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X&y - Coldplay

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14 Reviews

Genre: Rock / Artist: Coldplay / Audio CD released 2005-06-06 at Parlophone

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    14 Reviews
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      17.01.2012 16:23
      Very helpful



      A lively, exciting, rich record by Coldplay - the best they have done

      About a week ago I listened to this album from start to finish for the first time in a couple of years; I'd really forgotten how much I enjoyed it and felt compelled to review it. So here goes...

      X&Y is the 3rd studio album from Coldplay, released in 2005 after a lengthy and protracted recording and production process. There was a massive amount of anticipation surrounding the release following the success of its predecessors, and that pressure clearly led to the band being very picky about getting things right.

      --- Overall Views: ---

      I had been a fan of Coldplay's previous albums, whilst not getting quite as carried away as many others were; I thought they were very good, but not great. However, with X&Y, they took a great step up in my estimation and created a highly accomplished album with greater depth. Until this point, they had had several great singles, but to me their album tracks were often leaving a lot to be desired, and just seemed a little like filler. This issue disappeared with X&Y, where every single track has substance, offers something different and is worth listening to.

      Although the musical styles of the tracks do vary, they all have a multi-layered and rich sound, which is testament to the time and effort put into production. There are also many more instances of the band being a little braver, with various electronic influences and synthesisers playing key parts, and a good helping of catchy hooks and guitar riffs thrown in which I hadn't expected.

      This makes the whole album a real pleasure to listen to, and it's not surprise that Coldplay actually got 5 singles released from this album ("Speed of Sound", "Fix You", "Talk", "The Hardest Part", "What If" and "White Shadows").

      --- Track Breakdown: ---

      1. "Square One"

      A synthesised start to the album, followed by a quick and catchy piece of percussion. This song builds in momentum and then gives way to a more powerful chorus and strong guitar riffs - a significant indication that there will be a few surprises on this album, and it won't just be a textbook Coldplay sound. With Chris Martin's occasional falsetto used in a more upbeat and rocky song, there is a definite new dimension here. Great stuff!

      2. "What If"

      Beginning softly with vocals and a piano, this is more of a ballad. It's a nice follow up, without being brilliant, and you know that the band aren't just throwing all of their best stuff at you within the first 4 or 5 tracks.

      3. "White Shadows"

      I didn't realise Coldplay were capable of this kind of track. It's another quicker one, with some great rhythms and guitar riffs. I would love to see more like this from the band - possibly my favourite from the album!

      4. "Fix You"

      One of the stand-out tracks, a stirring and powerful song. Unfortunately this has resulted in it being one of the most criminally overplayed songs ever. Programs such as X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and many other reality shows have almost ruined this song for me, using it as the go to option for conveying the cliché of a contestant going on an 'emotional journey'. Such a shame...

      5. "Talk"

      The slower and gentle opening to this song once again builds to a great chorus, and Coldplay again show they can construct a song with real substance and feeling, which also combines some catchy riffs and rousing lyrics. This is another of the album's top songs in my view.

      6. "X & Y"

      One of the album's slower tracks, X&Y still has a rich sound. It's overall feel is a little bit of a departure from the regular Coldplay style, but this is a pleasant change which adds some variety to break up the album a bit more.

      7. "Speed Of Sound"

      One of the best selling singles from the album, and a typical example of an early Coldplay classic. Speed of Sound was instantly compared to their previous hit 'Clocks', and there are definite similarities here. A great pop track!

      8. "A Message"

      Beginning with the soft twang of acoustic guitar and vocals, this is yet another track which offers more than meets the eye at first. It builds both musically and emotionally, and definitely feels like it could have been another single.

      9. "Low"

      This is a mirror image of some of the previous tracks, starting with a quick beat, and becoming more intense with great lyrics and guitar pieces. Then it dissolves into a slower final third, almost drifting away - a solid and interesting track.

      10. "The Hardest Part"

      A more gentle-sounding song, which still manages to include a nice guitar solo towards the end. I don't have a great deal to say about this one - but it's a good album track.

      11. "Swallowed In The Sea"

      This slower song stands out for the lovely poetic quality of the lyrics. It doesn't have a traditional chorus, but consists of a series of longer verses which return alternately to the eponymous line "Swallowed in the Sea". A pleasure to listen to and a great bit of variety on the album.

      12. "Twisted Logic"

      More experimentation from the boys (but only a little bit really). This is one of the less memorable tracks on the album, and in my view it doesn't quite work. Never mind - it's surrounded by brilliance!

      "+" or "Til Kingdom Come"

      A lovely little bonus track tucked away at the end of the album. This is a beautiful and simple song, quite different from the other 12 tracks, and one of my favourites.

      --- Final Thoughts: ---

      X&Y is Coldplay's most accomplished album, bursting with great singles and very impressive album tracks. The production and depth of the sound makes it an exciting and absorbing record to listen to from start to finish, and it's been a real pleasure to revisit it. I believe the band are at their best like this, with crescendos, driving drum beats, catchy riffs and simple, often beautiful lyrics. Great work all round by a great band!


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        23.05.2011 07:05



        Gives fans something to be impressed with no matter who you are.

        I want to start off by saying that this is the smartest album that Coldplay has ever produced. They were intelligent in the songs that they released for this album. It is my belief that Coldplay used X&Y as means to launch themselves into Superstardom, and I will shortly explain why. Coldplay had a growing fan base that they had developed through their first two albums. What made X&Y great is that it gave true Coldplay fans something new to marvel at (with their slight electronic songs, which is a sound not previously used by them), while also allowing new fans to be entranced by the super-power that is Coldplay with songs like "Fix You" and "Talk".

        Chris Martin is a genius songwriter and musician and it is proven once again in X&Y. Songs like "A Message", "Fix You", and "Swallowed in the Sea" really showcase his songwriting talent about the power of love over the individual and a society. These songs can really make people come together over a larger and more powerful message. I believe that Coldplay will be playing for many years to come, and it is this fan's belief that X&Y was their first release where the world was really watching in anticipation. It is for that reason that they are so great. They achieve greatness under the pressure that they are one of the biggest names in the industry.


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        09.12.2009 02:09
        Very helpful



        My favourite Coldplay album.

        In the summer of 2005, the eagerly awaited third album from Coldplay, X&Y, finally made its appearance after delays even more dramatic than their previous album.
        Having steadily risen into the major leagues with their first two albums, 'Parachutes' and 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head', this was supposed to be the album that Chris Martin himself jokingly referred to as the "best thing anybody's ever listened to."
        Serious or not, the fine tuning is clearly evident throughout the album, as the band spent 18 months working on the album, with delays in release from 2004-2005 as the band were not happy with their initial efforts.

        Produced by Coldplay, Danton Supple and Ken Nelson, X&Y became a multi-platinum selling album in a number of countries, rocketing to the number one spot in the UK album charts and also in the US.

        Tracks :-

        1. Square One
        2. What If
        3. White Shadows
        4. Fix You
        5. Talk
        6. X & Y
        7. Speed Of Sound
        8. A Message
        9. Low
        10. The Hardest Part
        11. Swallowed In The Sea
        12. Twisted Logic
        13. Til Kingdom Come

        Some critics said that X&Y was over produced, but for me the production was spot on. Coldplay progressed with this album, outgrowing A Rush of Blood To The Head by adding more layers and sound. X&Y has it all, capturing a great blend of synth melodies, good guitar riffs, catchy hooks and emotive ballads.
        There are no weak tracks for me on this album, but I will single out some of my favourites.

        The opening track 'Square One' draws you in as it begins with an ambient keyboard, as Chris Martin asks "You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go?" before drummer Will Champion enters to pick up the rhythm which I find reminiscent of U2's brilliant 'The Unforgettable Fire.' Guy Berryman adds the bass line, and Jonny Buckland provides the guitar which builds up the track as Chris sings of just wanting somebody listening to what you say.

        'Talk' lifts its catchy main hook from Kraftwerk's early 80's hit 'Computer Love' and is a great track. Talk was released as a single, along with five others from X&Y, and also had an amusing video to accompany it.
        Brian Eno lends a hand by playing backing synthesizer on the fabulous 'Low' as Chris delivers an empassioned vocal proclaiming "All you ever wanted was love, but you never looked hard enough".

        Everyone will surely know the big hit 'Fix You' . A beautiful ballad despite its simple lyrics :-
        "Lights will guide you home
        And ignite your bones
        And I will try to fix you."
        This is the track that has the fans taking over the lyrics when performed live, and is definitely a stand out track on here. I love its simplicity, yet there are still poignant lines sung with emotion that give me goosebumps, such as "When you love someone and it goes to waste, could it be worse?"

        "What If," is another ballad which again mixes simplicity with musical harmony and Chris sings it well as it builds to what is described as a Beatles ' A Day In The Life' style ending.

        'Speed Of Sound' has been likened to 'Clocks' from the previous album, but I think it has a better chorus and the instrumental build up is stronger. It serves as a transition point between albums, signalling the band's intention to do what they did well on 'A Rush of Blood' even better this time around, and in my opinion, they succeed.

        'White Shadows' is another of my favourite tracks here. I love the guitar and this is a track that slowly grew on me more and more with every listen.

        Finally, I must single out 'Til Kingdom Come', the hidden track and also the most casual track on the album is also one of the best. It was originally planned for Johnny Cash to record it with Chris Martin, but sadly Cash died before he was able to do so. Accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar Chris delivers what is arguably the best lyrics on the album.
        "Hold my head inside your hands,
        I need someone who understands.
        I need someone, someone who hears,
        For you, I've waited all these years."

        Opinion seemed to be divided on X&Y, with some stating it is inferior to their previous album, or too similar, whilst others thought it superior. My opinion is that whilst X&Y is another Coldplay curve, it does carry on nicely from A Rush Of Blood without changing too much, just maybe becoming a little stronger. It doesn't take any risks, but that is fine by me as I think they have produced a masterpiece with X&Y. For me, this is what Coldplay do, and they do it well.

        It is certainly an album I liked right from the first listen, but then grew on me more and more, becoming better with every listen. I went through a phase where I played it daily for weeks on end.
        Today, it still has its place firmly in my favourite albums collection and gets 5 stars from me.


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          18.11.2009 11:17
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          WORTH GIVING IT A TRY.....

          I could never have been described as the biggest fan of Coldplay's music, but after seeing them perform live twice in the last year I have completely changed my mind.

          Being introduced to the bands music quite a while after they had been established meant I had to scour the internet for copies of their albums as I didn't possess any of my own.

          I have managed to accumulate a small collection of their work, and the album that stands out for me most is "X & Y".

          The first time I put the CD on my initial reaction was one of disappointment as the first two or three songs left no lasting impact and I felt really they were quite bland.

          Then, from nowhere came the sound of something that sounded like a church organ or something, and this changed the whole mood of the music.

          Recognising "Fix You" from the Coldplay concert I had been to a couple of weeks before I purchased this CD I was familiar with the song due to the amount of airtime it received when it was released some three or four years ago.

          Chris Martin's voice on this track really stands out and at times I feel the words of the song are very personal to me personally as I remember listening to this song as it played on the radio one day when I was seriously ill in hospital. This song is one of the ones that really makes this album a success in my opinion and it is track 4.

          The next track is "Talk" and this song as well as "Speed of Sound" which is track no 7 really have a much more upbeat tempo and lyrics than either "Fix You" or "What If" which both feature earlier in the album. This is probably just as well, or the whole album might be a bit on the depressing side given that some of the later tracks follow in the footsteps of the first couple, such as "What if" which is much slower and has a bit of a depressing feel to it.

          There is no doubt at all that the songs that stand out from the album are 'Fix You' as well as 'Speed of Sound', and it is these tracks that make the album a success. The rest of it is probably only so-so.

          I bought the album on Ebay for around 4 pounds for a second hand copy and it really is worth every penny. A valuable addition to my growing Coldplay collection!

          ~ Tracks ~

          SQUARE ONE
          WHAT IF
          FIX YOU
          X & Y
          SPEED OF SOUND
          A MESSAGE

          The album "X and Y" can be purchased from music stores and online sites such as play.com or www.amazon.co.uk, where it will cost you around £5 for a new copy of this CD album.


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            06.11.2009 17:39
            Very helpful



            not their best work

            Coldplay are a massive force in the world today. This London-born band have taken over the world since their forming in 1998. Selling over 50 million records all over the world, it could be argued that they are the single most succesful modern British bands.

            At the start, this album looked promising. Songs such as Speed of Sound and Fix You heralded its arival with heartfelt lyrics, epic guitars, beautiful organs and melanchony pianos. These were truly great songs, and still regarded as some of the band's finest.

            But then came the album. The album was, with the exception of a rare few, completely awful. Most of the songs seemed to have been composed in a few minutes and stuck on to the CD with bluetack, just to fill space. In short, there was alot o fillers.

            I like Coldplay, I like their songs, their "ness", their previous albums. And while this one does contain some absolutely beautiful gems, I get the feeling that they are immersed in garbage. Overall, I feel that this album really does not do the band justice. If you're wanting a good album from a good band, I honestly dont suggest this one.


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            27.07.2009 21:42
            Very helpful



            Check out some other releases if you love this, because in my opinion they are better.

            X&Y for me, is probably the least consistant Coldplay album. It seems that in some of the tracks lack emotion or purpose, and just sound like Coldplay should do, but without that certain pazazz. And sometimes you don't want a band to sound like what they should, you want them to develop. But that doesn't mean its a bad album. My favourite track is "Fix You", which sounds typical as it was the most famous, and trust me I normally despise the single, but they got it right there, something a bit different. I am trying hard to pick another song as a highlight, but they all fall for me into the same category of not really standing out that much. I do enjoy "A message" and "Swallowed in the sea" though. If you are new to Coldplay (not that I'm sure anyone is these days!) the two former albums are better, but the best is still to come..


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            11.07.2009 01:09
            Very helpful



            You must own this album!

            Coldplay are one of the worlds most well known bands and of late they have been in the news a lot with their song Viva la Vida being said to have copied from other songs. But that doesn't matter as this album is all about the music and it shows Coldplay before they started experimenting. I have to say that this is one of my favourite albums not only because the songs are great but also because the songs flow together so well. With 12 songs you can pick any number of them as great singles in their own right.

            My favourite songs of this album are:

            (2) What if, a beautiful song. It starts off slowly and blooms into a powerful song full of emotion. One of my favourites due to the guitar work that suit the song perfectly. Chris' piano work is key to this song.

            (3) White Shadows - Starts off with an interesting yet enjoyable intro, this is a faster paced song but just as good. I love the main chorus of this song.

            (4)Fix you, the second single released. This is probably the most well known song off this album; it is one of those songs that build up slowly. It is a great song for fans to sing along to,


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            19.06.2009 18:08
            Very helpful



            Coldplay's third is definitely worth buying if you have ears!

            Coldplay - X & Y (2005)

            Producer: Danton Supple, Ken Nelson, Coldplay

            Square One
            What If
            White Shadows
            Fix You
            X & Y
            Speed of Sound
            A Message
            The Hardest Part
            Swallowed in the Sea
            Twisted Logic
            Til Kingdom Come

            For Coldplay's third album, X & Y, the band stuck to the tried and tested formula of their second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head. So that big expansive sound is back and in many ways this is a re-run of their sophomore effort.

            Although, there have been a few changes to the way the band works, the most noticeable change is that X & Y places much more emphasis upon the use of electronic equipment, rendering Coldplay more than just a simple four-piece band.

            The opening Square One has a very relaxed ambient introduction. A few seconds in, Chris Martin's distinctive higher register breaks through the dense atmospherics and Johnny Buckland's agile riffs end up coiled around his words. Martin has certainly never sounded any better than he does here, truly upping his game as a vocalist. In comparison to other Coldplay opening tracks, it thrashes both Politik and Don't Panic with its superiority.

            White Shadows is one of the band's most intense recordings. Buckland's recurring guitar riff sounds as if it has come straight from outer-space and Will Champion's violent percussion presents a momentum which doesn't cease until the song ends. The chorus is wonderfully produced for that epic and uncompromising sound, while Martin is certainly no slouch as a lyricist, "Maybe you'll get what you wanted? Maybe you'll stumble upon it?" Maybe I will and I think I just did!

            The band had originally wanted to record Fix You on a church organ, but as Martin wasn't able to gain access to the instrument, he instead opted for a keyboard which his late father-in-law had given him. Like you noticed. Fix You is a beautifully serene recording, until it explodes into a reassuringly positive guitar-led anthem half way through its running time. The lyrics won't win any awards, but they serve their purpose well within this minor classic.

            Talk was the third single to be released from X & Y and is built around an easily identifiable riff from the Kraftwerk song, Computer Love. While the original riff was played on keyboards, Coldplay has translated it well for use on Buckland's guitar. Will Champion's drumming is very standard and metronomic, but I get the feeling that was the point, as the song is made memorable not by anyone else's involvement other than the contribution made by Buckland.

            Speed of Sound was the lead single from the album and it is a fine one at that. Stylistically, it sounds far too close to Clocks from their previous album to be deemed original or innovative, but as a superior rendition of one their prior album's best loved tracks, it does very little wrong.

            The structure of X & Y is heavily indebted to that of A Rush of Blood to the Head. The most convincing bit of evidence to further this idea is that it has an acoustic ballad half way through, a la Green Eyes. The song on X & Y which I am talking about is titled A Message. I am a big fan of Green Eyes, so I am more than delighted with the effort which has been put into A Message, which certainly lives up to Green Eyes' reputation. To be fair though, A Message differs from its older brother in that it explodes into an electronic orgy of sound half way through.

            Despite it being listed as a hidden track, Til Kingdom Come closes the album in the best way of any Coldplay album yet. The song was originally meant to be recorded with Johnny Cash, but unfortunately he passed away before the opportunity had been made possible. It sounds like no other song in the band's catalogue, with the production placing great emphasis on Martin's vocals and the acoustic guitar, in a style not dissimilar to some of Cash's own work. Martin sings, "For you I'd wait 'til kingdom come. Until my days, my days are done. Say you'll come and set me free. Just say you'll wait, you'll wait for me!" I'm a sucker for love songs which are pulled off this well, which brings me nicely to my next point - Til Kingdom Come is the best song on X & Y.

            I couldn't really say that X & Y is an inferior album to A Rush of Blood to the Head, but I'd be hard pressed to say that it is a superior effort. As I said at the start of my review, it is essentially A Rush of Blood to the Head - version II, but the expert use of electronic equipment is enough to say that they've carried enough fresh new ideas through to have developed further with album number three.


            Daniel Kemp

            Read more reviews at www.danielkempreviews.co.uk


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              07.05.2009 21:36
              Very helpful



              another wicked coldplay album

              X&Y was the third album released from the band coldplay, now the first album had been absolutely brilliant, and the second had been even better, I was sure that when the third came out that it would still be good but would fail to quite live up to the two albums before it but again they proved me wrong putting out 13 incredible songs and making their best album still.

              The first song most people will know is track 4, fix you. It is a really slow song but shows off his singing voice very well as he manages to reach those really high notes. it's a very touching song and a really great listen.

              Speed of sound is another really good song, it kind of starts a bit like clocks did with a similar piano part and then it gets going and is also a great song like clocks was too. it's a quite fast song from coldplay and you might even think it's a bit more rocky but the piano is quite mild, it's a good mix though.

              I'm not sure why but the hardest part is my favourite song off the whole album, I think its just the lyrics that make me drawn to this song and it is sung so beautifully too. I think Chris Martin is such a great lyricist and a great singer too and he can show off his skills in this song, and also in the whole album too as all the songs on this album were just fantastic and blew me away.

              1.Square One
              2.What if?
              3.White Shadows
              4.Fix You
              7.Speed Of Sound
              8.A Message
              10.Hardest Part
              11.Swallowed In The Sea
              12.Twisted Logic
              13.(Hidden track: Til Kingdom Come)


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                10.04.2009 01:33
                Very helpful



                Possibly Coldplay's Greatest Ever Album

                This album is without doubt, my favourite album of all time! In my opinion, there isn't really a weak song on it. Most people will have no doubt heard songs such as Speed Of Sound, Fix You, Talk and The Hardest Part on the radio, but the other tracks on the CD are probably as good as these or better.

                The album starts with my favourite song, Square One. This is a very synth based track with a quiet build up to a powerful chorus - 'It Doesn't Matter Who You Are', Chris Martin emphasises.

                Following this are two great songs, What If and White Shadows. What If seems to be about a relationship break up, and White Shadows is a mysterious song with a great beat.

                Then comes Fix You and Talk. These songs don't need too much introduction. Both are great songs in Coldplay's live concerts (I saw them live in Birmingham, UK in 2008 - fantastic!).

                Next up come X & Y (a really lovely sounding song) following by the classic, Speed of Sound. This was the first song released from this album, famously beaten in bizarre fashion in the UK Singles Charts by the Crazy Frog! How rude of him!

                Other highlights on the album for me include track 9, Low. This song sounds wonderful when turned up loud on your stereo! The Hardest Part follows this, a great sing-a-long tune! I am also a fan of Twisted Logic, a very different sounding song to most of the other stuff on this album.

                Anyway, if anyone quite likes the sound of Coldplay but hasn't bought this album yet, then get out and buy it NOW! You will not be disappointed!


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                25.10.2008 17:45
                1 Comment



                Ideal listening pleasure

                A very deep album. I went to see them perform at the Reebok Stadium when they brought this album out and to this day I get shivers listening to "Fix you". They had to perform it twice as it was being filmed for the music video and it was just jaw droppingly brilliant. They kind of just wandered on singing "Square One" and that was magical. I remember sitting up waiting for the preview to the music video "Speed of Sound" after they had brought the album out and I was like a kid at christmas!!! There isn't a poor track on this album and again it's all over too quick for me!! This album holds so many memories for me about allsorts and I won't ever forget the year 2005 mainly for this album!!
                Another fine Coldplay album that should be owned or at least listened to at least once!


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                  29.05.2008 12:11
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  I still love it!

                  This album showed a different side to Coldplay. While still having the traditional Coldplay-eske ballads like 'A Message' and 'Swallowed in the Sea' and the superb 'Fix You', X&Y has more upbeat, more powerful songs like 'White Shadows' and 'Speed of Sound' which really made this album impressive for me. It didnt have the same impact as its forerunner- A Rush of Blood to the Head' but that may be in part because of the songs they chose to release! Apart from 'Fix You', with its understated melody and awesome guitar solo, the other choices of 'Speed of Sound' and especially 'Talk' really surprised me. In my opinion, if 'White Shadows' and 'Square One' (if anyone has seen Chris Martin sing Square One live they will surely agree) had been released, then X&Y's profile would have rocketed from great to outstanding. Instead the album's releases ended with the disappointing anticlimax of 'Talk' and I doubt those who had not bought the album by then were convinced to do so afterwards.


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                    26.01.2008 23:57
                    Very helpful



                    I believe that this is Coldplays best album.

                    I believe that this is Coldplays best album. Do you know coldplay? They are a band of musicians who attach the letter X and the letter of Y and make that X become the Y it comes into their admirable ballads and melodies more than 13 times.

                    This CD is very pleasant thing to hear and the cover is made well with small boxes in the middle which are formed of the colours black, grey, white, red, orange, purple, yellow, green, and blue. It appears like a strange picture and artwork, and after I play the music, the picture still makes no sense. However, I had already heard two of the songs from "X and Y" many times on the radio and it's a real embarrassment for me to say that I went and bought the album straight after I heard it on the radio before the release of the album was joined by the likes of hundreds of fans, all over the world.

                    This album is definitely another Coldplay, with its keys different, its larger accent of Jonny Bucklands excellent Guitar playing and a sadder and more nervous singer consequently he tries to develop his voice, if not on every song because sometimes the voice will change like of quiet rubbish voice and then change to a fantastic singing voice. I will say that U2 is a complete step on this album of X&Y (similar in Guitar, in keys, in singing) I will even say some parts of the CD play more like a U2 album than coldplays other albums. So I definitely passed the CD completely - I passed it to a friend so as he would hear it. My friend said he loved it and he said "surely, there was a larger coldplay, on a chief of rails manner like an X becoming anything that is a Y." I asked him what he meant and he says "you repair the white shades". But it is only one of his jokes he makes.

                    The other difference on X&Y is the keyboards which are obviously playing more and more during the album. This music is for grown-ups, as it takes music on a grown-up level. I modified my understanding of Coldplay, when I heard their new songs it was on the radio and not by the stage as I'm embarrassed to say I'm a private inidividual and I'm very uncomfortable in crowds. However, I do have many friends, I hear my friends say they heard the songs by the stage to be played rather well. I heard about these songs being played on stage with a high level of great selection. Most of my friends favourite new coldplay song is called "Fix You" by certain people it is a truely impressing song that coldplay played very cold. However you must remember that the pianos/keyboards are still there. But to say anything of Coldplay I will say that they are now more than one volume of rock, and they are maintaining more of the keyboards, and they have added a new complete measurement to their music.

                    The opener, "Square one", begins with keyboards in abundance and Chris Martin who sings in his usual brilliant voice, adjusts his voice very quietly which sounds rather rubbish until he starts a talented shining voice (its vocal sound outdistances other bands) It is thus an excellent opener. 10/10

                    "What, if?" a question song, is an impressive way to complete Bucklands guitar playing. Chris Martin sings "Oooh, that's right, let's take a breath, try and hold it inside." I would join him in singing my own line "Oooh that's right, wear your shoes and breath towards x and y." 9/10

                    "White Shadows" is one of Coldplays heaviest songs. Of course it begins with the keys, explodes with Guitar which takes the whole of the listenning and loading of your ears. Although the song goes rather fast, it is six minutes long. A perfect song for a private individual as we enjoy heavy music." 8/10

                    "Fix You" is a song of repairing someone and it's certainly the best song on the album. ( it plays like cheifs of rails) It is also an anthem, and it is divided into two parts. The opening part is accompanied by the piano and keyboards. The second part is, where Guitar is played and that song becomes a burst of hotplay. Of course Coldplay are on the higher form in this song. 10/10

                    "Talk" is a song about a conversation and is another impressive request. If the reef is taken, it sounds like a power station, it has catchy lyrics and immediately gives you an idea for how the singer is feeling. The guitarist is filled with luminosity and he plays it here as well as he plays it on " Fix you " This is surely one of the better theifs of the ears on" X and Y " as I listened it more than 23 times. 8/10

                    The cheif rails excellent song of the album title "X&Y" is another slow playing song. Chris Martin starts simply and the violin plays in the background. This song is then connected all together at precisely the right time once again by the Guitar and drums. It is an admirable song which resounds in a way that is very marked in the beginning. The song sounds like a choral society and belongs to a higher quality musically and lyrically. 9/10

                    Initially, coldplays albums were listened to only by private individuals. The speed of sound was a fantastic listen for all the private individuals. I am a private individual but it is more true that much of Coldplays songs are now listened to by thousands of people and there is a resemblance I noticed that the album of X&Y was belonging with masses of fans and no longer just music for private individuals. Speed Of Sound uses piano, combined with drums and Guitar, and the effect is excellent. Do not forget the vocal performance of Chris Martin as it is once again a point above other singers and his voice is outdistanced to other bands, and lyrically the song is largerly fantastic with the lines "climb up a tree, every chance that you get" at which point I must say I do enjoy climbing trees I used to go up a long time ago at school to drink beers. The singing is surely more confident and happier than the other songs. A higher placed cheif of rails song for private individuals and the masses at the same time. 8/10

                    A message is a darker and sadder song. (It plays like a song you expect to hear on advertisments) It starts off very withdrawn with very reflective vocals, only by the time its finished you just want to clay off from work, clay off from the streets, clay off from the wildlife and just listen to x&y all day. Lyrically and vocally the song is the packaged song on feelings. Once again certainly, I can say I'm a private individual so I don't know many feelings but this song by Coldplay uses a great technique of musical harvest to become a two step stage during the song, as it receives broader lines towards the end and it makes more sense. Guitar is like a machine of maintenance and plays more strongly than you could possibly wish it to be played (like a power station) and the drums take a step inside, to give an advertisement feeling and a feeling that you just want to clay off. Contrary to much of the other song on X&Y, the song does not finish on a remarkably well. Before the end Martin does not slow it down again and all the feelings become right descented which suggests he was surely feeling something different that the feeling that was present at the beginning of the song. (I don't know any feelings myself). 9/10

                    Message is followed by a sad feeling of the album song "Low". Precisly it appears that this song has deeply remained like a complete forgery from the very beginning of the song as it sounds like a poor feeling. I can't tell you what the feeling is (I don't know any feelings). It is however a very pleasant song to have on the album as it is very impressive lyrically and Martin has another vocal performance of talented shinging or however you would call it. Some-of the high remarks that I place with colplay turn round on their handles to strike this song here, but to tell you the truth if you were to say this was a bad song you would be a complete forgery because the ending is fantastic. 9/10

                    The hardest part is other cheif of the rails fantastic song more matured by Coldplays vocals. It went slowly and quietly and then with great luck it withdrew to become faster and it was filled with shining vocals. Lyrically this songs is much belter of Chris Martin. The volume of his voice is like a swear word and some fantastic images of the wildlife. It is a much more pleasant than other songs in the order of the lyrics. Coldplay is like the choral society as it is very emotional, and the hardest part is a much sadder song than the others and possibly it might make you cry with droppy wet tears. (I won't cry as I don't have any feelings.) 8/10

                    After the hardest part, follows this one "swallowed in the sea". Swallowed in the sea is a small + strange song. All starts very slowly with an accent which is placed on the quiet vocals. However, its a stockbreeder song, with music that belongs only on an album. A song to continue onto a more important one. It is more one history song, and seems to continue for very long time to join with twisted logic. Joined on with twisted logic it sounds absurd in the long run of the two together. (like my friend the parrot catcher said "It is certainly more like a story than a song." In spite of its length, it is and still is a handler, a stockbreeder, a very amusing song to resound, such as you sitting there in the workplace catching all the wild parrots and selling carpets in the streets you suddenly get swallowed by the sea! (I wouldn't be surprised if you did.) 9/10

                    The album ends with "Twisted Logic" It is of course complete absurdity. Perhaps twisted logic could be described like my friend the parrot catcher - he is completley absurd. It is the most different song on the CD which rather slowly ends and rather slowly begins. Oh no, no, no my word constructions, and my final review constructions are not too especially helpful but it is slightly in my private individual eyes that I would be proud of my review. It resounds, full with hope attending in the places of this CD, and it gives you an idea of my friends. I will just say that this song has a slow beginning with an absurd ending with very large quantities of the loudest instruments. It is in a cheifs with rails manner an excellent + striking way to finish the album. 9/10

                    X and Y have a secret premium track which is not recorded in its tracks list. "Til Kingdom Comes" is an acoustic admission. It resounds coldly and it is astonishing to believe it, as if you are in the studio with REAL volume. It is another song that rings out and resounds in an emotional and a very marked way, and makes you want to clay off. I have to congratulate the guitarist on this track as I have played it on my own guitar in the same very marked way. It becomes a premium track that anyone with a guitar can easily play for their fun and how is that feeling. I can't tell you because as you know I don't have feelings but this song I know to certainly be a premium track described by many friends as "a smashing secret track" and that is definitly true. A fantastic end with X and Y, it can satisfy you thus the feeling which you spent your money well and have spent your time well listening to this CD. 8/10

                    Chris Martin sings =simply brilliantly. The only weak point of X and Y is sometimes the order of the lyrics, however the music is even alleged to be one of 2005s and 2006s best music. I believe that it is better than "rush of blood to the head" that album is great but it attacks you thus in a different way that is not as pleasant as it is to have blood in your head', because it is pleasant to have blood in your head, and that title I can say is better than the title an X and a y. However Coldplay add so much more depth to their music on this album. Of course this review is best left now as it appears above, if your a private individual like me with no feelings or if your a fan of the crowds and the masses you will both enjoy X&Y at the same time that is even what some of the other reviews, reports, have to say. Buy X&Y, if you want to buy it.


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                      02.03.2006 00:09



                      Great album, lovely lyrics and perfect music!

                      Ok… before I start, I have a slight confession, I didn't used to be a huge Coldplay fan, and to be honest I don't know an awful lot about them except for the legendary songs like "clocks", which quite frankly if you haven't heard of… well yeh…

                      Anyway... X&Y.

                      NME call it "their best yet", and although I technically have no grounds to agree or disagree with this statement, I can fairly easily see way. All existing Coldplay fans MUST get this album as I'm sure you will agree with me in what I say about it.

                      I knew I had to get this album after having heard 'speed of sound' and not being able to stop listening to it! So for all you new Coldplay fans out there, like me, go buy this album and give them the appreciation which they deserve.

                      I'm afraid the case now is that I listen to the album over and over, in a similar manner which I did speed of sound. The result is that a lot of my other quality albums get somewhat neglected.

                      The best song on the album for me I think is "square one", and I hope you will buy this album and see why. It is a very good opening song, very firm beat and gets you in the mood straight away. I love the leads voice in this song especially. This provides a very fast intro to the album which is slowed down by the next tune: "what if."

                      Other highlights on the album for me are "white shadows" and "swallowed in the sea." The rhythm in the latter is amazing, and you feel almost as if you are being taken on a journey throughout the song.

                      Other points to include are that the album contains no lyrics in the inlay, though this is not a great flaw as they are widely available on the internet, plus most of the songs have very easily recognisable lyrics anyway.

                      Go out and buy this album! You WON'T be disappointed!


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                      "Disc #1 Tracklisting
                      1 Square One
                      2 What If
                      3 White Shadows
                      4 Fix You
                      5 Talk
                      6 X & Y
                      7 Speed Of Sound
                      8 A Message
                      9 Low
                      10 The Hardest Part
                      11 Swallowed In The Sea
                      12 Twisted Logic
                      13 Til Kingdom Come"

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