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Kingsland Viaduct 83 Rivington Street EC2

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2001 23:21
      Very helpful



      I was sat at home on yet another fun filled Friday night, when I received a call from one of my many mates asking me if I wanted to go out. I pondered for a few moments, rubbing my manly goatee, and glanced down to see what I would be missing on the Tele, trying to balance out in my head which was going to end up being more entertaining. After much deliberation (about 5 seconds), I decided to venture out with my friend and see what he had planned for the evening. We drove in to Shoreditch, just past Angel Islington, being told that it was one of his work friend's leaving do's, and that we were going to meet them in a bar called 'Cargo'. I hadn't heard of this place before, but had however been to one or two of the other bars in the area, and have to admit I wasn't too impressed with what I had seen. At this point I felt my heart sink, and thought to myself, if only I had stayed in to watch Red Heat with good old Arnie. We arrived there just before 10pm and queued for around 20 minutes. When we walked in I was expecting the usual dark corners and smoked filled room. However, this definitely was not the case. As soon as you walk in you are met by an impressive glass door opening into the foyer. I caught a whiff of some tender aroma, and as I followed my nose I noticed that they had placed a tucked in restaurant to the left. The restaurant itself looked very elegant, not the sort of place you would feel comfortable wearing Jeans and a T-shirt to. As I walked further into the bar I passed through a large archway into the first of two rooms, this was where the main bar was placed, over to the right, and a small sit down area to the left. The space in between was nice and open, not cluttered with tables and stools, with just one medium sized raised platform for people to stand at and place their drinks whilst having a chat. We wandered towards the seated area to hunt out his friends. The sitting area consisted o
      f low sofas, which were very comfortable, and a few small tables. It was a bit cramped, but I had been in tighter places before. After saying hello we went on our travels again and proceeded through another stone archway onto the main dance floor. To the left was the stage, and I was told that they had live bands playing there every Friday night, and the majority of them were very good. And to the right a smaller bar. The music that was being played was mainly Funk, with an occasional offering of Garage and Swing. The area to dance in was slightly smaller than the previous room, but this was mainly due to the stage being in the way. So after having a little boogie and a mingle with my mates work colleagues, the band came on to perform. I have to admit I am not a big fan of rock bands, however after ten minutes I have to own up, even I was jumping around like I had had springs grafted to my feet. The best thing about the dance area was that no matter how hard I danced I never broke a sweat, the reason being that the guys who own the 'Cargo' have finally worked out what the partying public want, air-conditioning. Everyone was moving and dancing close to each other, and yet the 'I feel like I am in an oven' effect had failed to take place. So many bars and clubs feel it necessary for people who have paid good money to get in to then roast in their establishment as an added bonus. All in a ploy to get them dehydrated so that they will buy even more drinks at an extortionate price. The place calmed back down after the band finished their 45-minute set, and people started to dance once again to some Funk and Garage. The night finally came to an end at around 1am, and everyone, including myself milled out into the night sky. I had honestly expected 'Cargo' to be another run of the mill bar with no respect for its image, just wanting to get in the punters and milk their pockets with over priced drinks. But this place was de
      finitely different. As I say, not only did it offer drinks at a reasonable price and a place to dance, but it also had a restaurant where you could have a nice meal, also for a reasonable price, and still hear a murmur of the music to compliment your meal. All in all I am highly impressed with 'Cargo', and anyone stuck for a place to go when in that part of town, I highly recommend it.


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