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Best British Newcomer : A1

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2001 23:10
      Very helpful



      Okey so lets get this straight, the good people who decide who actually 'deserves' these awards, the lovely British public (I say that lightly due to the harsh shrugging of Craig David) saw fit to award A1 best new comer?! Did I miss hear, or maybe the presenter was having a laugh, yeah that's got to be it. Lets look at the other nominees Craig David Artful Dodger Coldplay Toploader If we totally ignore the fact that A1 are not a 'new' band anyway, apparently they have been around for ages, or by new do we simply mean they have only recently had the opportunity to thrill us all with their 'music'? So I was left wondering what it was that A1 had over the rest of the nominees, who are not my cup of tea either but any would be preferable! Could it be the amount of time and effort they out into writing their own songs? Or their instrumental talents? or maybe it's that the British public who would have actually bothered to vote are about 12 and oh lets see who are A1 aimed at?! Or maybe I’m just a cynic! Lets look at the evidence shall we? Craig David - even though I am not a fan of the bloke i have to admit his music has got vibes.... a cool album which has something for almost everyone, he does a range of stuff, from lovely duvey songs to his collaboration with the Artful dodger oh and doesn't have to rely on his looks (although I’m sure it helps him!) cos the boy can sing Artful Dodger - my personal preference here, maybe that's due to me being more on the dance vibe but there we go. Sweet garage comes from these guys and they seem to have a Midas touch. Their album is good, I aint to ecstatic about it but it's brill to chill out to Coldplay - these guys had some big hits, how many of you can honestly say you haven't heard either 'Yellow', 'Trouble' or 'Shiver'? Indie that rocks! Toploader
      - for me they had the most annoying song ever! 'Dancing in the moonlight' not that there was anything particularly wrong with it, it just so gets on my nerves! All bias aside they seem to pull off the upbeat urban sound, although don't have a thing on coldplay A1 - well what can I say without being horrible? Not a lot! I realise music taste is a personal thing but i could not class this is music! Its cheap manufactured pop rubbish at it's worst because at least the likes of Steps and S Club 7 sing original songs. For me this was a joke, the Brit awards seem to have gone all to cock and this award just shows that the great British public have lost their minds and teenyboppers have money to waste voting for the awards!


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