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Best British Single : Robbie Williams "Rock DJ"

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    1 Review
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      26.08.2002 06:55
      Very helpful



      I stumbled across this category while browsing through Dooyoo, and decided that it would be interesting, a year and a half on, to discuss whether this was a worthy award winner. The song is certainly memorable, different and charismatic. Upon first hearing, it was an awful track, with terrible rapping and was totally unexpected from Robbie Williams at the time of its release. However, perhaps that is the magic of the track. It certainly grew on me, and a great many others. The beat is the clear highlight, as is the fun, sing along chorus. The song quickly became a classic, and it is certainly great fun. But did it deserve to win best single? Well firstly, Robbie had won the accolade in 1999 with Angels, with and in 2000 with She's The One. Did Robbie Williams really make the best British single three years in a row? Well the answer, I feel, is yes. The songs are all good - they're innovative, wide ranging, but more importantly the singer is also a great entertainer. Robbie may have a huge on-stage ego, but he also has great charisma, charm and wit. His songs are sung with such energy - whether it's a slow track such as Angels or an upbeat one, such as Rock DJ, certainly Robbie's most wacky track. The video, in which he rips off his skin, is certainly not a pleasant sight, but it was shocking and created exposure for the song, which Robbie himself has since called 'silly'. Of course it's silly. Unlike Angels and She's The One, it seems to have little meaning. Simply get up and dance, put on a pair of tiger pants and gyrate as if there's no tomorrow. But the song was a best seller in 2000 and is a great track - in that way, deserving of the award. But what of the other nominees in that category? Of the 10 songs nominated, nine of them still stick on my head, the odd one out being Moloko - The Time Is Now. Of the nine remaining, the only one I can't stand is Craig David's Seven Days - sleazy, horrib
      le and I felt incredibly boring. Then there's the great songs. Sonique's Feels So Good isn't the best - it's a great dance track, that sold in huge numbers, but in retrospect, it was nothing much more than that, and I far preferred her second single, Sky. Then there's Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight, before it was heavily used in adverts and re-released. So before all that, when the track ceased to become great, and instead highly annoying, was it worthy of the best single award? Perhaps it was after all. It is a great track, with a memorable tune and great to sing along with. Similarly, you have David Gray's Babylon - another great track, another one that could have won, but he's out of the running in my list because of the aggravating way he shakes his head from side to side when playing the keyboard. Coldplay's Yellow is a brilliant track also, but Trouble is a far superior song. Then there's Groovejet. Again, I should say that it's not really a worthy winner. It's a great dance track, that sold very well and plods along nicely. But there is something special about it, not just the divine Ms. Ellis-Bextor. The tune is one of the most memorable tunes of 2001, but DJ Spiller was Italian, so it shouldn't really have been nominated anyway. So we're down to three. Rock DJ, Sugababes' Overload, and All Saints - Pure Shores. I love the Sugababes track, but really, the All Saints track is certainly the best of that very good bunch. Yes, better than Robbie. Pure Shores is one of the best songs ever - no arguing. Its swirling majestic tune, William Orbit's production, great vocals and lyrics, not only made it perfect for the soundtrack to The Beach (the best thing about the film), but a perfect soundtrack to wet February mornings when it was first released. It's a track for any occasion - one which you can lose yourself in, forget your troubles and feel calm. So actually, that year, All Sain
      ts should have got recognition for this track. And what of other songs released that year that weren't even nominated. Well quite frankly, in retrospect, the Brit Awards made a great nominations list, for once. And I know that Pure Shores is one of my favourite songs, and I know there weren't any more released that year. But I suppose it all worked out in the end. Who would have accepted the award anyway? By the time the awards ceremony took place, over a year after the track's release, the group has split. And I'm sure Robbie was quite happy. Either way, it's nice to look down a nominations list and see several classics.


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