little. A tad happier and welcomely mature.

            But no. You Know What You Are spoils things with dated basic metal riffage from guitar and drum with a frankly stupid sound chorus involving the title. Oh dear.

            Much of the drum work here is contributed by ex-Nirvana/Foo Fighters Dave Grohl (who seems to be constantly wanting to gatecrash into other artists recording sessions). The playing is good, but it hardly is that noteworthy. I'm going to attract controversy by saying that Grohl is more of a famous drummer than an exceptional one, therefore his name adds noteworthiness to a record and due to it he's upped his game, but I know much better. In fact the most interesting drum performance on the album is from in house drummer Jerome Dillon on the album's title-track with disjointed crumbling toms and hi-hat swipes; the most interesting feature of the song.

            What's worse is that following track The Collector sounds like a Queens Of The Stone Age penning with the only difference being the voice of Reznor not Homme.
            Worst still is first single The Hand That Feeds. It may have the hook to garner chart attraction but it really is the most anodyne attempt at a political statement ever, and the main riff is The Kinks' You Really Got Me minutely modified.

            The brow begins to unfurrow a bit with Every Day Is Exactly The Same (the kind of Nails title that begs to sound more epic than it is), although this song is exactly the same as a number of elements on the pick 'n mix quality of the last NIN double album 'The Fragile'.

            Only is a song I quite commend. It's simple but it works. It recalls something of the writing style of 1989's Pretty Hate Machine with a hip-hop caressing groove, and a chorus that's on the right side of simple “There is no you, there is only me!”

            ...And then Josh Homme, sorry, Trent, writes another QOTSA song in the form of Getting Smaller.

            But then another welcome surprise – Sunspots. This is perhaps one of the strongest tracks on here; it features a creepy bass line, correctly thick guitars and some scorching synth lines. And also one of the most used Trent lyrics ever “Nothing can stop me now!” But I'll allow that.

            The Line Begins To Blur bores the hell out of me. It's a haphazard attempt at sounding like a kind of commercial post-rock offering or thereabouts. Many post-rock bands don't like being called that.

            The last two songs with the other alright or pretty good gems earn this a solid average rating. The whole 'shebang' just can't compete with the quite magnificent 10yr+ old The Downward Spiral. In Beside You In Time we get sucked into a vacuum of tension building synths, such is the impact of this that you truly feel absorbed and transported for the duration.
            Right Where It Belongs attempts to match the late Johnny Cash covered Hurt and does an perfectly admirable job, while the V.2 for the UK bonus is even more beautiful in stripped down format. The other UK bonus is Home, which is just 'alright'.

            The US got a 5.1 mix of the album, and seeing that this is a trend now with some electronic records this may add a significant dimension to some of the songs here. But many people still only have the traditional stereo.

            The real problem with the album's not simply that it's passable, but it's also forgettable. Longevity is a real concern. I think I've only felt the inclination to press play a little more than 10x, whether for whole durations or single tracks.
            The production is also not a patch on past collaborations which involved former drummer Vrenna and legendary producer Flood.

            But Trent's most ardent fans still love the old geezer and for them this is enough or forgivable. For the rest of us it's something that just doesn't mean that much. Cue: Greatest Hits.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 All The Love In The World
            2 You Know What You Are?
            3 The Collector
            4 The Hand That Feeds
            5 Love Is Not Enough
            6 Every Day Is Exactly The Same
            7 With Teeth
            8 Only
            9 Getting Smaller
            10 Sunspots
            11 The Line Begins To Blur
            12 Beside You In Time
            13 Right Where It Belongs
            14 Home
            15 Right Where It Belongs

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