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Radio 1's Big Weekend Carlisle 2011

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Radio 1's Big Weekend held in Carlisle in May 2011

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2011 14:15
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      Amazing, highly recommended to music lovers of all genres

      Radio 1's big weekend claims to mark the start of a summer of festivals and music and I have to say tha tthey did it very successfully. The headliners the Foo Fighters rocked out the stage on the saturday with their never ending collection of hits and then the absolutely crazy Lady Gaga wowed the crowd with her set on the Sunday, mostly because she arrived in a coffin!!! Other big performances cam from the Black Yed Peas whose autotune and repetitive beats entertained the tens of thousands in the main tent. My personal highlight was seeing My Chemical Romance show the world their class; every sond seemed to be a hit with everyone. The soudclashed on the outdoor stage are held every year and this year, Chris Moyle's vs Westwood was the highlight. Let's not forget the smaller stages featuring bands such as Saturday Night Gym Club who in my opinion may be playing a bigger stage in years to come.


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        09.06.2011 23:42
        Very helpful



        A fantastic event!

        == About Big Weekend ==
        This year, Radio One hosted their big weekend in Carlisle. If you know nothing or very little about this event then here is a little history. Radio One have been hosted free events/ concerts since 1973 which began with the Radio One Roadshow (which I used to go to as a teenager in the 90s). When this changed to One Big Weekend in 2003, two different events were held every year until 2005 when it changed to one, bigger event. Radio One's Big Weekend is also the largest free concert in the whole of Europe.

        Tickets are extremely hard to get a hold of unless you live in the surrounding area of wherever the event is being held that year. 65% of tickets get distributed to this area with 30% going to the North East and Scotland and the remaining 5% to the rest of the UK. In order to get tickets, you have to register online and hope for the best. Tickets are given through a lottery and only so many are available. 20,000 pairs of tickets were available for this years event over the span of the two days. Over 750,000 people applied for tickets. I was lucky that my blogging partner, Vicki, lives in Carlisle and managed to get a pair of tickets for the Sunday and asked if I wanted to go with her. Of course I said yes, I would have been an idiot to pass up an opportunity like this.

        == When and Where ==
        This year, Big Weekend was hosted on Carlisle's airport grounds over two days, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of May. Although car parking was available, it was advised to take the shuttle buses organised instead. The shuttle bus which took us to and from the event cost £5 for a return which was extremely good value as it picked us up in Carlisle and dropped us off right at the venue. The shuttle bus ran from 9am until 2pm on each day of the event and returns began from 8:30pm right up until 1am to make sure that everyone could get back safely. Apparently, this wasn't very well organised for the Saturday but on the Sunday, it was great and we had hardly any waiting at all.

        == Food and Drink ==
        As this is a free event, taking food into the grounds is prohibited. The only thing you are allowed to take in is a 500ml bottle of water that is sealed. Although many people moaned about this, I do think that it was fair. Due to being free, money has to be made somewhere. Vicki and I were very sensible though and took with us some sandwiches and crisps to eat before the event while we had to wait in line for a good couple of hours. Bags were checked before entering but to be honest, they didn't do a very good job with this and we could have easily smuggled food and drink in with us.

        Prices for food and drink were as bad as I was expecting. The only things I bought while at this event was some chips and a bottle of coke and that set me back £5. Vicki bought 1 Bacardi Breezer which cost £3.80. There were two bars inside the grounds as well as plenty of staff members walking around selling alcoholic drinks. While there was no way I wanted to get drunk, many people did and I can imagine it cost them a fortune. All alcoholic drinks seemed to be the same price as the Bacardi Breezer. Even though prices were insane, I was surprised to see just how much choice there was when it came to the food such as burgers, chips, Chinese, pizza and even a vegetarian/ vegan food stand. I wasn't planning on eating but the weather was so cold and miserable that I wanted something to warm me up more than anything else.

        == Facilities ==
        The only real facilities that Big Weekend has was toilets which were situated near each of the biggest tents. There were probably around 30 toilets in each area which, for 20,000 people a day isn't nearly enough. We had been warned beforehand that toilets had an hour wait but it wasn't nearly as bad as that. I think the longest we had to wait was around 20 minutes which I didn't think was too bad at all. The toilets, as expected, were pretty disgusting though. If anyone gets tickets to a future Big Weekend, be advised to take your own toilet roll as well as wipes etc as we did. They came in very handy and I'm really glad we decided to do this.

        == What Big Weekend is all about! ==

        == In New Music We Trust and BBC Introducing Stage ==
        These two tents were the smaller of the three due to the bands that would be playing there. As Vicki and I had decided to spend most of our day in the Main Stage, we only managed to see one singer in the New Music We Trust tent and while she (Yasmin) was really good, the tent was quite empty. Obviously, there was a lot more exciting things going on and I was glad to have not spent much time here. We didn't even go into the BBC Introducing Stage.

        Here are the line ups for these tents for the day we attended (Sunday):

        In New Music We Trust Stage
        The Strokes
        Magnetic Man
        Noah & The Whale
        Two Door Cinema Club
        The Vaccines
        Pulled Apart By Horses

        BBC Introducing Stage
        Masters in France
        DJ Vimto & Jah Digga
        Among Brothers
        Let's buy Happiness
        Colt 45

        == Outdoor Stage ==
        Even though it was wet and miserable, along with the grounds covered in sloppy mud, there was always a lot of people at the Outdoor Stage which wasn't surprising considering the great Djs that were doing sets. One of the main attractions of this stage was the sound clashes between Fearne Cotton/ Zane Lowe and Tim Westwood/ Chris Moyles. These sound clashes have become quite famous and I desperately wanted to catch at least one of them after watching them online for the previous day. Although the Chris Moyles set is the most famous, Fearne/ Zane was the most entertaining. The song choices were genius, especially from Fearne who decided to play some real old school songs like MMM Bop and Never Forget but these really got the crowd going and in a fantastic mood, all singing along!

        Outdoor Stage
        Skream and Benga
        Annie Mac
        Toddla T
        Fabio and Grooverider
        Kissy Sell Out
        Calvin Harris
        Westwood vs Moyles
        Jaguar Skills
        Zane vs Fearne
        Westwood plus Wiz Khalifa PA

        == The Main Stage ==
        The Main Stage is where all of the best bands were, with Lady Gaga headlining. As I said earlier, this is where we decided to spend most of our day and there were some great bands who I was really looking forward to seeing.

        Lady Gaga - This was easily the best set of the day. Being the diva that she is, Gaga kept the audience waiting for nearly half an hour but DJ Scott Mills did a fantastic job of keeping everyone in good spirits and having a great time.

        When she did finally come on stage, I was quite speechless. Going to see Lady Gaga, I didn't really know what to expect but then, can you ever with her. The beginning half of her set was dramatic, with her arriving in a coffin and coming out of that before beginning to sing. Gaga went over some of her best songs, starting with Born This Way and continuing with a melody of Bad Romance, Poker Face, Telephone and then ending with Alejandro. I think I was expecting her to be a lot stranger than she actually was though.

        The second half of her set was the thing that shocked me. Gaga, along with a trumpet player and her massive piano, launched into jazz songs, Orange Colored Sky, You & I, Edge of Glory and Speechless. Although I didn't know these songs, they showcased just how much of an amazing singer Gaga is and I loved this part of her set. To end with we got to hear Just Dance (which is my favourite song of hers) and most recent single, Judas. Her whole set was amazing and well worth the wait.

        My Chemical Romance - This was the band I didn't want to see, mainly due to not even knowing who they were. Next to Gaga though, they ended up being my favourites. Their music is high energy and extremely fun and the band has an amazing presence on stage, fully connecting with the audience and making us a part of their show.

        Taio Cruz - Another act I was dying to see. Taio Cruz is hot and it was a dream come true to see him perform live. With massive hits like Dynamite and Break Your Heart, the crowd were going wild from the moment he stepped on stage to the moment he left. It was great seeing Cruz play instruments as well which wasn't something I thought he did.

        The Script - The Script are one of my favourite bands and one of the acts I was most looking forward to seeing. The voices are amazing live and sang songs that the audience all seemed to know. While the audience had been singing along all day, The Script seemed to get the best response and were truly speechless at the reception they got. The whole time they played, I was waiting for my two favourite songs, The Man Who Can't Be Moved and For The First Time and I was not disappointed at all when they did get sung.

        Katy B - Although I have only heard two songs from this artist, I was extremely disappointed with her. As she came on stage, she looked as though she had just rolled out of bed in jeans, a white vest top and a hoodie. The clothes don't really bother me too much but it was obvious she didn't make an effort at all. While every other band we saw made a massive effort with the audience and interacted with them, Katy B did not. She sang her songs and left. Not someone I would ever think of paying to go and see again.

        Professor Green - We didn't watch this act in the Main Stage as it was when the sound clashes were going on.

        Olly Murs - A finalist on X Factor, Olly Murs had the shortest set of the day at only 15 minutes long. He was quite good but didn't have the charisma of other bands playing that day. Murs sang both of his previous singles as well as his new one. The highlight of this set was Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave joining Murs onstage and singing/ dancing around with him which was worth sticking around for, even though it was a complete surprise.

        The Wombats - Another band we didn't see as we didn't know who they were!

        Bruno Mars - What a way to start an amazing day. Bruno Mars stepped on stage and every single girl in the audience was screaming at the top of her lungs. Beginning with Runaway, Mars got the audience in a fantastic mood with this up tempo song and showed off his dance moves at the same time. Mars has had some massive hits such as Billionaire, Marry You, Grenage, Nothing On You and Just The Way You Are and he sang them all along with Money and Lazy Song. Not only is Mars an amazing singer, he had fun with the crowd, even singing the end of one song to one girl in the audience which did make everyone a bit jealous. He really got me excited for what was to come during the rest of the day and due to how fantastic he was, I would definitely pay to see him in a full concert now.

        == Overall ==
        It was muddy, wet and extremely busy but I wouldn't have changed this day for the world. Tickets were free, apart from my own travel costs, and I got to see some of the biggest bands around at the minute. Even though nearly everyone was amazing, Lady Gaga was certainly the highlight of the day. It is hard enough to get tickets to her concerts with them selling out so fast and I was so excited to see what she would really be like live. I had the best day ever with my blogging partner and cant thank her enough for asking me to go with her. We sang and danced all day even though we were really tired. We sat down on bin bags between performances to try and save our feet and spent a stupid amount on chips but it was really the perfect day for me!

        You can find out more and watch footage from both days of this years Big Weekend: Carlisle here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/bigweekend/2011/


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