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You Raise Me Up 2008

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Genre: Easy Listening / Artist: Various Artists / Box set / Audio CD released 2008-02-18 at Universal

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2008 14:08
      Very helpful



      40 supposidly uplifting songs but many ofthem depressing!

      You Raise Me Up 2008 is the newest addition to my CD collection. After having seen this advertised on the TV I thought it sounded good as there were a lot of song featured which I like.

      The cover of the CD is white and has 3 small pictures showing mothers with their children and the title in purple letters above and then in silver lettering it says that there are 40 uplifting songs on the CD's. The back cover contains the track list for both CD's and also the production info. Inside the CD there is a small booklet which again contains the track lists and the artists.

      CD 1

      There are 20 songs on the first CD which is a silver colour. The songs and my opinion on them are:-

      1. You Raise Me Up - This version is sung by Secret Garden, it is a nice ballad but to me Westlife to sing this much better and this version seems to be slower than previous ones. Personally I have not heard of Secret Garden but they do have good voices and sing the song well.

      2. Home - Shane Hampsheir sings this version of the song which is a very pleasant and easy listening song. I do again prefer the Westlife version of the song.

      3. Up Where We Belong - This is the original version of the song sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes which I am pleased about as they both have great voices which work well together on this song.

      4. Lifted - Lighthouse Family sing this song which is quite upbeat compared to the previous ones on the CD. I am not too keen on the song myself but it does make me feel cheery.

      5. Hallelujah - Blake sing this song, I am not familiar with either Blake or the song which I find is very depressing so usually skip this one.

      6. Your Song - This is the original version of the song sung by Elton John which I do like as it brings back memories of Moulin Rouge which is a film I love. This is a very nice song to listen to.

      7. Some Kind of Wonderful - This version is sung by Aled Jones and features Cerys Matthews. This is another song on the CD which I have not heard of and am not keen on so do skip it also. It is a fairly easy listening song but just not my cup of tea!

      8. I Can See Clearly Now - This version is sung by Donny Osmond who I am personally not keen on but I will admit that he sings it very well and it has a very uplifting fell and picks me up and gets me dancing around the kitchen!

      9. Nothing Compares to You - All Angels sing this track which I was very dubious about as I really do like the original but the group all have amazing voices and do this song justice. It is a bit depressing to listen to but I really like this one.

      10. Prayer - Hayley Westenra sings this track which I am again not familiar with but it is a fairly easy listening one but I would have to say that it is one of the weaker songs on the CD.

      11. Have I Told You Lately - Russell Watson sings this song and he does it very well. I do like his voice and it works well with this track.

      12. I Wanna Know What Love Is - Again this track is sung by Donny Osmond and although it is not my cup of tea he does sing it well and it actually is very difficult to tell it is him singing it.

      13. Into the West - Will Martin sings this version of the song and despite not knowing either the song or singer it is a good song and easy to listen to although it is a bit slow.

      14. I Shall be Released - This song is a more upbeat song sung by Beth Rowley. I had not heard this song before but it is quite good but not one of the better tracks on the CD.

      15. Thank You For the Music - The original which is sung by Abba which I think everyone has heard at some point. It fits in well with the other featured on the CD and I do end up singing along!

      16. The Impossible Dream - This is sung by Bryn Terfel. I do not like his version of this song as his sing it to operatic for my liking.

      17. Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Michael Ball sings his version of this song in his distinctive voice and I like the fact that he has kept the song the same as the original and not altered the arrangement of it as it is a great song.

      18. Like the Sun - RyanDan sings this song which is another one I have not heard of and not keen on either so this is another which I skip past. It is quite a slow and depressing song.

      19. Amazing Grace - This version is performed by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards which is amazing but I would have enjoyed it more it we had an accompanying singer.

      20. The Best is Yet to Come - Peter Grant sings this one which is a swing number and to me seems a bit out of place on the CD as I don't find it an uplifting song.

      CD 2

      This CD is a purple colour and again contains 20 songs.

      1. I'll Stand By You - this is the Girls Aloud version of the song which I was pleasantly surprised with as I am not a fan of the girls but they have done this version quite well.

      2. You're Beautiful - Marc Dillon sings this version of the song, It is a nice uplifting song which he sings very well.

      3. If tomorrow Never Comes - This song by Roman is great as I was a fan of his in my younger days! The song is a nice ballad and is an easy listening song.

      4. Songbird - Eva Cassidy is the singer of this song which shows off her wonderful voice and it is a nice easy listening song which never fails to cheer me up and get me trying to sing along.

      5. Love Is All Around - Marti Pellow is the vocal on this track which I think everyone will know as it was in the charts for what seemed to be forever! I do find that I skip this song as I am a bit sick of hearing it.

      6. Come Away With Me - This track is performed by Melissa Elliotte and I am not familiar with her but I do know the song which I always fell leaves me feeling a bit depressed as it is a slow and boring song.

      7. Bridge Over Troubled Water - The Fron Voice Male Voice Choir give this song a very different sound. It is a good version but I do prefer the original.

      8. Everlasting Love - Jamie Cullam's version of the song is a welcomed relief on the CD after the previous depressing songs and listening to him sing it does pick me back up after being made to get depressed from the previous 2 tracks.

      9. The Time of My Life - Jermaine Jackson and Jocelyn Brown have in my opinion spoilt a great song as they have changed the arrangements and it really doesn't work and I much prefer the original but it is still listenable.

      10. Closest Thing To Crazy - Katie Melua sings this track which I do enjoy but feel that the song has been overplayed and I fell that I am always hearing it so do tend top skip this one again.

      11. Somewhere over the Rainbow - Duncan James (Formerly a member of Blue) sings this version accompanied by Myleen Class on the piano. It is a good version and the children who also feature in the song make is a very pleasant one to listen to.

      12. Smile - Medeleine Peyroux sings this song. I am not very keen on the song as it has an old fashioned feel.

      13. No Matter What - This version is sung by Connie Fisher and she does the song justice but personally I prefer the Boyzone version (yes I know I am sad!)

      14. Somewhere - Katherine Jenkins performs this song. She always has a great sounding voice and is no different in her version of this song.

      15. When I fall In Love - This version has been sung by Lesley Garrett and although she has a very good and powerful voice I am not keen on her version.

      16. My Own True Love - Jonathan Ansell (Formerly in G4) has gone solo and released his version of this song. He does have a very talented singing voice but I feel he isn't as good without the backing of the rest of G4 but the song is OK to listen to.

      17. Tonight - Hayley Westenra and Vittorio Grigolo sing this duet and their voices work very well together but I am not a fan of the song.

      18. Lost - This track is sung by Pete du Pon who I am not familiar with and I am not keen on the song either so I do find I skip this song.

      19. Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti is the singer of this track and despite not being a fan of opera I do enjoy listening to his voice as he has so much power and somehow manages to portray his emotions in his singing.

      20. We Have All The Time in the World - The Puppini Sisters sing this one. They give a good version but I am not keen on the song and again find myself skipping through this version as they sing it so slowly.


      Personally I was quite disappointed with the CD's as the majority of songs had been song by different people, half of which I have never heard of. The whole CD would have benefited from using the original tracks and artists. I would also have not made the CD so long and taken the good tracks from the first and second CD's and just put them onto one disk as there is supposed to be 40 uplifting songs but I feel that a lot of them have the opposite effect on me and make me feel depressed!


      The CD was produced by Universal Music Classics and jazz which is a division of Music Operations Limited. It was made in 2008.

      I paid £9.97 for my copy from my local supermarket which is a reasonable price.

      I am undecided weather to recommend this or not as there is such a wide variety of songs which will appeal to a very wide audience so all I can suggest is that you try it and make your own mind up.

      I hope you have found my review useful but if you would like any further information then please visit www.classicsandjazz.co.uk where you will also be able to download some of the tracks so I am lead to believe.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 You Raise Me Up (radio edit) - Secret Garden, Brian Kennedy, Tracey Campbell-Nation
      2 Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warnes
      3 Home - Shane Hampsheir
      4 Lifted - Lighthouse Family
      5 Hallelujah - Blake
      6 Your Song - Elton John
      7 Some Kind Of Wonderful - Aled Jones
      8 I Can See Clearly Now - Donny Osmond
      9 Nothing Compares 2 U - All Angels
      10 Prayer - Hayley Westenra
      11 Have I Told You Lately - Russell Watson
      12 I Wanna Know What Love Is - Donny Osmond
      13 Into The West - Will Martin
      14 I Shall Be Released - Beth Rowley
      15 Thank You For The Music - Abba
      16 The Impossible Dream - Bryn Terfel, London Symphony Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth
      17 Can You Feel The Love Tonight? - Michael Ball
      18 Like The Sun - RyanDan
      19 Amazing Grace - Fron Male Voice Choir
      20 The Best Is Yet To Come - Peter Grant

      Disc #2 Tracklisting
      1 I'll Stand By You - Girls Aloud
      2 You're Beautiful - Marc Dillon
      3 If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating
      4 Songbird - Eva Cassidy
      5 Love Is All Around - Marti Pellow
      6 Come away with me - melissa elliotte, danny byrt, dave macanany, david keary
      7 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Fron Male Voice Choir
      8 Everlasting Love - Jamie Cullum
      9 The Time Of My Life - Jermaine Jackson, Jocelyn Brown
      10 The Closest Thing To Crazy - Katie Melua
      11 Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Duncan James, Mylene Klass
      12 Smile - Madeleine Peyroux
      13 No Matter What - Connie Fisher
      14 Somewhere - Katherine Jenkins
      15 When I Fall In Love - Lesley Garrett
      16 My Own True Love - Jonathan Ansell
      17 Tonight - Balcony Scene - Vittorio Grigolo, Hayley Westenra
      18 Lost - Pete du Pon
      19 Nessun dorma! - Luciano Pavarotti, The John Alldis Choir, Wandsworth School Boys Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Zubin Mehta
      20 We Have All The Time In The World - The Puppini Sisters

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