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Kylie X2008 Tour

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Kylie's back live in concert!

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    4 Reviews
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      05.01.2009 21:06
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      A chance to relive the gig and see all of Kylies hits performed in style

      I went to this amazing gig in Manchester and after Kylie had finished performing I was just left wondering if the DVD would be made available. The show was fabulous Kylie's back in full health and full swing. Its nice to share in this by owning it on DVD.

      The brilliant costumes and choreography leave you wanting more and you actually can be so lucky. Kylie treats you to a full array of her tracks, old and new that even includes her first single "I should be so lucky".

      Kylie fans can rest assured that she's back to normal and that her career will go from strength to strength. Kylie's new album is brilliant and as the tour showcases it so well you'll be singing the songs and unable to get them out of your head for months. (Yes she sings that 2001 major hit too). Minogue is a great show woman with the X factor she knows what her fans like and how to give it to them.


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        02.08.2008 16:21
        Very helpful




        My cousin asked me if I wanted to go and see Kylie at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, back in March and I agreed and my parents bought the ticket for my birthday (which was in May). Kylie is not someone I would particularly think about going to see in concert but I do like her music and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

        Kylie was in Newcastle on 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th July. We went on the Monday night, 21st and the arena was full giving a great atmosphere.

        There was no support band and Kylie came on stage at about 8.10pm (for a scheduled 8pm start) and there was a 15-minute interval part of the way through the concert. I don't think this spoiled the performance and many people took the opportunity to use the toilets or buy more drinks/merchandise.

        The concert opened with Speakerphone, a song from Kylie's latest album, X, with Kylie making a big entrance. I don't think this was the best song choice to open the concert but the audience seemed to enjoy it generally. The audience seemed to get more into the concert after a few of her songs.

        Other songs that Kylie performed included, Can't Get You Out of My Head, Kids, I Should be so Lucky, In Your Arms, Love at First Sight, Wow and Two Hearts. There was a nice combination of her older songs as well as some of her newer material and she performed them all brilliantly.

        Kylie changed costumes on a number of occasions and they were all lovely and fitted the song types well. During the costume changes there were dancers on stage before Kylie made another appearance and started another song. The dancers were really good and made the show more interesting to watch.

        There were large screens behind the stage with different backgrounds on depending on the songs, which, for me, made the show. There were also two screens either side of the stage, which showed Kylie and I found I was watching these most of the time, as she obviously looked small due to the size of the stage and the distance we were from it. The lighting was really good and I think it went well with each song being performed.

        After the interval Kylie got an 8-year-old girl (Kylie's 'Number One Fan') on stage and performed part of the girl's favourite song (Two Hearts). Kylie had already performed this song earlier in the show so they just sang the chorus.

        The atmosphere was really good throughout the performance but it was clear to see (or hear as the case may be) which songs were more popular and got more people up and dancing and clapping etc. I think these songs were the ones that were better known.

        There was Kylie merchandise available for purchase but we didn't buy any. The programme was £15 and a fan with Kylie's face on it was £6, and as I'm not a huge fan of Kylie I thought these were a bit expensive. There were, however, lots of people buying the merchandise both before the concert and during the interval.

        I thoroughly enjoyed my night out at the Kylie concert and would consider myself an even bigger fan than I was before I went to the concert. I have played my Kylie X CD a number of times since the concert and I think I will continue to do so. The dancers were really good, the costumes were great and Kylie was fantastic. The whole show was put together really well and I think everyone left with a smile on their face.

        Thanks for reading!!


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          20.07.2008 00:01
          Very helpful



          worth 50!!

          *Kylie X Tour*
          -My friend iamabox decided to treat her mother to kylie tickets and asked me to go with her so she wouldn't have to be stuck by herself with her mother.

          The tickets cost £49 ,about 51 after charges. So sap that i am i handed over my card and she booked it. Resulting in seats 6 rows from the front.

          Kylie X preformed in The Glasgow SECC on July7,8,10,11!! four long days!!!!!

          I would say that this is one of the best concerts i have been to -apart from gwen stefani

          She opened up with speakerphone . Other songs included
          i should be so lucky
          2 hearts
          im my arms

          There wasnt a support band and she played for about 3 hours with only one 15 minute break. This was okay because i was staying over in Glasgow but if you had wanted to catch a train or that you would probably missed the last one.

          There were also loads of costume changes-9 different outfits that i counted. I thought this was good because least that means all the photos dont look the same

          Some great dancing and good props-My friends say i have an obsession with the dancing at concerts and the dancing at this did not disappoint. Props included a red skull coming down from the ceiling.

          Heres a link to the opening of the show for those who missed it



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            19.07.2008 15:35
            Very helpful



            Kylie came and proved that she's still got what it takes.

            Kylie Minogue finally hit our shores with the UK leg of her current X tour. Armed with a surprisingly apathetic response to her current tenth album X, and another array of dazzling outfits, Kylie can barely go wrong as far as her live audience are concerned. Setlists have been altered on a nightly basis as Kylie trekked across the boards of Europe, which is hardly a sign of confidence. To the contrary, X is as polished and professional as any concert could be.

            Opening with current album track Speakerphone, Kylie was ushered from the centre of a magnificent set of giant screens aboard a mid-air platform which played host to the tiny Australian and a web of electric lights. The outfit presented Kylie as a sexy Spiderwoman figure ready to lure her audience into that web. It wasn't entirely clear yet whether Kylie was on vocal form, as Speakerphone rerquired very little emotion from the woman, but she cut a steely image as she lowered herself onto the stage.

            Any concerns regarding her odd choice of opening track were soon put to bed with a stomping rendition of Cant Get You Out Of My Head (medley'd with new track Boombox), unreleased dance track Ruffle My Feathers, and a crowd pleasing In Your Eyes. Up until track 3, the audience was somewhat subdued, but by now they had come to life and joined in for all the oohs and ahs that Kylie could provide.

            A quick interlude with a "Hey Mickey" style section allowed Kylie to pop off and emerge as a sexy cheerleader. Calvin Harris (who was in the audience) produced Heartbeat Rock, and Kylie's band re-create the track perfectly. However its a faithful rendition of recent single Wow and an absolutely roof-raising Shocked that allow the audience and Kylie to find their disco feet. The cheersquad section seems a tiny bit appropriate considering Kylie recently turned 40 and aspires to cover up. However, it was tremendous fun, and left Kylie with a huge grin on her face. I haven't seen her enjoy performing this much in recent tours.

            The most Kylie-esque segment is also the least enjoyable of the evening. Kylie sails onto the stage among a merry band of camp sailors to the sound of her Robbie Williams collaboration Loveboat. An appropriate setting doesn't stop the song from falling flat. Even a very enjoyable cover of Manilow's Copacabana doesn't really ignite much interest from an audience who have probably seen Kylie do this a million times before. Spinning Around is re-invented as an electro tour-de-force though, and provides one of the many highlights.

            As if to emphasise the fact that this girl knows how to make an entrance, the fourth act has Kylie lying across a mid-air giant silver skull, thrusting as a female bus conductor. Have you ever seen a bus conductor this sexy? For recent album track Like A Drug, Kylie sneers across a track that's vaguely reminiscent of Fade To Grey. Followed by one of the best versions of the eternally dull Slow I've heard and an enormously enjoyable 2 Hearts, Kylie flirts and pouts at her audience as she encourages them to provide the woo's that are now ingrained in their heads.

            An unusual 15 minute interval follows, presumable on doctor's orders, given that Kylie tonight is onstage for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Cant have the girl putting her health at risk. By the look of her, she's in fine shape, but who would begrudge her a precautionary break anyway.

            A weird and slightly fetish-y opening act for the second half leaves the audience slightly bewildered. The acrobats go crazy here, and Geisha-Kylie is encased in a four pole cage as she invites us into her baffling world. Come Into My World is a vocal triumph as she belts out the big notes and whimpers across the lower register. Another current album track comes next in the form of the horrendous Nu-di-ty. On the album its a collection of weird sounds with no melody. Its exactly the same in the flesh. Most pointless moment of the evening. Another new album track in the form of Sensitized kills off any artistic merit this section might have held.

            A previously unheard song called Flower makes for the most calming and engaging moment of the night. Kylie is in fine voice as she belts out this perfect ballad which appears to be about her lust for a child. "Distant child my flower, are you blowing in the breeze, can you feel me as I breathe life into you" she belts out reaching high notes and low notes alike with the most conviction I've ever heard in her voice. Why this didn't make the album, I will never know. She follows on with a crowd-pleasing version of I Believe In You which has the audience wailing in sync with her. She does it better fortunately.

            The next act has Kylie do a host of older tracks with a sensational Step back In Time opening with an acapella intro, On A Night Like This stmpoing its way out of the speakers, camp classic Your Disco Needs You allowing Kylie to play dogmatic controller, and Robbie duet Kids allowing for Kylie's backing singers to take centre stage. Its most recent single In My Arms that really brings the crowd to an explosive climax though.

            Kylie really could have left the crowd at this point, given that she had already been on stage for more than 2 hours. However, she popped onto the stage to give us an ill-judged No More Rain, another crowd pleasing I Should Be So Lucky, a hand clapping Love At First Sight and brand new single The One in the form of the excellent Freemasons mix. Nobody went home without a smile on their face.

            Throughout the show, Kylie was supported by a troupe of flexible dancers who were able to do acrobats, ballet and modern dance. She also surrounded herself by an able band who recreated the old material and honoured the new material brilliantly. Very few tracks came up hum-drum. Kylie's personality was also allowed various airings, with her flirting and smiling at the audience. She even stopped on various occasions to allow some kids in the audience to get close up pictures of her on stage. Vocally, she has never been better. Her somewhat thin voice overcame beautifully, and the outfits were in a league all of their own.

            The few acts that didn't work too well were more than offset by a selection of performances that had Kylie girating energetically with an audience who came lukewarm and left on fire. If there was one complaint its that the expensive stage threatened to engulf Kylie, and only her smiley personality saved her from disappearing into a myriad of colours and sound. The sound booming from the stage rather than surrounding the arena might well have looked good in theory but it occasionally allowed Kylie to be drowned out by the audience.

            All in all though, this was a triumphant return to the stage by Kylie, to celebrate an album that has been somewhat overlooked. If the album itself is a little lacklustre, there was nothing lacklustre about Kylie's presence or her mesmeric performance.


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